The Wonderswan Team:

Fighting For Justice!

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Konroman:Howdey friends! I'm Konroman! The leader of this team! Welcome to one of our happy adventures! We just recently formed up our own team, and are awaiting to go into action!

Compassman: Did you tell them that we suc......

Konroman: Quiet! Anyways, welcome to our adventure!

Special Note: This special addition S6 Epilogue was done for Sanity's Epilogue contest. Let's hope that my Epilogue wins! This epilogue was also partially written by Gauntlet. Vote for me!

Some Guy: We can't afford a narrator so....*another team member mumbling in the back* Ahem! Anyways, The City of Megaopolis! A quiet...peaceful town.............................


Giant Renegade Robot: *ROAR!!*

Roll: AAAHHHHHH!! Someone help me!

Mysterious Figure: Don't worry! We're here to save you!

Roll: Oh thank god...the Sinister Six!

Giant Renegade Robot: *panics* The Sinister Six!?

Mysterious Figure: No...not The Sinister Six. It's us! The...

Roll: *interrupts* The Mechanical Maniacs!

Giant Renegade Robot: *panics* The Mechanical Maniacs!?

Mysterious Figure: NO! Let me tell you who...

Roll: *interrupts* Cossack's Creations!

Giant Renegade Robot: *panics* The Cossack's Creations!?

Mysterious Figure: NOOOO!!!

Roll: Tech Tyrants?

Mysterious Figure: Nope.

Roll: Wily's Warriors

Mysterious Figure: No.

Roll: Robot Raiders?

Mysterious Figure: *sighs* No.

Giant Renegade Robot: The Megaman PC Team?


Konroman: They can't be more popular than us!

(Seven figures emerge from the darkness)

Roll: Who are you?

(The lights go out and intro music begins)

Giant Renegade Robot: Had to say it didn't you?

Roll: Oh noo...*looks at her watch*

Konroman: I'm Konroman! The Fiery leader!

Komunuman: *plays his floot*

Compassman: I'm Compassman! The ladies expert! *approaches Roll with a warm embrace*

Roll: *hisses like a cat*

Compassman: Yewoch Woman!

AirConman: * inside our...I mean "The Wonderswan Team's Base!"

(Actually their base is a old, gutted building, worse off that the Mechanical Maniacs old Wearhouse!)

Compassman: Hey! AirCon! Turn it up! I'm hot in here!

AirConman: Alright! Hold your horses! *turns his fan on high* Jeeezze.

Komunuman: Well...he can't fight worth a damn...but he sure keeps us cool.

AirConman: I'm getting worked overtime here! Can't you guys go buy some air CONDITIONING!!

Bulletman: Oh stop complaining! We all gotta pull our own weight around here.

AirConman: OH yeah? What exactly do you do to help us?

(Komunuman and Compassman both look at Bulletman with glares)

Bulletman: I take out the garbage...every night.

Komunuman: get the Clock guys to do the work for you.

Compassman: Yeah...pick on our little gibberish speaking friends.

(At that moment Konroman and both Clockmen come piling in)

Clockman #1: Mesa blooom blaaa ya...smacka!

Clockman #2: Nooo? Ying Yang...Mosa Diesa!

Komunuman: What did they say Konroman?

Konroman: They said we need to get off our butts and look for some villains to beat.

Compassman: I agree...something must be up.

Clockman #1 and #2: Up? Up up up up up. *Clockman 1 flings Clockman 2 into the air and attempts to catch him, but instead knocks over stuff*

Konroman: Don't say the "U" gets them riled up...

Komunuman: It's a good thing there's nothing in value in here...but why do they do that anyway?

Konroman: It's a trick I'm teaching them...whenever I say the word "you know what" they perform a neat attack...but they haven't got it right yet. Clockman 1 hasn't caught #2 yet.

Everyone: Oh...


Compassman: *nasty grin* Up.

Clockman #1 and #2: Up? Up up up up up.*Clockman 1 flings Clockman 2 into the air and attempts to catch him, but instead knocks into Compassman*

Compassman: Ouch!! Get off me you twit!

AirConman: Heck...that'll do in a pitch too.

Konroman: Yeah...but what good is the attack if we don't have any villains to fight.

Bulletman: Yeah...doesn't help us much either since Quint fired us and went after those Mechanical Maniacs.

(They all sigh and agree)

Clockman #1: YOU FIRED! *points and laughs*

Clockman #2: YOU FIRED! *points and laughs*

Konroman: Do you guys have to joke about everything!?


Clockman #2: *quietly* You fired...*laughs at Clockman #1*

Clockman #1: You Fired too...

Clockman #2: *covers his mouth in amazement and fear*

(At that moment something was heard from outside the building)

AirConman: Hey...look at all those people running...must be trouble..

Komunuman: No...looks like a job. *grins*

(And so, the flashback ends.....)

Komunuman: And that's how we got here.

Roll: I don't care! If you can beat the stupid monster I'll be happy!

Konroman: Alright, team ....... INTO ACTION!

AirConman: I shall blow you away with my fan of DOOM!

(Airconman uses his fans mightily, but to no avail!

Bulletman: Stand back, friends, for the renegade robot cannot survive my zooming speed attack!

(Bulletman flies into the air, but is deflected off the renegade robot's hard shell.)

Renegade Robot: *sigh.......*

Compassman: Watch out! For there is no way he can withstand my pointy needle of disaster!

(Compassman separates and his top half zooms upwards poking the renegade robot in the eye!)

Renegade Robot: AOOOOWWWW!

Compassman: Ha-hah! Take that, you -

(The Renegade robot swats Compassman out of the way.)

Konroman: Komunu Man! You're up!

Komunuman: Uh, no ..... I think not.

Konroman: What!? As the coolest among us and with the powerful doppler attack, you're bound to win!

Komunuman: But I am a monk and a pacifist. The only reason I fought Rockman was because he fired on me first. I cannot be involved.

Clockman #1: Then it's time for me!

Clockman #2: And me!

Clockman: We shall stop time and perform a dance until the robot's brain turns to mush!

Roll: STOP!! That cure may be worse than the diese!

Konroman: ........ We must find the golden peach!

Roll: The golden peach?

Komunuman: But the golden Peach is miles away! We'd never make it in time!

Konroman: We have no other choice!

Clockman #1:We have a choice! A choice to ..... run!!

(The renegade robot goes on a spree trying to stomp on the Wonderswan team!)

Renegade Robot: Stand still you pest!

Bulletman: Run! Run!

(On happenstance, Gauntlet is walking by the area eating bananas.)

Gauntlet: Ahhhhhh ..... gotta love a good banana.

(Gauntlet casually throws the banana. peel right into the path of the rampaging robot causing him to trip!)

Renegade Robot: Whuu??

Compassman: Oh, dear.

(The Renegade Robot falls on top of all the Wonderswan team, crushing them under his bulk! Our heroes have won ....... but at a tragic cost.......)


Gary: BENNNN!!!

Ben: oops sorry...didn't know you were up.

Gary: Well...I think it comforts the rest of the team that the family dog is digesting in your stomach.

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be. We weren't even in this adventure!

Scott: Hey - LOOK!

Crowd: Look it's the Sinister Six! They've defeated the giant robot! Let's give them medals!

Andon: They think we beat the robot!I don't think I feel comfortable with becoming household name like this. Taking another person's credit.

Jason: Well then you can leave.

IRA: Yes! Give us medals! Medals and silver dollars for everyone!