The Day of Sam

A Crossover with Annhilation.exe

Location: A café in Yumland

It was a slow week for Sam and Shade Man, the Yumland representatives of the Darklight Mercenaries. Ever since they beat Knight Man, there haven’t been any more exciting jobs.

“Sam, why do we always go to the same café every day?” asked Shade Man."

“Because it’s relaxing here. Besides, I hear things in this café."


“Where the Peace Day Netbattle Tournament will be held.”

“The what?”

“You see, every year, on New Year’s Day, a netbattle tournament is held to commemorate the end of World War 3. Considering the prize for the tournament is always a ridiculous amount of zenny, we would be foolish not to compete”


“But we must be careful. Netbattlers from all over the world compete in this tournament”

“I’ll beat down ever last competitor. Besides, something tells me that a bunch of weak nobodies will enter”

Location: Go-Nuts Donut Shop, Crescent City, Netopia


“Bless you, Sam”

“Thanks Moe.”

It was a slow day in the Net Guardians’ Base (AKA, the floor above a local donut shop) The Acid Hackers haven’t done anything recently, and no trouble’s shown up, with the exception of some weird meteor type thing a few months ago, but that was taken care of.

At the moment, all the members of the Net Guardians were sitting around, bored out of their minds. That was going to change very quickly.

Miss Stakes, owner of the donut shop that sits below NGHQ, came into the room. Naturally, everyone was paranoid.

“I DIDN’T DO IT!!” Cyros yelled, as if by reflex.

“Do what?” Miss Stake asked.

“Oh, um…..nothing…..”

“Anyway, this guy in an official uniform just came to the shop and told me to give this letter to you” she said as she handed the letter to David. She then walked away quickly.

“Dear Net Guardians” David began, reading. “As thanks for your fine service, we would like to invite you to the annual Peace Day Netbattle Tournament in Yumland. Enclosed are airplane tickets and a coupon for a three night stay in the L'hôtel Cher, the most expensive hotel in Yumland, and world renowned for its excellent beds and service. Sincerely, The Worldwide Netbattle Association. PS, we only have one plane ticket and the coupon is only good for one person, so you’ll have to choose one person to go.”

There was a very tense silence amongst the group after that final sentence was uttered. David broke it. “Well, since I am the leader of this group, I believe it is my responsibility to repre-“

“No you don’t, you BISHEN-LIKE COWBOY!!!!!” yelled Carlos, tackling David to the ground, attempting to grab the envelope containing the ticket and coupon.

That led to a crazy frenzy of everyone attempting to grab the envelope by any means necessary. Except two people: Sam and the hobo.

“Why ain’t you trying to grab the envelope?” The hobo asked.

“Holy shit, it spoke!!!....err, I mean…well, watch.” Was Sam’s reply.

After a short while of fighting, the envelope suddenly fell away from the fight, after Adrienne had tipped it from Jonathan’s hand.

“YOINK!!!” yelled Sam as he took his chance by quickly grabbing the envelope, and running very, very fast.

“….wow, he is good” said the hobo.

“HOLY SHIT, IT SPOKE!!!!” all the present members of the Net Guardians said in unison.

Location: Netbattle Coliseum, Yumland Time: 2 Days later

It was a grand site at the Netbattle Coliseum. Hundreds of netbattlers from around the world were waiting outside, waiting for the doors to open so the tournament could begin. Some had been waiting for hours. Some have been waiting for days. And some came just a minute ago. They were lucky, since a voice suddenly spoke from the loudspeakers.

“Testing, 1 2 3. Is this thing on? Oh it is? Good. Ladies and gentlemen, friends and comrades, netbattlers from around the world, I, Chief Netbattler Official Remington of Yumland, would like to welcome you to the Annual Peace Day Netbattle Tournament!”

A loud cheer spread through the crowd.

“The doors will now be opening. Please, step inside and take a number from the small box by the doors. And please be orderly.”

