The Titanic Tale of Gemini Red and Gemini Blue!

(The scene opens with the Mechanical Maniacs watching TV.)

Hardman: Feels good to finally have a brain...

Snake: I guess...

Top: Liked you better sans-brain! Less dangerous...

Hard:...You're so mean...

(Hard starts crying.)

Top: Aw, come on...sorry, okay?

(Hard continues crying.)

Hard: (Thought) Heh. They think I'm really crying! Hah-HAH!!

TV News Lady: Unusual things have been happening all week. Inconsistencies are found everywhere in the world and -

(Suddenly, the Red Phone rings! The Mechanical Maniacs rush to answer it in hopes of another gig!)

Top: Yeah? What!? Chaos everywhere!? We're needed? We're getting paid!?!? We're on it!

(Top hangs up the phone and turns to address the Team.)

Top: Alright guys, we gotta -

(Gauntlet is spotted tip-toeing out of the room.)

Gemini: And where do you think YOU'RE going?

Gauntlet: Well...I...y'see...Rats.

Snake: Y'know, I'm sick of all your stupid solo adventures! We should all have solo adventures!

The Other Maniacs: YEAH!

Gauntlet: Ah, that's cool. Go ahead! I was just gonna step out anyway!

Top: Oh, you're not going anywhere!

(The Mechanical Maniacs surround Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: Wha...? HEY!

(They tie Gauntlet up and throw him in the basement.)

Top: You can come out when all the adventures are over!

(Top slams the door and locks it.)

Gauntlet:...'Kay! I'll just be down here! Chillin' and stuff! Don't you worry about me!

Top: Alright guys, we got lots of problems to clean up, so we gotta split up!

Spark: Right! Solo adventures for all of us!

All: LET'S GO!

(The Maniacs teleport out!)

(Geminiman lands in a lab in another sector of the city.)

Gemini: Ah, if Top thinks I'll actually help out, he's got a screw loose. I have important work to do! (Starts experimenting with the lab equipment.) I believe one of the elements of Gamma was I'll experiment with the different versions of the stuff!

To recap:

Green K: Kills Kryptonians!
Red K: Affects on Kryptonians are unpredictable and temporary.
Gold K: Robs Kryptonians of their powers.
Blue K: Deadly to Super-Bizarros!
White K: Kills plant life.

Gemini: I believe Wily may have combined several of these in order to create the element, so that's what I'll do too!

(He tries that, and soon there's a tremendous explosion and...)

Gemini Blue: OH MY GOD!!!! You'!!

Gemini Red: Man...the combination of different varieties of kryptonite must've whacked out our duplication power somehow!

Gemini Blue: This is too weird! I can't read you like I can normally! We gotta recombine!

Gemini Red: Not so fast there, Blue!

Gemini Blue: You're...disagreeing??

Gemini Red: Yeah, that's right! Why should I re-merge into a loser like you!

Gemini Blue: Aw, man! I knew something was whack! Yer like...everything evil in me!!

Gemini Red: And yer my goodie-goodie counterpart! The one who's so lonely and trash! Well, I want none of that! I am outta here!

Gemini Blue: But we gotta see what's goin' on! Who knows what might happen if -

(Gemini Red blasts Gemini Blue with a Laser!)

Gemini Red: Not gonna happen, Blue! I got all the fight in me, remember!

(Gemini Red continues to pound on Blue!)

Gemini Blue: No...who knows what'll happen if you kill me?

Gemini Red: Aw shaddap!

(Gemini Blue then blasts Gemini Red and bolts to the exit.)

Gemini Red: Got some balls after all, Blue! But yer never gonna beat me!

(Gemini Red chases Blue outside, where they run into a huge anomaly!)

Gemini Blue: Where are we?

Stranger: You are in the Cleft of Dimension!

Gemini Blue: The Cleft of Dimension? What is that?

Gemini Red: Aw, who cares??

Stranger: It's where all we Final Fantasy characters go when we die. I am Sephrioth of FF7!

Gemini Men: SEPHRIOTH!?!?

(Both prepare for battle.)

Sephrioth: Aw, why bother fighting? When we die here, our souls end up back at the entrance. You'd better watch yourselves though, since you're not Final Fantasy characters!

Gemini Red: Aw, we'll see about that!

(Sephrioth hits Red with his Masamune!)

Gemini Red: OW!!!!

Sephrioth: Come, I'll take you to Mirage Town, it's kinda where we all hang out and stuff.

(And so the Geminis go to Mirage...)

Gemini Blue: Wow...this place sure is screwy!

Gemini Red: And stupid too! Let's blow this joint!

Exdeath: Well, if you want to leave, you must first battle ME!!!!

(The Geminis run and Exdeath chases after them.)

Exdeath: Fwahahahahaha! I will rend you limb from limb!

Ultimecia: Kerse you Exdeath! You're trampling my Flower Garden!

(The Geminis go through a door and end up in another room with many doors.)

Gemini Red: Crap! Which one's the right one?

Gemini Blue: Well, let's try one!

(Gemini Blue jumps through a door. He emerges with a flash of light!)

Needle: Who???

(A glowing phantom of Geminiman floats before Needle!)

Needle: Gemini!?!?

Gemini Blue: Needle? Crap. Well, I gotta try this again. Later.

(Gemini disappears in a flash of light!)

Gemini Blue: Dammit, it was just Needleman! We need to find someone to help us out!

(Suddenly, Chaos appears!)

Chaos: I am Chaos, the first Final Fantasy villain! Listen to me, to return home, you must go through the Void...

Gemini Red: Why are you helping us!?

Chaos: Because having Megaman characters here will disrupt the continuum and may flatten my cake. It took me years to get the perfect recipe and I will not have it ruined!

Exdeath: CHAOS!!! Eat this!!

(Exdeath blasts Chaos, killing him.)

Chaos: Awwww, I'll have to make my way hommmme from the entraaaaannnnce...

(Chaos disappears.)

Gemini Blue: Well...Chaos seemed to come from this door, so let's try it!

(Both Geminis jump through and land in a crystal chamber!)

Gemini Red: Nice place!

Eerie Chanting: Fiiiithos...Luuuusec....Weeeecos.....Vinosec.....

(Ultimecia appears!)

Ultimecia: Kerse you Exdeath! You ruined my flowers again! I shall Junction myself unto Griever!

(She and the GF Griever Junction and kill Exdeath!)

ExDeath: Dammit! I'll get you tomorrowwwwwwwww...

(Exdeath disappears!)

Gemini Blue: Thanks gal, yer...

Ultimecia: I blame you as well!! Die!!

(Ultimecia's blast is intercepted by the Dark Cloud, Emperor and Zeromus!)

Dark Cloud: Quit acting like an adolescent, Ulti!

Zeromus: Go, now! You do not belong here!

The Emperor: Now honey, remember your blood pressure!

(The Geminis run towards the Void and finally arrive at their destination!)

Gemini Blue: Now, we'll use the Void to get back home!

(The Void fills the Geminis with power until...)

Kefka: Mwa-hahahahahahahahaah! I, Kefka will now rule the world again!!!!!

Gemini Red: Rule this!!

(Gemini Red then kills Kefka with the power of Void!)

Kefka: Ohhhhhh poooooooooo...

(Kefka disappears! Suddenly, there is a huge explosion and the Geminis are back home - and reunited! Bitman is lying on the ground, unconscious.)

Gemini: What...hey...I'm whole again! But what was that huge shock?

Spark: Hey, Gemini! What are you doin' here!

Gemini: Spark, lemme tell you the crazy things I just saw!

(Gemini is whole again...What of the others? Read on!)



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Eric as .....

C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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