Dark Execution

*Back inside the Transmitter's base, the Transmitters and the Darklight Mercenaries are bracing themselves for an oncoming attack from Mad Grinder and a legion of black navis*

Sean: Oh crap. Battle stations everyone! Code Red! Code Red!

Chet: What about them?

Nathan: We'll help. But it'll cost extra.

Sean: Do it without anything getting damaged and we'll pay you double! And give you and extra battle chips.

Guilter: DEAL!

*the group jack their PETs into the main computer and before long, their navis find themselves in the Transmitter's network 4*

Sean: Okay guys, stay sharp. They're in Transmitter Net 1 right now, but I don't think the firewall there's gonna hold much longer.

Freezeman: On our way. Alright, everyone follow my lead.

Coldman: Actually Spark, you're the one with the invisiblity. Think you can go ahead of us and hit them with something nasty?

Sparkman: As long as I get paid extra to be the navi shield.

*when the navis reach the entrance to Transmitter Network 1 from TN 2, Sparkman disappears and goes ahead through the link*

Morally Impaired Navi: ...That takes care of the firewall.

Mad Grinder: What?! These brats managed to take down Gravity, and this was the best they could throws at us? How...disappointin'.

*Before the navis can enter TN 2, Sparkman reappears and fires off a white spark wave, blinding all the navis, and damaging all but a few*

Sparkman: Boo. *disappears* Your turn, guys!

Brightman: *charges out of TN 1 with everyone else* Check it out! Everyone get a load of my groovy net battling techniques!

*several navis fire blindly at the heroes, but most of their shots go wild. Some hit Brightman, which he deflects as Energy Balls, frying some of the heel navis*

Mad Grinder: 'Bout time you gaves us a real challenge! I'm coming for ya!

*The blind Mad Grinder trys to run over Sparkman, but ends up splattering his own troops. Coldman also makes things worse for the heelnavis by using his white breath to freeze over some of the enemy's terrain. Starman and Freezeman also summon a meteor storm and a hail storm down*

Freezeman: Keep it up guys! We may come out of this yet!

Starman: As long as they don't have reinforcements. They still have a good chunk of their guys.

Sparkman: Yeah, but a hundred times nothing's still nothing! *reappears, fires off several spark shocks, and disappears*

*Meanwhile, Coldman fires a wave of ice, freezing himself in a mini turret.*

Coldman: Great! Now where's that freak, Assassin.

Assassin: Right here, asshole. *Fires into the navis, skewing a few of them and smearing three others*

*Meanwhile Brightman fires off several Bright Beams deleting more Heelnavis. NaviBlaks try sneaking up on him but he ends up using an AreaGrab and cuts them in half with a Slasher*

Brightman: *snaps fingers* Hah, still good as ever.

Falco: Brightman, look out!

*Brightman turns to find the still blinded Mad Grinder headed for him and uses an Invis chip to avoid him. Mad Roller ends up crashing into the wall and getting stuck*

Brightman: See I'm useful after all.

Sparkman: No, you were just lucky. You're still not geting much done.

*Mad Roller gets unstuck and recovers from his blindness, looking more pissed than ever*

Mad Grinder: Okay that does it. Nows you're all gonna gets it good.

*Assassin Crushes Mad Grinder with a nice old Rocket.*

Assassin: Eat that!!!

*Mad Grinder winces in pain from the rocket, but angrily rolls toward Assassin.exe, barreling over part of Coldman's turret along the way.*

Coldman: Hey watch it!

*Coldman fires off a blizzard chip Guilter downloaded. But Mad Grinder merely rolls through the attack, shrugging off the damage. As he passes through, he blinds Coldman with exhaust from his muffler*

Mad Grinder: Pathetic, ya gotta do betters than that!

*Mad Grinder turns around and raises his front roller over his head to pound Coldman into the groud. But before he can, an electrical tentacle wraps around him and yanks him out of the way*

Sparkman: Count yourself lucky that I'm getting paid double to keep your ass from getting nailed.

