Payback Part II

*the very next day at 3:00 PM...

Nathan: *arrives at the Kotobuki Metrostation* This is Moe said he'd meet us, right?

Spark Man: Yeah but who gives a crap? What were you thinking giving up the other 250000?

Nathan: I've got my reasons, but now's not the time for that. Are Pharon and Wind Man going to make it?

Spark Man: Can't say, they were pretty vocal about bailing. And seeing how you short-changed us, I don't blame-

Nathan: Get beyond that! This is more important!

Moe: *steps out from the shadows* Damn straight. What kept you? I was starting to think you wouldn't show.

Nathan: So where exactly did your tracking gizmo say she was hiding out?

Moe: Lemme check. *glances at his PET* Ah, Den City's Network Administration building. But she could've easily high-tailed it in the time it took us.

Nathan: Well, let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Let's roll! *heads off to the Network Administration building with Moe*

Moe: So, how good a fighter are you?

Nathan: I dunno. I haven't been doing so much "fighting" lately as I've been "beating people up". That's probably just as good.

Moe: Well, like I said in the job request, Ami has a black belt, so she shouldn't be taken lightly. I think I can hold my own against her, but there may be others.

*the two arrive at a small building in the middle of town. It's the NetAdmin building, and it's locked.*

Moe: It's just an electronic lock. No biggie. Jack in! Drillman!


Moe: Why are you still in your PET?

Drill Man: Because the Jack-In port is locked, that could probably explain the "out of order" sign in front of your face.

Moe: Oh...well we could probably get in through a different port.

Nathan: *looking around* Uh, looks like all the ports around here are locked.

*Some local guy walking by carrying groceries notices the confused tourists*

LocalGuy: You can't get on the Kotobuki Net right now, the government finally sent in some people to debug it after that Gospel crap messed us up last year.

Moe: Since when?

LocalGuy: It's been going on for about two months. Must be a big job. They assure us it will be done any day now though. *walks off*

Nathan: And she was apparently jacked in here just yesterday. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here. Let me guess, the rumours about Shan at W Square go back two months as well?

Moe: Yeah, what a "coincidence". Well, we gotta get in here somehow. I suppose the low-tech way is always a good plan B.

Nathan: Right. *looking at the nearest window* Now we just need to find a big enough rock.

*Meanwhile, Scuzzy is watching the security monitors.*

Scuzzy: The hell? Is THAT the brigade of Officials about to bust our operation?

Ami: Huh? That's Moe!...I think...and one other guy? Holy! They must not have taken us seriously! They have no idea what they're up against! Kyaahaahh!

Scuzzy: Whoa bitch. You're more scary than usual today. Anyway, you want to go kick their asses? Or should we send Docman up and just stand in the doorway until they get tired and leave?

*meanwhile, the duo are scouring a nearby alley for a "spare key" to the building*

Nathan: ...No rock, no nothing.

Moe: Yeah, I couldn't even find a heavy enough trash can.

Nathan: We've come too far to just call it quits because of some stupid lock. Let's keep looking.

*meanwhile, a little ways down the street...*

Chaufer: ...I must say Master Terry, your recovery has been remarkable.

Terry: Still, when I get my hands on that "gorilla", I'm gonna make him sorry he was ever born!

Chaufer: Relax sir. Let's just shop for a new PET for you, and then you can get your vengeance.

Nathan: ...Hang on Moe. I'm gonna need an extra pair of hands for this.

*Nathan quickly run towards Terry*

Terry: AHHH! Wh-what do you want? I haven't done nothing yet! Jeeves! Get him away from me!

Nathan: *punches Jeeves in the back of the head, knocking him out* Put a sock in it. You may not know it, but you're gonna stop a WWW agent.

*Nathan rolls a protesting Terry to the Administration building. Then Nathan and Moe lift Terry and his wheelchair off the ground and toss him through the window, breaking the glass and setting off alarms in the building*

Nathan: So much for stealth. *grabs a metal arm from the now-broken wheel chair and tears the padding off*

Moe: Well if they didn't spot us now, they would've found us later.

Nathan: I guess. *opens a door* Is this where Ami is?

Docman: *sucker punches Nathan in the gut* You two are da officials everyone's been worried 'bout?! Ya gotta be jokin'! Haw haw!

Nathan: *picks himself up* Well here's something I didn't expect outta you guys: a REAL challenge!

*Moe performs a Raijin punch while Nathan bashes Docman in the face with his club, but he doesn't even flinch from either attack.*

Docman: Well here's a liddle somethin' else ya didn' expect! *grabs Nathan and Moe and slams the two together*

Moe: We can't keep this up. He's too strong. We're going to have find a to trap him somehow...

*Docman tries to pound Moe and Nathan in their faces while their prone, but they quickly tumble out of the way*

Nathan: Okay MacGyver, we're in freakin' maintainace room here! How are we gonna trap him with cooked modems, corrupted memory chips, fried monitors and other crap like that?!

