The Sinister Six vs Super Chaos

Based on a true story (psych!)

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. I found this story a while back, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

(8:00 a.m. and the alarm beeps off in Sinister Headquarters)

Edward: Will somebody shut that piece of shit up!

IRA: (tiredly gets out of bed and turns off the alarm, which spread all

hrough out the headquarters) (He goes back to bed)

Scott: Good morning fellow Sinister Six members. Rise and shine.

Edward: Shut the hell up Scott, Iím trying to get some blasted sleep!

Scott: Donít tell me to shut up! Iím just a nice morning person!

Gary: Both of you shut the fuck up!

Edward: Well, Iím awake now. Damn you all to hell!

Jason: Iím awake. Thanks to Edís shouting and screaming.

Scott: Better watch out! Eddieís going to get cranky if he doesnít get his beauty sleep.

Gary: To bad it never works.

Edward: All right thatís it! (Shocks the living heck out of Ice Man)

Gary: Damit! Stop it you retard!

IRA: Well, Iím awake too since you all donít know how to keep it down.

Jason Name one time we ďeverĒ kept it down.

Tim: Hey all, I got us all some breakfast.

Scott: Food!?

Tim: Yes Bomb Man, food.

Scott: Let me at it! (Runs into the room and dives right in)

Tim: Iím amazed. Iím the biggest guy here, and Scott can eat more than a sumo wrestler.

Gary: Maybe he should try out. Heís big and fat enough.

Scott: Shut up asshole!
(The six eat breakfast and turn on the broadcast)
Newscaster: Today in breaking news, Super Chaos is at it again. Destroying the city museum is one thing. But now he plans on holding the entire city hostage.

IRA: Does somebody think we should do something?

Edward: I donno. We are wearing these nifty outfits.

Gary: Nifty outfits? Iím just wearing a blue Eskimo outfit. Jason has a giant scissor on his head. And Scott over there looks like an overgrown turkey.

Scott: Hey! I thought I told you to shut up.

Jason: How about I ram this scissor up your ass?

Edward: Will you all be quiet! Somebody has got to do something!

Tim: I agree, we have powers, letís go out and use them. Just for the hell of it.

Scott: Are we going to use them to stop Chaos or just have some fun.

Edward: Stop Chaos I guess. Maybe I can land a chick.

IRA: Is that all you ever think about? Is sex?

Gary: Sex and the electric bills.

Tim and Jason: (Laughs)

Edward: Iím the only guy here that actually looks hot. The rest of you look like a bunch of computer geeks.

Tim: I resent that remark.

Scott: Heís got a point.

IRA: Scott, you are such an idiot.

Tim: Well, letís go do something I guess.

Edward: Okay, Sinister Six reunite!

Gary: Hey wait a minute! I thought Tim was to say that verse!

Jason: Thatís right.

Tim: Yeah! Thatís my line you glory hogging ass wipe!

Edward: All right. If itíll help you sleep a night.

Tim: Sinister Six reunite!

(Six raise their hands and a large flash shrouds the room in a bright light and the six pose)

Scott: Damn that flash! I canít see a blasted thing!

Jason: My eyes! My poor little eyes!

IRA: (covering his eyes) Ack! Iím blinded!

Edward: (Rolls his eyes) Am I the only one ammune to that?

(Soon the six run out to confront Chaos)

IRA: Have we fought this guy before?

Scott: No, infact we havenít fought crime since 1875.

Gary: I find that virtually impossible since I was born in 1979 you idiot!

Scott: Oh yeah.

IRA: I donít think weíve ever fought crime.

Edward: Stop yapping. There he is.

(In a large flash, the Sinister Six appear in front of Super Chaos)

Tim: Iím Guts Man, the strongest guy in the world.

Edward: Iím Elec Man, youíll find my attacks shocking!

Scott: I can blow things up.

Gary: Iím Ice Man, the coolest guy in the world!

IRA Iím Fire Man, my flaming moves will melt you into a puddle!

Jason: Iím Cut Man, and Iíll slice you into oblivion!

Super Chaos: Who the hell are you?!

Edward: Your worst nightmare!

(Six start showing off with neat poses and special effects)

IRA: I wonder who is paying for all these special effects.

Gary: I donít know, as long as we donít have to.

(Six continues special effects)

Edward: Letís give the management a bill theyíll never forget. (Does the most amazing special effect yet)

Super Chaos: Impressive, but can you top this!?

(Does an even better pose, and destroys a few buildings while heís at it)

Edward, Gary, Jason, IRA, Tim, and Scott: 0_0
Bob: That was kewl.

Edward: Who the hell are you.

IRA: (kicks him out of the scene)

Super Chaos: Who wants to fight me!!!!

Jason: Well, maybe another time.

Scott: Iím hungry.

Edward: I just remembered I have a date with Gloria tonight.

Gary: I have a comic due at noon, damn those amateurs!

IRA: I was planning on getting drunk again.

Tim: Well, Iíd fight you, but thereís no point on doing it alone.

(Six leave the scene with a large bright flash, leaving Super Chaos blind)

Super Chaos: UggggggÖ.Iím blinded. (Falls to the ground)

(The Six are at the bar later in the afternoon)

Tim: Some heroís we turned out to be. Didnít even stop Super Chaos.

Edward: (Points to the TV) Look!

Newslady: And thanks to the Sinister Six, Super Chaos was defeated.

Witness: They made this spectacular light, and in an instant they were gone and Super Chaos was lying on the ground defeated. It was the most amazing thing Iíve ever seen!

Tim: I donít believe it.

Edward: Weíll believe it. We are house hold names. Now maybe I can pick up a chick with a little more ease.

Jason: True, that and IRAís drunk again.

IRA: Hello daaadddy.

Gary: Get away from me freak.

Witness: They really should be renamed, The Kindfull Six, instead of the Sinister Six.

Edward: The Kindfull Six! Yuck! A name like that might actually stick.

Tim: I just thought of something. Do you guys know what Sinister means?

Edward: Yeah, evil why?

Tim: We just saved the city, we are heroes. We are supposed to be evil.

Edward: One word for you. OOPS.

Scott: (confused) Hey Eddie. Does this mean youíre not a virgin.