Finally - the end!

(The scene opens with the Mechanical Maniacs watching TV.)

Hardman: Feels good to finally have a brain...

Snake: I guess...

Top: Liked you better sans-brain! Less dangerous...

Hard:...You're so mean...

(Hard starts crying.)

Top: Aw, come on...sorry, okay?

(Hard continues crying.)

Hard: (Thought) Heh. They think I'm really crying! Hah-HAH!!

TV News Lady: Unusual things have been happening all week. Inconsistencies are found everywhere in the world and -

(Suddenly, the Red Phone rings! The Mechanical Maniacs rush to answer it in hopes of another gig!)

Top: Yeah? What!? Chaos everywhere!? We're needed? We're getting paid!?!? We're on it!

(Top hangs up the phone and turns to address the Team.)

Top: Alright guys, we gotta -

(Gauntlet is spotted tip-toeing out of the room.)

Gemini: And where do you think YOU'RE going?

Gauntlet: Well...I...y'see...Rats.

Snake: Y'know, I'm sick of all your stupid solo adventures! We should all have solo adventures!

The Other Maniacs: YEAH!

Gauntlet: Ah, that's cool. Go ahead! I was just gonna step out anyway!

Top: Oh, you're not going anywhere!

(The Mechanical Maniacs surround Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: Wha...? HEY!

(They tie Gauntlet up and throw him in the basement.)

Top: You can come out when all the adventures are over!

(Top slams the door and locks it.)

Gauntlet:...'Kay! I'll just be down here! Chillin' and stuff! Don't you worry about me!

Top: Alright guys, we got lots of problems to clean up, so we gotta split up!

Spark: Right! Solo adventures for all of us!

All: LET'S GO!

(The Maniacs teleport out!)

(Topman lands in the local dump)

Top: DAMN! Why'd I have to get the dump?

Someone: Maybe because you belong here.

(Top gets hit with a blast of water!)


Wave: That's right, time for you to get..."washed up".

Top: Awwwww man! If yer gonna kill me, don't make bad puns while doin' it!

Wave: Oh, and this from the guy who called his epilogues the Team's "TOP Secret Files".

Top: MY puns have class and style!

Wave: I don't think so.

Top: Well, there's only one way to settle this!

Wave: What?


Wave:...Or I could just kill you.

Top: Yeah, you could...but then how'd we know who the funniest is?

Guy: Oh, who cares?

(Wave gets blasted unconscious!)


Guy: That's right you wouldn't know me...I am EXTANT! I am your death! I will rule this universe!


Note: Extant is a DC Comics character. He was once the hero Hawk, but after a future version of himself killed his partner Dove, he went nuts and became a control freak! Now he's the time-hopping EXTANT and wants his own reality to rule!

Extant: I manipulate time! Whenever something happens out of continuity in this universe, it is me at work!

Top: Well, I'll stop you!

Extant: Doubtful.

(Extant blasts Top. Top uses his Top Spin and throws tops at Extant, but Extant just waves them away!)

Extant: Pitiful fool! Behold my power!

(Extant then creates a time warp and gets the powerful webpage owners of the past to help him!)

Metool: You're destroying the Megaman scene! Take this! (Hits Top with the annoying Metool 3-way shot!)

Slashman: Yer not the only Megaman Maniac around here!

Top: WOAH!! I did not ask for this! Come on, we came in later! We had nothing to do with you guys!

Pixelboy: Yeah, right! We'll destroy you all and this new "Megaman Legends"!

Elumina: I don't know what you did to Generation Megaman X, but it will rise again!

Extant: YES! The Mechanical Maniacs destroyed all of your pages! KILL HIM!!

Top: (Thought) They're brainwashed! But how can I defeat the great Megaman internet heroes of the past? Unless...

(Topman then uses his JLA signal device! The heroes of old are then hit with a powerful heat blast!)

Dr Wily of Skull Castle: WHO??

Lyskoid: We are the newer Megaman webmasters!

Iceman: Yeah! We don't all need to fight!

Elumina: Says you!

(The old webmasters attack!)

Groovy Kat: You new guys are the reason things went to hell!

Topman: NO! Listen guys, this is all a trick!

(Meanwhile, Extant prepares himself for ultimate power! Then Kefka flies down from the sky!)

Kefka: Hoo-HAH! This is no FF6, but it'll all be mine!

Extant: Wrong!

(Extant then attacks Kefka, ripping free his connection to the Void and placing it within himself!)


