The Train Job

Name: Stuart Kool
Region: Crescent city, Netopia
Offered Price: 4 million zenny, you will be paid after the job is completed
Job Description: I need some back-up hunting down a net criminal group. I'll give more details once the personnel I need come.
Personnel Requested: Junk Man, Shade Man, and Wind Man.

(Shade Man walks into the DLM website, and reads the Job Request Board.)

Shade Man: Wh-whee.....a good old fashioned navi hunt. And such a nice price......I wonder if I'll be able to eat the navis?.....ah well, might as well do this. *waits around*

Plant Man EXE: (Appears) Since you're here I might as well start the job. But first the details.

Stuart: Our target is a crime syndicate that formed after I joined the Acid Hackers, They're called the Dark Council. What they have in their possesion are dangerous weapons. This is the only project I know they have. First: They have Project: Piracy, A navi with 3 abilities, Transfiguration, Regeneration and Multiplication. The navi will mostly change into the forms other navi's at the operator's request and it only do it once.

Shade Man: A super navi, eh?......should be tasty. I look forward to it. And the job should be fun too.

Stuart: The only lead I got was that a train owned by the dark concil will be heading to the sharo undernet at Undernet 3. We can sneak in and destroy the goods, then it will head backto the supply depot and the Dark Concil's HQ, we can eradicate it and the job will be complete.


Worker Navi: Sir, we're heading down to Sharo Undernet 3 for Dark chip selling then to Scaraaba net.

Mystery Navi: We'll leave earlier, I'm expecting guests.

Worker Navi: Yes sir.

(back at the webpage, a few feet away Wind man and another navi with a weird bracelet and body armor are talking)

Wind man: How long do you think it'll take him to notice me?

????: a few minutes

Wind Man: Hey flower boy, over here!

(Plant Man and notices Pharon's 2 navis)

Plant Man: Who is he? Now come on we have a train to hit.

Shade Man: Very well. Lead the way. But I get first dibs on the navis.....especially the juicy ones.

(All the other gathered navis give Shade Man a very skeptical look.)

Shade Man:....Oh yeah, you guys don't eat navis. More for me then!

(A few hours later at Sharo Undernet 3,2 navis are guarding a the rear car)

Guard navi 1: All set.

Guard navi 2: ready to roll.

(Suddenly vines come and ensare Guard Navi 1 while Shade Man files down and eats guard navi 2)

Plant Man Exe: (jumps on the car) Time is of the essence.

(The car door opens to reveal 3 more guard navis. Wind Man Charges in and hurls a propeller bomb at Guard Navi 3. The explosion deletes guard navi 3)

Guard Navi 4: What are we going to

Guard Navi 5: (Smiles suspiciously then transforms into Pharon's second navi)

Pharon's 2nd navi: (Grabs Guard Navi 4 and throws him out of the train)

Plant Man EXE: Time is of the essence. There is area lock once we reach Scaraaba net. The train can't go back once its passes the lock.

Shade Man: Then I suggest we stop hanging around here and destroy the goods.

(The navis walk into the train. As if on cue, the train starts rolling.)

Shade Man: Hey, Flower Power Man, how much time we got?

Plant Man EXE: About 5 hours.

(Thousands of guard Navis come charging into the car. All four navis begin a combined offenseive. Meanwhile at the front of the train)

Mystery navi: All cars, convert to attack structures!

(Suddenly the ceilings of all the cars pop out along with walls and then rejoin to make turrets and cannons)

Wind Man EXE: What the...?

Plant Man EXE: Hmm... The goods should be inside those, so destroy them and everything inside it should be gone.

Shade Man: You destroy them. I'll distract them.

(Shade Man flies up into the air, then yells in a loud, clear voice.)


Mystery Navi: I've anticipated this. Release the solar cannons!

(2 of the Cannons' sides open up and reveal what looks like Piledrivers. Also, the cannons aim a targeting laser at Shade Man)

Sam: Dark Invis! *slots in a chip*

Shade Man: Activate!

(Shade Man turns invisible. And it is in this invisible state that he starts using whole bunch of attacks that release pure hell on anyone or anything. The Pile Driver beams pass through him, and he attacks manyu of the turrents with a variety of attacks.)

(Junkman plugs-in, dropping right onto a guard navi who was sleeping behind a box.)

Junkman: Fine, I feel really sorry that I'm late...

