Series 1 - The Beginning

Once we just mere world-famous androids who helped makind survive in their lazy, comforted world. Then one day the mad scientist Dr. Wille saw us and though, "With them I could conquer the entire world!" So, using the super computor Crorq Dr. Wille reprogrammed us to be pure evil. Then he used us to take over oil rigs, cities, the ocean, the sewers, the docks, and oil tankers. Bitman with his mighty electricity and great strength. Sharkman with his mighty jaws and powerful shark boomerang. Waveman with his gushing busts of water. Oilman with his slick and slippery oil. Bldeman with his razor sharp blades. And Torchman with his all-powerful inferno attacks. Together they were amazing and brought Monsteropolis to it's knees, but there was one flaw in Wille's plan .... Mega Man! He managed to beat all of us one by one, cowardly using stolen weapons to his own advantage. He made it all the way to Wille and managed to beat the mad doctor. However, unkown to Mega Man, Crorq survived and rebuilt us robots. Now free from Wille's control we went off to make our mark on the world. But what did we find? Nobody aknowledged out greatness! It seems Capcom made another "Mega Man 3" adventure to replace us! We were betrayed by the very ones who had created us! We went to our old friends the "Mega Man 1" robots known as the Sinsiter Six. We knew them from when we were great heroes ... before we were kidnapped by Dr. Wille. They were retiring and were going to help Dr. Lite at his lab forever and they gave their full support to us. Unfortunately the evil fakes who replaced us ambushed our base and totally destroyed all our friends gave us. We were forced to make our base in Monsteropolis dump, but thanks to the genious of Torchman we found a lot of old projects made by Dr. Wille and Dr. Lite and used those to construct our new impernetrable and indestructable base. So now we fight to show the world that we are true Robot Masters and to destroy those fakes the Mechanical Maniacs as the one true Mega Man 3 team ..... the one true SINISTER SIX!