Series 3 Issue #1 - Executable Execution

With their fortress destroyed, the Mechanical Maniacs teleported to their old hideout, the Warehouse, which still hasn't been repaired since Gauntlet's battle with Galvatron. There, under candle light the Mechanical Maniacs discuss their future ......

Topman: I can't believe this trash heap was once our old base!

Gauntlet: It wasn't always like this. A fight with Galavtron wrecked it pretty bad.*

(* Series 1 Solo Story part 5)

Geminiman: It's still a dump! It doesn't even have power anymore!

Snake: How'd you manage to survive getting chopped up by King, Re - I mean, Top?

Top: Hm? Well I escaped back to the Nightmare dimension. Since CJ was killed Topman's form was available so I used that.

Needlegal: That's funny, I remember Gauntlet chasing CJ out of the Technodrome with a bat......

Magnet: Who cares! What are we supposed to do now? It's easy enough to get a new base, but somehow I just feel like a change.

Gauntlet: You know what we need? To get out of this city! Away from all these other Megaman teams. I bet we could make a real mark outside the Megaman world!

All: Yeah!

Gauntlet: When we purchased the Technodrome, I also got the Turtle van. We could go in that.

(And so, the Mechanical Maniacs head for the world outside the Megaman universe! Until Spyder steps in front of the van!)

Spyder: STOP!!!!! I have to warn you all before It's too -

(The Maniacs hit the breaks a little too late and send Spyder flying!)

Needlegal: Ouch.

Geminiman: Whadya suppose he wanted to tell us.

Gauntlet: Aw, who cares. Look ahead! The customs station!

(The 'Maniacs get stopped)

Customs agent: I'll have to ask you to get out of the vehicle.

(The 'Maniacs get out.)

Snakeman: Is there some problem?

Customs officer: Yeah, you bet there is!

(The 'Maniacs get hit with a stun blast from a hidden gun!)

Spark: Agh! That even effected ME! What's your problem!?

Customs officer: You mean you haven't deduced my identity yet? I'm surprised.....

Gauntlet: "DEDUCED YOUR IDENTITY!? You hit us with a stun ray within minutes of meeting you! We're not psychic ya know!

Customs Officer: Still, you -

Gauntlet: NO STILL! You jerk!

(The customs officer throws away his disguise revealing ....)

Customs Officer? - Now! You recognize me!

Magnet: .... no I think we'd remember a face like that ....

Customs officer: AGH!!! I'm SHARKMAN!!!!!

Geminiman: You don't look like Sharkman...

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Sharkman: AGH! IDIOTS! Capcom recently redesigned several robot masters for the game Megaman Battle Network. I am one of them. You may now address me as SHARKMAN EXE!!!!!!!!

Top: Ugh. I though you'd given up on all this "destroying us" nonsense ........

Sharkman EXE: I had.... Until Unicron's explosion triggered this change! Then my path was clear. I had to give robot masters an upgrade into EXE form! It is my destiny to upgrade the Megaman Universe!

Top: Uh .... hunh.

Sharkman EXE: Let's see who's compatible with my new program!

(Sharkman EXE blasts the team with a strange ray!)

Needlegal: HAH! That didn't hurt one bit!

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Sparkman: And we weren't changed one bit!

Sharkman EXE: OH no?

Shadowman EXE: I am now SHADOWMAN EXE!!!

(Shadowman EXE tosses a Shadowblade at the team!)

Needlegal: Perfect....


(The team clash and .... )

Shadowman EXE: Their beating us!

Sharkman EXE: We'll fight to the bitter end!

Shadowman EXE: "Bitter end"? I'm not committed enough to this to go there! Later!

(Shadowman EXE throws down a gas pellet and disappears in a cloud of smoke!

Sharkman EXE: NO! You were supposed to be loyal!

Snake: Give up yet?!

Sharkman EXE: NO WAY! I made one stop before I headed here to destroy you! Meet.... The Sinister Six EXE!!!

Needlegal: Oh, brother!

Iceman EXE: You'll be sorry you crossed us!

