Episode 5: The man with the golden CHICKEN!!

(it is a slow day at Nathan's dorm. However, that is about to end...)

Nathan: Man, this is boring. I'd rather be taking a job than sitting here...

(all of a sudden, a boy walks in, with a mysterious box)

????:Are you Nathan of the Darklight Mercenaries?

Nathan: Yes I am. What can I do for you?

????: I want you to help me test something.

Nathan: What?

????:You'll see. Now, where's a good place...

(he looks around and spies a computer)

????:This'll do. Now, Nathan, if you would be so kind as to jack in, please.

(Nathan shrugs and jacks in)

Spark Man.exe: 'Kay, where's this Navi?

Laserman: Right here.

Spark Man.exe: Laser Man!? But you're...

Laser Man.exe: A Nebula Navi? Not anymore. I have seen the light.

Spark Man.exe: Whatever.

(they start battling)

????: Nathan, use these chips.

Nathan: Why?

????: That's what you're helping me test.

Nathan: Why not? Battle chip, Counter Force, slot in!

(a giant mirror appears in front of Sparkman and a shadow Laserman appears and fires at the real Laserman)

????: Good job. Now, next chip.

Nathan: Darkness Mimic, slot in!

(Sparkman uses a Dark Cannon on Laserman)

Spark Man.exe: I feel...the same.

????: Darkness Mimic allows people to use a random Dark Chip without the nasty side effects.

Nathan: Sam would like this chip.

????:Next chip, please.

(A few hours pass)

Laser Man.exe: That's it. I'm spent.

Spark Man.exe: Those chips are very good. But why did you want me to test them?

????:Because I want to join up. My name is Tom Maguire, and those chips are a gift for your team. I made them myself.

Nathan:Well,if you want to join up, you've come to the right place. Sign here please.

(Tom signs)

Nathan: Now, which country do you want?

Tom:I'll stay here, where I came from.

(they agree, and that is how Tom, the newest member, joined the team. How will the other DMs react? To be continued...)


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