The Sinister Six VS The Mechanical Maniacs

By: Torchman

Narrator: It was another fine day at Sinister Six HQ. The six had just come home from helping orphans escape fromt heir burning orphanage when they decided to watch the TV ....

Oilman: Damn! That was one tough battle! I can't believe we managed to save all those orphans!

Sharkman: We shoulda kept some for dinner!

Blademan:" Chopped up kids! Yum!

Bitman: Shut up! We're supposed to be heroes, you idiots!

Waveman: *Sigh* with them on our team we'll never be household names ...

*Bitman punches Waveman in the gut*

Bitman: We don't need that kinda talk! With Torchman leading us we can't fail!

Torchman: Right! Let's not fight amongst ourselves! Instead, let's watch TV and see us saving those orphans!

All: Right!

(The S6 turn on their TV only to find ....)

April O'Neil: And the orphans were all saved thank tot he efforts of the Megaman 3 team ...

Blademan: This'll be sweet!

April O'Neil: The Mechanical Manaics!

All: WHAT!?

Shadowman: Thanks, April. Yes, we're the Megaman 3 team. And we're the Megaman 3 team responsible for saving these orphans! Rememebr: The Mechanical Maniacs! Not the Sinister Six!

April O'Neil: An odd thing to say .... from an odd man. But heroic nonetheless. This is April O'Neil sighning off!


Oilman: They .... they stole our work!

Sharkman: And they lied about being the Megaman 3 team! Dooood! We gotta mick their ass!

Waveman: Aw, what's the point? We have six members on our team .... but they have eight. We'll never win.

Torchman: Silence that pessimism, Waveman! We are the Sinister Six! We will find a way!

A shadowy figure: And I am that way!

(A short time later, the Mechanical Maniacs are driving in stolen Sunfires in hopes fo finding more trouble to cause.)

Geminiman: Dude! We totally scammed that old lady!

Magnetman: Old Ladies are nothing against Magnet the Mighty!

Shadowman: But we gotta find a bigger score. Once these suckers arealise we aren't the real Megaman 3 team they'll turn against us pretty quick!

(Suddenly, their cars stop)

Magnetman: Shadow! Why'd you stop the cars!? You're an incompotent leader! Nowhere near as good as Torchman!

Shadowman: I know! But this isn't my fault. I don't know what made the cars stop!

Bitman: It was me! The master of electricity and strength! Bitman!

Sparkman: It's the guys we copied, Hard!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Blademan: I'll bet those are stolen cars, right? I think the cops'd liek a work with you punks.

Torchman: Now you'll face a real Mega man 3 team! The Sinister Six!

Needleman: It's the first megaman team! How can we win!?

Torchman: Sinister Six UNITE!

(The Sinister six raise their hands with a bright flash!)

Sparkman: Aggh! I'm blinded!

Magnetman: Me too!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Shadowman: They're too powerful!

(The Six attack the Mechanical Maniacs! The element of surprise works in their favor

Wave man shorts out Sparkman, Torch starts flaming Shadow, Blade sticks it to Magnet man, Shark slices Snake man, Oil man slimes Gemini man, and Bit man fries Needle man! but....)

Shadowman: Hah! I'm flame retardant!

(Gauntlet uses his Shadow blades on Torchman!)

Torchman: Agh! You damned cheater!

Shadowman: I know I am, but what are you?

Torchman: I am ... Capcom official!

(Torchman decks the unofficial robot master with his mighty fist!

The Maniacs then turn the tables with their superior numbers!)

Needleman: Never pick on anybody who's got more backup than you!

Waveman: noooo ... this is exactly what i said would happen!

Bitman: We need winners, not whiners, Wave!

Waveman: Can't I be both?

(The Sinister Six regroup)

Oilman: You guys are nothing compared to Cossack's Creations!

Sharkman: Still, they got a point...

Blademan: Yeah! This is totally Wack!

Waveman: Time to call our secret members!

Bitman: Yeah!

Torchman: Then come! THE SECRET MEMBERS!

Topman: Secret members? HAH! We'll cream whatever losers you bring.

Bitman: I guess that top takes up all the room in yer head, doesn't it?

Topman: What do you mean?

Bitman: Heh .... you'll see ....

(And so a huge explosion appears out of nowhere and a huge form appears..)

Shadowman: Aw, crap.

Blademan: Presenting our seventh member..........GALVATRON!!

Shadowman: I knew it.

Geminiman: Ugh. You did not. You don't know everything! I should be leader!

Shadowman: NO! Only I am leader for I am the team dictator!

Geminiman: Oh. I forgot.

Shadowman: Next time remember!

Galvatron: Shut up! Now, I and my honorary Decepticons will destroy you all!

Magnetman: It's our enemy! The misunderstood Decepticon! Galvatron!

Waveman: That's right. He turned good after all those years and he's sick you you guys ruining his reputation just like you ruined ours. With him on our side, even I can't be depressed.

Sharkman: That's a first.

Waveman: Aww .... I knew it couldn't last ... I'm depressed again.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Topman: That's right! What gives you the right to be called the Sinister Six anyway? That's Iceman's gig! You have no right to look down on us!

Blademan: Iceman retired and gave the name to us! We're the Sinister Six! now!

Shadowman: We know. That's why we bombed your old base and have been getting everyone to think we're the real Megaman 3 team.

Oilman: That was YOU!?