The doors flew open, and the netbattlers walked in. Numbers were drawn, conversations continued, and tension was high. That tension was only increased by the next announcement over the loud speakers.

“Please direct your attention towards the green wall”

All eyes turned towards the green wall, which contrasted greatly with the other 3 walls, which were a lovely shade of red.

The wall suddenly lifted up like a curtain, revealing a large tournament board.

“Your opponents have been decided by number. We will be announcing the numbers in order. When your number is called, please enter the door to your right.”

This little rule left many people nervous, considering they wouldn’t know who their opponent is until the match”

“Numbers 1-20, please report to the room on your right”

20 netbattlers left the room. A short while later, they came back. It was obvious who won and who lost by the looks on the faces of the competitors.

“Numbers 21-40, please report to the room on your right”

It was with that announcement that Sam and Sam rose from their seats and walked to the door.

The combatants entered the door. In the room, there were 10 Netbattle machines. An old man, presumably Remington, was also there. He spoke.

“Netbattlers, you will find your opponent and go to a netbattle machine. The two of you will battle. Winner moves on, loser doesn’t. A good fight to all of you. And remember: these battles will be broadcast on live TV across the world! So give the people a good show!”

“Uh, sir?’ a camera man said. “The commercials almost over”

“Oh!” Remington said. He then very quickly announced the next part of his speech. “Come on, find your opponent. And before you begin battling I will come up to you. You will introduce yourself and your navi. After everyone is done introducing, the battling will begin! HUP-TO! CHOP-CHOP!!! HURRY!!!! NOW!!!!!!”

The camera man began the countdown. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, you’re on!”

“Welcome back to the Peace Day Netbattle Tournament here at Yumland Coliseum. Round one was filled with excitement, but now let’s begin with round two! But first, let us meet the contestants! Please, state your name and your navi’s name!

Introductions went by quickly.

“Then let the battling begin!!”

The contestant began to jack in their navis

We now change our focus to a specific netbattle machine. Machine #4, to be precise. It is here that two netbattlers, both alike in skill, shall face off against one another.

“What are the odds that two dudes with the same first name would netbattle each other? Much less two dudes with the same first name that looks alike.” Sam Jeffries said, his headband fluttering ever so slightly.

“Who cares? Now stop stalling and jack in your foolish chess navi so I can delete it.” Sam Darklight said, jacking in Shade Man.

“Underestimation of the opponent is the first step to defeat.” Sam J. said, jacking in King Man.

“Wh-whee!!! A large, healthy navi! Lucky me!!!!” Shade Man yelled, upon seeing his opponent.

“May the best navi win” King Man answered.

“King Man, begin the Army Recruiting” Sam J. said as he slotted in 3 chips.

“Pawn! Knight! Rook!” King Man yelled, commanding his new troops.

“Impressive.” Shade Man said. “But ultimately, such tactics are inferior. Sam, let’s show him a true statue of strength.”

“Dark Hole, Dark Line, Anubis!”

“Program Advanced! Poison Pharaoh!!!”

A statue of Pharaoh Man appears, and begins its draining effect on King Man

“King Man! Destroy the Pharaoh!!!”

King Man leaps across the battlefield, landing next to the Pharaoh. The shockwave destroys it instantly.

“Shade Man, I believe there is more than meets the eye to this guy.”

“Begin the Storm, Darklight”


“I’m sending more chips, King Man. Use them wisely.”


The navis stood still for a moment, waiting for what the other was going to do. Then all hell broke loose.



Two objects appear on the field at the same time: a rock cube and a dark timpani

“Bad move, Darklight. King Man, do it!”


5 objects. Pawn, Rook, Knight, Cube, and Noise. All went flying towards Shade Man. It was such a surprise to Shade Man that he didn’t have time to activate his defense powers.

“huu….huuuhh…….pain…it’s never easy to take it, is it, King Man?”

