Manhunt part 1

Nathan: (Narrating) 4 months, a lot can happen in that period. Betrayal, Destruction, Alliances, Anarchy, Love, Nostalgia, Violence, Denial, Truth And Change. All that happen to me and the mercs in those 4 months and then some. Dr. Regal is back and our old "friend" Tyler was working for him. He sucker punched us and stole Search Man. Now me and the gang are out and hunting his ass down. Now I'm looking a Twilight Deam Beam pointing at my forehead, and I'm just reflecting back on what happened the last four months.

*Flash back*

Nathan: Your first job? Our First Job's is a Darklight Manhunt on Tyler! Regal's going to learn the hard way what happens when **** The Darklight Mercenaries! *Bolts off*

*The others follow*

Okaxal: I trust you have a plan.

Nathan: Sure, why not.

Sam: Besides just beating up Tyler. That's your solution to everything.

Nathan: ....

Pharon: Personally, I ain't buying his "Regal's still evil" story.

Sam: Yes, what did Regal wake up and all of a sudden, he was evil? That's not how it worked with me.

Nate: Maybe Regal's just waiting to make his move.

Nathan: Then let's nail him before he does. It's not like we've got any other leads.

An-ti: Might also want to check Tyler's digs at NAXA for leads, too.

Nathan: Alright, there's your precious plan. Pharon, An-ti, and Nate, go say hello to Regal and Scilab. Batboy and I will look after the rookie while we snoop around at NAXA.

Okaxal: I'm not a child, you know.

Nathan: That's adorable. Get crackin' already!

Coldman: Uh, what about us?

Nathan: Oh right, you losers. I guess y'all can tag along. We can at least make sure no one steals any more of our navis.

*Nathan grabs Burnerman and Topman, while Pharon grabs Coldman and Laserman*

Sam: Say, where's Kendouman? I don't see his PET here.

Nathan: First things first, Bruce Wayne! Let's go!

*The group exits the auditorium and goes their separate ways. A few minutes later at Scilab...

Security Guard: May I help you?

Nate: Yeah, we want to have a little chat with Dr. Regal. You know where his office is?

Guard: Wait a minute, aren't you the Darklight Mercenaries? Sorry, but your organization isn't allowed on the premises. Not after the mess you've made with those Magic Hams.*

*see Ep 2

An-ti: *cracks knuckles* Look pal-

Dr. Hikari: It's okay. They can come in.

Pharon: That's more like it.

Dr. Hikari: Oh, it's nothing. Please, follow me.

*The guard steps aside and the trio follow Dr. Hikari down a hall*

Dr. Hikari: You said you were here for Dr. Regal, right?

Nate: Yeah. We can't prove anything yet, but we think he's up to his old tricks again.

Dr. Hikari: No, I believe you. We've noticed certain...irregularities in his behavior for a while now. Actually, we were just about to hire you to investigate this matter.

An-ti: Cool, perfect timing.

Dr. Hikari: How'd first learn about this?

Pharon: One of our teammates turned out to be a double agent working for Regal. He babbled something about darkness conquering light and made off with one of our navis.

Dr. Hikari: I see. *opens a door* Here we are. We can discuss this in a more official capacity in here.

*the three mercs look into the room, only to find it's a dark padded cell with a shutter on the back wall*

Pharon: Uh, that's not Regal's room, is it?

Dr. Hikari: Of course not.

*Hikari and two security guards force the boys into the room and slams the door behind them. A shutter rises up at the other end of the room, revealing Tyler and Dr. Regal.

Tyler: It's yours.

Regal: Pharon, Nate and An-ti, yes? Not that I'm not glad to see you, but I was expecting more of you to show.

???: *from speakers* It doesn't matter. They'll do for now. We'll get the rest of them later!

An-ti: For what?! What's going on here?!

Tyler: Ah, we'd rather you figure it out.

*Meanwhile, in Sharo*


? ? ?:Wha?

Raika:You're under arrest for thievery from a Sharo official!

? ? ?:Er...wha?

Raika:Hand over my PET.

? ? ?:You're who on the what now?

Raika:The green PET you're carrying. Hand SearchMan over.

? ? ?:What? This thing? Some jerk tripped my and tossed me this PET, then ran off laughing. Why do you want it?

Raika:A likely story. You're coming with me.

*One ride downtown and lie detector test later*

Raika:Alright, I'll believe you. However, you are to be under watch until the true thief is caught.

Josh:Finally! Since you're probably gonna ask me for my name and such now, I'll save your breath and tell you. Joshua Wright, inventor and netbattler.

Raika:Netbattler? Hm... Perhaps you could help me find SearchMan? I'll lend you a navi to use if you don't have one.

Josh:Seriously? A new navi and free food!? one said anything about-

Josh:*More forcefully*Seriously? a new navi and free food!?

