And the Pointless Stupidity Begins With the Pointy Needleman!

(The scene opens with the Mechanical Maniacs watching TV.)

Hardman: Feels good to finally have a brain...

Snake: I guess...

Top: Liked you better sans-brain! Less dangerous...

Hard:...You're so mean...

(Hard starts crying.)

Top: Aw, come on...sorry, okay?

(Hard continues crying.)

Hard: (Thought) Heh. They think I'm really crying! Hah-HAH!!

TV News Lady: Unusual things have been happening all week. Inconsistencies are found everywhere in the world and -

(Suddenly, the Red Phone rings! The Mechanical Maniacs rush to answer it in hopes of another gig!)

Top: Yeah? What!? Chaos everywhere!? We're needed? We're getting paid!?!? We're on it!

(Top hangs up the phone and turns to address the Team.)

Top: Alright guys, we gotta -

(Gauntlet is spotted tip-toeing out of the room.)

Gemini: And where do you think YOU'RE going?

Gauntlet: Well...I...y'see...Rats.

Snake: Y'know, I'm sick of all your stupid solo adventures! We should all have solo adventures!

The Other Maniacs: YEAH!

Gauntlet: Ah, that's cool. Go ahead! I was just gonna step out anyway!

Top: Oh, you're not going anywhere!

(The Mechanical Maniacs surround Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: Wha...? HEY!

(They tie Gauntlet up and throw him in the basement.)

Top: You can come out when all the adventures are over!

(Top slams the door and locks it.)

Gauntlet:...'Kay! I'll just be down here! Chillin' and stuff! Don't you worry about me!

Top: Alright guys, we got lots of problems to clean up, so we gotta split up!

Spark: Right! Solo adventures for all of us!

All: LET'S GO!

(The Maniacs teleport out!)

(Needleman arrives at the local maximum security jail to reassert control!)

Guard: Needleman! Thank God you came! Dr. Wily and Blademan are driving this prison outta control!

Needle: How'd that happen? This is supposed to be a maximum security prison!

Guard: Yeah, well...I guess our track record with Wily really sucks.

Needle: Oh, you think so, eh?! Geez! Just point me in the right direction.

(The guard directs Needleman to the bad guys. Needleman goes to face Wily and Blademan...)

Needle: (To himself) Hm. The internal alarm's going off at the base. Maybe I ought to -

(Needle is struck from behind!)

Needle: OW!

Blademan: Hey loser! Here to try and stop us? Eat my dust! (Transforms into a car and speeds down the corridor.)

(Needleman follows, attacking with Needle Cannon! He chases Blademan around a corner where he finds...)

Needle: A trap. Crap.

(All the prisoners await Needle and attack all at once!)

Blade: (Transformed back.) Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(Against overwhelming odds, the criminals actually begin to flee the battle.)

Blade: What? Hey, you! Whadya think you're doin!?

Some criminal: He shoots pointy things. Pointy things give me ouch!

Blade: Auuugh!!

Needle: You're next!

Blade: Fine!

(Blade and Needle have an all-out brawl. Blade uses his Blade Launcher and Needle counters until...)

Needle: YAY! I won! I won! Me! Me! Ah-ha-ah-ha! I-I-I-I-I-I-I won!

Blade: Oh shut up.

Needle: I won! Me! I have no hands and I still won!

Blade: Ugggghhhhhh...

Needle: This is the FIRST time I've ever won a big fight!

(Needle starts a victory dance, but then he is attacked again!)

Needle: Who dares interrupt my victory dance!?

Wily: I do! Doctor Wily!

Needle: Grrrrrrrr, Wily!

(Wily is armed to the teeth with a powerful new skull-themed war machine!)

Wily: Yup! And now, I will destroy you!

Needle: Take your best shot!

Wily: I will and - (Wily's phone rings.) Hello?

Shark: Wazzzzaaaaaappppp!?!?

Wily: Eh?


(Wily hangs up the phone.)

Needle: What was that?

Wily: I have no clue, but I will now -

(Suddenly, there is a flash of light!)

Needle: Who's there?

(A glowing phantom of Geminiman floats before Needle!)

Needle: Gemini!?

Gemini: Needle? Crap. Well, I gotta try this again. Later.

(Gemini disappears in a flash of light!)

Needle: Y-e-a-h...Later. Hey! Was that a crack!?

Wily: Alright, that was pretty strange, but now I will finally destroy you!

Needle: As long as nothing else happens...

(Just then, a huge explosion from elsewhere in the city rocks the jail!)

Wily: Hey! My machine broke down! Oh well, "easy come, easy go", I guess.

Needle: That was easy! I'm still getting paid, I hope...Ain't it time for you to start groveling, Wily?

Wily: Grovel? To you? I think not.

(Needle grabs Wily by the collar.)


(Wily starts groveling and Needle is happy.)

Needle: Ah, and the day is saved!

Guard: Yeah, except for one thing...

Needle: Oh?


Needle: They did?

Guard: Oh yeah.

Needle: Well, that's your job. I'll take that reward now.


Needle: I will take that reward NOW.

(The guard reluctantly hands over a cheque.)

Needle: Now to buy me a beer! Ah, the hero life is a great life!

(So Needleman beat Blademan and Wily! What of the others? Read on...)



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Eric as .....

C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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