The NEW Sinister Six in:

The Terror of Gasman

Ben: As if the Muffinman wasn't enough to torment poor Fireman, now this loser comes along. This epilouge teaches you, that if you save someone's life, they will forever be in your debt, to the unfortunate circumstances of the hero....

Narrator: It was a normal day at Sinister Six H.Q. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing...

Gary: Okay guys! Breakfastís on!

Britt: *comes in* Mmmmm...something smells great! What didja bake?

Erik: smells like...Oh no.

Gary: Muffins!

Erik: God darnit Gary! You did this already before we went to Hogwarts! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! *ground shakes*

Leon: Too late...

Ben: Whatís smell... *Sees the muffins, eye twitches* ARGH!

Muffinman: Good to see you bad the time hasn't been kind!

Ben: YOU DIE NOW!! *Jumps out the window landing face-first onto the patio*

Gary: BWHAHAHA! 2nd time was a charm.

Erik: Let's see how you like it then. *grabs Gary and tosses him outside the window*

Gary: *falls face first right next to Ben*

Britt: Erik!

Erik: He deserved it...

Rich: *comes in* Hey guess what...


Rich: *staggers* Ummm...nothing! *runs away*

Leon: *Looking out the window* They aren't moving...

Erik: Ignore them. *reads the paper*

Ben: I wish I knew what our old foes are up to. City Garage, Scorpion, even Super Chaos.

Erik: *turns around* The hell?! *looks out the window*

Gary: I's been to quiet around here.

Erik: ...........ALRIGHT...THAT'S NOT FUNNY!

Leon: Actually it is...they were laying face down outside and now...

Erik: *glares evilly at Leon*

Leon: Shutting up.

*alarms blare off*

Erik: *already watching the news* Well your wish is granted Ben, Super Chaos is currently thrashing the weapons base!

Ben: My turn. I'll be back. *teleports off*

Erik: *sighes* I kinda wish we all went out on this one...

Gary: I hope he calls for back up if he needs it.

Rich: This is Ben we're talking about.

Britt: *nodds*

Leon: Super Chaos doesn't stand a chance.

*meanwhile at the Weapons Factory*

Super Chaos: Oiii...only one person has tried to stop me thus far...and his powers...well....*passes gas*

*everyone in the factory faints*

Super Chaos: Well, at least I can snag the ultimate weapon to wipe out the S6 for good...

Ben: *comes in* Prepair for a humilating defeat Chaos!

Super Chaos: I think to present my newest weapon of doom! From the idiot who tried to stop me! *Passes Gas*

Ben: ................

Super Chaos: that all he's got...? I suppose I'll have to take you out the old fasioned way Ben!

Ben: *covers nose* Bring it on Big Boy!

Super Chaos: *slams his fist into the ground causing a huge shockwave*

Ben: *jumps and uses fire storm on Super Chaos*


*Super Chaos is blown to peices*

Ben: ................. I had no idea that the Fire Storm would be THAT effective...

Super Chaos: *reforms* Idiot! I had forgotten about that nitwits powers...*coughs up the robot he ate earlier* I'm outta here...the explosion really did me in...*teleports out*

Ben: Hmmm...looks like I saved the day...and a robot.

*the robot awakens*

Ben: Ahhhh...the taste of victory.

???: Hi! I'm the new robot master, Gasman!

Ben: Gasman? That would explain why my Fire Storm hit so heavily...

Gasman: *gets close to Ben* You saved my life..forever will I be in your debt...

Ben: *interupts* What are you doing!? Get away from...


*couple hours later*

Ben: *opens his eyes slowly while laying on a stretcher bed*

Erik: He's coming too!

Gary: Oh thank god, we were worried!

Dr. Light: How do you feel Ben?

Ben: Terrible...what a nightmare...I dremt that some idiot robot made out of gas got close to my flames and...

Gary: Oh you mean this guy here?

Gasman: *waves* Hi! I'm the new Robot Master, Gasman!

Ben: *screams* What's he doing here?

Dr. Light: He needed some repairs too, and he seems to be fit as a bug now.

Gary: *whispers to Ben* This guy seems to be kinda dopey, so try not to offend him.

Gasman: *picks his nose*

Ben: *sighs* Nice...*sits up* How were my repairs?

