Sparkman, Bitman, and the Cleft of Dimension!

(The scene opens with the Mechanical Maniacs watching TV.)

Hardman: Feels good to finally have a brain...

Snake: I guess...

Top: Liked you better sans-brain! Less dangerous...

Hard:...You're so mean...

(Hard starts crying.)

Top: Aw, come on...sorry, okay?

(Hard continues crying.)

Hard: (Thought) Heh. They think I'm really crying! Hah-HAH!!

TV News Lady: Unusual things have been happening all week. Inconsistencies are found everywhere in the world and -

(Suddenly, the Red Phone rings! The Mechanical Maniacs rush to answer it in hopes of another gig!)

Top: Yeah? What!? Chaos everywhere!? We're needed? We're getting paid!?!? We're on it!

(Top hangs up the phone and turns to address the Team.)

Top: Alright guys, we gotta -

(Gauntlet is spotted tip-toeing out of the room.)

Gemini: And where do you think YOU'RE going?

Gauntlet: Well...I...y'see...Rats.

Snake: Y'know, I'm sick of all your stupid solo adventures! We should all have solo adventures!

The Other Maniacs: YEAH!

Gauntlet: Ah, that's cool. Go ahead! I was just gonna step out anyway!

Top: Oh, you're not going anywhere!

(The Mechanical Maniacs surround Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: Wha...? HEY!

(They tie Gauntlet up and throw him in the basement.)

Top: You can come out when all the adventures are over!

(Top slams the door and locks it.)

Gauntlet:...'Kay! I'll just be down here! Chillin' and stuff! Don't you worry about me!

Top: Alright guys, we got lots of problems to clean up, so we gotta split up!

Spark: Right! Solo adventures for all of us!

All: LET'S GO!

(The Maniacs teleport out!)

(Sparkman lands near the waterfront and is attacked right away by Bitman and the Mafia!)

Bit: We set up this machine to lure ya here no matter where you teleported, shorty! Time to die!!

Spark: What!?!?

(The suddenness of the attack catches Spakman off guard and he is is sent reeling to the ground!)

Mafia Guy: Now we will destroy you for stealing the Godfather's wallet! Prepare to die!

Sparkman: Uh, right.

(Sparkman then blasts the Mafia guys with electricity!)

Mafia Guy: OWCH! Man! Don't do that!

Sparkman: Well, what? You expect me to stand still while you shoot at me?

(Suddenly the Mafia crowd is swept away by a blast of force!)

Bitman: Who??

Kefka: I am KEFA! (Not to be confused with Kefka.) After some other people managed to pierce the Cleft of Dimension, I was able to reopen the portal and get to their reality! I will now RULE THE WORLD AGAIN!!!

Spark: Why would you wanna rule the world? You ruined it the first time!

Kefka: Silence, cur!

(Kefka knocks Sparkman aside and flies off!)

Bitman: Oh, man! What the hell??

A Guy: When other Megaman 3 guys used the power of the Void to escape the Cleft of Dimension, where all Final Fantasy characters go when they die, it created an imbalance that Kefka was able to take advantage of!

Bit: Who are you?

Chaos: I am CHAOS! If Kefka does not return home, my cake will flatten again...and I do not want that!

Exdeath: The power of Void belongs only TO ME!!! I will make that dog PAY!!!

(Suddenly the group of Final Fantasy villains is attacked by Sephrioth!)

Sephrioth: Kefka restored me to my final, most powerful form, Safer Sephrioth! I will destroy anyone who gets in my way!!

Exdeath: Pitiful! I-

(Sephrioth hits Exdeath with Supernova and Deen! Exdeath is killed!)

ExDeath: UGH! I'll get youuuuu tomorrrrroooooowwwwwwww!

(Exdeath disappears!)

Sephrioth: Anyone else will get more of -

(Suddenly Kefka lands on Sephrioth! Kefka is dying!)

Kefka: No...not fair...ohhhhhhhhhhh...poooooooooooooo!

(Kefka disappears!)

Dark Cloud: What happened!?

Sephrioth: It doesn't matter! Now that the fool is gone, I will destroy you all!

(Sephrioth leaps into the air and starts firing spells rapidly!)

Ultimecia: Kerse you Sephrioth! I will Junction myself unto Grie-

(Sephrioth blasts Ultimicia with Deen and Supernova, killing her! Ultimecia disappears!)

Sephrioth: Oh, no! We'll have none of that!

The Emperor: HONEY! I'll see you back at the Cleft! I will destroy you, you poor excuse for a final villain!

(The Emperor attacks wildly, but is killed by Sephrioth and disappears!)

Sparkman: Come on guys! If we all combine powers, we'll defeat this guy!

(Spakman, Bitman, Chaos, Dark Cloud, and Zeromus combine their powers, but...)

Bit: The power of Void is too strong! We'll lose!

Sparkman: NO! I have an idea from Final Fantasy 8! Everyone, Junction on me! Then we'll win!

Dark Cloud: Why should WE junction to YOU??

Spark: Because this is MY universe and I'M the hero, babe! Here, people like me can win!

Zeromus:...Alright...But you'd better not screw up! That Sephrioth can be a real jerk!

(Dark Cloud, Chaos, and Zeromus Junction unto Sparkman! Sparkman's power dramatically increases!)

Spark: I'll get you now, Sephrioth!

Sephrioth: HAH! I think not!

(Sephrioth hits Spark!)

Spark: MAN! All that power's not enough!

Bit: WAIT! I saw something on Dragon Ball Z that should help! If the universe is so royally screwed up right now, it just might work!

(Sparkman and Bitman do the Fusion Dance!)

Spark and Bit: FU-SION!

(Sparkman and Bitman merge to form Spark-Bit! Spark-Bit then attacks Sephrioth, but Sephrioth is still too powerful and manages to kill Zeromus, Dark Cloud, and Chaos who were still junctioned to Spark-Bit!)

Spark-Bit: Crap! Now all my stuff will be gone!

Sephrioth: Time to die!

(Suddenly, a huge explosion from elsewhere in the city rocks the waterfront! Sephrioth disappears and Bitman is removed from Sparkman and rendered unconscious!)

Gemini: What...hey...I'm whole again! But what was that huge shock?

Spark: Hey, Gemini! What are you doin' here!

Gemini: Spark, lemme tell you the crazy things I just saw!

(And so, Sparkman is left dazed and confused, but still triumphant! What of the others?? Read on!)



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Eric as .....

C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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