Navi: Aquaman.EXE
Operator Name: Nathan
Real Name: Nathan
Birthday: 02/17/92
Nationality: USA! USA! USA!
Location: Electopia
Likes: Pizza, video games.
Dislikes: Pokemon, Digiman, Yo-Gi-Oh

Navi Personality: Aquaman enjoys spending time at his cyber pool when he isn't on missions. He also likes to bust viruses as training for his missions. Aquaman.exe takes his missions seriously even though he normally jokes around most of the time.

Operator personality: Nathan enjoys many of the things Aquaman.exe enjoys. He also enjoys collecting rare aqua chips. Before joining the Darklight Mercinaries he was an 8th grade student. Nathan also likes to battle Nathan Bernhard (Sparkman.exe's op) to prove that aqua navis can defeat elec navis.

Background: Nathan acquired Aquaman.exe after meeting his previous netop and giving her a good luck navi in exchang for Aquaman. Even though Aquaman.exe was way upset at first about being traded, he quickly became friends with Nathan.

Quote: Hope you're ready for a bath (uses aqua tower) or maybe a drowning...


Navi Name: Burnerman EXE
Operator Name: Damien Raport
Real Name: Mark Montague
Birthdate: 1/14/85
Location: Netopia
Likes: Videogames, being a smartarse, and money.
Dislikes: n00bs, country music, and squirrels.

Navi Personality: Burnerman is a bonafide pyro. He likes watching things burn, and setting things on fire. When he's watching things burn, he enters a trance like state and involuntarily cackles like an evil madman. Like his operator, he is a smartarse, and to those who don't know him, he can come off as a jerk. In battle, Burnerman relies mostly on his own abilities, and only uses battle chips when the need arises. Due to this, his chipfolder is a little outdated, it mostly contains sword chips, minibomb chips, and some cannon chips. Despite having an outdated folder, he is quite the battler, and enjoys watching his opponents suffer. He's prone to bouts of rage when provoked, and usually enters a beserk stae when that happens. It takes a powerful aqua attack to calm him down when he goes beserk, and if not calmed down, he will eventually turn on his teammates in a blind rage. Although he seems like the type to be a loner, he does enjoy the company of his team.

Background: Damien was orphaned at a young age, and has no memory of his parents. He bounced from foster home to foster home, usually being kicked out for being an antisocial little prick. After being kicked out of the last foster home, he lived on the streets like a bum for nearly a year. He took an intrest in netbattling, but never had the money to get his own PET. He ended up robbing some passerby of their PET, which just happened to be Burnerman EXE. Damien took part in local tournaments, and won enough money to support himself, and Burnerman. Eventually, he moved out into the country, and lived in a run down shack for a couple of years, before he decided to move back to the city so he could earn more money.

Quote: Damien: You are a useless moron, whose only pupose for existing, is to serve as the butt of people's jokes.
Burnerman: You shall burn with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, and I shall enjoy every moment of your pain.

Coldman.exe, Crazed Commie!

Navi Name: Coldman.exe
Operator Name: Guilter Gant
Other names: Shadowyguy, That 'guy', Sir Red, MasterShake, Number 3 or Red mage
Birthday: Dec. 3
Nationality: American
Location: Sharo or Base
Likes: Gta:SA
Dislikes: Rascists

Navi personality: Proud, Russian Accent and Love of all things cold or Communist. He loves to spend his free time messing around, especially on ice. However, he's also scared of Mega Man.

Operator personality: Strong pride in being communist, no nonsense at dinner, lone wolf and squad leader. He cares for his friends, though many say that he cares more about hard vodka and women.

Background: He just upgraded his navi. He's not sure how many times he's done it, but he just did anyway. Some Say his navi has had a 1000 lives while others say 3 or 4.

Quote: WAGGGHHHHHHhhhhhh


Name: An-Ti F.R. Chen
Height:154 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Location: Ameroupe
Likes: Listening to music, spriting, reading, playing games
Dislikes: School

Navi Personality: A bit unlike his operator, Junkman's actually a bit less serious about revenge, because he knows Needleman didn't destroy his home, but until he finds the truth, Needleman is his target. He has more mercy. And is a good friend. And is an ONLY friend to An-Ti other then the other mercs.

Operator Background: Like Ti-an, he's serious and no-fun. but he has no mercy in his heart. And will go as far as killing people. he was rumored to be able to rip a man in 2 alive. his favorite thing to do is seeing others suffer. An-Ti holds a cold, almost crystal clear eye at others. Even his allies.

Background: An-Ti is a look alike of Ti-An R.F. Chen of team L.I.T. but with messier clothes, and is a true monster. Holding a deep hatred for his look-alike.