Docman: Ya can't. Dat's da big idea!

*Docman lets loose with a haymaker that Moe barely dodges. Nathan seizes the opportunity and clubs him in the back of the knees. Although it doesn't actually hurt Docman, it does briefly force him to his knees*

Docman: *gets up and turns towards Nathan* Ohh, not done yet pal! Not done yet. But trust me, ya ain't gonna do dat twice!

*Docman plods over to Nathan and is about to land a killing blow, but Moe kicks the behemoth in the back of the knees, stopping him in his tracks again. Before he can rise, Nathan grabs a monitor and slams it down over his head. With the monitor still stuck over his head, Docman slumps to the ground.*

Nathan: *pocketing Docman's zenny chips* See? Take it from me, hitting things in just the right way solves all of life's problems.

Moe: *checking Docman's pulse* Yeah, don't give yourself too much credit. You just knocked him out. In case you haven't noticed, he's made out of some pretty stern stuff.

Pharon: Hey Moe! Fonzie! There's a bunch of loose cables leading downstairs.

Moe: Huh? I was thinking you wouldn't show! What kept you?

Pharon:(runs up to Nathan and Moe) Damn flight planner. Well I'm here but a little late by the case that I got the late flight from Ocenopia. What did I miss?

Nathan: That. *points to Docman* Don't worry or nothing. It's not like it was about grind every bone in our bodies into dust or nothing.

Moe: Alright, time to finish this.

*meanwhile, Scuzzy sees what happens on the security monitor*

Scuzzy: ...there goes our brick wall.

*Scuzzy's PET bleeps and his navi Jet appears on the screen.*

Jet: Yo, look what I got! One Megabyte of Darkness for the boilers, will it be enough?

Scuzzy: It better be! We should've been out of here five minutes ago! Ami, go up and stall them. Please don't go down as pitifully quick as Doc did, alright?

*Ami evil-eyes her partner for doubting her abilities*

Scuzzy: Don't give me that look. You're just as frustrated at I am by these last minute complications. Now just go. If we can get Vector started up then we can leave it on its own and they won't be able to stop it. Then all we have to do is high-tail it out of here.

*Scuzzy is furiously tapping away at his keyboard as Ami leaves to confront the intruders. Scuzzy brings up a comm window linking to the vastly transformed Koto Square.*

Scuzzy: Boss, looks like we're finally ready to go. You'd better get to the Driver's seat.

*back at the ranch, Team Discovery Channel makes its way through the corridors downstairs*

Pharon: So what do you think these guys are gonna do with this Vector thingie? We know they ain't gonna start some ma-and-pa darkchip store with it.

Nathan: Seeing as these are WWW agents, it's probably just their latest hare-brained, "Blow-up the Earth" scheme. Not that it matters. All we need to know is that they're up to no good, that we gotta whump the shit out of them, and that we're getting paid for it.

Spark Man.exe: *to himself* You mean we WOULD be getting paid.

????: Halt!

Moe: Now what?

Guard: *stepping out from around a corner* This is a restricted area!

Guard 2: *stepping out from around the same corner* We won't let you-

Nathan: *clubs the guards in the kneecaps, then in the back of the head* Haw! Haw! *grabs their zenny chips*

Pharon: What the hell were they guarding?

*the team rounds the corner and come across a door that reads, "Server Room"*

Nathan: *enters the room with Moe* I think we're getting warm.

Pharon: *steps into the room and tries the door at the other end* Hey! This door's locked! What gives!?

Moe: *tries the door they came in from* Same here. Looks like they were waiting for us.

Nathan: The bright side is that the doors seem to be electronically locked, and we couldn't be in a better place to find a program to open them.

Moe: Sigh...I don't like it, but what choice do we got? Jack in! Drill Man.exe! Transmit!

*without hesitation, Nathan and Pharon follow suit, and Wind Man and Drill Man find themselves in the server's network*

Wind Man: Let's make this quick. We don't have time to screw around with this crap. But where's Spark Man?

Spark Man: *cloaked* Relax, I'm around. Just thought this would be best since we're behind enemy lines.

Drill Man: Yeah, we should probably spit up so we can find-

*before Drill Man can finish, a whip lashes out at Wind Man and Drill Man*

Shan: *steps out from her hiding place* Took you losers long enough. You ain't gonna have the same-

*as Shan's gloating over her opponents, a spark mine hits her from behind*

Spark Man: *reappears* I've been waiting eons to do that!

*Drillman quickly runs up and knocks her down with a DrillArm, but she quickly recovers*

Drillman: So what's Wily up to now anyway?

Shan: What, you didn't hear? He's in prison. Rumour has it he's a mindless vegetable too.

Drillman: Don't give me that crap. You're still wearing the W3 logo.

Pharon: So was that guy that met us at the door.

