The Sinister Six Recruitment Drive! Shadowman's Ninja Gaiden!

BUT first:

This is kinda sorta that crossover everybody wanted between Megaman Teams - but not quite.

Gaiden means "side story". Not much sense when you look at the game Ninja Gaiden, but there you go.

This is my (Gauntlet's) 8th story! That has to be some kinda record. Until this point not one of them has been put up on the MM3 website...ugh. That must also, be a record. Well, this story only involves the members that I can write about which means, no Hardman (just in case this is put up when there is a Hardman).

There is also a new MM2 Team (the Super Team), a rival MM3 Team (the Elite Eight), a MM7 Team (The Lethal Eight) and a MM8 Team (yet another Elite Eight). Since these guys don't have stories for me to read...or at least none that I know of, they cannot be included in this "team-up" (if you can call it that). This story makes sense of all the chaotic new influx of MM Teams, some of which dislike each other. I find it all very hard to keep track of, so this first part is to help people like me. Now on to the story:

* * *

(The scene opens at the Hall of Justice where all the MM Teams have met in order to discuss things.)

Skullman: (Takes out Z Saber.)

Needleman: (Throws fireball at Skullman.)

Skullman: (Puts up Skull Barrier.)

Iceman: Y'know, taking this base from the Super Friends was a great idea.

Split Mushroom: Yeah, but we don't get much done do we?

Skullman: Sure we do! (Kicks Split Mushroom.)

Split Mushroom: (Punches Skullman.)

Gutsman: So where's Shadowman?

Shadowman: I'm right here!

Gutsman: No, the other Shadowman!

Top: Gauntlet's out. I dunno where.

(Meanwhile, over at the Mechanical Maniacs Warehouse on Webpage Street)

Gauntlet: Now, may I call the Secret Society of Ninjas to order please! Thank you. Ninja Turtle, can you read the minutes from our last meeting?

Ninja turtle 1: Alright. Well, we started off with a recap of our control over the world economy and then we went to assassinate some guy. We weren't paid, though and so we assassinated our employer. We then went over to McNasty's and had a few beers. Ryu Hayabusa threw up on Strider Hiryu. They fought for a while until the bartender tried to stop them. We then assassinated the bartender and took his money.

Gauntlet: Thank you, Ninja Turtle. I believe we are now up to date.

Hiryu: No we are not! Foot Soldier still owes me $10 from that night!

Foot Soldier: You will never get your $10!! You are weak like your father before you!

Gauntlet: ORDER!!!! Now Foot Soldier, you know the rules! All debts must be paid in either cash or blood or you bring shame to your ancestors and descendants! Now pony up.

(Foot Soldier reluctantly relinquishes the cash.)

Gauntlet: For the remainder of this meeting, I will become the ninja master Shadowman.

(Gauntlet changes to Shadowman.)

Shadowman: Now onto the first order of business. We have been hired by MegamanXtreme to assassinate BassXtreme. This must be done while -

Foot Soldier: BAH!!! You are weak! Just as your father was weak!

Shadowman: Hey! Foot Soldier, you know the ninja code that regulates ancestor-bashing! Now you have 2 minutes to retract your statement or prepare to pay the consequences in either cash or blood!

Foot Soldier: Bah!!! I will not follow the orders of a weak man such as yourself! You are weak! As your father before you! I challenge your leadership!

Hiryu: Foot Soldier has made the challenge of leadership! Shadowman must accept or bring shame upon his ancestors and descendants!

Shadowman: As ninja code states, I accept your challenge.

Foot Soldier: Then I challenge you to bring back Galvatron's gun without using your Gauntlet powers and only rely on your ninja skills!

Shadowman: Your challenge is accepted. Be forewarned that if I meet this challenge you are kicked out of the Secret Society of Ninjas and you will have to make restitutions in either cash or blood.

Foot Soldier: Ha! You will never succeed!

(Shadowman is off.)

Ninja Turtle:...Now let us go assassinate BassXtreme.

(Now we go to the Legion of Doom's headquarters on an asteroid in space. The Sinister Six has decided to expand their membership...)

Torchman: Now, may I call to order the fifth meeting of the true Sinister Six! Waveman! Galvatron! Bitman! Blademan! Sharkman! Oilman! And I, Torchman! We have tried to destroy the Mega Man Team known as the Mechanical Maniacs and we have failed. The only answer is more team members!

Wily: I formed a new Anti-Megaman Team with Sigma and Megaman Juno! Unfortunately we failed and Juno and Sigma are now the Mechanical Maniacs' slaves.

Galvatron: So we, the Sinister Six shall now recruit all of the Megaman villains and frame the entire community of Megaman Teams!

Waveman: Already, our popularity is above the Mechanical Maniacs and several others.

Super Chaos: I vote for a new Team name! Being part of any group calling itself the Sinister Six is an insult to me!

(Shadowman has found out where Galvatron is through a series of ninja connections. He now enters the room and hides in the shadows.)