Assassin: *shoots a navi sneaking up on Sparkman in the head* Count yourself lucky I didn't let him get the drop on you.

Brightman: *jabs a black navi with his remote plugs* Aww, can't you just get along? *snaps fingers*

Starman: *gets hit with a mega energy bomb* Yeah, no need to help or anything!

Brightman: Don't worry, check out the power of the Awesome Threesome!

Sparkman: God, my IQ dropped twenty points.

*Coldman bowls over the navi attacking Starman with an Ice Wall while Brightman's Bright Beams snipes off more Black Navis. Sparkman uses his hydra tentacles to snatch up some of Starman's navis and toss them into the Mad Grinder's path before Spark trips his Sparkflux Battery and is forced to retract them. But for every navi they take down, another one appears in its place.*

Falco: Alright, this mother buzzard's asking for it. Time to pull out the 'you know what'. *slots in three Timebomb chips*

Brightman: Oh how I hate this thing. It's always a danger to use and it makes such a mess.

Mad Grinder: Go 'head and try. I love a pathetic last resort.

*Brightman activates the Timebomb+ PA and throws the giant Timebomb onto Mad Grinder's back as it counts down to 3. He then charges him only to barely miss and nearly nail the others.*

Mad Grinder: Was that the best you gots? Now taste my Flaming Pain attack!

*As the bomb counts down to 2, Mad Grinder opens his mouth and a giant stream of flame gushes out. Sparkman activates his hollow thunder, Starman teleports out of range, Freezeman shields himself with his Ice Barrier and Coldman sets up Ice Cubes to defend, and Assassin dives under a pile of navis Mad Grinder ran over. All the while, the bomb counts down to 1.*

Brightman: *snaps fingers* He's gonna blow! And boy is it gonna make a mess!

Mad Grinder: Wha-?

*Mad Grinder turns his head around only to see the bomb on his back with the count down now at 0 and explode. The explosion deletes alot of navis and damages the net Area horribly. A few seconds later, Sparkman reappears as his hollow thunder wears off*

Sparkman: Ugh, you're better off just using your lameass disco dance of stupidity or whatever the hell it was.

Brightman: *snaps fingers* Check it out! I could deflect the blast!

Freezeman: *lowers his ice shield* Talk about dumb luck.

Assassin: *crawls out from underneath the pile of heelnavis* Emphasis on dumb.

Starman: *teleports back in* Is there anyone left?

Coldman: *crawls out from a pile of broken ice walls*Eh, a few heel navis, but they're making a run for it.

Nathan: *smokes a congratulatory cigarette* 'Bout time. I'll go back to scanning mongo. I was almost done when the Very Special Forces showed up.

Sean: Good. And then we can find Iris.

Sparkman: *steals the unconscious heelnavis' zenny* And finally get paid. This is getting ridiculous.

*Meanwhile, Iris is strapped to a machine and Executeman sits on his throne trying to contact Mad Grinder*

Executeman: Mad Grinder come in. Come in, status report!

Iris: Sounds like Mad Grinder is now Mad Grinded. Now they're going to find you and kick your evil ass.

Executeman: Not really, even if they extract the info from Gravityman, let them come. They can't possibly stop my guardian at the gate of my base. Nor will they stand against me. And when they DO come for you, it'll be too late. I will have already copied that damned program of yours that gives you those light element abilities. I will then modify it to reverse the process.

Iris: But that would make Dark Chips multiply and DarkSouls become enhanced or something like that.

Executeman: No duh. I plan on feeding this machine *points to another device in the corner* with the dark program. With it, it will-

Man: *opens a com window* Enough! That's all she needs to know! Now start the machine.

Executeman: *sigh* Alright. But you really know how to suck the fun out of this.


Man: *closes the comm window* Finally, in just an hour, I'll finally have all the dark chips and souls I need to use that Shade Implanter to create a being comprised COMPLETELY of darkchips. It could open the gates to Murkland, or I could use it to turn the Earth and everyone on it into completely evil killing machines. I can't decide yet. But first, I must check on brother. *grabs a PET* Hello, brother. What news from Creamland? Have the children stumbled onto anything yet?