Fireman EXE: You'll never defeat the Sinister Six EXE team!

Snake: Hey, wait. Where's Cutman?

Bombman EXE: He hated EXE SO much, that he refused to participate.

Elecman EXE: Why don't you all just accept the inevitable peacefully? We'll lock you up in the basement until your compatible with the EXE program!

Needlegal: Alright, team! Come close!

(Needlegal whispers a plan...)

Iceman EXE: HEY! No fair whispering!

Sharkman EXE: Yeah! Tell us your plan like good Super heroes!

Needlegal: Alright, well, instead of a big fight, let's see who can win in a contest of wits. A poker game! Your smarts against lil' ol' me!

Gutsman EXE: That would be Andon. No one can beat him in a contest of smarts!

Elecman EXE: Thank you, Tim. I am up to the challenge!

Sharkman EXE: But - NO! We gotta destroy the inferior models!

Fireman EXE: That wouldn't be very friendly.

Iceman EXE: Yeah, you social reject! Let's do this the peaceful way!

(And so, the battle of wits begins! It is a grueling match as Needlegal is doing unexpectantly well.....)

Elecman EXE: I must admit .... your much better at this than I had anticipated....

Needlegal: Nah, I'm not doing very well....

Elecman EXE: You are. But this time you won't beat me!

(Elecman calls and they reveal their hands for the final time in the game!)

Needlegal: Straight!

Elecman EXE: Unfortunately for you, I have 4 of a kind!

Needlegal: Aw, poo!

Elecman EXE: Don't worry, you'll like it in our basement!

Topman: Not so fast! Were not going anywhere!

Elecman EXE: What? But we had a deal!

Magnet: We're known for our trickiness!

Elecman EXE: Then we'll simply have to battle you into submission!

Needlegal: Oh, I don't think so. While we were playing, my team handed out complimentary beverages, all loaded with a big dose of codeine and vallarium. Strong sedatives. This mix'll knock them out for the rest of the day!

Elecman EXE: Then I'll subdue you myself!

(Elecman EXE tries to balst the 'Maniacs, but nothing happens!)

Elecman EXE: What???

Sparkman: Your connected to me now, buddy! We wired you while you were playing cards!

Elecman EXE: Crud. But you forgot about Shadow...

(Shadowman EXE falls out of a tree)

Needlegal: He stole some of the drink, just as I though he would.

Elecman EXE: Ah, but now -

(Sparkman then draws out Elecman EXE's power, knocking him out!)

Spark: I know that was rude, but this gotta end sometime this century!

(And so, Sparkman uses his expertise to UN "EXE" the Sinister Six and Gauntlet....)

Sharkman EXE: You mean you DON'T wanna be an EXE team??

Gauntlet: Um, no.

Gutsman: It woulda been nice if you asked us before you just busted in too!

Sharkman EXE: But being EXE is cool!

(Gauntlet whacks Sharkman EXE upside the head!)

Elecman: And I don't appreciate low level mind control either!

Sharkman EXE: I guess I can appreciate your point. I suppose I'll just ... ask ... a bunch of people if they' like to form an EXE team.....

Iceman: Aw! Not another team! Man, my idea's been so used lately....

(Iceman storms off muttering to himself.)

Gauntlet: Yeah, who'll wanna belong to a EXE team!?

Sharkman EXE: I'm sure I'll find someone.....

Gauntlet: It boggles the mind!

(And so the team ventures beyond the video game world....)

Snake: Hm.....I guess things turned out alright after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gauntlet: That friends come and go, but family is forever?

Needlegal: You need to stop watching TV, Gauntlet. Rots the brain. No, we learned that people should ASK before they do something. Sharkman EXE just assumed everyone would want to be EXE just like him! But no one likes to be forced into a team.

Gauntlet: I guess that's an okay moral.

(Gauntlet then catches a pie in midair!)

Gauntlet: Your lucky I caught that, prankster!

Ice: I'll get you yet, Gauntlet!

Top: Well, until Sharkman rules the seven seas, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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