Navi Name: Kendouman.exe
Operator Name: Adrick.
Real Name: Viktor "Shift" Tammisto (Note: The " indicates username/nick name.)
Birthday: September 4, 1992
Nationality: Canada.
Location: Netopia.
Likes: Fire, swords, videogames, tacos, dr. pepper, winter, cats, and other things that I can't think of right now.
Dislikes: Spiders, wiggers/chads, rap music, and long bio's

Navi personality: Kendouman likes a challenge when he fights and doesn't use dirty tricks unlike Sparkman. He is also very random and psychotic.

Operator personality: Adrick is usually very calm and focused though he can act random at some times and he is also very mysterious and secretive and he is an expert fencer.

Operator background: Adrick after winning a fencing championship got a P.E.T with Kendouman inside.

Kendouman: You, sir, are a bootless, goatish, hedge-born, onion-eyed minnow!
Adrick: Stay focused Kendouman!


Navi Name: Laserman EXE
Operator name: Taylor Steele Okaxal
Real name: Something You'll never know.
Birthday: November 1st, operator is 14.
Nationality: American.
Location: NAXA
Likes Netbattling, computer programming, Chess.
Dislikes: "Strong" Navis like Gutsman, People who make jokes that aren't funny.

Navi personality: Focused, and strong, but unlike his previous self, he is no longer harsh and dark. He even is starting to show kindness. Taylor and Laserman have a sand paper relationship, rough. They are still getting used to each others' personalities. Laserman has a very task-oriented and focused way of doing things, but Taylor likes to think things out more before acting.

Operator personality: Taylor makes jokes once in a while, and they are more sophiticated and thought out jokes, when he jokes, it's funny. He likes to push his intellect, with long chess matches, and other games. But in a flash, he can become a hard leader, and a quick fighter. His netbattling technique is ruthlessly strong, and leaves no loopholes. He outwits his opponents easy.

Background: Taylor met with Tora, and his navi, Kingman. He ended up in a heated chess match, that would bargain their navis. His previous navi, Dash.EXE, was up for the win, along with Kingman. In a stunning move, Tora ended up winning, but not by much. Devastated, Taylor lost his navi. Mean while, on Duo's asteroid, Laserman's data was found by a data cleaning program, because they were heading back out to orbit, the program decided to shoot Laserman back to earth before Megaman had turned the asteroid too far away. The data was sent back, and stored in the Lasers computer. Laserman's last data was stored in NAXA's vault, and was to be deleted, when moving it, the data escaped, and was lost. Using a norm navi, Taylor found the data, and it invaded the navi, that became the new Laserman. Unfortunately, the data was too much for the navi, and deleted him. Using his Programming skills, Taylor re-built a body, exact to the data. When it was activated, Laserman was reborn. This new body was untainted by darkness, and he was able to use all of his old powers. They joined Darklight mercenaries, because Laserman wanted to repay the damage he caused. Even though they are getting to know each other, Laserman sometimes goes missing for long periods of time...

Quote: "Focus...focus...NOW!" *beam hits navi far away*..


Navi name: Searchman.exe
Operator name: Joshua Wright
Real name: GameMaster (what, you thought I'd give you my real name?)
Birthday: I'm fourteen, and was born the second to the last day in August. YOU do the math.
Nationality: Konoha...I mean the USA.
Location: NAXA
Likes: Naruto, MegaMan, Naruto, video games, Naruto...did I mention Naruto?
Dislikes: Broken swords, Naruto haters, MegaMan killers, and MegaMan 6 (from the classic series)

Navi personality: SearchMan is dedicated and loyal. While he used to be incredibly militaristic, just a day with Josh cured that. He still responds to those in authority with “yes sir” and “no sir”, but is becoming more independent. He is even capable of cracking a joke, and occasionally finds humor useful in throwing his opponents off balance. Also, he is beginning to enjoy the anime/manga Naruto along with his operator.

Operator personality:Josh Wright is very, very good at getting on peoples nerves. While a genius with mechanics and occasionally programming, Josh always finds time for a prank or two. He is a rabid fan of the anime/manga series Naruto, and is experimenting with using technology to make the magical “Ninjutsu” in the series come to life. He actually joined the Darklight Mercenaries to fund his work, and as such tends to goof off less when it means extra pay.

Background: SearchMan used to belong to a Sharo agent named Raika. One day, while Josh was visiting Sharo, Raika mistakenly arrested him for stealing SearchMan. When Raika discovered it wasn't him, but a punk who had planted SearchMan's empty PET on Josh, he asked Josh if he knew where the culprit went. Josh and Raika managed to track down the thief, and as a reward, Raika gave SearchMan to Josh. He was apparently getting a new model anyway, but Josh figures Raika just thought he could be a better operator for SearchMan.

Quote: SearchMan:Target locked! Sir, what are your orders?
Josh:My orders are to STOP CALLING ME SIR!