*Back at the Transmitter's...*

Nathan: *lighting a cigarette* Alright, I've scanned Gravity's memories and got the location of this idiot's base. It's some abandoned mental hospital called Bartley Institute in Netopia. It was canned basically for unethical practices, and it hasn't been occupied since. Well, aside from whoever's pulling the strings. The network there is online again, and it hooks right up to Netopian Network 2.

Chet: That must've been where Gravity's been going to in Netopia.

Nathan: Yep. Almost makes me wish there wasn't a security cube blocking the way in.

Haley: Well, what about the masterminds? Are they in his memory?

Nathan: Uh-huh. *points to the computer screen* There's this pencil neck here and this big bearded guy. And that's all I can get out of him.

Falco: Wait a sec. I saw that bearded guy in the bar. Nathan robbed him right after he passed out.

Guilter: Hmmm...Let's see that wallet, Nathan.

Nathan: What? Wallets? Never in a-

Guilter: They're bulging out of your pocket.

Nathan: Damn it.

Guilter: *shuffling through its contents* Knew it! A security disk to the Bartley Institute. It seems to have codes for administrator clearance. Our navis can just enter with those.

Coldman: And we still got another operative in Netopia who can look in on their place while we take care of business here.

Sean: Okay, get him on this. Everyone else, patch your navi's up and get them the Netopia Net pronto.

Sparkman: Yeah, before my pay gets any smaller.

Chet: *grabs Gravityman's PET* I'll get HAL in once I get him fitted with a good folder.

*After everyone's navis recover and Nathan steals the wallet back, they make their way to Netopia Network 2. With the info from Gravityman's memory, it doesn't take them long to find the link to Bartley Network and unlock the security cube with a code from Admin card*

Starman: Hang in there, Iris! We're almost there!

*meanwhile at the Bartley Institute*

Man: *speaking into the PET* This is intolerable!! You were only supposed to follow them to the bar, not kick back with a brew!

Bearded Man: *on the other end* What was I supposed to do, Sirrus? I HAD TO BLEND IN SOMEHOW!

Sirrus: And you did, Achenar! So well that you ended up passing for an unconscious drunkard! And they stole your admin card?! I told you-

Executeman: Hate to interrupt this family moment, but we've got company!

*Sirrus turns to the monitor and sees the mercs and Transmitter navis unlocking the security cube*

Sirrus: We'll continue this when you get back to Netopia! *hangs up* Congratulations, children. This hand goes to you. *quickly types at his keyboard* But this game will go to me...

*After Sirrus enters his commands, a guardian program just outside the gate stirs to life. The program resembles a colossal red and grey head with a network of thick, rope-like wires running in and out of the its sides. Where the nose should be is a pair of flamethrowers with jets of flames blazing at the tips. Its forehead is adorned with a bright green gem, and a square-shaped chute sticks out from the top of its head. As the group reaches the gate, it narrows its blood-red eyes, it scorches the team with a blast of fire.*

Freezeman: Ugh, we don't have time for this! *puts up an ice shield*

Sparkman: *disappears* Damnit, you guys give up too easy.

*Brightman is firing a constant amount of Energy Balls dealing large chunks of damage to the guardian Program. However it's still not enough. The guardian now launches a barrage of missiles from its chute down on the field. Starman, Brightman, and Coldman get nailed, Freezeman's shields still hold up, and Sparkman dodges, reappears, and launches a barrage of Spark Mines directly on target*

Brightman: CHECK IT *gets booted in the head by Starman* Ow.

Starman: This REALLY isn't the time to hear you shout that.

Sparkman: Finally, someone had the nerve to shut him up.

