The Sinister Six Solo Adventures: Part 3

Cutman's Solo Party at Sinister Six H.Q.

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Oi, and welcome to our special Solo Adventures! The major idea goes to Gauntlet! The team members go on their own seperate ways and find dangers and their own unique adventures. Most of their stories link along with another members making the whole Solo adventures one real big adventure! It's a unique twist and a fun idea to boot!

Narrator: It's early in the morning at Sinister Six HQ and for some odd reason The Six are waiting in line at the foremost bathroom, even though there's like 4 of them in the entire palace.

Gary: How long is he going to be in the restroom?!

Jason: How the heck should I know? You know how Andon is and his hair.

Scott: *comes running into the room* I gotta go!!!

Tim: Wait in line. I'm surprised IRA isn't running around like that.

Jason: Tell me about it. He got really wasted last night.

Scott: *lets out a fart*

Gary: *starts laughing like a insane lunatic*

Tim: Ugggg...where is that straight jacket...

Gary: straight jacket! *behaves*


Andon: Yeah...yeah. I'm coming. *opens the door*

Jason: Looks like I'm next so...

Scott: *runs in the restroom at lightning speed and slams the door behind him*

The Six: *sigh*

Jason: *goes into a fenzy* GOD FRICKEN !!

(Later after the restroom crisis The Six huddle into the entertainment room and play Luigi's Mansion)

Tim: Guys, I have an announcement.

Gary: *watching from the side lines* Well..what do you know...look at the time. *stands up*

Tim: Sit.

Gary: *groans and sits*

Jason: Hah! I beat your score Scott!

Tim: *turns off the TV* Now Listen!

(All groan but Andon)

Tim: Where's IRA?

Andon: He's still asleep from last night, remember?

Tim: Oh yeah. Anyways, I think it's time we take a day off.

All: Hell yah!! *They all raise their arms in the air*

Tim: From each other.

Jason: Say again?

Tim: Gary's been getting to many of his own small roles.

Gary: Wha...huh?

Jason: know what. Tim's right. I mean. Gary vs Red

Andon: There was that Gary and the Backstreet Project Crap.

Gary: Ummm...

Scott: Gary turning into Eye-lephant...

Tim:Right. Gary and his April Fools Special.

Gary: *chuckles nervously*

Andon: Gary got his own Yahoo Auctions Epilouge.

Jason: Dude...this ain't fair! When do we get our own solos!

Gary: *quietly gets out of his seat*

Tim: Now we do. It's simple. We split up during this episode and do what we want to do, and not Gary's say so.

Gary: *tip toes away*

(Everyone turns to Gary)

Tim: And where do you think YOU'RE going!?

Gary: Well I uh...decided to go for...a walk. *sweat drops* Yeah!

(The Six stare at Gary with devilish looks)

Jason: We are sick of your stupid major roles! Now it's our turn!

Tim, Andon, and Scott: Yeah!

Gary: Well, I have no problem with that...I was just going for a walk. You know?

Tim: You're not going anywhere. Guys?

(The Four Surround Gary)

Gary: Wha...uh oh.

(The Six lock Gary in his quarters)

Jason: You're not coming out until this adventure is over.

Gary: Okay guys...I'll just sit here and stuff. *thinks to himself* At least they didn't lock me in the basement...

Tim: Okay guys! Now it's our turn to be in the spot light! Let's go have some fun!

Jason: Alright! Solo Adventures for us!

Andon: Shall we wake IRA at least?

Scott: Nah...

Tim: Scott's right, let's just go have our fun!

Jason:Andon, Scott, and Jason: Let's go!!

(The Six Teleport out)

Gary: Okay guys...jokes over. Come and let me out!


(The Six Teleport out)

*After Everyone seemed to have left the HQ Jason had made some phone calls*

Jason: I can do what I've always wanted to do! But Tim never allowed it! But now since he and the others are out of the's time to...

*door bell rings*


*Jason opens the door and lots of people pile in*

Drizl: Wow! Can't wait to try the buffet!

Lysekoid: I brought Sponge Cake!

Entity: Whoooo!! Turn on the music!

*Rock Music starts*

Jason: Hmmm...I don't recall ever bringing a boom box...

*more people pile on in*

Xardion: Damn...where are the strippers!?

Dark Napalm: are one horny little met.

Xardion: Bring on the babes baby!

Roll: Now that's not nice to talk about women that way! *puts Xardion in the toilet*

Xardion: Girgle...girgle...

Jason: Hey! That's bathroom's not a swimming pool!

