Ascendant Androids Fiction

Time Capsule

The original Ascendant Androids!

Genesis: Epilogue 0 - The Prologue Epilogue
Genesis: Epilogue 1 - Beginning From Scratch
Genesis: Epilogue 2 - Fear
Genesis: Epilogue 3 - Dark Clouds Overhead Part 1
Genesis: Epilogue 4 - Dark Clouds Overhead Part 2
Genesis: Epilogue 5 - Of Stones and Shoes
Cossack's Comrades: The Silence of the Rising Red Hannibal: The Comrades seek help from an unlikely source to reveal information on Wraithman. This is the prequel to...

The Business of War

While the main story can be found right here, these stories focus on the Ascendant Androids, the good, the bad, and the ugly (yes, I'm looking at you, Waveman)!

Introduction 1
Introduction 2
Introduction 3
Introduction 4
Introduction 5
RPD War Journals Part 1

Stage 1: Surviving Berlin
Stage 1: Standoff in Alberta!
Stage 1: Sao Paulo Cannot Stop
Scissor Army War Journals Part 2
RPD War Journals Part 2

Stage 2 Introduction
Stage 2: Rematch in Alaska!
Stage 2: Tyrannical Androids
RPD War Journals Part 3

Stage 3: A War of Souls
Stage 3: Ascendant Izhevsk
RPD War Journals Part 4

Stage 4: Hell Metal Zoo: The Fields of Mars!
Stage 4: The Old Citadel Part 1
Stage 4: The Old Citadel Part 2
Stage 4: The Old Citadel Part 3

Stage 5: Live and Let Die
Scissor Army War Journals Part 6
The Bitch and the Beast

Stage 6 Introduction
Stage 6: Pallbearers
Stage 6: Silence End
Stage 6: Are You Bad Enough?
Scissor Army War Journals Part 7
RPD War Journals Part 6

Stage 7 - Introduction
Stage 7: "Kill Now, For Elysium Awaits"

Stage 8: The Strongest

Special Epilogues

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your braincells goodbye!

Special Epilogue 02 - Halloween Party 2005
Special Epilogue 03 - Day of Exploding Stuffing
Special Epilogue 04 - Poetry Corner Part 1
Special Epilogue 05 - Sheriff Mags vs. Gravityman
Special Epilogue 08 - The Bitch and the Beast (Director's Cut)
Special Epilogue 09 - The RPD's Finest
Special Epilogue 10 - Story of My Life
Special Epilogue 11 - I Am Here and I Exist

Original Stories

A boiling pot of miscellaneous molten shit... with fondue sticks!

Original Story: A Vampire Story by Crys
Original Story: Pheonix Wright Fanfic by Makenshi
Original Story: Unfinished Creepypasta by Makenshi

The Androids Return!

Select epilogues from the Mechs featuring the return of everyone's favourite team of badasses.

Mechs Series 7 Issue #8 - Spiral - The seemingly insurmountable problem told in Life after Life is revealed here. But will what comes out of this revelation be more than the Mechs can handle?

Mechs Series 8 Issue #5 - The Council Comes to Earth - The Galactic Council comes to Monsteropolis to have a meeting with the chief of police and Crorq pulls out all the stops to make the council feel safe.

Mechs Series 8 Mechs Issue #12 - Ascension Part 1 - The Mechs finally decide to confront Crorq. But they had better get in line because the Ascendant Androids are attacking!

Mechs Series 9 Issue #11 - Bad Neighbors - Things go eight to Hell when the Ascendant Androids move into the Wily Underground! Hey, Doc Robot, are you gonna do something!?

Mechs Series 9 Issue #12 - Nine to Five - The Androids have found a place to stay in the Wily Underground, but what exactly can the last remnants of the Scissor Army do to fit in?

Mechs Series 9 Issue #20 - Ranked Robots - The Underground goes crazy trying to decide who is the strongest among them.

Mechs Series 9 Issue #28 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 1 - Everyone's talking about the Mighty Numbers and the Mechs are always up for jumping on the bandwagon. But what's behind this new craze? How can something so mighty possibly suck!?

Mechs Series 9 Issue #29 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 2 - The hype train goes off the rails! Can anything save the Mighty Numbers!?

Mechs Series 9 Arching the Androids Part 1 - It's a culture clash as the hyper violent Ascendant Androids face off against one of oldest villains in the Team Scene - Darkman's Robot Warriors' Arch Nemesis!

Mechs Series 9 Arching the Androids Part 2 - Arch continues to bother the Ascendant Androids! Can he continue to survive the bloodthirsty Megaman 5 team? Can they survive his brand of adventure!?



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