Navi Name: Shademan.exe
Operator Name: SAM
Other names: none
Birthday: 09/24/86
Nationality: American
Location: Yumland
Likes: Good food, battle, elctronics
Dislikes: Unknown

Navi personality: Shade Man acts like he does in the game, except he doesn't eat as many navis, per request of Sam.

Operator personality: Sam is quiet at times. He is also a walking dictionary of battle, and is well versed in the history of war.

Background: Sam used to be a member of Nebula. When Nebula fell apart, he went searching for Shade Man. He found him and, with a little persuasive talking, was able to make Shade Man his navi.

Quote: Prepare to perish.


Navi Name: Sparkman.exe
Operator Name: Nathan Simon Bernhard
Real Name: Geoff Tarbox
Birthday: 10/28/83
Nationality: USA! USA! USA!
Location: Electopia
Likes: Pizza, videogames, D&D, dragons.
Dislikes: Shovelling Snow in the dead of winter

Navi personality: Spark Man.exe is one of the more brash navis of the team. He has very little respect for many navis including a few on his team (especially Shade Man, who he doesn't entirely trust). In battle, he's quite confident of his powers and he'll use any trick, clean or dirty, to come out on top. Some of his favorite tricks include paralyzing his enemies with a spark shock then impaling them on his conductors, disappearing and stabbing them with his conductors, and "surrender" while conjuring shadows to attack from behind. However, sometimes he has too much faith in his abilities and winds up dealing with more than he bargained for. In addition, he has occasionally has problems cooperating with other navis in battle.

Operator personality: Nathan Bernhard was just an average college student before he was recruited for the Darklight Mercenaries. Like his navi, Nathan doesn't have much respect for anyone either, but not to the same degree as Spark Man. He does at least stick up for his own team though he may question their judgement every now and then. Also, he gets along with his navi extremely well because Nathan appreciates Spark Man's power, and Spark Man appreciates the fact Nathan's not Terry. When he's hired, Nathan tries to take whatever job he's been hired for seriously, though he's more than happy to charge his clients more if he thinks he can get away with it. Curiously enough, he always has his left hand in his pocket when around other people. Some claim that it's because he's missing a finger. Nathan won't say whether this is true or not and seems downright irritated when it's brought up.

Background: Nathan acquired Spark Man.exe after joining a battle tournament for fun and extra dough. He managed to reach the finals when his opponent Terry Jomon, (Spark Man.exe's previous operator) sabotaged his PET. Left with an all-but-useless navi, Nathan demanded Terry to fix it, but he refused until Nathan solved his riddles. Not willing to jump through hoops for some kid, Nathan, broke his PET over Terry's head, and stole Spark Man.exe while he was out.

Quote: Mercy is the mark of a great man. (fries opponent) Guess I'm only a good man. (fries him again) Well, I guess I'm still alright.


Navi Name: Topman.exe
Operator Name: Gustav
Other names: Grad & ''Deimert''
Birthday: 14th of June
Nationality: Sweden!
Location: Netopia
Likes:Art and Drawing first and for most, manga, team-games and -sports
Dislikes: Work with no point, when everything is not working when it's suppose to

Navi personality: Bold, yet very wise and cunning, Top man has great patience( but not unlimited). He watches over his comrades so they don't step on the same spikes he did. He shows respect to his friends and allies but also likes to tease them a little bit. As you might have figured out he loves tops and therefore spins around to confuse his opponent. He uses the tactic of an tarantella, being fast and unpredictable, to make the opponent nervous and send him or her into disarray.

Operator personality: Gustav takes jobs utterly seriously and can be pretty stiff and hates when people don't focus on the job which in the terms of Gustav should be done quickly and smooth. When not on the job he soften up, he talk as much as possible so he gets to know everyone. Focus on duty, he always plan head for almost anything that can counter if the mission screws up. He stays very clam and also have great patience like Top man. If Gustav knew he would lose in a battle, he make such difficulty to be defeated that his foe should remember who he is. He has an enormous passion to draw, and always wants other people to enjoy it to.,

Backround: Gustav got his Navi after taking a vacation to get inspiration, he caught the eyesight of a old man named Tensuke, who claimed he had gotten to old for net battles, and asked Gustav if he would like have Top man, Gustav accepted very kindly. Top man and Gustav gets along pretty well and talks about anything that interest them.

Quote:FAAANN!!!(means kinda like Shit, f*** and crap depends on the situation)


Navi' name: Windman.exe
Operator's name: Pharon
Birthday: 8 days after the ides of march in the year 1992
Nationatily: won't tell
Location: Oceopia
Likes: 8-bit theater, Any and all types of weapons, rythem games, (like Dance Dance revloution) F-zero, blood, and other things.
Dislikes: tele marketers

Navi personality: really laid back and a planner in battle.