Snakeman: That's right!

Shadowman: You think this'll stop us? There's still 8 of us and 7 of you!

Galvatron: We thought you'd see it that way, so introducing our eighth member...!

(a flash of light appears, and out emerges a very attractive girl)

Galvatron: Alex Trent!

The 'Maniacs: ????????????


Topman: ??

Alex Trent: Oh, you didn't tell them? I'm hurt.

Sparkman: Who is she, Shadow?


The 'Maniacs: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

Alex Trent: TTTTThhhhhhat's right!

Shadowman: Galvatron! You bastard! How'd you find her?!

Galvatron: Ahhhhhhhh, welll, THAT IS A SECRET!!! HAH! SEE?? I CAN DO IT TOO!

Oilman: The irony is just delicious.

Alex Trent: Annnnnnnnnnd, I know all of Shadow's secrets!

Magnetman: really?

Geminiman: interesting....

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Alex Trent: It's true! Did you know he bites his nails?

Snakeman: eeeeeeewwwwwwww!

Geminiman: really?

Alex Trent: Yup!

Snakeman: What else do you know??

Alex Trent: Wellllllllllll.......

Shadowman: NO more!! Stop!!!

Alex Trent: OH! Did you know he won't hit a girl? Not even if she's telling all his secrets!

(Gauntlet trembles in suppressed rage)

Alex Trent: And he talks in his sleep sometimes too! He dreams of -

Shadowman: AGH! NOOOOO!

(Gauntlet grabs Alex and teleports away!)

Sparkman: ....Shadow....?

Galvatron: Excellent! Alex will distract Shadowman so that he isn't a factor in the battle! He defeated me alone 3 times already, so if he was in the battle, I might've had a harder time. However with him gone.....

Needleman: Uh-oh!




Magnetman: We're doomed!

Needleman: But this new power of theirs is what has me the most worried. What could it be!?

Torchman: You'll see right now, you losers. It's Megazord time! Tyrannosaurus!

Sharkman: Mastedon!

Bitman: Sabertooth Tiger!

Waveman: (of all the pointless...) Triceratops!

Oilman: Terredactyl!

(Guitar rifs play in the background and the 'Maniacs look on in awe as the Sinister Six completes their greatest weapon ..... the Megazord!)

Snakeman: Gwahhhh!

Geminiman: Mechanical Maniacs .... scramble!

(The Mechanical Maniacs avoid deadly swings of the Medazord's sword.)

Torchman: Keep trying to hit them, Sixlets!

All: Right!

Galvatron: Maybe they'd like to try a cannon blast on for size!

(Galvatron transforms into a cannon and blasts at the Mechanical Maniacs.)

Magnetman: They're way too much for us guys!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Snakeman: But we haven't shown them our true power yet either! Power of ..... copycat!

(In a brillaint flash of light, the Mechanical Maniacs create a cardbolad copy of the Sinister Six's mighty robot!)

Geminiman: Now we have a Magazord too!

Torchman: Damn their evil brains! They copied us again!

Topman: That's right! And we can copy whatever you guys do!

Sparkman: That's why everybody loves us!

Torchman: Damn you!

(In his anger, Torchman fires one of his super-powerfull Torch Arm fireballs and hits the Mech's cardboard Megazord!)

Snakeman: Nooooo! Our Megazord is made of cardboard and it now on fire!!!

Sparkman: We're done for!

Blademan: Look! Their Megazord is made of cardboard! Now they're done for!

Waveman: Geez, no kidding? How ever did you guess that?

Oilman: Now's our chance to strike! Everyone together!

(And so the mighty and terriffic Sinister Six attack the Mechs together, using all of their weapons! The cardbord Megazord explodes and the fake Megaman 3 team is captured!)

Sharkman: All right! We finally won! We finally captured those fakes and won the day!

Blademan: I called all the reporters and soon everyone in the world will know who we are!

Oilman: Superb!

(But .... instead of reporters the cops come! And instead of fame comes .... imfamy!)

Oilman: What? What is this?

Officer: Let the Mechanical Maniacs go!

Bitman: But .... But we captured the evil fakes!

Sparkman: We aren't evil fakes! They're the evil fakes!

Sharkman: Don't believe them!

Officer: Don't worrk. The TV tells us that the real Megaman 3 is the one Capcom made and so, you "Sinister Six" people are definately the fakes!

Sharkman: But we're not the -

Officer: Save it! We're going downtown.

(And so, the Sinister Six are taken to jail, where they are in a dank, dark, and lonely cell all together.....)

Sharkman: This bites. We get no respect!

Bitman: Still, this coulda ended worse. I managed to swipe that Shadowman guy's wallet!

Sharkman: Doooooood! So we'll finally know his real name?

Bitman: You bet. Let's check it out.

(The Sinister Six gather 'round and see the secret that is about to be unvieled.....)

Bitman: And his name is ..... "Shadow ...... Mannn."

Blademan: Oh my God! Of course!

Bitman: Blademan, you idiot. This is obviously a fake ID.

Blademan: Uhhh ... of course.

Waveman:: I knew it. Things never get any better for us.

Torchman: Don't let life's trials and tribulations get you down, Waveman. For life always sides witht he rightious in the end. And the rightious don't get as rightious as we do! For right is on our side and we are never in the wrong! For the rightious and the right ....and even the left ultimately belong to ..... us! The Sinister Six!