“No it isn’t Shade Man. But if you can’t take the pain, then don’t enter the tournament.”

“I can take the pain. Can you? Let’s find out.”

Shade Man suddenly rushes forward, drawing a Dark Sword. King Man, without any objects to protect him, gets hit.

And King Man doesn’t even flinch. Something Shade Man notices.

“So you can take pain. And rather well, I see.”

“And let’s see you take some more pain. Pawn! Now!”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a sword slash connects with Shade Man, causing more damage. Shade Man looks behind him to see 4 objects: Pawn, Rook, Knight, and Cube.

“When did you summon more objects!?”

“I didn’t. My army is so loyal that they will rise from the dead is it means it will help me.”

“Zombies. Lovely. Since your army cannot be destroyed, I guess I’ll take out the commander.”

“Bring it on”

The next five minutes was a hail of battle chips being launched between the opponents. Many chips were slotted in and used. And now, with both of them damaged by battle, they continue to battle still.

The situation: Shade Man, alone, severely bugged. King Man, severely weakened, with two pawns, a rook, a knight, and two cubes.

“You wi11 d13, King M4n”

“It appears the bugs from those chips you use are starting really hurt. I see you getting weaker just standing there.”

“Th3n why d0n’t y0u 3xp3r13nc3 bug5? S4m, s3nd th3 tr4n5f3r3nc3”

“Right. Bug Chain, Download!!”


In an instant, things changed.

“Ah, it feels good to be rid of those bugs.”

“Wh4t w45 th4t? w41t…….FSCK!!!!!"

“Don’t worry King Man. I figured something like this would happen somewhere along the line, so I prepared. Bug Fix, battle chip in!!"

And the bugs were gone.

“This bores me. Hey King Man, I have a proposition. My claw versus your Checkmate. One last attack. Winner take all.”

“SHADE MAN! What do you think you’re doing!?”

“I’m ending this now, Sam. I will win.”

“But how!? You’ve seen the power of that thing!”

“Yes, but…..”Shade Man then began to whisper to where only Sam Darklight could hear him. “I have enough health to survive the checkmate, while his health is very weak. This has become a war of attrition, just like the trenched of WWI.”

While that conversation was going on, the opposition discussed this as well

“This is interesting, King Man. I suggest we go for it. One good checkmate should finish him off.”

“This is true. But on slash of his claw could finish me off. After all, he hasn’t used it yet. It could be weak, but it could be his strongest attack.”

“One way to find out. He has laid down his hand. It would be rude to not play ours.”

“Indeed. Shade Man, we accept your offer!!!”

Shade Man, however, was arguing with Sam Darklight. “And another thing…wait, you accept? Alright. HERE WE GO!!!!”

Shade Man rushed forward, his claws unsheathed. King Man jumps a mighty jump. Then go towards each other. They connect. And two voices say the same thing simultaneously.

“Logging out”

A tie game. The announcer only proved that further.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Shade Man and King Man have both lost! That means they’re both out the tournament!!”

“…you don’t have to put it like that.”

“Seriously. I’m getting out here.”

“Me too.”

With that they left and went back home.


“Chaud, why didn’t you enter the Peace Day tourney? You could actually be there instead of watching it.”

“After winning three times in a row, they said I couldn’t enter. Now be quiet, the commercial is over”

“Welcome back to the Peace Day Netbattle Tournament here at Yumland Coliseum. Round one was filled with excitement, but now let’s begin with round two! But first, let us meet the contestants! Please, state your name and your navi’s name!

Introductions went by quickly. But there was one introduction that Chaud heard quite clearly.

“Samuel Jeffries”

“…..I know him.”

Also elsewhere….

“Damnit! Where are we going to find a Mr. October! We needed one yesterday! I could lose my job!”

“Boss, I don’t think you’ll have to worry. Look at this navi here.

“Sam Darklight. My navi is Shade Man.”

“Perfect! Contact him immediately!"

The End!


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