The Sinister Six at:

The Hero Honor's Assembly

This story is dedicated to Pixel Boy. May he live on to greater things.

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. Enjoy it, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

It's 6:30 in the morning at Headquarters and the Six are getting ready for a Super Hero convention to where all the Mega Man Super hero's meet to get honored by their bravery. Surprisingly the Six were invited.

Eddie: Hurry up all! Or we'll be late!

Jason: So. Who cares? It's 6:35 in the morning! Let's go back to bed!

Gary: Why? So you can dream about that chick again? I hear you talk in your sleep. Betty, right?

Jason: Shut Up you jerk!! Stop listening to me when I sleep!

The rest of the Six stare at him oddly

Jason: *shrugs* Nevermind.

IRA: Okay, can we go now?

Eddie: Yes, let's. I hear Sola is going to be there...*blushes*

Gary: Uh oh, I can see...

Eddie: *Shocks him before he can finish his sentence*

Gary: Ouchies!

Tim: Okay, we are out of here. It's time to meet up with all the other greats.

Tim: Sinister Six Reunite!

Soon the six raise their hands and they teleport to the convention. A large crowd of Mega Man fans shroud the outside of the building. The Six notice and head through the secret entrance unseen.

Scott: That was close. Whew!

Jason: Hey. Bomb Man decides to say something!

Scott: Ah...shut up.

A large flash suddenly brightens the hall in front of the six and two figures appear.

Groovy Kat: Hey dudes! Long time no see!

Drizl: Didn't know you guys were invited. I don't remember you guys actually stopping any crime. Hehehe. Just kidding.

Edward: Why I outta...*thinks of Sola (Drizl's sister)* Oh, heh...very funny Drizl. Hehehe. Do you know where Sola is?

Drizl: Don't know. She came in with us. Maybe she's already sitting down in the Auditorum.

Edward: Cool! I'm there! I'll see you guys later. *runs off*

Groovy Kat: Well, I guess we should go get seated to.

Tim: Yep. Let's go.

Soon the bunch were approached by an enourmus gust of wind.

Scott: What is it?! A Hurricaine!?

Jason: Nah. It's my old comrad Cyclone Man! Hey Cyclone!

Cyclone Man: *appears in front of them* Megamanxtreme? Is that you?!

Jason: Yup! I changed my identity to Cut Man now.

Drizl: I thought Megamanxtreme was killed.

Cyclone Man: Yeah, me too

Groovy Kat: I thought he got ran over by a semi.

Drizl: Really? I heard he got eaten by a Dragon Droid.

Scott: I thought he got melted by direct sunlight.

IRA: He did!?

Gary: Nah, he fell off a cliff.

Tim and Cyclone Man:Wow! Incredible.


Tim, IRA, Drizl, Gary, Cyclone Man, Scott, and Groovy Kat: Oh.

Soon the bunch head down the hall toward the Auditorum.

Groovy Kat: Hey, does anyone know if that Gemini Man guy is going to show up today?

Jason: Oh you mean Blade Cat?

Scott: No, it's Dark Tricity.

Cyclone Man: Wait a minute, I thought he went by that old Spark Man guy

Gary: I always thought he went by Plant Man.

Drizl and IRA: I remember him going by...

Tim: STOP! We can go on for hours! He said he's not coming, he couldn't pick which identity to come as.

Gary: Well that figures.

The others laugh before entering the Auditorium where they soon take their seats toward the middle.

Groovy Kat: *steps on something* Oops, I think I stepped on something. *looks down*

Xardion: It's me you idiot! Watch where you walk!

Groovy Kat: Oops, I'm sorry Xardion. I didn't see you there, here let me help you up on the seat so...

Xardion: I don't need your help! *tries to bite his hand*

Cyclone Man: Wow, somebody sure woke up on the wrong side of the met matress. *jokes*

Xardion: Yeah, we'll see if you like it when Godzilla comes to step on you!

Everyone is amazed on Xardion's anger when they all finally settle down.

Entity: *Patting Drizl on the shoulder* Hey Drizl! How's the Thunder Cloud going? I heard it was going through some construction.

Drizl: Unfortunatly yes, but soon my home will be in working order.

Entity: Cool. *looks at Ice Man* How's the Ice Palace?

