Knightlife in Yumland

Location: A Cafe' in Central Yumland

We find Sam relaxing, drinking a Glass of wine (Bottled 2004. Good Year.) But his relaxation is about to be cut short.

Shade Man: Why haven't we gotten any jobs yet?

Sam: Because Yumland is a peaceful nation, ever since World War 3 happened.

Shade Man: I am not familiar with that war....what happened?

Sam: Well, you see....

Shade Man: Never mind that. You got mail!!

Sam: Read it to me.

Shade Man: Darklight Mercenary, I wish to purchase your services. Meet me at the McDonald's on the corner of Ike and Churchill in ten minutes. It will be worth your time.

Sam: heh. Finally. A job.

Shade Man: Wh-whee!!!!!

Ten minutes later, at the McDonald's......

Sam: So then, mister...

Man: Mario. Mister Mario.

Sam: Yes, yes. What do you need me to do?

Mario: You see, there is a problem with a certain navi in the Yumland area of the net. He has caused quite a few problems for the navis around that area. Thus far, he has deleted over one hundred navis in under a week.

Sam: Doesn't the government usually take care of things like this?

Mario: Well, to be completely honest....*Whispers* I am a member of the government. Our forces have been unsuccessful so far. So we need a specialist.

Sam: And here I thought you'd call someone better known, like those kid netbattlers from Electopia.

Mario: We'd rather not. The Electopian government has a steep bill.

Sam: Speaking of which, how much will this job pay?

Mario: 500,000 Zenny.

Sam: Plus any repairs Shade Man may need afterwards.

Shade Man: Wh-whee!!!! Are you saying I may get hurt!!?

Sam: Err......on second thought, only the 500,000 will be necessary.

Mario: Excellent. Jack into the phone booth right outside. That will lead you to the Yumland area.

Sam: Wait a minute. What does this navi look like?

Mario: err......I don't have a picture. No navi has stayed alive long enough to get a picture of him. All we know is that his weapon of choice is a mace.

SamEhat’s all?

Mario: Well, he also yells this one word repeatedly very loudly.

Sam: What word?

Mario: Princess.

Sam: Eery well. I’ll jack into the Yumland area now. Just have my 500,000 zenny ready and waiting.

Mario: Okey-dokey.

Yumland Area, 3 hours later.


Sam: Calm down, Shade Man. He’ll show up.

Shade Man: I’ve been here three hours, and I haven’t even gotten to suck any blood. Tell me why I should calm down.

Sam: Because once you do find the navi, you can suck his blood.

Shade Man: ExcellentE

*from off in the distance*: PRINCESS!!!!

Shade Man: He’s here! Wh-whee!!!!

Sam: Destroy him.

Shade Man: Of course.

*Shade Man flies towards the source of the yelling, and he finds...*

Shade Man: Where the hell is he!?!

Sam: This is odd.....he should be here.......

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant mace flies towards Shade Man, hitting him. Shade Man, naturally, turns into a bunch of bats, then reforms.

Shade Man: So that's where you are. SHOW YOURSELF!!!!

Out of the shadows there appears a large, hulking navi. He holds a Mace that is bigger then most navis. He is adorned in armor.

????: Thou shouldst have dies when I offered thee the chance.

Shade Man: Who are you?

Knight Man: Mine name is Knight Man. Now stand aside. The Princess is in trouble.

Shade Man: Princess?

Knight Man: I knew it! Where is the princess! Tell me before I slay thee.

Shade Man: Sam.....I think he's crazy.

Sam: yeah.....

Knight Man: Stop your planning!! I know you wish to cause harm to Princess Pride!!!

Sam: I know that name....

Knight Man: I said SILENCE!!!!!! *Tosses his mace at Shade Man*

Shade Man: *dodges* So the fight has begun.....WH-WHEE!!!!!!

The fight between The Vampire and The Knight has begun. However, our story will not be covering that.

Sam: *Pressing buttons and such, doing the operation of Shade Man* I know I've heard of Princess Pride somewhere before... I know that Dr. Regal mentioned her at one time..... But why?.......I KNOW!!!!!! Shade Man, allow me to speak with Knight Man.

Shade Man: That's impossible right now, Sam.

Sam: Then make it possible through any means necessary.

Shade Man: Wh-whee.....

Shade Man then unleashed a giant Noice Crush, causing Knight Man to be momentarily paralyzed.

Shade Man: Say what you have to say, Sam.

Knight Man: Demons!!! Release me!!!!

Sam: Princess Pride of the Yumland Royal Family, Born May 28th, 20XX. Arrested July 5th, 20XX. She was caught in her own trap in Netopia castle, while attempting to kill the Netbattle Delegates there, who were discussing the problems caused by the Net Mafia, Gospel. Before being hauled off, Princess Pride revealed her status as a member of Net Mafia Gospel.

Knight Man:........

Shade Man: I think you broke his mind.

Sam: That was the point.

Shade Man: Shall I delete him?

Sam: No. It was also reported that Knight Man was deleted at the hands of Mega Man. And this isn't usual Ghost Data. He still retains his memories. That doesn't usually happen.

Shade Man: It happened with me!

Sam: Yes, but you have that whole immortality thing going. I'll call Mario. I'll let the Yumland Netbattlers pick Knight Man up.


Sam: My payment, if you please.

Mario: Of course. *hands Sam 500,000 Zenny*

Sam: Thank you. By the way, what will become of Knight Man?

Mario: He will be questioned and researched. It's amazing how you managed to take him alive.

Sam: Me and Shade Man are just that good.

Shade Man: Wh-whee!!!!

Sam: Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be off.

Mario: Of course. I'll see you later.

Sam begins walking towards the cafe he was at earlier.

Shade Man: Sam, I believe you were going to inform me about WW3.

Sam: Of course. You see, it all started.....

The End!


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