(Meanwhile, chaos ensues.)

Flashman: You are the reason the Dream Team will fall apart! If we destroy you guys, we will live once more!

Top: Damn it! These guys are really brainwashed!

Lysekoid: We must get through to them!

(Suddenly, Extant blasts all the MM community members!)

Extant: Mwa-hahahahahahahahaah! Now all the Megaman pages will become EXTANT pages for all time...even in the past!!

(However, the blast also freed the heroes of old from Extant's thrall.)

Groovy Kat: What?

Slashman: What happened?

Topman: Extant has used you guys! He now has the Final Fantasy power of Void! But, if we all join together, we can defeat him!

Extant: You can TRY!

(There is a struggle, the power of the Megaman community across time clashes with Extant's otherly-dimensional power and all the crossed-over insanity from Galvatron in Megaman to the power of Void in a DC Comics character!)

Extant: What...? Something...feels strange...

(The contradictions and paradoxes collapse upon the fabric of space and time to create a huge explosion that ripples across the city! Where Extant once hovered is a pile of ashes. The MM community of the past is quickly fading away...)

Pixelboy: Well, I guess we're off to our proper time!

Woodman: I just hope things turn out alright...

Topman: Don't worry, guys. It was fun, but things get even better!

(So they disappear. The battle ends...)

(Later, at the Mechanical Maniacs' Warehouse on Webpage Street...)


Gauntlet: Aw chill out, guy! I was attacked!


Spark: Well, I guess we all got more than we bargained for.

Snake: Y'know *hic* y'know...I been thinkin'...if alla' these inconshishtenshies've been *hic* Extant's fault, an' he can travel through time...

Magnet: He could be back. Yeah, we all know.

Needle: Well, it's been fun guys.

Eric: Yeah, but...I think it's time we left.

Everyone Else: Wha!?

Needle: Stuff's happened, and I think I'll just be Shival or Flamethrower Man from now on.

Hard: And I'll just be Shinku Kuwanger.

Top: Well, I hate to see ya go, but...good luck, guys.

Shinku Kuwanger: Thanks, but don't worry! While I was out, I got a gazillion dollars!

Spark: Gazillion?? Is that even a real number?

Gauntlet: Aw, who cares! How much do we get?

Shinku Kuwanger: Well, I can't give you all the money, so I'll just leave you...2 billion dollars!

Everyone Else: Woah!!! Thanks!!!!

Gemini: Alright, now we can get a REAL base!

Flamethrowerman: Hey, what about me?

Shinku Kuwanger: What about you?

Flamethrowerman: Oh, come on!

Shinku Kuwanger: Aw, I was just joking! (Hands Anton a million dollars.)

Snake: Well, *hic* I guess thingsh turned out alright...

Magnet: I guess...

Flamethrowerman: And we learned something today too...

Gauntlet: We did? When?

Flamethrowerman: Well, the MM community of the past was full of great pages and lotsa fun stuff...but they died out eventually. Even Mandi's MMHP is not as popular as it once was and great Megaman Teams have fallen. But it is important to remember that things change and to not let the exit of old friends sadden you to the point of going yourself. Just stick around and wait for the good times to roll back in!

Gauntlet: Very true Need - I mean Flame.

Shinku Kuwanger: Yep!

Top: Well, until the Final Fantasy games actually do manage to conquer all of Mega Land, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs! AND WE'RE RICH! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


This epilogue has been dedicated to all the Megaman webpages that have come before us. May their webmasters move on to better things.

Author's note: Slashman of the Mega Maniacs has actually found this story online and wrote me!

From: "Steven McPhail":
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 8:14 PM
Subject: Just saw your site


I'm writing after finding your web site via web search earlier...I got bored and was using my old screen name, "Slashman", to see what it came up with. I came across this link.../../stories/solo8.html and got a bit of a kick out of it. Glad to see a few people still remember the old MegaManiacs page, as well as some of the other older sites. Glad to see the Mega Man fandom is still kicking, after all these years...scary to think MegaManiacs would have been going on seven years old this year. Best of luck with your site, and I'll keep checking in from time to time(got a real kick out of the "Real Life Wilys" page).

Domon AKA Slashman

Thanks. I'm glad to hear you didn't mind me using your online identity for a small story. To be truthfull, I was a bit nervous an and glad ya don't mind.

Wow. Seven Years. Can hardly beleive it's been so long, really. Makes me feel like an old fogey being able to recall it.



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