*Starman launches a swarm of star-shaped meteors at the guardian. Not much damage is taken. Freezeman hits it dead on with an Ice Wave chip, it get's blocked and a missile hits Freezeman before he can shield himself. The guardian fires another missile only for it to be blocked by a Cold's CurseShield 3 chip that flies straight at it and makes a dent in the thing. It retaliates with more missiles.*

Falco: Dangit! This is getting out of hand. Time to...

Nathan: *puts out a cigarette* You so much as use that Timebomb thing again and I'll REALLY get in a punchy mood.

Falco: Fine, I'll go to Plan B.

Sparkman: Oh great, just what we need. More disco dancing. Lord, take me now.

Falco: Oh shut it Sparky. I've beaten worse things than this before.

Sparkman: Yeah uh-huh, let me ask you something. Who has two electrodes and doesn't give a crap? Me.

Falco: I've also whuped uglier looking smart-asses than you too. Don't underestimate Brightman because he's an idiot. Let's show him, Brightman!

Brightman: CHECK IT OUT! *snaps fingers* Ready to rock and roll!

*Falco slots in a Step Sword, Herosword, and StepCross. Brightman charges forward brandishing the EvilCut P.A. at the guardian only to be shot down at near point-blank range*

Nathan: Uh-huh, that was really showing us something there.

Falco: Okaaaaay new plan.

*Falco slots in some Recov chips then slots in three AirHockey chips. Brightman activates the PA and tosses the giant hockey puck which goes back and forth everywhere dinging up the Guardian really badly but also smashes into a few of the others*

Brightman: Ooops sorry about that.

Sparkman: Grr...When's Gravity getting here? I'm in need of a nice shield.

*Meanwhile, Assassin Does a back flip over a searing jet of fire and sneaks by the guardian.*

Assassin: Heh heh heh...

*Assassin jumps onto the guardian's back and melees. Coldman also joins and slams into it with an Iceberg Press. Meanwhile, at the Bartley Institute...*

Sirrus: This is becoming intolerable. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this since it diverts power from the copying process. But these Officials have forced my hand.

*Sirrus quickly enters a series of commands, and the Guardian opens its mouth wider than it has a right to, and blasts them with a massive laser beam at the team, devestating them. As the team pick themselves up, the Guardian closes its mouth, but its corners are glowing with energy*

Brightman: *hits the Guardian with a remote plug* Aww c'mon! We were winning!

Chet: We still are.

Starman: What the-?

*Before Starman can finish, Gravityman floats in, his arms rising into place*

Gravityman: Enemy target sighted. Beginning combat sequences.

Chet: Sorry it took so long. Making folders from scratch ain't my strongsuit.

*Gravityman fires off a barrage of gravity holds at the Guardians, severely damaging it. The Guardian retaliates with missiles and breathes a cone of fire at Gravityman. Since Gravityman isn't nimble enough to dodge the sheer number of attacks, he takes them all head on*

Gravityman: Damage critical.

Sparkman: You're in the red already?! God, did that beating we gave you back at the bar turn you into a freakin' wuss or what?!

Brightman: *snaps fingers* Don't you worry, I'll take 'em down!

*Brightman runs up in front but gets nailed by missiles*

Freezeman: *rolls eyes and summons a hailstorm* Yeah look at him go.

Sparkman: *fires several spark shocks* Don't listen to them! Your plan's working!

*The Guardian opens its mouth again and fires its fully charged devestation laser. However, Brightman deflects the blast in the nick of time with his shields and retaliates with a barrage of bright beams. The beams hit the guardian dead on, crippling it. Seizing the opportunity, Starman summons a meteor shower while Sparkman latches some gluttonous hydra tentcales around its face. Between the hail storm, bright beams, meteor shower, and tentacles, the Guardian blows up in deletion.*

Brightman: *snaps his fingers* Check it out! Who's the idiot this time? I owe you Sparkman for backing me up. If you didn't, I may've just given up on that plan.

Sparkman: That's the last straw. I'm having some one-on-one time with Iris when this is over.

Falco: I told you Brightman could kick ass when he needed to.

Nathan: *smokes* Oh bite me. He's still crap. Let's just get this thing over and done with. This job is being dragged out waaay too long.