Cyber Dole: Cyber Dole says shut up! The Sinister Six is a perfect name!

Oilman: What do you care!? Your Team is already gone!

Cyber Dole: That is because I have destroyed them!

Mr. Dragoon: You liar!

(Galvatron pushes a button and Cyber Dole is dumped in a vat of acid.)

Galvatron: Anyone else care to say something?


Mr. Dragoon: Um...I just remembered...I left my stove on...bye!

(Mr. Dragoon leaves the room.)

(Outside, Mr. Dragoon looks for his car.)

Shadowman: Looking for something, Dragoon?

Mr. Dragoon: Wha...? Who're you!?

Shadowman: Let's have a small talk...


Sharkman: BAAAHHH!! We didn't need that weenie anyway!

Bitman: Shoulda invited Jello instead...

Galvatron: Excellent! Now the Sinister Six has 9 members! And we'll invite Jello too!

Wily: Maybe we should change the name...

Galvatron: THE NAME STAYS!

Oilman: But it really doesn't make much sense, does it? There's 9 of us now!

Galvatron: I MAKE THE RULES!!! THE NAME STAYS!!!!!!!!!

(Mr. Dragoon returns)

Mr. Dragoon: Alright I'm back! My stove was on! Boy, could that have been trouble or what!?


Torchman: Something's a little suspicious about you...

Mr. Dragoon: Um...

Oilman: Yeah...Mr. Dragoon wouldn't have come back...

Mr. Dragoon: Um, well...has anyone been to that new steak place?

Bitman:...Well I wanted to go, but I have no money. Why?

Mr. Dragoon: Well, how about we all go now! My treat!...

Galvatron: He's GAUNTLET!!! GET HIM!!!

(All nine members of the Sinister Six spring into action. Unfortunately the room isn't all that large and they end up tripping over each other!)

Torch: BAH! He'll get away! (Transforms into Red Dragon.)

(Torchman fires his Torch Arm, but hits other Team members instead of Shadowman.)

Super Chaos: Torchman! Blast you!

(Super Chaos punches Torchman! Torchman lands on Oilman and there is a huge explosion! Mr. Dragoon changes back to Shadowman. Blademan uses his Blade Launcher, but misses and hits Waveman! Waveman turns into a T-Rex and uses his Water Shooter, but misses and hits Torchman!)

Galvatron: Out of the WAY, fools! I'll destroy this interloper!

(Galvatron transforms into a cannon and fires! He misses and hits a computer relay sending the fortress into chaos!)

Super Chaos: Bah!! I knew this was a bad idea!

Wily: Time to face my Skull Smasher, Shadowman!

(A huge machine comes through a wall and fires at Shadowman, but it also hits the Sinister Six!)

Bitman: Wily you idiot!! Call it off!!

Wily: Nobody calls me an idiot!! Skull Crusher! Destroy Bitman as well!

(In the ensuing chaos, Galvatron's gun is knocked off his arm and Shadowman catches it and teleports away! His departure goes unnoticed, as the Fortress of Doom explodes shortly afterwards!)

(Later, Shadowman returns to the Mechanical Maniacs Warehouse.)

Shadowman: Well, here it is Foot Soldier! Now pay the $150 and get out!

Foot Soldier: Never!! I will never pay someone who -

(Shadowman uses Galvatron's gun to assassinate Foot Soldier!)


Ninja Turtle: Finally. Now with that outta the way, let's go and assassinate BassXtreme.

(Back at the Hall of Justice where every Megaman team has gathered, the Legion of Doom's satellite has crashed into it, destroying everything.)

Skullman: They killed Dustman!

Pharaohman: You bastards!!

Tenguman: Awwww, maaaaaan...The Super Friends'll kill us...

Cloudman: Feh. Nobody called the Super Friends'll be able to touch me!

Gutsman: Some heroes we turned out to be...can't even keep our clubhouse intact!

Elecman: *points at wreckage* LOOK!

(Super Chaos and the others are coming out of the rubble and falling back down.)

Gutsman: I don't believe it!

Elecman: Believe it! Now that all our enemies are out of the picture, we can become household names!

Iceman: And maybe Bombman will get a haircut!

Bombman: Yeah, and maybe I'll get a - HEY!!!

(And the other Sinister Six...)

Torch: Some heroes we turned out to be...can't even destroy one stupid Shadowman...

Shark: (Pointing to the crowd) Look!

Torch: I don't believe it! We can pin this on all of them!

Shark: Well, believe it! Because of -


(And the Mechanical Maniacs...)

Snake: Well, I guess things turned out alright...

Magnet: I guess...

Needle: And we learned something today too...

Gemini: When?? What did I miss?

Needle: We learned that no matter how bad something is, there is always a silver lining! We thought losing our base was bad, but now all our enemies are defeated!

Gemini: But we really had nothing to do with that.

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Top: Well, until our hangout is rebuilt into the Taj Mahal, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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