The Sinister Six in:

All I want for Christmas

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. Enjoy it, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

Things were quiet in Sinister Six Headquarters. And all through the house, not a creature was sturring, not even a...

Eddie: Ahhh! Damnit Ice Man! I told you to stop spiking the eggnog!

Tim: Yeah, what are you trying to do, get us all drunk for the holidays?

Gary: That would be intresting to see.

Tim: Half of us are still to young to be drinking. I think only me and Jason are old enough.

IRA: And your point is?

Eddie: Don't tell me you've been drinking again IRA?

Gary: Yeah, I've noticed the water in the toilet has gotten kind of low, have you been...


IRA: Well excuse me. One can't help but have a little booze now and then. *burp*

Tim: Great, we've lost Fire Man.

Gary: Quick, let's pop some popcorn! Maybe Fire Man will do something entertaining! I'll get the "IRA is drunk cam"!

Tim: That last video was tight Ice Man, remind me to...hey wait a minute! SHUT UP ICE MAN!

Edward: Well, it's nearing midnight on Christmas Eve. What did you all ask Santa for Christmas?

IRA:*waving beer bottle in the air* I want women baby!! BRING ME ALL THOSE HOT FLY ASS CHICKS! I'LL BE.....

Jason: Okay, IRA, whatever. Where is Scott?

Gary: I locked him in the closet. It was for his own good.


Eddie: Good, then I don't have to deal with any stupidy tonight.

Gary:*acting like an idiot* Duhhhhhh.

Eddie: Damn! Can't win for losing!.

The Six: *laugh*

Tim: Okay, continuing Eddie's question. I asked for a Garth Brooks CD.

Gary: Really? Cool. I asked for the new *NSYNC CD.

Jason: I don't know what you see in their music. All they ever sing about is love.

Gary: I'm going to change my mind. I want a big mallet for Christmas, so I can hit Jason over the head with it.

(Cut Man throws his blade at Ice Man and stabs him in the chest)

Gary: Ouchies.

Tim: Well, I know what IRA wants, what do you want Eddie?

Eddie: A new Basketball. IRA burned the last one when I creamed him at the sport.

They all look at IRA who is happily, and merrily getting more drunk. *BELCH*!

Scott: *Comes down the stairs*

Gary: Oh my god! It escaped!

Scott: What are you talking about?

Gary: Didn't I lock you in the closet?

Scott: Ummm...

Gary: Not yesterday, I mean today!

The rest of the six are surprised. Except IRA who is still drinking *BURP*!

Scott: Not today, no.

Gary: Well, I locked somebody big and fat in the closet.

The six look at each other then their faces turn to disbelief

Tim: You didn't?

Jason: But there's no such thing?

IRA then comes running drunkfully in the room and speaks

IRA: Somebodies pet reindeer left a present on the roof.

Scott: Oh my god! A Present! Let me at it!!

Jason: Not that kind of present you idiot.

Scott: Oh? *thinks for a minute* Ewwwwww....

Gary: Exactly. You took the words or word right out of my mouth.

Everyone then looks at Ice Man.

All: You didn't lock Santa up in our closet did you?

Gary: Ummm...I'll go see...*gasps*.

Jason: I want to know what goes on in that Eskmio's head.

Tim: I'd rather not know what goes on in Ice Man's head.

Edward: Yeah me either, or we'd have to take shifts at night when we sleep...

Scott: Can I take the first shift?

Everyone ignores Scott's stupid remark as they see Gary run down stairs with the famous Santa himself

Jason: Oh my god! It's Saint Nick! The Jolly Man himself!

Gary: Ummmm...he's not to happy right now, the fact I've delayed valuable gift giving time...

Santa: Yeah, you've been very naughty Ice Man *grunts*, but sence you are part Eskmio like me, I'll be nice and give you your gift.

Gary: Really?

Santa: Yes, you all have one gift coming to you. Here Edward, I was going to give you a Basketball, but it got popped... so take this.

Edward: What is it?

Santa: I couldn't give you a "real girlfriend" so take this Deflatable Female Dummy. *gives it to him*

Edward: Thanks. It's better than nothing I guess...

Santa: For Tim, here's your Garth Brooks CD. Though a fat women sat on it on the way here...

Tim: Ummm...that's okay, I can do something about that smell...Ummm...Thanks Santa.. *walks away*

Santa: Jason, I have your 24-Carrot Gold Mew Pokemon card, though the gold has rusted off a little.

Jason: What?! I don't want it then! I wanted it pure gold! Take it...

Santa: *interupts Cut Man* Here Gary! Take your gift! And use it!

Gary: Oh boy! The mallet! *turns to Cut Man*

Jason: Uh oh... *tries to run away but....SMACK!!*

Cut Man falls to the floor with a huge bump on his head

Gary: Ah....that felt great.

Santa: IRA, I can't give out booze to under aged teenagers, so here, take this Pencil.

IRA: *is to drunk to crab about the pencil* Cool! I'll go try it now! *Belch*

Santa: Alright, Scott, here's your home cook book. *hands it to him*

Scott: Wow! Cool! It's in mint condition, and it's the special limited additon!

Tim: Wait a minute! Let me see that! There's nothing wrong with it!?

Santa: Exactly! He's been the only one that's actually been good this year.

The rest of the six get mad and chase Santa out of the headquarters

Santa: Merry Christmas you stupid bunch of Idiots! *flies off on his sleigh*

Tim: Can you belive that guy?

(The six then go to sleep and wake up Christmas morning)

Tim: Some hero's we turned out to be, almost ruined Christmas.

Edward: *Points to the TV*. Look!

TV Reporter: And thanks to The Sinister Six, Santa Claus delevered all the presents on time on Christmas!

Teenager: If it wasn't for them Santa wouldn't of been here on time!

Tim: Not to change the famous lines or anything, but what exactly did we do to help Santa?

Edward: *angerly* Who cares! Just read the script! *ahem* Now we are house hold names. Maybe now I can pick up a chick with a little more ease.

Jason: True. That and maybe IRA will stop being drunk.

IRA: *Falls on the floor with the booze still in his hands* BELCH!!

Gary: Nah, that'll never happen.

Scott: Hell all, I'm going to start a new recipie with this here book, who wants to help?

The rest of the six exit the scene

Tim: Ummm...cya!