Executeman(over intercom): That's it! No more screwing around! I'll just dismantle you myself.

Sparkman: Then why don't come out and play sucker?!

Executeman: I got a better idea, why don't you come in here and find me?! I'll be waiting in the central throne room.

*Meanwhile, as the navis make their way through the network...*

Executeman: And I will drag it out longer as punishment for stealing and reprogramming my glorius teammate Gravityman!

Sirrus: Technically, he wasn't originally ours. He was part of the Proffessor guy's team during the whole Zero Virus epidemic along with our "secret weapon".

Executeman: That reminds me, where DID you get that secret weapon thing?

Sirrus: I think this is the first time I've mentioned the secret weapon. How do you even know we had one?

Executeman: You would think that labling that weird secret door thing "Secret Weapon" wouldn't give it away now would you? I'd like try this thing out.

Sirrus: Not wise. We've already lost Gravityman, Mad Roller and a 2,000,000 Zenny Guardian. We need that thing in case we're unsuccessful in creating the Perfect King with this Dark Chip implant. Let's just stick to the plan.

Executeman: Oh screw you!

*Meanwhile, the group makes it to said area. Everyone finds Iris attached to a weird machine*

Freezeman: At last, we found you Iris!

Sparkman: DAAAAAAAAMN! Was she worth it.

Iris: It's about time you all came to save me. I can't believe what kept....Hey who's the dark and broody assassin guy over there?


Freezeman, Sparkman and Brightman: Oh that just isn't right!

Executeman: You can all get better aquainted later when I've sent you all to an early grave.

*Executeman appears out of nowhere sitting on his throne*

Starman: It's the skull-lantered Navi! The one Haley and I saw!

Sparkman: I'm not surprised. Okay Bass Jr., it's time for us to finally whoop your wannabe ass!

Brightman: *snaps fingers* Oh, you've got no idea who you're messing with! You're about to get a taste of the most unstopable navi you've ever laid eyes on!

Starman: *fires a star arrow* Ugh, that guardian really went to his head.

Gravityman: *releases a Gravity Hold* Affirmative!

Executeman: *uses an invis chip and dodges the arrow and the hold* ...This is the best you can do? I'm surprised that you made it half this far.

*Executeman leaps to side and throws his axe at the group, slashing the navis. As his axe returns to him, his skull lantern sphews sickly green flames that spread rapidly along the floor. Coldman and Freezeman frantically put out the flames with their White Breath and a Blizzard chip respectively*

Freezeman: Quick! Someone nab Iris while we still got this guy covered!

Sparkman: Dibs!

*Sparkman vanishes from sight and runs over to the machine Iris is bound to only to stop short several feet away*

Sparkman: *reappears* What the frig?! What the hell was that? A force field?

Sirrus: Good deduction. Did you honestly think I'd leave my greatest treasure unguarded?

Sparkman: What, is this supposed to be clever or something? All we gotta do is axe almost-bass and it'll be down. And it's a seven-on-one match. You're screwed, pal. *nails Executeman with a charged spark shock*

Sirrus: *to himself* Hardly. I'm controlling the barrier from here. You fools are more than welcome to try and delete Executeman if you'd like though.

Executeman: Mwahahahaha! Fools! Do you realize that you can never deafeat me? You're far too busy being foolish!

Starman: Are you reffering to all of us? Because the only damn fool I see being foolish is Brightman, as usual.

Brightman: I'll show you foolish! *Launches his Plugs at Executeman only to get them cut off by his axe* eeep.

*Executeman launches another stream of "Soul Fire" from his lantern, Freezeman tries to shield but gets pelted before he can do any good. Starman fires off a Yo-Yo Chip which cuts up Executeman's left shoulder but good. Brightman follows up with an Energy Ball and Assassin brandishes a machine gun both hit dead on. Chet downloads a rockcube chip, which Gravityman lifts into the air with a gravitational field and hurls it at Executeman. Smoke is coming off of Executeman but he's still going.*

Executeman: I'm not going to fall to stupid bastards like you!