Britt: Not to bad...had to put you back together, and take off all the burn marks.

Rich: Luckily Dr. Light makes house calls.

Dr. Light: Yeah, well you need to watch yourself from now on, I'm not always going to be around you know.

Leon: Right...

*Dr. Light leaves*

Ben: So now thats over with, what's the agenda for the day.

Gary: Welp, Leon has agreed to walk Gasman home, as for the rest of us, we are going on a picnic.

Ben: Picnic?

Erik: Yeah...figured we could use a nice change of scenery.

Ben: Oh...

*Later on during the Picnic*

Gary: Hope you don't mind that I brought Jacob along...

Rich: Nah, the more the merrior.

Ben: Better him than Ken.

Jacob: Amen brother. *digs in*

Erik: *eats* This was a great idea.

Leon: Indeed.

Britt: Hey Ben, I forgot the relish, you mind getting some from that market across the street?

Ben: me something to do. *gets up* Be right back.

Britt: Thankie!

Gary: And get some ice cream while you're at it!

Ben: Don't press your luck. *leaves*

*meanwhile in the store*

Robot: That'll be 3.50.

Ben: Three fifty for a fricken bottle of Relish! *grumbles and he forks over the change*

*someone bumps into Ben*

Ben: Watch where you are....

Gasman: Hi, I'm the new Robot Master Gasman...hey, you're the guy who saved me!


Gasman: *grabs Ben and gives him a hug* Awww...I will owe you back mine...


*2 hours later*

Ben: *wakes up in Dr. Light's lab* Ooooohhhh...

Dr. Light: Didn't I tell you to watch yourself...

Ben: I did...I just went to the super market...

Rich: *sighs* Can't believe we had to fork over the darn picnic to come here to make sure you're okay!!

Ben: Thanks for being a good friend Rich....*grunts*

Gary: You alright man...that explosion really did some damage.

Ben: *sighs* Where is that idiot anyways?

Dr. Light: He was escorted home. Figured it be best that the two of you don't be in the same room together.

Ben: You just 'now' figured that out?

Dr. Light: Don't take it out on me. Your repairs are done, you may go.

Ben: Bout time...gawd if I ever see that bastard again.

Erik: Chill Ben, anyways, Britt and Leon are fighting Buster Rod G at the old Factory. Let's go join them.

Ben: *cracks his knuckles* This outta be good...

*at the Factory*

Britt: *is blown back* Uggggg...we need reinforcements...

Leon: *has his electricity sent back to him* Yeah...would be nice to have the others here.

Buster Rod G: Hah! The two of you are no match for my magic!

Britt: *cuts a part of the ceiling and it falls on Buster* You were saying...

Buster Rod G: Owwww...

Leon: Good one Britt! That was that.

*the others come in*

Ben: Ah man...did I miss the fireworks?

Leon: Afraid so Benno. Maybe next time.

Erik: *picks up Buster's unconscience body* Let's take him to the prison house.

*they all agree*

*at the Jail house*

Erik: Here...take this loser off our hands.

Security Guard: Thank you sir, we'll give him our 'private suete' this time.

Erik: Just make sure he doesn't get out.

Leon: No kidding, we had to have brought him in twice this week.

Security Guard: Sorry, it's just our new security guard seems to mess up a lot.

Ben: Who is this new guard? I'd like to have some words.

Security Guard: He's right here infact. Here. Tell him off.

Ben: *approaches* Alright jack...

Gasman: BEN! YOU'VE COME TO VISIT ME!! *bear hugs Ben*



*3 hours later*

Ben: *wakes up* friggen head....

Dr. Light: obviously are not hearing my warnings. What do I Have to do? Implant them in your brain?

Ben: It's not my fault Doc. That bastard is everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!

Erik: Yeah...Had no clue that he had a job working for the Prison.

Britt: Never would of guessed.

Dr. Light: Well I'm taking Roll on a vacation next week, so If I were you I'd be more careful. Understand?

Gary: You got it Doc. No more personal house calls.

Dr. Light: Right. This is a Laboratory, not a Doctor's office.

Rich: Well you are a Doct...

Dr. Light: Zip it.

Erik: Anyways, we have a reservation for Octo's Cafe. So let's go.

