Enter the Aquaman

*this ep takes place shortly after Aquaman is given to Nate (see bio for details)

*on the net*

Aquaman: I don't see them, didn't they tell us to meet them here?

Nate: I thought so. Let me check the E-mail.

Dear Aquaman, We are in need of your services at the ACDC1 near the entrance to ACDC2. Meet us at 5:00 tonight. Complete the mission to gain 5,000z.

Nate: We're in the right place. Where are they?

*two normal navis walk us to Aquaman*

Navi1: Aquaman, you made it. I pressume you want to know what the mission is?


Navi2: A darkloid has taken control of ACDC2 and has set the entire area ablaze. We need an Aqua navi to clear the way.

Navi1: The Darkloid's netop has taken control of Burnerman, a member of the Darklight Mercenaries. Have you heard of them?

Nate: We've heard of them, but I thought Darkloids didn't have netops.

Navi2: So did we. But if Aquaman doesn't hurry and put out the cyber fire, then ACDC2 will be destroyed.

Nate: Ok. Aquaman stop the Darkliod. I'll see if I can find his netop and save Burnerman.

*Aquaman heads into ACDC2 and finds the entire area on fire*

Aquaman: I'm going to need some chips to put out this fire.

Nate: Ok. *sends Aquaman Aqua Tower, Bubbler, Wide Shot, and HP300*

Aquaman: Thanks.

*After Aquaman puts out the fire he looks for the Darkloid*

?: Good job Aquaman, you passed the test.

Aquaman: *turns to face navi* Sparkman, you're not a Darkloid.

Sparkman: This has been a test to see if you are worthy of joining Darklight Mercenaries. Now we battle.

*The two go through a long battle,and Aquaman is at a disadvantage. But he uses his speed to avoid Sparkman's attacks*

Sparkman: Why won't you stand still!

Aquaman: *teleports behind Sparkman and uses his Aqua Fountain*

Sparkman: You are a worthy warrior, Aquaman. You and your Netop are officially accepted into Darklight Mercenaries. As promised here's 5,000z.

Aquaman: Thanks.

*the two jack-out*

Nathan: Good job. You and Aquaman are a good team. By the way I need to know your name.

Nate: My name is Nathan, but my friends call me Nate.

Nathan: Welcome to the Darklight Mercenaries. I'll contact you when there is a new mission.

Nate: Alright.

The End!


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