Brightman: Oh yes you are.

Executeman: Oh no I'm not.

Brightman: Oh yes you are.

Executeman: Oh no,I'm NOT.

*while Brightman and Executeman are going at it, Sparkman is trying desperately to break the force field.*

Sirrus: Are you still trying to bust that thing down? Shouldn't you be helping your friends?

Sparkman: Friends?! HAH! Coldman's more of an unneeded aquaitance, Assassin's just a glitch in the works and I don't give a rat's ass about that ex-Gospel Commander and his cheaply hired "assistance" thank you kindly. And as for that wannabe, I'll deal with him AFTER I get some sweet goodness from Iris.

Iris: Back off pervert! I'm not coming near a walking diphibulator like you! I want that shady guy with the gun.

Sparkman: Do you want out or not?

*Meanwhile, Brightman and Executeman are still going at it...*

Brightman: Oh YES you ARE, dipshit!

Executeman: ENOUGH!!!!

Assassin: Finally, I was beginning to think they would never shut up.

Executeman: I will prove to you I will be the victor! Taste my supreme attack! Pendulum Blade!

*Giant pendulums drop from above, swinging back and forth trying to slice and dice the heroes*

Freezeman: Once again Brightman, your big mouth gets all our asses handed down to us.

Brightman: *snaps fingers* Oh shut it. I don't see you or that fridge doing anything useful!

Coldman: Okay, that's it! *creates ice Pendulums*

Assassin: YOU IDIOT!! Now there's twice as many Pendulums!

Freezeman: I can fix That!! *creates a set of ice pendulums*

*the ice pendulums swing back and forth until they eventually crash into each other and shatter. Executeman's initial pendulums are still swinging back and forth*

Starman: This is just great. I've always wanted to be diced into ribbons.

Sparkman: Oh you sunabitches can kiss my ass. I can't believe you're THAT helpless.

*Sparkman fires a bunch of Spark Mines, wrecking the pendulums badly. He then launches a Spark Wave at Executeman, blinding him. Gravityman unleashes several Gravity Holds, destroying all but a few of the pendulums*

Sparkman: There. I want no more complaining until I'm done with Iris here. You better all learn to fight decently on your own until I'm done here.

Brightman: Thanks Sparkman. You're a true...

Sparkman: Call me a friend, ally, teammate or any other synonyms for those words and I'm going to rip you're head off and use it as decorative lamp!

Brightman: Okay, time for the big guns.

Falco: Right here you go Brightman.

*Falco slots in three Timebombs and Brightman launches the giant Timebomb+ at Executeman who is still blinded*

Freezeman: Not this again.


*The bomb goes off just as Executeman regains his vision. Massive explosion promptly occurs but Executeman is surprisingly unaffected. Not a scratch on him*

Starman: Oh c'mon. That can't be right. He should be large disembodied chunks by now.

Executeman: Fools! You can't kill me with such weakling moves. I'm programmed to be completely immune to Program Advances such as those.

Coldman: Oh good lord, you're joking. We have policies against cheap-ass bastards like you. And that has got to be the cheapest thing I've ever seen out of people like you.

Nathan: Ditto. Not to mention that it's nearly impossible for a Navi to be immune to a P.A. unless they hail from Murkland or something. And trust me, I know guys like that. And you're obviously not one of them.

Sirrus: *to himself* Little do you fools know that Executeman DOES have a few Murkland fragments in his coding.

*Meanwhile, Sparkman goes back to nailing the force field with a variety of attacks*

Sirrus: I don't see why you keep mindlessly assaulting the barrier. If you couldn't break it the first time, why would you think it'd work now?

Sparkman: Well, I haven't tried this yet, bone bag.

*Sparkman waits a few seconds for his battery to recharge and grabs one of the pendulums with an electrical tentacle and shoves it towards Executeman*

Freezeman: That could do it! Brightman, if you please?