Moe: And you guys managed to shut down an entire sector of the net and made it look like Government maintenace without arousing suspicion from the Government itself. You can't possibly be organizing all that by yourself.

Shan: *turns invisible to avoid the attacks but continues talking* Yeah? Well let me tell you what Wily's goals are. He wants to destroy the world. We have a bit of a problem with that considering we live on the world. My colleagues and I figured out you would have to be insane to follow that nutcase. So we abandoned the WWW to form our own group while Wily and his other operatives were distracted with that N1 Grand Prix fiasco. That was just a few months before those morons got canned for good, so we obviously made the right choice.

*while Shan is talking, Sparkman discreetly tells his cohorts to cover their eyes*

Sparkman: SparkWave! *he creates a wide field of electricity in the direction of Shan's voice. The wave misses her, but the light from it cancels out her invisibilty and blinds her.*

Shan: Ugh! Fine, two can play at that game. Smokebomb! *She throws a bomb on the ground that quickly fills the area with thick smoke*

Windman: Did you really expect that to work? *He creates a strong wind that cleans the field of the smoke. Shan is already missing when it clears.*

Drillman: Gah!

*The other two turn and see Drillman wrapped in Shan's whip and caught in a chokehold by Shan herself, who found her target despite still being blind.*

Shan: Drillman? Oh great, I was hoping to catch someone with a neck I could snap. No matter.

*Shan swings the wrapped-up Drillman around her head like a mace.*

Shan: You want some? Come and get it!

Drillman: Damnit! Get me out of here! *Desperately starts up the drill on his head. While he's being swung around he creates a wormhole in mid-air and shoots through it. He's about to carry Shan with him, but she releases the whip.*

Shan: (Great. Just have to stall a little longer)

*while Shan was being hauled off, Spark Man reappeared to use an aluminium stage Nathan downloaded, turning the ground to extremely conductive aluminium panels. He then promptly cloaks himself as Nathan downloads another chip.*

Shan: Ooooh, very tricky Spark. *rolls her eyes* That blinding shtick of yours isn't permanent you know. Why don't we make the terrain a little more "you"? *receives a grass stage*

Spark Man: *reappears and pelts Shan with a magbomb 3, paralyzing her* Oh yeah, like I'd give you a chance to do that! *disappears*

Nathan: *downloading a rock cube and a bolt chip* Yeah, you clods aren't the hot stuff you think you are. So you're not out to nuke the Earth, eh? Bully for you. You're still out to either rule the Earth, corrupt the Earth, impregnate the Earth, or something lame like that, just like the other failed WWW-ish joints were.

Spark Man: *reappears, and places a rock cube* Face it, you're just the next chumps in the long line of-

Shan: *cuts off Spark Man by jabbing him with a lance, now free of the paralysis* What was that you were saying by not giving me a chance? Yeesh, save it till AFTER you delete me you dipshit. *ensnares Spark with her whip*

Drill Man: *pops out of his wormhole with two other drills and dashes into her* Why wait?

Shan: AGGGHH! *lets go of her whip* Fortissmo, don't YOU start with that kind of crap now! *reaches for her whip*

Wind Man: Why not? *fires off a barrage of propeller bombs*

Shan: *grabs her whip and gracefully leaps over the bombs* You're gonna have to do better than that! *lashes at Wind Man*

Spark Man: How's this? *uses a bolt on the rock cube and disappears*

*The Lightning Bolt streaked down from the sky towards the cube, then suddenly veered straight towards Shan, or rather where Shan was standing. She had disappeared and a LightningRod stood in her place. The Bolt charged the Rod up instantly, allowing it to releases a powerful electric shock accross the platform. All three navis were floored by the shock, then Shan re-appeared as her trap chip vanished.*

Moe: A last desperate attempt at survival no doubt. We have her on the ropes and she knows it. *downloads a Recovery chip to undo the AntiElec damage*

*Pharon uses a Recov300 and Sparkman uses another Totem. The navis regain their composure and surround Shan who's beginning to show signs of exhaustion.*

Shan: Well what are you waiting for?

Windman: Not so confident any more, are you? *charges at her with his Fuujin Racket*

Shan: Actually, I am!

*Shan easily dodges his assault and is about to counter-attack with a charged-up whip attack, but is paralyzed by a small SparkShock from Sparkman. Windman then unexpectedly turns his Racket on Sparkman's RockCube. The gust from the Racket slides the Cube into Shan's back, knocking her onto her knees. She quickly srings to her feet, but at the exact instant she does, Drillman is in front of her with a DrillArm3 powered up with four AttackPlus chips. With the StoneCube still in tact behind her, the force from the Drill pressed her against the edge, causing her to take continuous damage from the spinning Drill. Shan screamed in agony as the Drill went right through her torso and pulverized the Cube. By the time the attack was complete, Shan had exploded in deletion.*

Drillman: Finally, vengeance never felt so satisfying.