*Wily's Warriors' stumble in*

Koala: Whoah...a lot of people here.

Gringo: Yeah! Tell me about it.

Shadow Blade: Where's the shower room? I want a bubble bath!

John: Wheeee! I think the game is on right now!

Jason: Hey! *catchs vase* Careful with that! *groan* I don't remember inviting this many people! 0_o HEY! DON'T SIT ON THAT!! *takes off*

Pixel Boy: You know...with the right paint brush...this wall can look snazzy.

Auto: I donno. Wouldn't the Six get mad?

Zero X Phoenix: Don't worry about that, they are very friendly.

Pixel Boy: *starts drawing on the wall* Here goes nothing.


Jason: *sigh* I don't know what happend. I called a few people, and to many things are happening at once!

(Doorbell Rings)

Jason: HEY! I didn't invite you!

City Garage: *is surrounded by lots of women* Hey man, I can go to any party I please! *invites himself in*

Jason: Crap. This here party is getting a tad out of control.

*another crash*

Jason: Darnit! Don't use that as a football!

(Jason then failed to recognize Gary sneaking out of the base)


Naop: *drinking down booze*

Odin: You can do it! Come on!


Odin: So?

Jason: He'll get pissed off if you drink all that...


Jason: *sighs and hears another crash*

Fanewgie: I said use the after burners! You can't very well use rocket skates in the living room.

Heatman: You're right. Let's try the laundry room!

Jason: Nooo! Don't use that inside the base!

*Jason feels water on his boots*

Jason: *groans* What now!?

(he runs to the bathroom dodging various peoples)

Roll: What do you think is his hurry?

Sola: Got me...let's finish up here.

Groovy Kat: *tied up and gagged* Mmmmmphmmmpm. *dressed in girl cosmetics*

Sola: What did he say?

Roll: Something about not enough makeup on his cheeks. *wide grin*

Sola: Gotcha! *pulls out make up kit*


*Jason enteres the bathroom to find*

Shadow Blade: *bathroom overflows with bubbles*

Jason: Bubbleman!!

Shadow Blade: 0_o

Xardion: *from inside the toilet* If mets were ment to swim...then I'd marry a fish!

*Jason moved around the HQ frustrated*

Jason: What am I going to do?

Chris: MMmmmmmmmmmmmhhhmmm mrop


Chris: *points to the wall*

Jason: OH no!!

Pixel Boy: Whaaaa? Why are you yelling? Don't you like it?

Zero X Phoenix: Yeah...he spent a lot of time on it.


Pixel Boy: *starts to cry* You don't have to be so mean...

Auto: Shame on you!

Zero X Phoenix: *shakes head in disapointment*

*another crash and Jason goes to investigate*

Egoraptor: that's quality entertainment!

Entity: *is sword fighting with drizl*

Drizl: You almost had me there...*waves his sword and knocks over plates*

Jason: Noooo!!!

Egoraptor: You may want to be'll wake up Gigaman.

Jason: He's here...oh no...*he runs upstairs and inside Tim's Bed*

Gigaman: *snore* Ohhh..pretty butterflies.

Jason: Tim's gonna kill me if someone sleeps in his bed! *he goes downstairs with Gary's microphone* Alright...that's it. Enough is enough!

*crash, bang...boom*


Everyone: *groans*


Roll: *walks up to him* Wait a you have an invitation?

Jason: I live here!

Sola: That's no you or don't you?


Roll: You're the one that needs to leave. Invitations only!

Jason: But...but...*is dragged off by everyone*

Dark Napalm: Sorry invitation no party for you! *throws Jason out*

Jason: *door is slammed shut behind him* HEY! THAT'S MY BASE DAMNIT!!

*loud music is heard inside the HQ*

Jason: I don't belive it! Thrown out of my own base!

*party music flashing on*

Fanewgie: Whooo hooo! Let's play frisbee! *throws some expensive plates*


Jason: NOOOO!! Not Tim's Elton John Collection! Grrrrrr...

Heatman: *roasts the furnature* Come on all...sit next to me and let's have a campfire!

*crowd cheers*

Lysekoid: *brings out bags of microwavable popcorn and marshmellows* I got a scary tale!

Jason: Damnit! Scott's supply of Food! Andon's new thinking Couch! I'm done for!

Naop: *uses Jason's Pokemon cards as Target Practice* Good Practice for my Physic Blasts eh?

Jason: MY CARDS!! There's gotta be something I can do! I don't have my keys!

*TV program turns on*

Jason: That sounds like he TV? What's it doing outside?

