Ascendant Androids Fiction

Time Capsule

The original Ascendant Androids!

Genesis: Epilogue 0 - The Prologue Epilogue
Genesis: Epilogue 1 - Beginning From Scratch
Genesis: Epilogue 2 - Fear
Genesis: Epilogue 3 - Dark Clouds Overhead Part 1
Genesis: Epilogue 4 - Dark Clouds Overhead Part 2
Genesis: Epilogue 5 - Of Stones and Shoes

Special Epilogues

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your braincells goodbye!

Special Epilogue 02 - Halloween Party 2005
Special Epilogue 03 - Day of Exploding Stuffing
Special Epilogue 04 - Poetry Corner Part 1
Special Epilogue 05 - Sheriff Mags vs. Gravityman
Special Epilogue 08 - The Bitch and the Beast (Director's Cut)
Special Epilogue 09 - The RPD's Finest
Special Epilogue 10 - Story of My Life
Special Epilogue 11 - I Am Here and I Exist

Original Stories

A boiling pot of miscellaneous molten shit... with fondue sticks!

Original Story: A Vampire Story by Crys
Original Story: Pheonix Wright Fanfic by Makenshi
Original Story: Unfinished Creepypasta by Makenshi


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