Series 3 Issue #3 - Geminiman's Birthday

By: Gemini Man (Lennon)

The day starts like any other day on the road for the Mechanical Maniacs.

Lennon: (Waking up) Hey! I can't see!

A mysterious figure rips some duct tape covering Lennon's eyes off.

Lennon: OW! Hey!

Gary: HA! HA! April Fools!

*Runs off and vanishes without a trace*

Writer's Note: For those that are a bit slow my birthday is on April Fools.

Lennon: Damn! I'll get you back Ice!


Lennon: Hey guys!

Gauntlet: Hey Gemini!

Needlegal: Morning!

Titanium91: Hey Gem, want some breakfast?

Sean: Yeah, have a bite.


Nightmare: Shut up! It's a secret.

Lennon: Okay! I'm aware it's April Fools so don't bother pulling any tricks!

Jacob: We would never do such a thing.

Gauntlet: Have a seat.

*Tries to hide a smile*

Lennon looks at Gauntlet for a while and decides to sit at a different seat.

A Search Snake pops up and bites Lennon.

Lennon: OW!

All (except Lennon): APRIL FOOLS!

Lennon attacks Jacob but is easily over powered.

Jacob: Psycho!

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Nightmare: Remember Search Snakes are his weakness.

Sean: That's the point.

Lennon: *remains silent*

Needlegal: I guess he's not in a laughing mood.

Titanium91: Well he has been through a lot. Remember the time he was tied to the tow bar of the station wagon*?

*This happened in S2 #19.

Gauntlet: Yeah that was pretty funny.

After a while Lennon goes back to sleep.

Nightmare: Hey what's with him?

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Sean: What's that? It's his birthday?

Gauntlet: I didn't know that!

Needlegal: I don't think anyone did.

Mysterious voice: Why don't we all sit down and relax?

Jacob: That's a good idea Magnet.

Titanium91: What? I didn't say anything.

The mysterious person turns out to be Jonathan.

Jonathan: APRIL FOOLS! *Pushes a button* Bolts of electricity hit the Maniacs.

All: AH!

Jonathan: *Laughs like a maniac and holds the button*

Titanium91 explodes (He's weak against electricity).

Jonathan: Oops!*Disappears without a trace*

Sean: I guess we better rebuild Magnet.

Needlegal: Aren't we going to throw some sought of birthday party?

Nightmare: For whom?

Needlegal and Nightmare: Gemini! Jinx!

Needlegal and Nightmare: Rats!

Jacob punches both of them.

Needlegal and Nightmare: OW!

Jacob: *punches them again* You can't talk in jinx! Ha! Ha!

Gauntlet: Okay Hard and Top go find Gem a present. Here's some money.

Nightmare: Yes! I'm out of jinx. This is real money? You're a bit generous Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: I guess I am. Hey, what's that?

Everyone looks behind them and Gauntlet switches the money with counterfeit money


Gauntlet: Are you done rebuilding Magnet?

Sean: I'm nearly done with his head.

Needlegal: You better be! I have a feeling someone's going to attack.

Jacob: *Punches Needlegal* Yeah we have been here for quite a while.

Sean: Relax. If someone is coming to get us either Top, Hard or Gemini will come back and warn us.

Needlegal: Actually, Top can't he's in jinx.

Jacob: *Punches Needlegal*

Needlegal: Ow!

Gauntlet: Hey! This is getting old. We still need to throw a surprise party for Gem.

Jacob: I might as well prepare it.


Wily: Finally I have tracked down the Mechanical Maniacs!

Chimera: So what's going to happen boss?

Spin: Yeah, what's your master plan?

Wily: You see Spin Man, We will follow him and attack once he reaches wherever the MM are.

War: Brilliant plan boss!


Lennon: Great. Looks like they left.

All (except Lennon): SURPRISE!

Lennon: (shocked) Wow! A surprise party! What's the trick?

Gauntlet: No trick. Hard told us it was your birthday so we decided to throw you a party.

Sean: We couldn't get many presents though.

Titanium91: Clown decided to pay a visit.

Lennon: That would explain why you're in bits and pieces.

Jacob: I guess Sparky is getting a bit rusty.

Sean: Hey!

Lennon: Well… Let's open some presents!

After a few presents Lennon finds the last present.

Lennon: Is this the legendary Seven Force?

Nightmare: Unfortunately no. It's a replica; it doesn't have the transforming ability and we painted it blue. It cost quite a bit.

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Gauntlet: Not really, thanks to my counterfeit money making machine!

Lennon: Thanks guys.

Wily: And thank you for being in one place.

All: Wily!

Gauntlet: I thought Top killed you!

Claw: What Top destroyed was his robotic clone.

Wily: Well lets cut to the chase.

Chimera: What chase? They don't seem to be running.

War: Are you thick or something?

Wily: Never mind him. I've created a gem that will drain the power of one of your Transmetal bodies and leave you helpless. Now who should go first?

Wily throws the gem at Gauntlet.

Wily: Now I'll have my revenge!

Lennon: Look out!

Lennon pushes Gauntlet out of the way and takes the blast.

Wily: What?

Lennon stands in his normal clothes, in his human form with an energy shield surrounding him.

Wily: (Stunned) um… Attack!

War: W Strike!

Hardman's armor withstands the blast.

Gauntlet: That was unexpected.

Needlegal: (now out of jinx) I know.

Jacob: Forget it. Let's just beat these guys into a pulp.

The battle starts.

Lennon: I'd do something but I'm too weak in my human form.

Gauntlet: Their stronger than usual!

Titanium91: Hey! Watch where you step! I'm the head of Magnet the Mighty!

Spin: You're not the only one who can spin!

Nightmare: Maybe but I'm the better model!

Lennon: Wait a sec! I got an idea.

Wily: Hey! This looks like fun!

Wily uses the gem and transform into Gemini Man.

Wily: Gemini Laser!

Needlegal: OW! I've had enough!

Needlegal nails Wily with Needle Cannon causing him to lose the gem.

Lennon: Yes!

*Grabs the gem and transforms*

Lennon: Now! Gemini Force! Ram into Wily's minions!

Gauntlet hits Chimera with a Shadow Blade forcing him into Claw

Claw: Hey! Back off!

Spin: What do you think you're doing?

The 4 start to fight.

Nightmare: Take this! Top spin!

The force knocks Wily's minions over and Gemini Force destroys them all.

Wily: No! You'll pay for this!


Lennon: Ha! I knew it! All Megaman characters are weak to spikes!

Jacob: Hmm… I guess everything turned out all right.

Needlegal: And we learned something to.

Gauntlet: And the magic moment…

Needlegal: April Fools is a great day for practical jokes but sometimes you can go too far.

Titanium91: Yeah. I'm a man without a body

Lennon: Which reminds me I built a transmitter so you can use Gemini Force as transport when you need it.

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

The transmitter zaps the Maniacs except Lennon.


Nightmare: Well until Chimera becomes smart we are The Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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