Brightman: *snaps fingers* You got it!

*Freezeman raises an ice barrier that Brightman breaks with a Bright Beam barrage, spawning powerful winds, giving Sparkman's pendulum more momentum. The pendulum rips into Executeman's flank, bringing him to his knees, and forcing him to drop his lantern.*

Executeman: Well, I'll give you points for trying.

*Clutching his wound with one hand, raises his axe, preparing to fling it again. But before he gets the chance, Starman fires a star arrow into his wound. Growling in pain, Executeman drops his axe and falls to his knees as Coldman creates and shoves an ice wall at him, knocking him prone.*

Sirrus: Tell me, have you ever tasted defeat before now?

Starman: *kicks Executeman's axe to one side* What are you babbling about? It's all but over for you now.

*Suddenly, several klaxons start wailing*

Assassin: !

*Suddenly a cute navi appears and makes some puppy eyes*

All but Sparkman: Awww.

*The navi bulks up in size and lobs a crystal that explodes into several shards that ricochet around the room, damaging everyone.*

Navi: How do you like my Shimmering Illusion ability?

Coldman: That can't be good.

Executeman: What the hell be this I say? This better not be our "secret weapon".

Sirrus: He's more than that. Crystalman here was designed to annhilate you so that we could use your data as an alternative sacrifice should the "reverse copy procedures" taking place on that little child fail. And all things considered, it just might. He was also supposed the recepient of all the darkness we'd harness from Iris, but I figured he'd do nicely as a back-up weapon if things started going wrong.

Freezeman: Okay guys, new plan! I can't believe I'm saying this, but we gotta keep Executeman alive at all costs!

Coldman: We're on it!

*Coldman surrounds Executeman with several ice walls while Starman cures him slightly with a Recover 120*

Sirrus: Well, I've dealt with 20 stubborn types like you all in the past. And they all ended up in the same place: the obituaries.

*Sirrus watches as Brightman tries rapidly hitting Crystalman with Bright Beams. But Crystalman absorbs one beam into his crystals. The rest of the beams reflect off him and bounce all over the place, hitting everything else. Freezeman tries freezing Crystalman's legs with his Ice Tower while Starman tries pummeling him with a barrage of star-shaped meteors. But Crystalman simply absorbs the Ice Tower, and meteor barrage just angers him more.*

Crystalman: Want to see what power REALLY is?!

*Crystalman lobs another crystal that splits into several shards. But instead of ricocheting, the shards transform the ground into ice panels. He then re-absorbs another still-bouncing Bright Beam and tosses a yellow crystal that explodes into several tiny sparks. While Coldman and Freezeman aren't affected by the ice, they're overwhelmed by the shear number of sparks and end up electrocuted and paralyzed. Assassin and Brightman have trouble just keeping their footing and get shocked as well. Starman easily floats over the ice, but heroically takes a hit for Gravityman. Sparkman isn't as close to everyone, so he doesn't get as many sparks, and those he does, he barely dodges.*

Crystalman: And now to finish this.

Starman: Oh shit, this is it.

*With most of the navis out of the way, Crystalman lobs what looks like a crystalline mega energy bomb over the ice walls protecting the weakened Executeman.*

Brightman: Game over man. Game over.

*Suddenly, the Crystal Grenade is inexplicably sent flying straight up and explodes harmlessly on the ceiling.*

Gravityman: *lowers the gravitational field* Requesting that you shut your damn pie-holes you wimps!

Coldman:...that was unexpected.

Sparkman: I didn't expect trash can there to do that.

Gravityman: Gravityman is tougher than you think you money grubbing leech.

*Gravityman launches a barrage of holds at Sparkman who cloaks himself and dodges. The holds however cause some slight cracks in the barrier.*

Brightman: Check it out! Gravityman's the answer to breaking the shielding!

Gravityman: I'm not useless now, am I?

Sparkman: Say, this gives me an idea.