An-Ti: Sam! Pharon! Sorry i'm late, i was busy taking out a team of navis that was blocking my way here... Junkman, Screw Crushers, launch them at the pile driver...

Junkman: Hmm...this is going to be shit to do so...(fires a screw, that makes a pile driver's structure sabotaged as falls) All right! An-Ti!

An-Ti: Fanfare, Discord, Timpani, Silence, slot-in! Rockcube X5, slot in!

(All four fanfares appear, and five rockcubes in front)

An-Ti: Poltergiest to Rockcubes aiming at Pile Drivers 001~5... estimated damage, 200 per strike...And guys, leave the bugfrags for me and Junk!

(Four trumpets blow creating Beetoven's 5th symphoney, leaving the turrets frozen in place, cofused and blinded, and Plant, Wind, Shade (which is already invincible), and Junk invincible.)

Junkman: Poltergiest! (All five Rockcubes hit on one Pile Driver each, destroying them) Hey, Plantman! Can you aim vines that reach up to them? If you're able too, We might able to take the remaining 35 of them out...

Plant Man: Certainly. (unleahes Snake Vines all over the turrets)

(Front of the Train)

Worker Navi: Sir! The all Turrets are about to be destroyed!

Mystery Navi: We're about to the detination in an half hour! Grrr... Set barrier at the car where plant Man and Shade Man are!

(Suddenly a force field appears at the car Shade Man and Plant Man are standing on)

Plant Man: What the ...?

(Then a crystal-like blob materializes in the middle of that car.)

Stuart: Project : Piracy! get ready for anything!

Shade Man: Just what I was waiting for. You are mine, Super Navi!!!!

(Shade Man dashes at the super navi and bites down at the navi's neck. However, the navi glows a red color, and begins to suck energy out of Shade Man. Shade Man is unable to get himself free.)

An-Ti: Shit! Junkman!

Junkman: Screws Barrage! (Fires 5 screws at the Super Navi)

(Shademan was released by the navi as the screws hit, but none of them effected and made a "clang!" sound.)

An-Ti: Hmmmm...Break chips, guys? Sam? Dark Drill? YOU use it if you have it...we're not touching Dark Chips. It'll deal good damage if my estimation is correct, this guy guards himself, and could be vulnerble to Break Chips.

(While no one was looking Pharon.exe (who tagged along for his own reasons) stole a plane and Wind Man was riding on the wing holding something that looked like a power cannon.)

Pharon.exe: Damn! A barrier!

Wind: don't worry I'll take that thing down. Beam cannon go! (The Wind had on his sholder fires a beam and destroys the barrrier and hits Piracy but it asorbs it and fires it back nailing the wing wind man wasn't on then Wind jumps off.)

Pharon. exe: Damn you! (fires the plane's main guns and it seem to have a effect on Piracy)) Good. (jumps out of the plane and salvages the guns then jumps off letting the plane crash into Piracy and it asorbs the plane)

*In the real world*

Pharon.exe: Wake up stupid!

Pharon: What is it!? (looks into the pet window and sees Piracy) Damn!

Pharon.exe: Good, transfering info on navi guns. (sends the main gun data to Pharon)

Pharon: Give me two minutes tops, and I'll have the way to kill that thing. Luckily, I have reaserch on super navis. Now go and hold your own!

Shade Man: Very Well then. Sam, Recover and Drill, if you please.

Sam: Right.

Shade Man: Dark Recover! *recovers 1000 HP* and now, Dark Drill!!!

Shade Man pulls out a Dark Drill and charges at Piracy. The drill connects, and drills at Piracy. However, a second later, the drill breaks. Then Piracy glows again*

Junkman: An-Ti! Slot in five Cannonballs!

An-Ti: Cannonball! He's not moving! Perfect chance! Cannonball X5 slot-in!

Junkman: (throws 5 cannon balls at the Navi) if he dodges THIS. I'd be AMAZED...

(all of the cannonballs hit)

Plant Man: TIme to finish this! (Unleashes an Earth Shattering vine and it deletes piracy)

(The train goes in reverse as Plant Man soon spreads seeds arcoss the train)

Plant Man: the plants will spray a substances 5 times explosive then gasoline. We should get off the train now!

(All Navis get off the train)

Stuart: The train will hit the Dark Concil's HQ thus depleteing all of thier assets. Thank you. I'll send some associates to pay you and as a Bonus will give you some new hardware for you and the rest of the mercenaries.

The End


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