Gary: Good. It's getting better and better. Hey, Did the other guys show up?

Entity: Yup! They're right here.

Spybreak: Hey all! Nice to see ya!

Cano: Glad you all could make it.

Everyone then looks at Giga Man who is sleeping from the bordom

Entity: Wake up you good for nothing robot! *smacks him*

Giga Man: it over yet? Oh..crap. *falls asleep again*

Tim: Don't worry about it. I have a feeling this will be extremely boring too.

Cano: I wonder what happend to Megamanxtreme, you think he'll show up tonight?

Spybreak: Nah, He got stomped on by a 20 foot Yellow Devil.

Entity: I heard he was shot by Bass while he was using the restroom, that Bass has no authority.

Giga Man: *Wakes up* No, he was run over by a semi. *goes back to sleep*

Groovy Kat: See! I told ya!


Everyone stares at Jason then a big thwomp startles them as a large robot sits down next to them.

Magma Dragoon: Ice Man? Is that you?

Gary: Magma Dragoon! Long time no see! Did you ever roast that obnoxius proffessor?

Magma Dragoon: Sure did, thought he could best me, not in this decade.

Everyone stares at Ice Man and Magma Dragoon.

Gary: What, so we are a little violent. Big deal.

The rest of the crew sigh as they await the convention to start. But soon a large light lets off from the ceiling and a figure lands on his feet by the group.

Scott: Who's that? He's awesome?

Gary: Oh, it's just Shortcut showing off with his special effects again.

Shortcut: I heard that Ice Man!

Jason: That's Shortcut? I thought he didn't have a sprite of himself.

Gary: He doesn't. Why do you think nobody recogizes him.

Shortcut: Okay! Enough of the wisecracks! *slashes Ice Man with his sword*

Gary: Ouchies!

Soon, the entire stadium got quiet as a large purple robot stood up front on the stage.

Dark Napalm: Hey fellow Mega Man Fanatics and Hero's. Heat Man could not make tonights gig, so I'll be your host. Tonight Fanewgie will give a big, long, boring speech, then we shall continue our convention. *steps off stage and puts ear muffs over his head*

Fanewgie then walks up on the stage and the crowd gives a giant sigh.

Entity: I'm going to sleep, tell me when it's over.

Magma Dragoon: Please no! Not the Speech, not the Speech!

Gary: I feel your pain man.

Shortcut: Uggg...It's time to pull out my gameboy.

Fanewgie: Ahem. Well, me and Egoraptor spent quite some time on this, so listen up, it's important. *clears throat*

Egoraptor: Correction! Fanewgie did it all! *whispers to himself* I don't want to make anymore enemies with that damn speech...

Fanewgie: We are what makes the Mega Man World what it is today, if it wasn't for us, Mega Man would surley perish. We all should be thankful...*continues yapping*

Spybreak: Who's up for a game of Black Jack?

Cano: Hell ya! I'm game!

Tim: Put those away! Show some respect will ya! How do you thin Fanewgie feels up there. Giving a long, boring speech isn't a pleasant experience.

Cano and Spybreak look at Tim with confusion.

Tim: Okay, nevermind.

Xardion: Pass those cards my way, I'll play even if I don't have any hands!

Everyone then rolled their eyes on Xardion's comment.

Fanewgie: And that about raps up this speech, but I'd like to conclude that...

Dark Napalm: Okay! Thanks Fanewgie! You've managed to put us all to sleep again, so let's...

Fanewgie: Back off!!

A small struggle then took place on stage between Dark Napalm and Fanewgie and everyone watched and cheered. Soon Fanewgie was loured off the stage.

Dark Napalm: *a little beat up* Ohhh... my head. Okay, Lysekoid will take my place while I go rest and prepair a death email to Fane and Ego. *stumples away*

Egoraptor: Oh great. Just what I need!

Lysekoid: Okay all, thanks for coming to tonights meeting. Andon would like to introduce Mega Monthly to you.

Andon: Hey! I'm sure you all know about Mega Monthly. Me and Ego made this together for all you fans out there.

Egoraptor: Finally something I'm proud of.

Andon: I want to thank each and everyone of you for subscribing to it. Thanks to you Mega Man shall live forever! Thanks again! PUNX NOT DEAD!!

Everyone then cheers as Andon walks off the stage as Lysekoid take over.