Raika:*sigh*Yes, free food too.

Josh:Alright! So, where to we start?

Raika:First, point out the direction the man who tripped you went.

Josh:Gotcha!*Runs off with Raika following*

*Near this time.... at a large Neotopia Chess arena a lone player was taking on anyone who dared to challenge him.*


*A Chess peice landed with a lound clack agaisnt the board. Taylor Steele had won another match. This made 5 in a row. And he only had 5 matches so far today. His PET went off, as his navi started talking*:

Dash.EXE: I'll never figure out how your so good at these things...

*A person stepped up the the table, Taylor recogized him.*

Taylor: Tora, I presume?

Tora: *sits down* You called for the best Chess players around, you got'em.

*Taylor hit a timer and began the match. He wasn't one for pre-game banter. The mtach went on, and both sides were locked in a feirce battle, neither side winning, Tora, fustrated and statisfied at this new challenger, offered Taylor a wager.*


Tora: *Set his PET on the table* I'm wagering. I want your navi, if I win. If you win, You get Kingman.

Taylor: Kingman... Taylor debated for a while, but continued the match without bets. *Debates about it for a while, but continues the match without bets*

*Taylor then played a stunning move, and took the chess master's Queen.*

Tora: !?

Taylor: *places PET on the table* I'll accept your challenge.

Dash.EXE: !? WHAT?! Don't I get a say in this?

Taylor: Duly noted. I'll inform you when the match is over.

Dash.EXE: . . . hey!

*The Battle went on, each side fighting for their navis. Even with Tora's strongest peice missing, he was still putting up a great fight. Until...*

Tora: . . . . checkmate.

*Taylor looks over the board several times, then continued to check, and to his dismay, found that the game was over. He.... had lost.*

Taylor: No...

Tora: *reaches over, and grabs the yellow PET that had belonged to Taylor.*  Better luck next time.

Taylor: I...

*Taylor sat in the chair as many of the people who were watching the match left. He finally came out of the shock, and left as well. It was getting dark by then. Taylor slowly walked to his home, running the match in his head over and over, trying to find the one detail that must have messed the game up. But everytime he moved, he made the logical and exact move. His game was flawless.... then there was only one conclusion....  Tora was simply better than him. Recieving this realization, Taylor Fell on his bed, and fell stared at the ceiling, realizing the consequences he must now face. He would have to go shopping for a new navi, or be forced to drop out of school... He didn't have time to program one, he had to get a normal navi, the kind he despised....*

*Back with Josh and Raika, the two of them on a plane leaving Moscom to Cape Circus, where Naxa is located*

Josh: Any Idea on a supsect?

Raika: Actually yes, The First Name's Tyler and working as a nebula mole infiltrating the ONBA NAXA division.

Josh: So we basically check there for a lead?

Raika: Logically Tyler should be removing his possesions in case the officials find out.

Josh: Which will be...?

Raika: Very soon.

Josh: By the way, I'm hungry, where's my free food?

Raika:It's not even lunchtime. What is wrong with you?

Josh:More things than I can count. I mean besides hunger, overwhelming Naruto fixation, and over-intelligence? There's "where's my new navi" syndrome.

Raika:...Er...what's Naruto?

Josh:.....Right...Let's skip to "where's my new navi" before I lose it.

Raika:*Rolls eyes*After the job's accomplished, you'll get a custom navi. Until then, use this enhanced normal navi.*Hands over a green and black PET*It's got enhanced stealth, search, and destroy features. Should come in handy for this mission.

Josh:...Fine, but my custom navi needs to be a ninja navi, got it?

Raika:You're in no position to be making demands, but I'll agree in order to get you to move it already!

*As For Nathan, Sam and Okaxal, the three of them are already at Naxa*

Nathan: Find his office.

Okaxal: Tyler shoulld be getting rid of his stuff right about now.

Nathan: Gee... You think Noob? We'll jump them there.


An-ti: d**nit! How could we have fallen for such a dumb-ass trap?

Pharon: *His Mechanical eyes is quickly surveying the room* Regal can't keep us in here, forever.

Nate: Well if your trying to get a false sense of hope into us, it's not working.

Pharon: Don't be so sure, The first floor air vent is directory below us. If we dig our way and we can escape.

An-ti: Problem, Regal's has the whole Sci-Lab payroll as his minions. If we bust out They'll just lockdown the whole area.

Pharon: True, but if we make it to the gift shop, which is the closest area to the exit, that means less distance to an exit and more chances of us getting out. Any questions?

Nate: 1. Who puts prison cells on the second floor? 2. How can tell if the air vent is below us? And Three, how are supposed to dig through the floor?

Pharon: Uno, Obviously Sci-Lab; Zwei, Mechanical Eye; and Trois, Alactraz Style: Cereal Sporks!