Gary: fave Italian Eatery? Looking forward to this all week.

Ben: Mmmm...a good plate of Linguini sounds appatizing.

*they get up and leave*

*At the Restaraunt*

Octo: *in italian accent* Ahhhh...ze Sinister Six. My favorite customers! How may I serve you today!

Rich: Octo my good man. I'd like your finest bottle of Champagne.

Erik: Rich! We can't afford that!

Rich: *puts hand up* Wish wash...I gots lots of money!

Octo: For you my favorite customer! Anything! *claps tenticals* Luigi! Come here with our famous bottle of Whines Brewsky! Our finest Champagne!

Erik: 150 dollars! Arrrrrrggggg...

Leon: Hey Octo. How's your Calamari tonight?

*all employees in the restraunt gasp*

Octo: Misuer Elecman! We don't surve that kind of food here! We aren't a cannibals!

Leon: Sorry...*laughs nervously* How about a plate of Spaghetti.

Octo: That can be arranged. Luigi! Put that order in!


Octo: You'll have to excuse our new waiter...he's how you say. A bit clumsy no?

Ben: Oh no...


Ben: *covers his ears* Here we go...


4 Hours later...

Dr. Light: Alright...this is the last time! *wearing a swimsuit* No more of this crap! I'm on vacation now!

Erik: Sorry Dr. Light. Hehehehe. Nice swim suit...

*the others laugh*

Dr. Light: That's the last straw! You guys are on your own! Go find someone else to harrass! *packs his bags and prepairs to walk out*

Erik: We were only joshing Doc...come on...lighten up!

Dr. Light: Lighten up he'll probably make fun of my name with "lighten". Self-centered ingrates! *slams door*

Ben: Sheeesh...what's his problem.

*everyone looks at Ben*

Erik: We really gotta keep you safe. If Dr. Light won't fix you...

Ben: I'll just eliminate the bastard. If I keep my distance I could destroy him instead of him destroying us both.

Britt: Seems kinda harsh for someone who wants to be your friend.

Ben: It's the only way Britt. I can't keep coming here, can I?

Gary: Not with Dr. Light gone...

Rich: Dr. Light won't fix him anymore...something has to be done.

Leon: I agree.

Britt: Am I the only one seeing this plan as mean?


Britt: Nevermind...

Erik: Hey...we got trouble. Sleek Squad and some huge robot are attacking the Power Plant!

Gary: What's with everyone attacking Plants, and Factories lately?

Erik: *shrugs* Let's go team!

*they take off*

*at the Power Plant*

Fred: Hurry! They'll be here any minute!

Dash: I'm going as fast as I can! Have a little patience?

Lance: If we're going to power up this Robot, we're going to need a lot of juice from this plant.

Peter: Yes...we've went over this. I'll go outside and stand guard.

Dash: It's almost full...keep the S6 busy if they show up.

Lance: You mean right now?

*Outside the plant*

Peter: What do you guys do? Run here as fast as you can or something? Couldn't you of waited for another 5 minutes!?

Erik: I don't think so...whatever you're doing here, stop it!

Peter: How about no...*charges into Erik knocking him back*

Britt: *flings her blades at Graniteman who simply blocks them away*

Peter: I'm made of solid Rock! You can't hurt me with those pityful toys!

Rich: How about these toys?

Peter: *looks to see he's surrounded by bombs* Crap...

*Peter is sent flying down a few streets*

Lance: *comes in and burns Rich*

Rich: Owww...owww...bastard!

Gary: *puts out Lance with a few times Ice Slashers* Cool off Flame head!

*inside the Factory*

Fred: They are getting their butts handed to done yet?

Dash: Just finished! Turn on the power!

Fred: Awake Giant Robot! Destroy the Sinister Six!

Giant Robot: Duuuhhhh...Destroy....*starts to walk out of the factory*

Fred: *laughs vilely*

Leon: Well that was easy. Let's go finish the other two and...

Ben: Had to say that...didn't ya Leon?

Giant Robot: *lifts his foot up* GRRRRRUUUUUUUUAAAA!!

Erik: *Grabs it* Arrrrgggg...

Ben: *sees Dashman and Stretchman inside* GRRRR...I'll kill those two! *goes inside*

Gary: Ben!!


Ben: Where'd they go? *looks around* They vamoosed!

