The Sinister Six

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Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Welcome to an "old" Sinister Six Epilouge that was thought to of been trashed, but brought back anyway. Enjoy it. It's an epilouge where swearing is illegal...but funny. It's very...uh...weird...

Edward: *enters the kitchen and sits down in a chair waiting for Scott to cook breakfast*

(A bomb goes off)

Gary: Mwhahahahahahahaha! *burps*

Edward: THAT DOES IT YOU DAMN ESKIMO! *attemps to shoot lightning at Iceman*

Gary: *dodges* You missed! *dodges again* suck!

Edward: Grrrr...*picks up the toaster and throws it at Iceman*

Gary: Ouchies...*clang* *toaster is stuck to Iceman's head*

Edward: Finally...

Gary: *walks around bumping into things with the toaster on his head*

Tim: *walks into the kitchen* What's goin on in...*Gary bumps into Tim*

Edward: Teaching Iceman a lesson...

Gary: *from inside the toaster* All right...that's it...*picks up his mallet*

Edward: *screams like a woman*

Tim: God darnit Iceman! Will you leave him alone!

Edward: Go away you darn son of a...

(Outside the HQ a contruction Worker starts his machinery)


Edward: Oops...

Gary: Hehehehehe...He said...

(A guy burps in the distance)


*The Rest of the members run into the HQ*

Jason: What's up Timmo?

Tim: We need to do something about our language...seriously. We're trying to set a good example for the other teams here.

Scott: He's right you know.

IRA: I suppose.

Tim: We've been swearing to much lately.

Gary: Espically Elec Face over there...

Tim: From this day, the next person who swears will be electricuted. *hooks everyone up to a device*

Jason: This bites.

Tim: It's like a dog. The dog does something bad, he gets punished. The dog behaves, he remains unscarthed.

Gary: How come you're not hooked up to the device?

Tim: *stands up proud with his chest hanging out* Cause I never swear.

Edward: Yeah right. That's a load of bull...

(Scene with Iceman as he drops an anvil on a innocent bystandard causing a loud clang sound)

Edward: *gets shocked* Owww...god *stops himself*

Tim: See. He's already learning.

*Everyone else looks at Edward's blackend body*

Jason: *gulps* I do hope I never swear again.

Edward: *coughs up smoke*

(Later at the HQ)

Edward: *watching TV* Come on Jarel! Just propose to her and stop being such idiot.

IRA: Frustrating isn't it?

Edward: Tell me about it. I can't even go out without the device follwing my every word!

Gary: Poor baby. Hey, what's that in your drink Edward?

Edward: *looks in his drink and see's a cockroach floating upside down*

Edward: GARY! YOU DUMB...

(scene with Iceman jack hammering on Super Chaos' head loudly)

Edward: *gets shocked* Owch...

Gary and IRA: *look away* That's gotta hurt.

Edward: *coughs up smoke* How can I stop swearing with him around! *he points at Gary in frustration*

Gary: *in innocent voice* What? Little me?

*ding dong*

Edward: *opens door* YOU!?

Super Chaos: You want some damn cookies?

Edward: You're selling cookies?

Super Chaos: What else can I do to get some hard earned cash now a days.

Edward: Well, we don't want any.

Super Chaos:'ll buy them. Or else...

Gary: I'll take that big chocolate Cake Mix back there.

Super Chaos: You got it. *hands it to him* That'll be 20 bucks!

Gary: *Hands him the money* Thanks!

(Gary walks off)

Edward: Anyways, cya later.

Super Chaos: Nah ah. You are going to buy these cookies.

Edward: I said NO!

(moments later an enormus battle breaks out)

(Crazy music plays while In the kitchen Iceman is prepairing the Cake)

Gary: *looking at his watch* Almost Time.

*Edward is then knocked into the kitchen*

Gary: *pulls the finished Cake from the oven and throws it in Edward's face*


Gary: *laughs and walks out*

Edward: *sits there for a minute then steam comes out of his ears as his face turns red*

(Meanwhile upstairs)

Tim: *sorting out his clothes* These go in here, and those...huh?

Jason: *runs into the room* The power is acting funny! Electricity is going nuts!

IRA: *runs in* The lights are acting crazy! What the hell is goin' on?

Scott: *runs in* I can't play my new Gamecube game! Super Mario's House Keeping!

*An advertisement comes on*


Imagine the Super Mario Brothers Household....all messed up! Thanks to Bowser!

Bowser: ROAR!! I missed the Toilet. *laughs mischievoulsy*

So Mario packs his FLUDD and Luigi packs his vacuum and together they make the ultimate cleaning brothers! Go get that bathroom guys.

But don't think that's it. Bowser's kid has made a mess on the carpet...Mario get in here with that FLUDD!

The Kitchen is a mess! Bowser's siblings have left crumbs on the floor. Luigi! We need that vacuum!

Princess Peach: I don't do windows! *looking angry*


Toad: *comes in* You can't talk to the princess like that!

Bowser: Oh yeah!? *throws Toad out the window*

Toad: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

Clean and have fun! All in Super Mario's House keeping!

*Bowser takes a crap on the floor*

Uh oh...*Mario and Luigi cover their noises* MAMA MEIA! WE QUIT!

*Advertisement ends*


Tim: Damn...we are having some sort of power failure...better head downstairs.

(They head downstairs and find the source of the problem)

Tim: Quick, must turn off the machine! Edward's shocking himself to death!

Scott: Stop swearing Eddie!

Gary: *sprays Edward with water*

Edward: *yells in more pain*

Tim: GARY!

Gary: *with hose in his hand* What?

Scott: At least he stopped the noise...

(Scott was right. Edward was lying on the floor knocked out with smoke coming from his body)

(The power returns to the HQ)

Tim: *disconnects everyone from the machine*

Jason: What are you doing?

Tim: Not even this helps, all it really did was fry Edward.

Jason: By the way, I bought several boxes of cookies from Super Chaos...

Tim: *sighs* How much?

Jason: *looks around the room* Umm....30 boxes...


(Scene with Iceman singing "Hello my Baby, Hello my Honey" with a top hat and cane)

Jason, IRA, Scott: TIM!!!

Tim: Some hero's we turned out to be. Can't even control our foul mouths...

Jason: True that, at least we got our power back.

Scott: *playing Super Mario's House Keeping* Damn...Bowser took another leak on the carpet...

IRA: Where's Gary?

(moments later)

Edward: *wakes up* Uhhhh...what happend...

*shaver turns on*

Edward: Huh? *finds himself stuck in a barber chair*

Gary: Time for a trim Eddie. That Blond hair has gotta go!

Edward: No...please...not the hair! Not the hair!

Gary: *grabs a peice of his hair* Hmmmm...

Edward: *sweat drops*


Edward: What's goin' on back there!

Gary: *cheeks go read* Ummm...nothing...*slowly tip toes away*

Edward: Gary! Where are you! *picks up a mirrior* Oh no...

Edward: GARY!!! GOD...

(Scene with Iceman spreading jelly on a sandwich then eating it)

Edward: MOTHER...

(Scene with Iceman riding a unicyle juggling fireballs with clown music)


(Scene with a small car pulling up in front of an audience and all the Sinister Six (exemption of Eddie), X-Force, and Mechanical Manaics, including all the villains, get out of the small car. They all bow and cheer)

(Edward is still seen in the background yelling and screaming tied to the barber chair while everyone else bows as the audience cheers)