The Dark Six Strikes

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By: Sharkman

Having defeated the Sinister Six the Dark 6 plan their attack on the city

Claw Man: So letís go over our plan

Cyber Man: We split up and destroy the major areas

Ninja Man: Iíll take out the Power Plant

Claw Man: Iíll attack City Hall

Cyber Man: And Iíll destroy the Police Station

Gem Man: What about us?

Claw Man: The Weapons stay behind

Omega Man: Weíll contact Wily at his fortress

Ninja Man: Good Plan!

(The Dark 6 Masters left)

Ultimate Man: Letís head to the Skull Fortress

(The Dark 6 Weapons left)

Blademan: Iím Back! What the %^*# happened?

(Blademan and Sharkman get out of the portal)

Bitman: Blade! What happened?

Blademan: I just got back and everyone was here on the ground

Sharkman: Well as long as Torchís down Iíll relax

(Bit starts shocking Torch)

Blademan: Iím going to get Dr Light

Meanwhile in the city

Cyber Man: Cyber Virus!

(A green beam blasts open the Police Station)

Man: What the ^%#* is that!

Officer: Itís one of Wilyís Creations! Call the Sinister Six!

Cyber Man: Too late! We destroyed the Sinister Six

Officer: What! Open Fire!

(The Cops shoot Cyber Man but it doesnít do any effect)

Cyber Man: HAHAHA! Cyber Virus!

Officer: AH!

At City Hall

Claw Man: Damn! No ones here! Iíll just make this my base

At The Power Plant

Ninja Man: Ninja Star!


Man: AH!

Ninja Man: Idiots! Gas Power Plants are easy to destroy!

At Skull Fortress

Dr Wily: Excellent Work Gem Man!

Gem Man: Thank you sir!

Dr Wily: Now with the Sinister Six gone I will rule the world!

54 Omega Man: What about the other Megaman Teams?

Dr Wily: Forget about them the Sinister Six is all I cared about

56 Ultimate Man: But what about the Cossack Comerades?

Dr Wily: They couldnít beat me if I had my hands tied behind my back

Skull Man: What did you say?

Pharaoh Man: Weíre here to stop you old man!

Dust Man: Yeah!

Dr Wily: Turn on the news!

Bright Man: No not the news!

Ring Man: Anything but the news!

Drill Man: Turn it off!

Dive Man: Cover your eyes!

Toad Man: Rain Flush!

(The Acid Rain destroys the news)

Skull Man: Thanks Frog boy!

Toad Man: No problem!

Ultimate Man: Ultimate Light!

(A light beam blasts Dust Man)

Dust Man: GAHH!

Skull Man: Oh my god! You killed Dust!

Pharaoh Man: You Bastard!

73 Omega Man: Omega Blast!

(The Blast hits all of the CCs and throws out of the Fortress)

Skull Man: Damn! Weíll get you next time Wily!


Back at Sinister Six Headquarters

Dr Light: I can fix Voltman, Dynaman and Sonicman

Blademan: What about the rest

Dr Light: Iíll try

(After a few hours)

Oilman: Thanks Dr Light

(Throws a GF Returner on Bahamut)

Torchman: Yeah now I can beat Shark up!

(Shoots Torch Arms at Shark)

Torchman: AH!

Voltman: Now letís attack the Dark 6

Dr Light: The Dark 6! Are you sure youíre ready?

Sonicman: Weíll kick their ass to next week then defeat Wily again!

Torchman: Yeah! But itíll be hard

Waveman: Why?

Torchman: They can stop Oil and I from changing forms

Sharkman: How?

Torchman: When I changed to the red dragon they some how stopped me

Waveman: So weíre going to go without you & Oil's power?

Oilman: We have power we just canít use our full power

Blademan: Damn!

Dr Light: I have the Dark 6 on target do you really want to fight them?

Torchman: Yeah!

Dr Light: Split into 3 groups because youíll be fighting the Masters first

Voltman: Where are they so far?

Dr Light: Claw Man is in City Hall

Torchman: Sharkman, Bitman, and Waveman will get him

Dr Light: Cyber Man is at the Police Station

Voltman: Dynaman, Sonicman and I will go there

Torchman: This leaves Oil, Blade, and I against Ninja Man

Dr Light: Heís in the Power Plant

Dynaman: Where are the Weapons

Dr Light: At Wilyís Fortress from what hear the CCs were there

Blademan: My guess they were beaten

Dr Light: Unfortunately they couldnít beat the Weapons

Torchman: Damn! Well letís go!

Voltman: See Ya! Letís go Sonicman!

Sonicman: Letís kick their ass of the face of the planet

Waveman: Bit! Wave! Letís get moving!


Torchman: Move out! And letís come back alive!

Will the Sinister Six beat the Dark 6 this time find out on my next story The Sinister Six vs. the Dark 6 Masters


Editor's note- A sequel was never written to the dark 6 strikes. I don't recall a prequel either. The story just starts in what seems to be the 2nd part of a trilogy.

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