Taiyoh Shonen Django Part 3

There were only two things right now in the world to Shade Man.

Himself and the horrid horrid headache that ailed him so.

He tried to remember how he got it. He was at the piledriver, then…..

He was here.

He opened his eyes, trying to figure it out.

When he saw who was in front of him, all his questions were answered.

“Django….” He said to himself. He stood and walked towards him calmly.

Django too began to walk just as calmly.

Then they were face to face.


“Umo Dello Schermo”

“Must we keep meeting up like this? It’s hardly healthy for either of us.”

“Continuerò a venire fino a distruggerei voi, vampire.”

“Hmph. How foolhardy of you. You will lose. You will die. And I can make that pathetic world of yours my personal hunting ground.”

“Cerchi questo”

Django quickly pulled out the Gun Del Sol and fired it straight at Shade Man. Shade Man avoided the blast and bought his claws down towards Django. The claws were easily blocked by the sword Django pulled out.

The sword then began to glow like the Sun.

“Solenoide Dell'Elemento!”

Django slashed the sword wildly at Shade Man. Despite Shade Man’s best efforts, the sword grazed him on the right arm. Though such a strike would ordinarily be considered unimportant, a strike power with the Sol Element is quite devastating.

“Gah!... Ever the resourceful one, eh solar boy? Well I have resources as well. Geddon 3!”

The ground suddenly turned purple and an odd gas lifted from the ground. Django coughed. Shade Man flew into the sky.

“I will enjoy watching you choke to death, Solar Boy.”

Shade Man stayed in the air, staring down upon the scene, and enjoying every second of it.

Django’s mind was racing. He needed something. Anything to stop the spread of this dark poison.

Then it hit him.


He held his hand above his head, and said a single word.


His skin turned an evil looking green, his hair turned dark and spiky. Red Wings formed on his back. He used them to fly into the sky.

“….impressive, Vampire.”

“Sono vampire.”

Django grabbed a spear from his pack and thrusted it towards Shade Man. Shade Man easily caught it.

“You’re right. You are no vampire.”

Shade Man pulled the spear, then punched Django right in the face, sending him smashing into the ground.

“Vampire’s are much stronger than you are.”

Django stood, hurt. He breathed deeply, only realizing the presence of the poisonous gas too late.

But he was not hurt. His vampire form was immune to the effects of the dark gas.

He looked up at Shade Man and said, “Ora dovrete scendere ed affrontarli.”

Shade Man was unpleased. He stopped flapping his wings and landed on the ground with a thud. He wasted no time releasing his attack.

“Elemental Rage!”

Shade Man’s arm was replaced with an odd looking cannon. Suddenly, the gas was drawn to the cannon.

Than the cannon fired a powerful blast that seemed impossible to dodge.

The blast hit Django. When the blast subsided, Django was nowhere to be seen.

Shade Man sniffed the air. He did not pick the Solar Boy’s scent.

“Whee whee! That was too easy!”

Suddenly, Shade Man heard a very faint sound.


He looked towards the source of the noise: A small rat.

“Hmmm….interesting…Ah well, it will make a light snack.”

The moment he said that, mouse transformed.

Django stood right in front of Shade Man, his guise serving its purpose.

“Ottenuto voi.”

Django grabbed a hammer and hit Shade Man right on the head with it. Shade Man, naturally, was dazed for a moment. A moment Django used to hit Shade Man on the head a second time. Django attempted to repeat this a third time, but Shade Man caught the hammer mid swing with his claws.

“You always were resourceful, Solar Boy. But that will not save you. Pulsar3!”

Shade Man then screamed, releasing a sound blast that hit Django head on. Django was forced back, and feel to the ground, getting back up instantly, and raising his hand into the air.


Django dropped the Vampire form for his Solar form. He pulled the Gun Del Sol out of it’s holster and fired. Shade Man merely dodged.

“You missed!”

“Nessun did'nt di I”

Shade Man looked behind him, suspecting some sort of plan. Django then fired again, while Shade Man was distracted. It was a direct hit.


Shade Man growled. “I grow tired of this game, Solar Boy. Let us end this.”

He stood, his eyes and demeanor full of anger.

“Pulsar 3!”

A small bat-like creature appeared at Shade Man’s side.

“Pulsar 3!”

Another bat-like creature appeared on Shade Man’s other side.

“See you in Hades, Solar Boy.”

He grabbed the two creatures, and absorbed their energy. He smiled an evil grin, then screamed.

Location: Undernet 6

A navi stood alone.

“Hmmm….haven’t had many customers lately. Maybe I should I think about moving to a more populated area.”

He then heard an ungodly scream, full of hate and fury.


Location: Shade Man and Django’s Stadium

Shade Man breathed deeply. Half of the stadium was now but a pile of rocks.

And Shade Man saw Django’s goggles on the ground, their owner now dead.

Shade Man laughed.

“That’s what you get for bringing me here, Boy! Now your world will be mine!!!”



Shade Man looked around, unable to detect the location of the now seemingly alive Solar Boy.

“Non lascerete qui il vampire vivo. Ho conceduto vivere per troppo lungo. È tempo di concludere questo”

Shade Man was feeling something he hadn’t felt for a long time: Fear.

“Show yourself, Solar Boy!”

“Sono di destra dietro voi”

Then Django stabbed Shade Man in the back with his sword, powered with Solar energy, right where Shade Man’s heart would be.

If Shade Man had a heart, he would be dead right now.

Instead, he grabbed the sword sticking through his torso, and pushed it back, out of his body.

He than took to the sky, to put some distance between himself and Django.

He flew out of the stadium, over the wreckage that was once the southern half. Django followed.

Shade Man landed, and faced the Solar Boy. He had recovered enough.

The skies began to rain. It did not matter to the warriors: All they cared for was to kill each other. A little rain would not stop that.
"You should have died peacefully when I gave you the chance."
" Non sarò sconfitto da voi.”
The warriors rushed at each other.
Shade Man swiped his claws at Django. Django countered with a slice of his sword. Both attacks connected, but the combatants were seemingly oblivious to the pain.

They slashed again. Again, the pain bothered them not.

Shade Man Slashed again. But Django only stood still.

“Giving up, Boy?”

Django rose his hand into the air, and yelled.


A flash of light appeared from Django’s hand and rose into the air. Suddenly, it exploded.

The rain stopped and sunlight shined upon the Ground.

Shade Man could only yell in pain.

“THE SUN!!!”

He collapsed to the ground, pained by the rays of sun. Django pulled out the Gun Del Sol and aimed it right between Shade Man’s eyes.

“Addio, Uomo Dello Schermo.”

He fired.

And the Dark Soul was unleashed.

To Be Continued...


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