An-ti: Also They have a security camera pointed at us. They see us, they'll bust us.

Pharon: That where you come in.

An-ti: What?

Pharon: Just use JunkMan to bug camera.

AN-ti: Okay, JunkMan you know what to do.

Regal: *over speakers* We can't let you do that.

*just then gas rises from the rent in the floor.

Nate: What now?

Pharon: We hope this gas doesn't kill us first off.

*at NAXA*

Nathan: *knocks down the door* Freeze! *looks around to find the room empty with the exception of a video recording.

Tyler: No doubt you've come to catch me, to bad I've already destroyed anything you could use as evidence. Go ahead and search the room, just be warned that it will cost you you'r lives.

*an intruder alert goes off*

Nathan: d**n it Tyler, lets go.

Okaxal: Where to, security is likly coming already.

Nathan: Out the window you noob! *Nathan opens the window and begins climbing down the fire excape*

*before Sam and Okaxal can climb out the window, metal shutters slam down, blocking their exits.

Sam: This doesn't bode well for us.

Okaxal: C'mon, there has to be something we can jack in to and show security who's boss.

*Sam and Okaxal frantically search the room for a jack-in port. After a minute of searching, Okaxal finds a port on the wall.

Okaxal: Found one by the sprinkler system. Let's see what I can do.*jacks Videoman in*

Videoman: Don't get your hopes up. It's not connected to the network. A lot of good that does us.

*Sam simply smiles and pulls out a lighter and lights it next to a sprinkler. Seconds later, the fire alarm starts blaring as the sprinklers go off and the gates lift up.

Okaxal: Thanks for the warning.

Sam: *slicks hair back* Oh, you're quite welcome.

*Sam climbs out the window, only to find, Nathan's nowhere to be seen.

Sam: Now where could've our fearless leader gone to?

*minutes earlier...

Nathan: *smoking* Aren't we having some fun now?

*Nathan draws his revolver as he sprints down the fire escape. When comes to the next floor, he kicks through a window. But he's greeted by several angry guards as he crawls through the window.

Nathan: Oh, give me a f**king break already!

*As if on cue, the fire alarms go off and someone flings a small top that explodes in a blinding flash, blinding Nathan and the guards. As Nathan's sight returns, he sees a blue-clad figure swiftly dispatching more guards with a sword.

Nathan: It's 'bout freakin' time SOMETHING went right around here.

Gustav: You're welcome by the way.

Nathan: What the-what the hell are you doing here?! And who's this other chump supposed to be?

Fencer: I'm Adrick, Kendouman's operator. Charmed.

Nathan: What?! YOU'RE Kendou's op? Where the hell have you been, ya bum?!

Adrick: I've been investigating Regal, thank you.

Nathan: Pardon?

Adrick: Dr. Hikari hired me to check in on Regal's recent activities, and I thought you should see what I've uncovered.

Gustav: And after Tyler went nuts, we had a good hunch where we'd find you.

Nathan: Huh. I figured y'all would've joined Nebula too or something after I canned ya. Go figure.

Gustav: We'd rather let bygones be long as you take us back in, of course.

Nathan: Tsh, fine. No one else would've wanted your fugly coot of a navi anyway.

Adrick: Well, you don't have to return Kendouman. I helped myself to him while you were busy with Tyler. I hope you don't mind.

*As Nathan hands Topman to Gustav, several guards file out of another door*

Guards: There they are!

*back at the Scilab...*

Tyler: Kill you? Oh come now, I'm not THAT cranky at you.

An-ti: Then *cough* what is it you-

*An-ti coughs more then collapses on the ground*

Regal: Relax. In a moment, you won't feel a thing.

????: *over loudspeakers* Don't think we haven't forgotten about you navis. We've got something special for you too.

Junkman: Gosh, I can't wait.


Raika:Do you hear that?

Josh:It's hard to hear anything over my stomach.

Raika:Shut it. I think there's an alarm coming from that building.

Josh:Huh? *Listens* Hey yeah, you're right!

Raika:Come on, our suspect may already be on the move.

*Meanwhile, a quick explanation for why Lan hasn't shown up yet*

Lan:*Yawn*! ...L... Wake up, Lan!

Lan:*Mumbling in sleep*

Mega:Come on Lan, you promised you wouldn't sleep in today!

Lan:Five more hours.*Goes back to sleep*


*And now back to our adventure, already in progress*

*Back with Sam and Okaxal*

Sam: You see any sign of Nathan? Our leader seems to have up and vanished.

Okaxal: I thought you were keeping track of him.

Sam: What am I, his keeper?

Okaxal: Well you're the most qualified.

*Suddenly, footsteps are heard down the hall.*

Guard: HALT!

Sam: run.

To Be Continued.


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