Sparkman: Whoa, you have no problem hitting women I see. Not that I do, it's actually kinda fun. But that's gotta be one of the messiest deletions I've ever seen, and I've fought those Slimey viruses that burst like water balloons when you hit them with Elec attacks.

Drillman: Heh, well it helps when you think of her not as a woman, but as a bitch. Now let's jack out. Looks like everything turned out all-

*A sudden loud rumbling cuts off Drillman's jinxing victory speech.*

OS Voice: Modem Online. Transference Initiated. Download Sequence Set. Vector Virus Activated.

*The trio had been jacked in to a small terminal representing the programming for the electronic door lock. It was a standard single, large, square-shaped platform set on a standard boring wallpaper backdrop. But as the computer voice finished its announcement, that backdrop appeared to tear away to reveal a much larger network that appeared to be the main Internet. All around them, similar standard square platforms were appearing in the sky, all surrounding a large dark, floating structure that seemed to resemble a NetSquare, only drastically altered with unique-looking hardware. The square platforms were being drawn towards the central Tower by some kind of magnetic force.*

Drillman: Um....yeah...Well, I still say we Jack out. Moe?....Moe?

Ami: (Appearing through a holographic window in the middle of the platform) They can't hear you now. Heh heh heh. Welcome to your new home. You were right that we were out to rule the world. But in a way we're also destroying it just as Wily would have wanted. The Vector Virus is what used to be Kotobuki Square, but we've turned it into our Battleship of Conquest. It will sweep straight across the Internet, hacking onto any electrical system, even those without normal Internet access, and downloading those systems into itself. We're making a new Internet under our control, one that no human can access, except for the Life Force!

Sparkman: What? That doesn't make any kind of sense. It's impossible.

Ami: It's the Power of Darkness! Now it's a shame Shan couldn't last just a few more seconds against you, but there are a few other Navis on our team that would like a piece of you. *Ami pointed her thumb behind her, a gesture that made no sense from her location in the real world, but based on her image on the screen, she was pointing to the Tower behind her where two navis had emerged and were flying towards their platform. The navis were Planetman and Jet.* Good Luck. Without operators, you'll need it! Hah! *her window disappears*

Windman: Well this is just great. Do we stand a chance?

Sparkman: Well, Ami obviously has a way of connecting to this place, and she's not far from where Nathan and the others are. So as long as the fleshbags can get to her in time, we should be able to kick ass and get out of here.

Drillman: So now we just have to last that long...

*Meanwhile in the real world, the fleshbags are trying to find out why their PETs are all staticy.*

Moe: Even if our navis disappear, we should at least be able to scan the system. It's like it's not even there any more.

Pharon: Hey, the light on the door panel went out... I guess it's not there any more.

Nathan: Figures. Their master plan must have blown a fuse or something. I guess this means the door is unlocked. *tries the doorknob, it turns* Right, what security geniuses these guys are.

*Nathan is about to open the door so they can walk in, but the door suddenly bursts off its hinges and shoots Nathan into the opposite wall. Ami is standing on the other side with her foot in the air, having just finished kicking the door off into Nathan. Scuzzy is behind her wearing a heavy-looking backpack with antennae sticking out of it and holding his PET.*

Scuzzy: Alright, you clear the path, I'll take care of the navis.

Ami: Hey Moe, you're here to take me on, right? Well now's you're chance!

Moe: Yes it is. *assumes a Karate fighting stance. (Of the Raijin Karate school)*

Nathan: (Peeling himself off the wall) Ohhh no you didn't bitch. Nobody sucker-doors me and gets away with it. *cracks his knuckles* Okay bitch time for you-

*before Nathan could finish, Moe let loose with a spinning kick at Ami. However, she expertly blocks it and manages to nail him with her own kick. Unfazed Moe quickly regains his senses and lets loose into her with a raijin punch to the gut*

Nathan: ...Oh right. She can defend herself. That's no fun. It takes the key out of my strategy. And I think dropped my club when she broke down the door. But there's gotta be someone who's not a lummox or a Ms. Jackie Chan.

*as if on cue, Nathan's gaze falls squarely on Scuzzy, who's looking more and more pummel-able by the second with his with his scrawny build and big heavy backpack. Grinning like a shark, Nathan takes a few steps back, and charges full tilt at Scuzzy, slamming into him with a good deal of force*

Scuzzy: *stumbles back* Hey! Go after Ami! Not ME!! *punches Nathan*

Nathan: Oh shut up and hold still.

*Nathan uppercuts Scuzzy in the jaw, knocking out a few teeth, and causing him to drop his PET. Seizing the opportunity, Nathan gleefully raises his foot over Jet's PET, intending to crush it beneath his shoes. But before he can, Scuzzy kicks the PET to one side and gets his foot stomped on hard*

Scuzzy: Agh!! What's the big idea?! You're the one of the "heroes" around here! Go after the "villain" already! *socks Nathan in the stomach*

Nathan: *staggers back, but recovers* I'm no hero. I just like hitting people on the head.

