Gauntlet (Shadowman) VS the IRS

(After a hard day of crime fighting, the Mechanical Maniacs come home to their warehouse to find Gauntlet watching TV)

Gauntlet: Hi guys, wha'd I miss?
Snakeman: Agh! Where were you!?
Gauntlet: I was right here. Wow you guys look messed, what happened?
Geminiman: We were fighting evil. Y'know for money? So we can fund our own plans for World Domination!
Gauntlet: Yea, about that....I'm kinda sick of being poor. We don't even get air conditioning and it gets pretty hot in here, so I've decided to make things right.
Sparkman: And what stupid thing have you thought of now, hmmmm?
Gauntlet: ........
Topman: Well ..... ?
Gauntlet: Wellllllll that ....
Gemini: What?! What is it?
Gauntlet: is a SECRET!!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
The rest of the Maniacs:: *groan*
Top: Ugh. Fine, you do whatever. You get no money from us until you help out a little!
Gauntlet: Hah! I don't need any of your money!

(Gauntlet exits the base)

Magnet: Well, more money for me then.

(Gauntlet is driving in a new Sunfire he bought speeding towards Las Vegas!)

Gauntlet (thought): Hah! My plan is brilliant! Instead of simply earning money (like a putz) I will make it myself using my Counterfeit Money-Making Machine!! Ho-ho-ho! Being an evil robot has its advantages.

(Gauntlet arrives in Las Vegas where he uses an electromagnet (which he stole from Sparkman) to rig all the slot machines to jackpot only for him. This, however does not go unnoticed...)

Stranger: Sir, I can't help but notice you've been winning a lot at these things...
Gauntlet: Hey! It's legit! Get offa my case!
Stranger: Sir, I'd like you to come with me...
Gauntlet: Touch me and eat Matrix power! [please note that, in addition to being Shadowman, Gauntlet also has special Gauntlets called the Matrix Gauntlets, hence the name.]
Stranger: Fine...I like it better this way...

(The stranger explodes and in his wake is Galvatron!)

Galvatron: Now, human, you will give me, Galvatron, the device!
Gauntlet: Yeah, well I'm just as robot as you, I'm Gauntlet the Mysterious, Shadowman, and you'll never get anything from me!
Galvatron: Then I will rip it from your corpse!

(Galvatron proceeds to blast Gauntlet with his gun. While Gauntlet dodges and fights back, the building is being destroyed.)

Galvatron: Feel my wrath, humanoid scrap!
Gauntlet: Alright, that's it...darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond the blood that flows...DRAGON SLAVE!!

(Gauntlet blasts Galvatron with a huge blast of magic power!)

Galvatron: But...that' Megaman....
Gauntlet: Yeah, well you're one to talk.
Galvatron: But....but it
Gauntlet: Aw, shut up!
Some Guy: Hello, sir!
Gauntlet: Ah, my public! What can I do? Autograph?
Some Guy: um, no...
Gauntlet: Really, it's the least I can do for a fan...
Some Guy: I am not a fan! I am the owner of this establishment!
Gauntlet: Oh...well, I'm sure I can pay for all this!

(G hands some cash out to the Manager)

Manager: Sir, this money is clearly counterfeit.
Gauntlet: Psshhhh! Nah!!!
Manager: Um, yes it is...and we detected a small electromagnet in your pocket right there.
Gauntlet: This?? It's no magnet! It's my walkman!...I wanna lawyer.

(Later, in jail...)

Top: Well, look at you...
Shadowman: Look at me!

(The rest of the Mechanical Maniacs look at Galvatron)

Magnet: New friend?
Gauntlet: Don't ask.
Snakeman: Wha'd ya do?
Gauntlet: Oh, y'know. Fraud, grand theft auto, destruction of property, copyright infringements, that sorta thing.
Top: Well, don't expect money from us, you should've worked for your share.
Gauntlet: Hey, don't worry 'bout me! What can the IRS do to me?
The rest of the Maniacs:: *GROAN*

(Two days later...)

Snakeman: I can't believe you got off! How did you do it?
Gauntlet: Seems the entire city of Las Vegas was under Galvatron's mind control...
Top: So you're a...hero?
Gauntlet: Looks like. Funny how that turned out, hunh?
The rest of the Maniacs: *GROAN*
Snake: Well, I guess things turned out alright...
Magnet: I guess...
Needle: And we learned something today too...
Gauntlet: ?
Needle: We learned that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme.
Gauntlet: Uh, right...until it actually works, that is.
Top: So until we can live in the Hilton we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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