*the doors shut behind Ben*

Ben: They hell?

Dark Figure: Alright's you and me.

Ben: Who are you...?

Gasman: Oh! It's only me! Hehehehehehehehehe! Got ya didn't I?

Ben: Grrrrr....I knew you'd show up here!

Gasman: *runs towards Ben* You did! That just shows that we were ment to be friends!

Ben: Not this time buddy. *shoots a rope out of his cannon*

*Gasman is pinned to the wall*

Ben: Been saving this...espcially for you.

Gasman: *is all tied up* What's...what's goin' on here?

Ben: You've crossed my path enough times! I'm going to finish you!

Gasman: But I thought we were friends...friends!!

Ben: NEVER!! DON'T YOU GET IT!? Fire and Gas don't mix! They EXPLODE FOR CHRISTS SAKE!

Gasman: But that shouldn't come between our friendship...

Ben: We never had a friendship! *points his arm cannon* This is for the best! For both of us!

*a boulder smashes Ben into a wall*

Peter: Wow...only one sixlet!

Fred: What's he doing? Is he going to hurt that little guy?

Dash: That's so sad...he looks so innocent.

Gasman: *gives sad eyes*

Lance: Awwww.....

Ben: *gets up* What are you doing? He's a menace!

Fred: Shame on you! Picking on someone just cause they are different!

Dash: That really steams me geeks and rejects should stick together!

Lance: *cuts Gasman down* You're one of us now friend.

Gasman: Really! That's so awesome! Thanks!

Ben: I'd stay away from him if I were you Flareman...

Lance: What do you care! Huh? You Sixlets are nothing but bullies, and we will protect those you pick on!

Gasman: That's right! I don't like you anymore Ben! These guys are my friends! *hugs Lance*

Lance: Ummm...about the hugging. *sneezes and a small flame comes out of his nose*

Ben: *runs like he never ran before*


*Ben joins the others who are just finishing the Giant Robot*

Erik: Damn that was tough. Now for the Sleek Squad.

Ben: I took care of them...

Gary: You did!? Wow. By yourself?

Ben: Had a little help from an old 'friend'

Rich: I see, welp I guess our work is done.

Ben: I think you can expect Gasman has found some new friends.

Britt: He joined the....?

Ben: I'm afraid so.

Leon: With Flareman around?

Ben: *nods*

Britt: What's wrong Ben? You seem down.

Ben: The Sleek Squad actually made me think. I feel kinda bad for how I treated that poor guy. All he wanted was a friend after all.

Erik: I know...but he should of realized that it could never work out. Not with each of your powers reacting to each other like that.

Britt: It's not your fault Ben.

Ben: BAH! Who cares about that idiot. Let's go beat up Super Chaos. *leaves in a grunt*

Erik: Welp, some heroes we turned out to be.

Britt: Yup, we learned that making friends can lead to dangerous situations.

Leon: To bad Ben lost a friend too.

Gary: He's working for the bad side now, but we do know what his weakness is.

Erik: At least we hope...

*meanwhile at General Cutman's place*

General Cutman: You dolts! You hired someone with powers that don't work well with Lance! But the lad has some potential. He just needs some upgrades.

Lance: Can you make our powers dormant against each other?

General Cutman: Silence. One thing at a time.

Peter: Welp, now our ranks are five. One more and we are an even team with The Six!

General Cutman: It's not's Quality. You don't need to outnumber them. Just outsmart them. That's the Key!

Fred: I what's next on our agenda General?

General Cutman: Things will play out smoothly as long as we're patient. Heheheheh.

Gasman: *wakes up* Hi everyone!

General Cutman: I'm in the middle of surgery here...

Gasman: *looks at his insides* Wow...I look like that on the inside?

General Cutman: I got my work cut out for me....

*meanwhile at Super Chao's Base*

Ben: Open up you peice of lard!

Britt: I don't think he's home.

Gary: Look...there's a note on the door.

Erik: Out to lunch...gone to eat....

Rich: Oh cripes...


Gary: Looks like things are back to normal around here...

Ben: *goes crazy*

Leon: He's grabbing the furnature!


*a chair hits the camera*

Gasman was originally created by Dark Napalm in his Wily Shorts Hense where this idea came from.