*Nathan delivers a solid one-two combo to the face and kidneys, forcing Scuzzy to his knees in agony. He then quickly takes off Scuzzy's back pack while he's still dazed*

Nathan: Now this is gonna look good in my dorm! *runs back over to his PET with the backpack*

Pharon: The hell is that?

Nathan: Can't say for sure. But I think these little switches here that say, "Jamming Frequency" might be the root of our problem. *flicks the switches off*

*meanwhile, in cyberworld*

Jet: What the hell? Where the frig did Scuzzy go?

Wind Man.exe: Don't worry about that.

Pharon: Worry about this! *downloads chips along with Nathan*

*Planet Man and Jet find themselves reeling towards Wind Man as he activates his vacuum fan. He then lands a mighty hit on both navis with a Fujin racket, sending them both reeling. Meanwhile, Spark Man fires an arrow 3 at Jet and a Mag bomb 3 at Planet Man before cloaking himself*

Spark Man: I knew you were good for something!

Pharon: Yeah, but it looks there are more controls on it. What do they do?

Nathan: *downloads another chip* Good question, I'll-

Scuzzy: *crawls up and grabs the backpack* Give it back to me!

Nathan: *yanks the backpack away from Scuzzy and kicks him in the stomach* C'mon, I took down Frankenstein two minutes ago. You don't think I can't take you down either?

*While Nathan and Scuzzy go back into beating each other senseless for the backpack, Spark Man fires off another arrow 3 at Planet Man while Wind Man summons a flock of birds that attack Jet*

Spark Man: It was too good to last. *cloaks himself*

*Meanwhile, Planetman has summoned several planets to attack Windman with.*

Planetman: Mars Fire! *his red planet shoots a stream of flame* Neptune Flood! *the blue planet creates an AquaTower* Rings of Saturn! *the yellow planet launches a ZapRing* Breath of the Earth! *the green planet glows, and Planetman starts healing*

*Windman twists throw the air, avoiding the various attacks as well as gunfire from a tiny spaceship protecting Planetman. Just as Planet thinks he has his target on the run, he's struck from behind by several charged Drill Missiles.*

Drillman: Looks like you should have kept an eye on Uranus!


*Planetman's torso changes black, just like when he was absorbing the energy at the Dark Hole. Next thing Drillman knows, the dierction "down" has changed to the direction Planetman is in. Drillman converts to Drill Mode and flies straight "up", but the gravitational pull is too strong and he's being pulled quickly into Planetman's void.*

Drill:'re not the only one who can screw with spatial dynamics. *Drillman pushes forward with all his strength and drills through a wormhole just one panel away from Planet. In a moment, three other wormholes open up, surrounding Planetman on all sides. Each wormhole connects directly to the other ones, so the force of the Black Hole pulls back on itself from the other sides of the wormholes.*

Planetman: Wha-what's happening?! I'm being ripped apart!! AgghhHH!

*At that point the conflicting forces of the "five" Black Holes cancel each other out, resulting in a powerful explosion that destroys the wormholes in the process. Drillman is thrown clear from the explosion and lands in a heap at the edge of the platform closest to Vector. The head, arms, and legs of Planetman land on the ground where his torso exploded.*

Planetman's Head: What...just happened?

Windman: Drillman! Are you alright?

Drillman: Ergh...ow...yeah, just peachy. I won't be flying or making wormholes for a while though.

*meanwhile, in the real world*

Moe: Thunder Fist of Tiger! Hiyah!

Ami: Dragon Kick of Moon! Hwah!

Pharon: You two are totally making those attack names up, aren't you?

Moe: *trying to escape from a chokehold* Shouldn't you be helping Nathan get control of the device in the bag?

Pharon: Oh yeah! *turns around, sees Nathan and Scuzzy still grappling. The bag is sitting forgotten at their feet.* Well, that's easy. *grabs the bag*

Windman: Pharon, a little help?

Pharon: Oh right, four chips, coming at ya.

Windman: Blizzard! HeatBreath! ElecShock! WoodPowder! *destroys the planets and the spaceship* Whew, okay, Sparkman is taking care of the flying navi and Drillman and Planetman are incapacitated for now. What should I do?

Pharon: Why don't you start by telling me where you are, and what's going on?

Windman: Oh yeah. We're in "Vector", it's a system-sized battleship that's basically absorbing the whole cyberworld into itself. it seems to be going pretty slowly though.

Pharon: How's it doing that now?

Windman: Don't ask me to explain it, but apparently it can transmit itself accross the internet and hack into nearby systems even if they don't have internet access.

Pharon: Transmitting, eh? Well, it has to be transmitting from something...*notices the label on the device in the backpack, it says "Transmitter"* Well, that's easy...again!

*Pharon grabs Nathan's discarded club. Ami and Scuzzy take notice.*

Scuzzy: Hey! Stop! What do you think you're doing?

