Galvatron Returns Part 3

(It's yet another day in the Technodrome. The Mechanical Maniacs are eating Energon Cubes and doing their business, as usual. Who would suspect that today, they face one of their greatest annoyances yet?)

Snake: What a quiet day. I think it's a little ominous. Something really bad always happens on the quiet days.

Gemini Red: Yeah, ain't that the truth!

Gemini Blue: I hear that!


Snake: Hm. Both of you guys are in the same place? I don't think I can really remember the last time I saw you guys together...

Gemini Red: It was when we fought with the Sinister Six a while back. To defeat some villain I can barely recall.* We face way too many villains.

(* It happened in The Sinister Six and X-Force crossover, Return of the Fox!)

Top: Hey, when're you guys gonna make dinner!? I'm starving here!

Snake: IT'S YOUR TURN!!!

Top: No it's not!

Magnet: Hey, guys! Remember when me and Spark used to combine our powers to make a huge flash, and then we'd all say "Mechanical Maniacs UNITE!" We should do that more!

Snake: Nah, that got old - fast! Besides, it kinda hurt my eyes a bit.

(Suddenly, Iceman from the Sinister Six bursts through the main door!)

Ice: Oh MAN! You guys gotta come quick! The entire wor - (SMACK!)

(Iceman gets smacked over the head with a bat and gets knocked unconscious!)

Gauntlet: HAH! NOW who's got the last laugh, prankster!*

(* Getting even from the S6's Season 2 April Fools Special, being ever the vengeful one.)

Needlegal: That was cold.

Gauntlet: Nn.

Needlegal: Aren't you just even a little worried he had something important to tell us?

Gauntlet: Important? ICEMAN!?

Top: Yeah, that is unlikely.

Gauntlet: YOU! What the hell do you do here anyway?

Top: I dunno.

Gauntlet: You do nothing! Even less than I did when I wasn't leader! Come on - at least order pizza for dinner later!

Top: But I hate the phone!

Gauntlet: Alright, that's it...

(Gauntlet whips out his bat again and chases after Topman!)


(Gauntlet chases Topman out of the Technodrome and throws the bat at him!)

Gauntlet: AND STAY OUT!!!!!

(Gauntlet slams the door!)

Top: Two words for you: Anger. Management.

(Back inside the Technodrome...)

Gauntlet: And that takes care of that.

Gemini Red: So, is that all? Frankly, I'm disappointed.

Someone: Don't be. The fun's just started!

Magnet: That voice...

Spark: It can't be...

Gauntlet: YOU!! GALVATRON!!!!!

Galvatron: That's right! I snuck in rather than blast my way through this time!

Hard Chick: Who's that!?

Galvatron: Decepticon City Commander, Galvatron! Herald of Unicron, Galvatron! The Duke of Destru -

Gauntlet: He's gerbil piss, Galvatron!

(The Mechanical Maniacs snicker.)

Galvatron: So, you think that's funny?

(Galvatron transforms into a cannon and blasts Gauntlet apart!)

Needlegal: GAUNTLET!!!

Galvatron: Now, THAT'S hilarious!

Magnet: He's...never been THAT powerful before...

Galvatron: You've faced me at my weakest! But now - powered by Unicron - I have returned to my former power! Ngah!

Spark: Unicron!?

Needlegal: The destroyer of worlds?!

Magnet: Who's he?

(Needlegal hits Magnetman on the head!)

Needlegal: I JUST SAID! Unicron...the Chaos Bringer...the dark god who opposed the Transformer god, Primus...Unicron was driven by his insatiable hunger. He nearly succeeded in destroying the entire Universe until Primus succeeded in trapping him inside a planetoid. A planetoid reshaped into a giant robot body by the mad Primacron who wanted to destroy all life!*

(* Thank you Transformers Online Encyclopedia! But that's offline nowadays, so check out the TF Wiki entry instead!)

Galvatron: That's right...

Needlegal: But, he was supposed to have been destroyed! The power of the Matrix wiped him out! YOU WERE THERE!!!!

Galvatron: Absurd! He came back to plague the universe MANY times! Once, helped by that traitorous Starscream! Another time, he tried to reshape the planet of junk and control Rodimus Prime! He runs rampant in many realities! The Matrix never fully destroyed him!

Needlegal: Then...

Galvatron: I was sent here to destroy all resistance! Unicron needs more power after his resurrection, and this pathetic planet is just right!

Gemini Blue: We'll get you then! For Gauntlet!

Gemini Red: For the world!

(They attack, but Galvatron swipes them aside with no damage! Hard Chick attacks with her Hard Knuckles, but even they are no match for Galvatron's mighty cannon!)

Hard Chick: These things are USELESS!!!

Galvatron: Is that your best? I cannot imagine how you managed to defeat me all those times!

(Suddenly, the main door bursts open!)

Needlegal: Damnit! It was Topman's only job to get locks for this place - AND HE DIDN'T DO IT!!!!

Torchman: Ha-HAH! I have come to destroy you, Mechanical Maniacs!

Galvatron: What foolishness is this!?