TV: *commercial breaks off*

*Commercial breaks and comes back*

Forte-Chan: Welcome back! It seems both our contestants have finished creating their tasty art! Now I've hired several judges to help test these meals. Introducing our beloved Judges!

*crowd cheers*

Arch: *growls* I'm hungry! *bonks fork and knife on table* Feed me!

Sanity: How the heck did I end up here with my worst adversary, Arch Nemesis!

Arch: I'm just hungry damnit! I want food!

Forte-Chan: Right...And now Our last judge.

Garfield: Yeah. I'm starving over here! Food! Bring me Food!

Forte-Chan: An intresting round of judges. Okay...Bring your dishes over this way guys!

Scott: *walks in followed by Bass*

*Back at HQ*

Jason: THAT'S IT! *Jason brings the TV to the window*

*inside the HQ*

Odin: Hey look, it's a cooking show.

Koala: Holy jokes! Forte-Chan is on! I never miss her show!

Lysekoid: Me too! *sits down by the window*

*as does everyone else inside the HQ*

Auto: How the heck did Sanity end up on that show?

Drizl: Yeah! I thought he said he'd be coming here.

Gigaman: *yawns* Me too..I think he played us out...

Shadow Blade: I wanted to be on her show!

John: Me too!

Jonathon: Me three!

*everyone ignores Clownman*

Jonathon: Figures...*groan*

Gringo: Let's go there and get him!

Naop: Nobody fools me! Let's go!

*they all storm out of the base*

Jason: Finally, it worked. Nobody ever misses Forte-Chan's show.

*Jason tries to open the door*

Jason: Oh no! I can't get in! Blasted! I need to get Scott's Keys!

*Jason trembles off to the studio where Forte-Chan's show is*

Jason: *sees the party crowd in front of the studio, waiting for Sanity to comeout with pitch forks and torchs* I'm glad I'm not Stoneman...

*He enteres*

Jason: Scott! I need your keys to the HQ! I've been locked out!

Scott: Again? What is it this time? To much Booze...

Jason: No...that was IRA.

Scott: Oh. Okay. *gets up*

Forte-Chan: WAIT!!!!

*everyone stops what they are doing...except Arch Nemisis who is still licking the inside of the Chili Pot*

Forte-Chan: We still don't know who won! They both are tied. NOW....SIT!!!!!!

*everyone sits*

Forte-Chan: Now...Sanity. Will you please taste these two dishes.

Sanity: No problem. *takes a bite of Bass' Chili* Mmmmm...not bad.

Bass: This is in the bag...*grins*

Sanity: *takes a bite of Scott's Cake* Mmmmmm...not bad.

Forte-Chan: And your answer is...

Sanity: I'll have to say, that both parties put a lot of effort into these tasty treats. And being the food lover that I's hard to say who will win. Scott has great taste in desserts, and Bass, mmm...yeah. Greatest Chili I've ever had. But both failed to recognize...

Forte-Chan: *interupts* JUST TELL US WHO WON!!

Sanity: Oh...sorry. Guess I got a bit carried away. Anyways I think...

*Commercial music comes on*

Commercial Guy: Cooking with Forte-Chan is brought to you by...

Forte-Chan: *fires a blast at the commercial guy*

*he blows up and the music stops*

Forte-Chan: *trying to hold in her anger* Sanity....*she picks him up by the collar* will you "please" tell us who won....*she smiles gravely*

Crowd: *is surpised such a little robot could pick up such a large robot*

Sanity: *gulps* Scott!

Crowd: *cheers*

Forte-Chan: Thank you...thank you! Scott is our cooking winner! *she puts Sanity gently down and gives Scott a golden Chef hat*

Scott: *puts it on* I'm a master Chef!!

Forte-Chan: Indeed you are! *she kisses him lightly on his cheek*

Bass: What! I don't get it! How could Sanity not taste my Chili's greatist ingrediant!

Sanity: I'm allergic to taste enhanser. Sorry Bass.

Bass: How did you know...ARRRRRGGGG!!! *he leaves the studio in frustration*

Forte-Chan: Congrads Scott! *she huggies him and Jason* My little Sixlits!

Scott and Jason: *smile while being crushed in a bear hug*

10 mintues later...

Sanity: *being chased by the mob of people* OKAY! SO I LIED..SO SUE ME!!

*At the H.Q.*

Xardion: Hello....anyone going to open the lid to the toilet! I'm gonna grow gills at this rate!


To Be Continued in the Next Solo!