Pharon: Ending it, right here and now! *throws the backpack against the wall and then beats heavily with the club. Smoke pours out of the bag.*

Ami: You idiot! Do you realize what you've done?

Pharon: yeah, I smashed the thing you were transmitting your "Vector" thing with.

Scuzzy: No, you destroyed the thing we were transmitting TO Vector with. Vector is a part of the Internet now, it transmits itself. That was the only thing we could connect to it with!

Ami: All you did was prevent Scuzzy and I from communicating with our associates in the cyberworld.

Nathan: But if it's part of the net, can't we just connect to it through a regular Jack-In point you dumb bastards?

Scuzzy: Vector has a built-in transmission blocker. As soon as it gets anywhere NEAR a system, the humans get locked out and the navis get locked in. Only our transmitter was allowed through. That's how we were to ensure it was unstoppable.

Moe: Unstoppable from the outside, maybe. But our navis are still inside. They'll put a stop to it.

Ami: Pfft. In your dreams, maybe. There's no way your three measly navis are strong enough to stop the boss.

Moe: They didn't have much trouble against your navis, did they? I'm sure they'll be just fine finishing this on their own. In the meantime, I believe I wasn't finished kicking your ass. *throws off his jacket and launches another punch at Ami. She blocks it.*

Ami: Our plan is going to hell, and I'm sending you with it!

Scuzzy: *kicks Nathan in the head and grabs Jet's PET* You guys think you can take down the big man? You guys are batshit-

Nathan: *gets up and hurls the busted transmitter at Scuzzy, knocking him out* Bullshit. How you guys can say with a straight face that you aren't the WWW, and yet you have the same outfits and more or less the same desires? Like hell I'm gonna let the world be taken over by something you doofuses made.

Pharon: *fiddling with his PET* Nathan! Little help over here?

Nathan: I'm coming!

*Nathan grabs Scuzzy's battle and Zenny chips, and hurls Jet's PET at Ami. However, Ami easily catches it with a free hand*

Ami: Spiralling Red Phoenix kick! *does a powerful spinning kick that knocks Moe prone on the floor*

Pharon: Wait, are you sure you're not making these names up? You just called that same move the Dragon Kick of the Moon a few minutes ago.

Ami: *ignores Pharon and turns to Nathan* Is that the best you could come up with? How the hell did someone like you beat Docman?

Nathan: Actually kinda like this.

*Nathan throws the busted transmitter at Ami. But she effortlessly flips over the transmitter and lands in front of Nathan. She performs a Wolf's Fang punch that Nathan just barely dodges*

Ami: Aww, is blondie all afwaid now that he's outta things to throw?

Nathan: Nope. Just distracting ya so Moe could recover, come up behind ya and nail ya.

Moe: *grabs Ami, and whirls her around* Snake Blitz! *lands a massive blow to Ami's head, knocking her out*

Nathan: *kicks Ami's unconscious body* Take that for hitting me with a door, bitch.

Pharon: Oh come on! That was the same as the Thunder Fist of the Tiger! You two had to be making those names up!

Moe: Quiet.

Pharon: Whatever. Anyway, I could sure use some help over here!

Nathan: *grabs Ami's Zenny and battle chips* Oh right! So what did I miss?

Pharon: Well, I was able to attune our PET's to the frequency of the transmitter while you and Moe were busy. So, we still should be able to operate our navis.

Nathan: *mocking Ami's tone* B-but-but the transmitter's the only we communicate with our associates in Vector! *in a normal tone* Yeah, a bunch of morons to the bitter end.

Spark Man: *fires a spark mine at Jet* Yeah, other than that, just the usual. Anyway it's about time we destroyed this thing now that brainchildren behind it are toasted.

Nathan: Yeah. We oughta be able to find the core to this thing pretty easily now that Round Boy's in pieces, and that TWA Man.exe's all but incapacitated. Where do you think it is?

Wind Man: Maybe we should ask that big ugly, spiky, clawed guy with the wires coming out of him over there. He's the reason why Pharon's been trying to get your attention.

Moe: Ah, I should've known. Life Virus!

Life Virus: Hello. I gotta give you some credit, Fortissmo. You took me by surprise with your new cohorts. I would've thought you would've brought your idiotic Net Guardians or at least your old Official buddies. But no matter. It's about to be as right as rain in a few minutes.

*Life Virus points to to a viewscreen that shows the Electown Square starting to be absorbed into Vector*

Life Virus: Can't be anymore right than that! Did you honestly think you stopped something by deleting Shan and crippling everyone else? Navis like these fools *gestures to Jet and Planet Man* are a dime a dozen. Just join me; you might make a worthy addition to the Life Force. You'll do better than they did.

Drill Man: *picks himself up* Fat chance! You're not gonna win this time!

Life Virus: Heh heh heh! I'm terribly sorry. Did I make it sound like I was asking?

