Gauntlet (Shadowman) at the Track

(The alarm sounds at 8:00 AM and the Maniacs rise to fight more evil for money.)

Top: Rise and shine! We got another day of work ahead of us!
Needle: 8 AM again...damn I wish there were a better way.
Top: Yeah, well we're poor, get used to it.
Everyone else: Grrrrrr...
Gemini: Hey that means you too, Gauntlet! You gotta work too!
Gauntlet: Uhhhhhhhhg. I feel siiiiiiiick...
Snake: Oh, stop whining! We all know you're faking!

(Gauntlet throws up all over Snakeman's boots.)

Snake: Ooohhh GAWD!
Magnetman: Seriously gross, Gauntlet!
Snake: I guess I'll get a maintenance Met on this mess...
Top: Alright, I guess you can stay home.
Gauntlet: up some more.)
Magnet: Probably better he stays here.

(The rest of the Maniacs go fight evil and leave Gauntlet alone.)

Gauntlet: (looks around) Guys...?

(Gauntlet jumps out of bed.)

Gauntlet: Mwah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Those fools bought it! Eating that 4-day-old tuna to become sick was worth it! Now I will go and become rich! Mwa-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

(Gauntlet then hot-wires a nearby Sunfire and rides off to the track!)

Gauntlet: Put some on Thunder, willya?

Bookie: Thunder? The odds are 200-1 that he'll even finish the race! You nuts or somethin'?

Gauntlet: (Hands Bookie $10000, made from his slightly modified Counterfeit Money-Making Machine.) Just take the bet!...Putz.

(Gauntlet then uses his ninja skills ('cuz he's Shadowman) and his unique ability to do impressions to get inside the stables.)

Gauntlet (thought): Hah! These steroids I stole from Hardman will make the horse both angry and fighting mad! I've slightly modified the formula, so it will dissipate after the race is complete thereby making me rich with no evidence against me!

(Gauntlet feeds the horse the steroids)

Gauntlet (thought): now, after 10 minutes, the formula will take effect and last only until the race is over.

(9 minutes later, the race has begun and Thunder is dead last)

Gauntlet (thought): Any minute now...

(Thunder makes a sudden burst in speed, overtaking all other horses!)

Gauntlet: Yes!!!! Go Thunder! I believe in you!

(Then out of nowhere, Whirlwind rides up and takes the win!)

Gauntlet: Wha??? Noooo! How is this possible????

(At the Bookie's window, a mysterious stranger is taking his winnings.)

Mysterious Stranger: Thanks. This money will be well spent...

Gauntlet: Hold it right there, amigo!

Mysterious Stranger (startled): Wha?? Gauntlet!?!? No!!! How did you find me!?!?

Gauntlet ???

Mysterious Stranger: How did you know that in actuality, I am...

(An explosion occurs as Mysterious Stranger shows his true identity.)

Mysterious Stranger: GALVATRON!!!!

Gauntlet (thought): Galvatron?? What the hell? I thought he was in jail!

Gauntlet: Heh, well a secret! Suffice it to say that your disguises really suck!

Galvatron: Suck on this!

(Galvatron transforms into a cannon and starts blasting away at Gauntlet. Gauntlet dodges with his speed and deflects some blasts with his Shadow Blades. Gauntlet then uses his Matrix Gauntlets to blast Galvatron from below ground.)

Galvatron: Android junk!!! I will blast you into a million pieces!!

(Gauntlet then uses his extendable staff, the Matrix Nyoi-Bo to swat away Galvatron's gun. Gauntlet then uses a barrage of Shadow Blades to break a hole in Galvatron's casing. Gauntlet fires a Matrix Blast from his Gauntlets and severely hurts Galvatron. Galvatron screams in pain and flies away.)

Galvatron: Blast you!!! I will be back!

Gauntlet: More for you then!

(Gauntlet then passes out in pain, he was still hit several times, you know.)

(Later, Gauntlet awakens surrounded by the cops and the manager.)

Gauntlet: Ahhhhh!!!! What's goin' on?! I didn't do anything!

Police Officer: Quite the contrary, you did a great deal...

Gauntlet: NO!!! I didn't tamper with the horses! God's honest truth!

Manager: What? No, no young man, you saved us all!

Gauntlet: ??????

Police Officer: That robot you just drove away was a criminal known as Galvatron. He replaced the real Whirlwind with a robotic copy. You exposed his crime!

Gauntlet: Ooooohhhhhh! Well, I try to help.

Manager: How did you know that stranger was Galvatron?

Gauntlet: Well, that's...a secret! Mwa-hah-hah-hah-ha!

Manager: Well, since your horse came in second, you get the prize money!

Gauntlet: Thank you, sir. Trust me, this will go to a very worthy cause.

(Gauntlet returns home to find the rest of the Mechanical Maniacs waiting for him at the door.)

Top: Explain...NOW.

Gauntlet: Well, I was feeling a whole lot better and decided to go out to the track!

Needle: The track! You said you were sick!

Gauntlet: And I was, truly I was, but I feel a whole lot better now!

The rest of the Maniacs: *Groan*

Gauntlet: Hope you guys didn't need me out there.

The rest of the Maniacs: Grrrrrrrrrr...

Gauntlet: Well, to show you my gratitude, I'll give you each a cut of my prize money!

(Gauntlet hands each member $1000.)

Magnet: Woah! How much did you make?

Gauntlet: Not much I'm afraid. My horse came in third, but some money isn't as bad as no money at all, right?

Snake: Wow...Gauntlet sharing...I guess things turned out alright after all...

Needleman: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: ?? What this time??

Needleman: We learned it is better to give...than to receive!

Gauntlet: true...

Top: And since you LIED about being sick and have oooooooohhhhhhh so much money, you can pay for dinner!

Gauntlet: Hey! I did NOT lie! I'm insulted that you'd EVER think otherwise...and after I gave you all $1000...for shame, Topman...for shame!

(Gauntlet storms out.)

Top: Hmph! Well, until Gauntlet actually pays for something we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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