Torchman: GALVATRON!? Where did you disappear to!?

Galvatron: Never mind that! If you're here to destroy the Mega Man 3 team, then you're just in time to help me!

Torchman: Excellent! And I brought with me - my new posse!!!

Magnet: His new..."posse"?

Someone Else: Prepare for TROUBLE!

Another Person: And make it...double.

Someone Else: To protect the world from devastation!

Another Person: To unite all people within our nation!

Someone Else: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Another Person: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: JESSIE!

James: James!

Jessie: TEAM ROCKET - blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth: MEOWTH! That's right!

(Torchman, Jessie, James, and Meowth strike a pose!)


Snake: Team...Rocket?

Gemini Red: Oh Torch, how far you've fallen.

Galvatron: ...

Torchman: SHUT UP!!!

Meowth: We're here for all of your Pokemon!

James: Don't give us any trouble now! Just hand them over!

Spark: Damnit! We don't HAVE any Pokemon! This is a MEGAMAN setting! When will you people ever listen?

Jessie: Hm...they do have a point...

Torchman: NO! They DO have a Pokemon!

Juno: Yes. I'm their Pokemon. Do come and steal me.

Meowth: It talks!

Jessie: We'll be rich!

James: Oh-hhhhhhhhhh!

Snake: Wait! That's not -

(Snake gets shoved aside and Meowth uses a drill gadget to destroy the safe where the Pokeball was kept!)

Meowth: I have it!

James: What could it be?

Juno: Why not release me and find out? I have many useful abilities...and candy. I'll share them.

Galvatron: This is ridiculous! I'll -

Jessie: Pokeball - GO!!!

Spark: WAIT!!

(Jessie throws the Pokeball, and it releases MEGAMAN JUNO!!*)

(* Remember, Juno was trapped in Series 2 #5!)

Juno: At...last...

Meowth: That's not...a Pokemon!

Juno: No.

(Megaman Juno them blasts everyone in the room!)

Juno: I am free now. I am free to destroy you all. Thank you, buffoonish carbons. Your misplaced generosity is much appreciated.

James: You're...welcome?

Juno: Allow me to reward you with a swift death.

(Juno is them blasted back by Galvatron!)

Galvatron: Out of my way!

(Torchman transforms into a robotic Dragon!)

Magnet: GAAH! I forgot he could do that!

Torch (Dragon): I sensed your coming! I thought Juno could help! But if you want to do this with me alone, that's -

(Galvatron grabs Torchman by his neck!)

Galvatron: YOU! What's happened to you!? TEAM ROCKET!? I gave you the Transformer technology so you could ally yourself with TEAM ROCKET!? *

(* The PCS6 has had these forms since waaaaay back in Series 1, #4!)

Torch (Dragon): were gone! Things fell apart!

Galvatron: You're pathetic!

(Galvatron throws Torch across the room and blasts him!)

Torch: Owww...

James: HEY! You can't treat a member of Team Rocket that way!

Galvatron: Oh, really?

(Juno attacks Galvatron from behind! Torch uses his Torch Arm to try to fry Galvatron!)

Galvatron: You're dead! All of you! DEAD!!!!! NGAAHHH!!

(Meanwhile, the Mechanical Maniacs sneak into the kitchen...)

Needle: This is going very badly.

Magnet: Yeah, you said it.

Spark: WAIT! I have a plan! Remember that time we fought the Terminators? *

(* the retro tale of Series 2, #14)

Spark: Along with one of Gamma's elements, there was a Transmetal driver! Combined with the Technodrome's own engines and the rest of the SkyNET booster tech and rocket launchers that allow the Technodrome to fly through space, I think we can propel this thing into Unicron and blow him sky high!

Magnet: But only the power of the Matrix can -

Spark: That was in the EIGHTIES!!! Technology's better now! And Unicron's weak from his resurrection! I'll go set it all up, but you guys have to hold on until it's ready! I'll tell you to get outta there when it's done!

(Sparkman runs off! The big blasting sounds outside stop.)


(Galvatron bursts through the door!)

Galvatron: Mechanical Maniacs! You are mine now!

(Galvatron blasts and hits the team! They fall over.)

Galvatron: Ultra Magnus put up more of a fight than you cowards! At least he held his ground against me!!

(Suddenly, Galvatron is hit by a Shadow Blade from behind!)

All: Huh?!

Gauntlet: Miss me?

Needlegal: GAUNTLET! You're alive!

Galvatron: HOW!?

Gauntlet: Now, THAT is a SECRET!

Galvatron: I'll show you a secret!!!

(Galvatron blasts at Gauntlet, but he dodges!)

Gauntlet: (Thinking) He forgot, he's fighting MEGAMAN characters! Like many video game characters, I carried an extra life!

(Gauntlet tosses Shadow Blades at Galvatron, but they have no effect!)

Galvatron: FOOL!! Your weapons are as useless as your friends'!

(Galvatron finally manages to hit Gauntlet and he comes down.)

Galvatron: Now STAY DEAD!

(Hardman and Needle get back up and attack!)