*Life Virus impales Spark and Wind with a pair of syringes. Spark and Wind wince in pain initially, but then walk over to Drill and surround him, looking blankly down at him*

Drill Man: No...Don't make me do this. Not again.

Wind Man: It's not as bad as you think...

Spark Man: Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself.

*Before Drill can get to his feet, Spark and Wind take action. Spark Man gives Drill Man a recover 200 while Wind Man attacks a barrage of birds, which do no damage, and very litte against Life Virus's aura*

Life Virus: This can't be! No navi's resistant to that virus!

Spark Man: We're not. But that syringe of yours went right THROUGH us, ya moron. Here's what you did end up infecting, and a lot of good it did. *points to purple-stained panels behind him* If it makes you feel any better, it hurt like hell!

Drill Man: *staggers to his feet and uses a north wind, dispelling the aura* Damnit! What did we tell you about scaring us with crap like that! You're going to have try harder than that, Life! And whatever you two plan on doing, now's the time to do it!

Spark Man: Gladly!

*Spark Man sets down a totem while Wind Man lets loose with a +30 tornado*

LV: Fools! I am making a perfect new world where all navis will be free from the incompetence of humanity! How could you not endorse your own freedom? *shoots energy bursts from the gems on his shoulders, the navis dodge*

Drillman: If humans are so worthless, how come you have so many on your team?

LV: Those morons have outlived their usefulness, just like Wily did. I told them they would maintain our cyberworld while ruling over thier real world, but our world will not need human maintenace. The human world can rot and die without electronics for all I care. Besides, I was programmed by Wily to pursue his quest for Annihilation. I may have exceeded that programming, but part of me still wants to destroy the world as well as rule it. This way I can do both.

Windman: Well, I do know humans can be stupid, irrational, and drunk, but there are other humans that are quite pleasant to be around. I've also had enough experience with the life of an independent navi to know the alternative is more desirable.

*Windman pelts one of the Virus' legs with a SandRing then attacks LV with a close-ranged Round Tornado, hitting him six times with three WindStorm cyclones travelling in a circle, and picking up the sand for extra damage. LV swipes Windman back with his claws.*

Sparkman: And living in a new world controlled by you would hardly be "freedom". *launches a huge SparkShock at his head* Well, you'd make a pretty ineffectual leader anyway. You'd be overthrown within minutes if we let you get that far. The only difference we make by finishing you off now is that there's less of a messed-up Cyberworld to clean up when we're done.

LV: Insects! You know nothing! Dream Beam!

*The Life Virus suddenly shoots a large laser and sweeps it accross the battlefield. Drillman duckes into a Mole hole, Windman flies above it, and Sparkman cloaks and runs like hell to the other side of the Virus before the laser reaches him. While LV is still firing in rage, Sparkman stabs his electrode into one of his his hind legs. LV immediately takes notice and swats Sparkman back to the edge of the platform. He then charges up for another attack. His Aura is raised again.*

Windman: Oh we're not done yet. *uses his own Northwind ability to render LV vulnerable again.*

Drillman: You're the insect here, virus! Just look in the mirror!

*Drillman throws a Cannonball and a Wrecker at LV's left side while Windman throws Propeller Bombs at his right side. LV cringes and gathers his power to form a pair of purple orbs that move out to Windman and Drillman and then execute a LifeSword attack that slices the navis up something fierce*

LV: I knew navis like you would come. I knew there would be rebels. I am prepared for all of you! I am stronger than all of you put together! You WILL kneel before me when my kingdom is established if I have to cut your legs off to make you do it!

*Meanwhile, Chaud and a small team of Officials arrive in Kotobuki.*

Official1: This is where the interferece started a few minutes ago. It says in the records a maintenance team came in here a few months ago. It could be a glitch.

Official2: Negative. The maintenance was scheduled to be complete in just a couple weeks. It seems the workers that were sent in didn't report to their supervisor either. HQ just assumed everything was fine since the system was closed off as it should have been.

Chaud: I sent Protoman in to investigate, but now my PET is nothing but static. What's going on in there?

Official1: The server should be in this building. We should find out in there.


Moe: We should finish this up fast. I want to get these two into custody before they wake up.

Spark Man: Give it a rest, man. If your syringe couldn't bring us on your team, you think shouting things like that will do the job? *unleashes a devestating beast fang 3 program advance*

LV: Arrggh! I have had enough of your cowardly meddling!

*LV slashes at Spark with a life sword, knocking Spark Man on his back. He then picks Spark Man up, throws him at Wind Man and Drill Man and blasts them with a dream beam*

Spark Man: Ugh...Actually, in light of some of your more persuasive tactics, we might just take you up on yer offer. Mind if we talk it over for a minute?

LV: ...Fine, but you've got less than that.

*the three navis huddle*

Spark Man: (quietly) I didn't buy us much time. If anyone has any plans, I'd like to hear them! I'm running on fumes, and you guys aren't any better!