Operator personilaty: three words: anger management needed.

Operator background: At age twelve he is a prodigy at what he does. A scientist that doesn't work at scilab who works on projects that mops up mistakes made by lan's dad. The fact that he doesn't work at scilab brings up rumors that say something around the lines of working for a crime syndicate. His current project is to find a way to transform a normal or blank navis into full-blown custom navis without making a new frame. Some failed projects include making a energy source that can light up the whole world with out overloading the system, using a navi to operate a scilab defense system (the navi got over loaded and exploded), and getting a navi into the real world without making a rip in the space time continuum.

Quote: There is no knowledge that is not power.


Navi Name: Video Man EXE
Operator name: Okaxal
Real name: Stuart K.
Birthday: 08/31/88
Nationality: USA! USA! USA! (although born in Germany).
Location: Netopia
Likes Koalas, Drawing, computers, DLM, AXE, Aftermath and VI along with LIT
Dislikes: War, Corruption, Public Transportation

Navi personality: Still the same as in the game

Operator personality: Kinda like Nathan's, prefers to work alone.

Background: After Nathan realized that layoffs were needed to save the DLM, He gave Darmagician the pink slip along with others and consfiscated their navis. Okaxal was the first new recruit and obtained Video Man.

Supporting Cast

No team can pull off an ep without having a supporting cast of NPCs to call their own. Not even us. This section will detail everything you need to know about some of our most frequently-appearing NPCs!

Dr. William Birkin
A high roller in the Parasol Corporation, a business that seems to be nothing more than a harmless corporation that deals in ham and other meat products. But it's just a cover for some of their more mysterious, shady practices, and that's where our friend Billy Birkin comes in. His job is overseeing the affore-mentioned mysterious, shady practices such as the "Magic Hams", and has no qualms about disposing of "unreliable" members of his team.

Django, the Solar Boy
As we all know, Django's the vampire killer extraordinare that did a guest shot in Battle Network 4 with his pet sun god, Otenko and wound stealing the show. He tried to slay Shade Man.exe while he was licking his wounds in his coffin by cooking him with the pile driver program advance. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, he wasn't entirely successful in doing the job. That's what you get when you send someone other than the Belmonts from Castlevania to stop a powerful vampire, but I digress. Anyway, Shade Man.exe hasn't seen hide nor hair of Django in a while, but will it stay this way? Now that I've asked, probably not.

Graham Jones
A Priest of the Church of the Wind at Scissors Island, the religion that worships Wind Man.exe. He was bumped up to the title of Head Priest when Lilly was stripped of her title of head priestess for losing Wind Man.exe to Pharon, and for being sloshed all the time. On the surface, he seems to be a polite, stand-up, A-OK kinda guy. But it bellies a fanatical streak a couple miles wide. He'll go to the ends of the Earth for Wind Man in every sense of the phrase...whether Wind Man actually wants him to or not. He feels lost without his god, and yearns for above all else, for Wind Man to return.

An-Ti's right-hand man. He found Junk Man's remains in a cyber-junkyard which An-Ti was able use bring Junkman back to life. He's loyal to An-Ti and he'll do any job An-Ti asks long as An-Ti keeps paying him in chips. He has trouble fending for himself, but An-Ti always seems to be there to spring him out of trouble.

For those who haven't played Battle Network 4, Lilly was Wind Man.exe's previous operator before Pharon came along, and was also his priestess. While a generally quiet, polite individual, she has an unfortunate tendency to accidentally drink rice wine instead of water and become a mean evil drunk. However, when she sobers up, she has no memory of what happened. It's vaguely like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde except with booze. Well after the Eagle Tournament was over, her consumption of booze became less and less accidental. Now she's in an almost constant state of intoxication and will fly off the handle at anyone with little if any provocation. She nurses a deep grudge towards Pharon for taking Wind Man.exe from her, and towards Graham for replacing her.

Terry Jomon
Terry Jomon is the progeny of the owners of the Jomon Electronics chain, and was originally Spark Man's operator. He's spoiled rotten by his high social status, and feels that he's above the rules and everyone else. He tried putting this philosophy to work by sabotaging Lan's PET in the Den Battle, only to lose and be humiliated in front of a live audience. Apparently, that experience didn't teach him anything, because he tries to pull the same stunt on Nathan and his PET in Next year's tournament. Although he won the match, Nathan got the last laugh when he beat Terry up and stole Spark Man.exe. Since then, Terry's been working hard to get revenge on Nathan and get Spark Man.exe back in the process. However, all his schemes really seem to do is piss Nathan off to the point of repeatedly sending him into the intensive care ward. Despite being now paralyzed from the waist down, Terry remains unfazed by his failures and his beatings, and itches to get even, no matter the cost.


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