*Sparkman grabs Crystalman with a tentacle and throws him on top of the barrier. The forcefield's energy badly damages his Crystal Matrix and screws up the barrier in the process. Gravityman then unleashes a Gravity Drive that pushes the Navi into the barrier causing to eventually implode into deletion and destroy the shield and leaving Crystalman on the verge of death.*

Brightman: Way to go dudes! *snaps fingers* who'd have thought that Sparkman would be willing to work together.

Assassin: Yeah, only so that he could get his sexual urges over with. *points to Sparkman who is making a beeline for Iris*

Iris: Stay away from me you pig!

Sparkman: Don't act like you don't want it.

*Sparkman uses his tentacles of electricity to tear the restraints to pieces. He snatches Iris up and hoists her over his shoulder before retracting his tentacles*

Executeman: Okay, this is the part where I cowardly escape like a pansy while no one's looking.

*Executeman tries to flee only to hear Sirrus' voice*

Sirrus: And WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?

Crystalman: I still have enough power to sacrifice you and finish what was started!

Coldman: Yep, and a fat load it's gonna do you!

*With their paralysis worn off, Coldman and Executeman assault both machines with Ice Walls and machine gunfire respectively. Smoke pours from the now-useless machine*

Sirrus & Crystalman: NO!

Brightman: *snaps his fingers* Check it out! The tables have turned! Now we can finally give this guy what's coming!

*Falco downloads an elecsword and an elec +30, which Brightman use to slash into the weakened Executeman. Executeman howls in agony as his body turns black and cracks apart piece by piece. All that's left him is his charred hood, his lantern, and his axe*

Crystalman: Damn you all! I'm not going to forget about this if that's what you're thinking! *jacks out*

*The Transmitters and the Mercenaries quickly exit the network with Iris in tow. Meanwhile, Sirrus checks his security monitors and sees Gustav at the Institute's entrance and clenches fists, trembling with rage.*

Sirrus: I...am...Sirrus...*raises his fists* And I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!

*Sirrus reaches into his coat and pulls out a small vial containing green sludge with a crystal-like figurine suspended inside. He grabs Crystalman's PET and runs out a back door, throwing the vial behind him as he closes the door. When the vial hits the ground and shatters, the figurine inside emits a high, music-like tone before exploding, blowing the building to pieces. Several hours later...*

Gustav: I looked everywhere after the explosion. I couldn't find a soul.

Guilter: Keep looking. Nathan and I will be heading back soon. And DON'T let those Net Guardian assholes touch this!

Gustav: I'll see what I can do. *hangs up*

Nathan: *smoking yet another congratulatory cigarette* You do realize that our contract doesn't cover this, right?

Sean: Technically, yeah. The important thing is that Iris is safe again. I doubt they'll try something like this again. Not for a while, anyway.

Coldman: Yep. And here's the most rewarding of my line of work: when you give us our money.

Falco: So which would you guys prefer? Zenny or chips?

Guilter: You know, I'm interested in seeing what chips you guys got.

Nathan: I'm just fine with cold, hard cash.

Sean: Your call.

Haley: *hands Guilter an envelope* I'm sure these will be to your liking.

Chet: *hands Nathan some zenny* Yeah, big man. Taking money from cash-strapped kids. I hope you're happy.

Nathan: Hey, I'm not happy. Ecstatic, yes. Just happy, no. *snatches the cash*

Sean: *hands Guilter some Zenny* And here's a little something for your friend's trouble.

Sparkman: Well that wraps things up. If you guys need help with something, say...Iris needs help trying on different outfits, give us a buzz.

Iris: If you try to touch me there again, and I'll forget my oaths as angel!

Sparkman: Hey, what's wrong with trying to fill that damn empty void in my life with a little female companionship? Do you have the foggiest how much it hurts on the inside, not being able to find the one (or more) gals who can make ya happy?

Nathan: Okay, I think we should be going before our we miss our plane, Cassanova. *smokes a cigarette*

Sparkman: Grrr...Fine. And if any of you tell ANYONE about what I just said, I will kill you.

The End.


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