Needle: Geminis! You gotta combine! Maybe that'll up your juice enough to beat him!

Gemini Blue: What? NO! We can't merge!

Gemini Red: We're not the same person, we're two DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Who knows what'll happen if we combine!?

Hard: Do it! Or we're history!!

(Galvatron fights back both robots!)

Gemini Red: goes nothing...

Gem Blue: Good-bye cruel world!

(The Gemini merge!)

All: What!!

Neo Gemini: I am...NEO GEMINIMAN!

Galvatron: Blue, Red, or Purple, I'll defeat you no matter what you call yourself!

(Neo Gemini splits into two and both avoid the blast!)

Neo Gemini: Merging together has more than increased our strength, Galvatron! Feel the power!

(Gemini shoots a Gemini Laser at Galvatron and knocks him back!)

Gauntlet: Alright! Together now! Pour it on!!

(The Maniacs all shoot their weapons at Galvatron together, making him stagger back!)

Galvatron: No...

Hard Chick: We're winning!!

(Suddenly, the ground rumbles...)

Gauntlet: Oh no.


Neo Gemini: Galvatron, I cannot believe you would recreate that beast!

Galvatron: ME!? I am his slave! I am not the one who gathered together the Angolmois energy and reformed that monster! I hate him more than any of you!


(Galvatron writhes in pain and then growls a bit.)

Maniacs: Huh?

(Galvatron starts blasting some more and pushes the Maniacs back!)

Neo Gemini: He's too strong! Even for me!

(The Technodrome then starts rumbling...)

Galvatron: What?

(Suddenly, Galvatron is held by Megaman Juno!)

Juno: You will not defeat me with such ease.

Gauntlet: NOW! Escape!

(The Maniacs run down the halls and are joined by Sparkman!)

Spark: We're lifting off! This thing'll blow any minute! We gotta 'port out!!

(The team is blasted from behind!)

Galvatron: Not so fast! Juno barely slowed me down. I'll rip you all apart!!!!

(Neo Gemini then splits forms!)

Neo Gemini: My other self will distract Galvatron while we all escape!

Gauntlet: "Other self..." You can't unmerge then?

Neo Gemini: I...I dunno...

Hard Chick: Later! Let's split!

(The Manaics teleport out as the Galvatron fights Neo Gemini 2!)

Galvatron: NOOOO!!

(The Technodrome launches into Unicron!)


(The Technodrome explodes within Unicron, blasting him into pieces before he has a chance to devour the Earth!)

Torchman: (While flying through the air with Jesse, James, and Meowth) It looks like I'm all washed up!

James: We're flying high and dry!

Jessie: Ohhh, it looks like Team Rocket's -

Jessie, James, Meowth, Torch: Blasting off agaaaiiiinnnnnnn! *

(A shockwave from the explosion then rocks the Earth!)


Hard Chick: What?


Magnet: Kickass!

Gauntlet: HOW ABOUT THAT!?

Spark: It must be because of the Transmetal Driver!

Gemini: Hey...I'm ME!! LENNON ME! But my Neo powers are gone...

Needlegal: But, then...what happened to Nightmare? Gemini Red?

Gemini Red: I'm over here!

Everyone Else: WHA??

Gemini Red: What?

Gauntlet: You're...Topman!

Top: Oh, yeah. Well, when the wave hit us, I could feel me going back to my home in the Nightmare Dimension...

Gauntlet: "Nightmare Dimension", eh?

Top: And I didn't wanna go back! But Neo Gemini was being transformed into Transmetal Gemini Blue! So, I used the only form left available. Since Topman was thrown out, his form was available to take, and so...

Hard Chick: Transmetal Top! Neat!

Top: Thanks, big guy!

Hard Chick: Yeah, I do look rather mannish...Figures that you would get to switch to Topman while I'm still stuck as clunky old Hard, of course. Ugh.

Spark: It's funny how the only girls on the team are the least feminine-looking.

Needle: Yeah...funny...

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out alright after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: The true meaning of the season?

Needlegal: NO!!! When Galvatron returned he was a real jerk. He treated everyone like garbage - even his buddy Torchman! In the end, Megaman Juno, Torchman, Team Rocket - they all turned on him. If Galvatron treated them all a little better, maybe they'd have joined forces and beat us after all this time.

Gauntlet: Well, it's a good thing Galvy is so anti-social, then!

Gemini: WAIT! What happened to Iceman?

(Elsewhere, Iceman lays black, charred, and bruised.)

Ice:...Oooohhhhhh, Gauntlet, just you'll be sorry...when you least expect...

Top: Well, until Galvatron gets a better personality, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!







A Mouse: Well, that turned out horribly.

Another Mouse: NARF! I thought it was fun, fun exploderooney!

A Mouse: Quiet Pinky or I shall be forced to hurt you.

Pinky: NARF! Sorry, Brain.

Brain: Well, we might have failed in our attempt to control Unicron, but we'll do better tomorrow night.

Pinky: Why? What are we doing tomorrow night?

Brain: What we do EVERY night, Pinky! Try to take over the WORLD!

They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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