Oh my God, there's people here! Well, you've just stumbled on the X-Force Epilogues page, where all the old X-Force epilogues are kept.These were a big part of the old Megaman teams and are still known today .... even if I can't say why!

Episode 0 - Origin

Episode 1- Fantastic Mr. Dragoon

Episode 2-
Talk Stew

Episode 3-
The Secret Room

Episode 4-
Jailhouse Rock

Episode 5-
Dam-ed if you do,

Episode 6-
My Cousins Wedding

Lost Episodes 6.5 and 6.6

Episodes 7-11- Tale of Two Teams (Co-written by Gary)

Episode 12- Double Doom

Episodes 13-15
- Year of the Fox

Episode 0-A - A New Dawn

Episode 16- E3 Battle

Episode 17- Time Lost

Episode 18
- Who's yo Daddy?

Episode 19
- Havoc at Hogwarts

Episode 20-
- The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 1

Episode 21-
- The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 2

Episodes 22-23 - The Unlimited

X-Force AU

Episode 1 - The Tomorrow Warriors

Episode 2 - Twin Dragoons

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