Lysekoid: With that, that about raps up this meeting, and will somebody wake Giga Man up. His snoring is driving me nuts!

Entity: Wake up damn you! *smacks him*

Giga Man: What? What's going on? Ah damn. *goes back to sleep*

Soon a large crash destroys the stage and Lysekoid jumps off just before it happens and to everyone's surprise, Super Chaos appears.

Super Chaos: At last! I got all you pathetic Mega Man wannabees right where I want you! That's right! I set up this whole convention so I can trap you all inside the building. Now I can destroy you all at once!!! Now to destroy you all with my time bomb!

The whole crowd gasps...Except Giga Man whose still asleep, and Elec Man who is still flirting with Sola

Scott: Oh, you mean this old thing? I disarmed it before I came inside.

Super Chaos: You what!? Uh Oh....

Soon the whole crowd chased Super Chaos out the building and his whole plan failed. After the sudden excitement the whole crew met outside of the building.

Magma Dragoon: *Shaking Ice Man's hand* Well friend, I'm off, Stay goofy and idiotic.

Gary: Always, and don't forget to sue that maniac who lives next door. I swear those golfballs are made of super titianum.

Magma Dragoon: Of course. See ya later. *vanishes in a large flame*

Drizl: Well, It's time to go Sola, say good by to that Electric Flirt so we can go.

Sola: Okay bro, cya later you hunk. *kisses him and walks off with an evil grin on her face*

Sola: Sucker. *She vanishes with Drizl and has Elec Man's wallet.

Edward: My Wallet! NOOOO! She tricked me!

Groovy Kat: Haha. Shows you right. Well, I'm outta here. See you all next year. *teleports away*

Cyclone Man: Nice to see you again Cut Man. Take care friend.

Jason: Same to you. See you at next year's convention.

Cyclone Man: Of course, and while I'm away I'll find out how Megamanxtreme was really killed. *laughs and flys away before Cut Man could slash him*

Jason: Grrrrrrr....if only I still had my rocket boosters.

Entity: Well Tim, nice to finally meet you and the rest of the six. See you all next year.

Tim: Likewise. Cya later.

Spybreak: Good bye, and try to keep Fire Man off that booze, I smelt it the whole time on his breath.

IRA: You what?

Cano: Why do I have to carry Giga Man? I wish he'd wake up! *Throws him on the floor*

Giga Man: Whaaaaaaa....oh damn. *goes back to sleep*

Scott: Wow, he sleeps as much as I can eat.

Gary: Goodness no! He doesn't sleep that much!

Scott: Yeah, I guess your right...hey wait a minute! SHUT UP ICE MAN!!!

Entity: Haha. Well, come on guys, and Spybreak you carry Giga Man this time. Cya guys later.

Spybreak: Ah, damnit!

Soon, Entity, Spybreak, Cano, and Giga Man vanish away.

Shortcut: Well, Ice Man, it's nice to see you haven't changed. Still the cooky idiot self. Cya later. *teleports*

Gary: See ya later, it might be a wise idea to get a sprite, so we all can see your invisible weapons.

Shortcut: I heard that!

Xardion: Well, I guess I'm heading out of here too.

Egoraptor: Me too, I gotta go catch up with Andon, and try not to get stepped on Xardion. *laughs*

The Six: Uh Oh...

Xardion: Why I outta! *bites his foot*

Egoraptor: Ahhh!!! Get it off! Mad Met! Mad Met! Quick, get the Metool spray!

Ego then runs off with Xardion clinged to his foot.

Soon, everyone finally left the scene and the Six once again were back at headquarters.

Tim: Who would of thought Bomb Man saved the day. Congrads Bomb Man, if it wasn't for you disarming that bomb, we would of been gonners for sure.

Scott: Thanks. I never got a compliment before.

Edward: Don't expect to get them to often.

Tim: At least he's not broke. I bet Sola is using all your credit cards.

Edward: *doesn't say anything*

Tim: Well, time to say our end lines... Some hero's we turned out to be. Got tricked by our main nemisis Super Chaos.

IRA: Eddie's still heart broken about Sola, so he won't say his lines.

Tim: Oh, well, let's just skip all that grub and call it a day. What do you say?

Jason, Edward, Gary, Scott, and IRA: THE END!!