Drill Man: Actually, if we were to...*whisperwhisper*

LV: *fires a dream beam by their sides* That's long enough. What have you all decided?

Wind Man: Well we've talked it over, but ultimately we've decided to...*summons a flock of birds*...tell you to stick that deal where the sun don't shine!

LV: *puts up his aura and slashes the birds with a life sword* Useless!

Spark Man: *appears behind LV* Not quite.

*Spark Man lobs a magnet bomb 3 that overpowers LV's aura. Spark Man then uses his shadow maker to generate a dark hologram of LV that slashes him with its own life sword and severing some of LV's cables before disappearing*


*LV counters by unleashing more energy from his shoulder gems, but Spark Man has already cloaked himself and high-tailed it out of harm's way. And Wind Man seizes the opportunity to unleash a wind storm tornado that tears through LV and rips through a few more cables*

LV: YOU....! I WILL NOT BE VANQUISHED THIS EASILY! *turns around only to come face-to-face with a row of holes*

Drill Man: You think this was easy?!

*Drill Man uses a geyser chip, summoning several towering water spouts out of the holes, critcally wounding LV and disintegrating most of his remaining cables.*

Drill Man: Payback's a bitch, ain't it? *impales LV on his last Drill Arm*

LV: *starts exploding* This-this cannot be! You fools have ruined your own paradise!

*As if on cue, Vector starts exploding around Team Discovery Channel as it starts crashing to the ground*

Wind Man: They're playing our song! Let's get outta here! *jacks out along with everyone else*

*in the real world*

Pharon: That was a close one! This was a rewarding day. And here comes the most rewarding part: when you give us our money.

Moe: ...Uh...About that...

Nathan: -What Moe's trying to say is that after Shan got away the first time and when we first got clues Vector, that this job was a bit tougher than he first expected. So he tacked on an extra thousand. He paid it all in advance when we met at the subway. If you don't believe me, here it is. *reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a fistful of zenny chips he stole off of Docman, Scuzzy and Ami*

Pharon: Alright! But I just hope Cold Man didn't blow the other half on booze for Guilter. *pokes Scuzzy and Ami to make sure they're out*

*The Officials burst into the hallway*

Chaud: Alright, what's going on here? There was a man upstairs with a W3 mark on his head...aren't you in the Net Guardians?...And you're that guy that was delivering the Magic Hams...

Moe: You don't have to worry about these goons any more. They did quite a bit of damage to the internet in this area of the city, but it's over now. Take 'em away boys.

Official1: Uh...I think we have to do some investigating here to find out what really happened. Why don't you guys go upstsairs for questioning.

Moe: Well, this is it Drillman. Looks like we finally finished the mission. Do you feel avenged?

Drillman: Well, my days as Fortissimo are still over, but that doesn't matter. I don't think Fortissimo could have done as much ass-kicking as Drillman has. At least justice is served.

Moe: Right, now maybe I should finally get rid of this stupid tattoo.

Drillman: You'll have to save up for the laser surgery first.

Moe: *sigh* Right, I guess it's back to work then. Hey Nathan, Pharon, thanks for everything. I'll be sure to put in a good word for the Darklight Mercenaries back in Crescent City. And next time I need a job done I'll know who to call.

*meanwhile in the networld, at the remains of Vector*

Jet: *picking himself up* Uhhhh...Dumb freakin' luck. Someone up there likes me. I guess I should cut my losses and-

LV: *gets up, critically damaged* you....can't....leave me...

Jet: Yeah, watch me! Don't think I didn't hear your whole plan to replace me with those two asswipes! I actually bought into your vision and this the thanks I get! Eat me! I don't need you, and I don't need this!

LV:'t...leave me! *jabs Jet with a life syringe*

Jet: AHHHH! You...bast- *collapses in a heap and then rises with a blank look on his face*

Proto Man: *drop from ceiling* Life Virus!

LV: did you...

Proto Man: It wasn't hard to follow your trail. I should've recognized this as your work! Too bad whoever did this wasn't good enough to finish the job. If they won't, then I will!

LV:'ve got...other plans...for you *jabs Proto Man with a black syringe*

Proto Man: ARGGGHH! *collapses* I-I can't fail! Lord Chaud! Avail me!....Lord Chaud...?

LV: ...he can't...hear you...i've been...looking for you...normally...they don't fall from the sky like this...until now...come forth my child!

Scutz: *pops out of a hole in the ground* Hold still, this is going to hurt like you won't believe.

LV: *turns to where Planet Man was* appears there's...traces of Planet left...and those two mercs...well aid our...cause whether they or not...jet...

Jet: You don't have to ask.

*Jet gathers up Planet Man's data remains while Scutz climbs on top of Proto Man's face*

NOT The End...

Ami and Shan are the loving creations of Pyrobomb4564

Scuzzy and Jet are Jay Eshtar's handiwork.

Dr. Docman was built by RaijinK along with soon-to-be Protoscutz


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