Series 3 Issue # 15 - Spirit of the Sword

After the events of The Ultimate Duel Lennon has left the ‘Maniacs in search for his own past. We join him in his quest, which has led, him to a strange city.

Lennon: It’s about time that path ended.

All the townspeople stare at Lennon.

Lennon: What? Not like you’ve ever seen a robot.

Townspeople: *Mutter and talking amongst themselves*

Some guy: He returned! The one who helped Hwang has returned!

Lennon: Huh? Do I know any of you?

Before any can answer, a man walks up to Lennon.

Stranger: Welcome back Lennon. You’ve changed a lot since we last saw you.

Lennon: Wait a sec. I remember you. You’re from the game Soul Blade*. You’re Hwang Sung Kwang!

*Soul Blade (Soul Edge in Japan) was a fighting game similar to Tekken for the PSX. 10 warriors all went on a quest to find the legendary sword known as Soul Edge. Hwang Sung Kwang is a Korean warrior who has devoted himself to protecting his country. He has mastered the art of Seung's Long Blade, which was taught by Seung Han Myong and joined the Coast Guard to protect the country from the Japanese threat. Hwang was sent on a quest to find Soul Edge because the coast guard believed it would help his country during the war.

Hwang: Indeed. You seem to have forgotten our journey to find the Soul Edge.

Lennon: Soul Edge? You mean the the swords that you thought would save your country.

Hwang: Yes. You are slowly regaining your memory I see.

Lennon: Wait. I’ve never been to Korea in my life. So how could I have helped you in your journey to find the Soul Edge?

Hwang: That’s what you think. We’ll talk later. Let’s go to the temple. Mina* and my master are waiting.

*Seung Mina is Han Myong's daughter. She went on the quest to find Soul Edge to prove she's not a little girl anymore. Despite her father's or Hwang's orders she is determined to find the sword and bring it back to Korea instead of Hwang.

Meanwhile in some wasteland miles away from any signs of life…

Nightmare: Damn it Gauntlet! You just had to take that shortcut didn’t you!

Gauntlet: Hey! The sign said it would cut hours off our journey.

Needlegal: Would you two stop arguing! We need to find out where we can get some more fuel.

Xelloss: Well I did see a gas station a few hours back when Mister Gauntlet took the shortcut.

Titanium91: Then how come you never told us?

Xelloss: I figured you would’ve already seen it and thought you didn’t need any fuel.

Sean: Well did it occur to you that the fuel gauge was already on low when we past.

Xelloss: Hey. Don’t put me in this argument I’m not even part of the team. *Disappears*

Jacob: Damn. I guess we're stuck here.

Nightmare: Why don’t we just call Gemini Force and fly to the gas station?

Needlegal: Hello. Have you forgotten something? Gem took Gemini Force with him on his ‘spiritual journey’

Nightmare: Ok. Why don’t we push the car back?

Jacob: Only one person is strong enough to push that car.

Titanium91: No Way I’m going to push that car. Magnet the Mighty doesn’t push cars!

Jacob: Not you Maggie! I’m talking about Clown over there! *Points to Jonathan who happens to be looking through a bag of tricks*

Jonathan: What? Who called?

Needlegal: You think you could push the car to the gas station Hard Man?

Jonathan: Nope.

Needlegal: Why not?

Jonathan: Too busy. *Throws a pie at Needlegal* Clown related stuff.

Sean: I know. Why don’t we get Gauntlet to get the fuel?

Gauntlet: Wait a sec! I’m not walking all the way back there.

Titanium91: Come on Gauntlet. You got us into this mess so you gotta get us out.

Gauntlet: But…

Jacob: No buts Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: Fine! I’ll go get the stupid fuel. (grumbling to himself)

Back in Korea. Hwang and Lennon have arrived at a temple where Han Myong* awaits they’re arrival.

*Han Myong is Hwang's teacher and Mina's father. He wishes Mina to marry Hwang and Hwang to inherit the school so he can teach Seung's Long Blade as well. Not much else is known about Han Myong.

Hwang: Sensei. I have returned with Lennon.

Han Myong: So this is the famous swordsman who helped you and Mina on your quests.

Hwang: Yes, master.

At this point a girl appeared behind Han Myong.

Han Myong: Look who it is Mina.

Seung Mina: Lennon? You’ve returned?

Han Myong: Yes. He has returned.

Mina greets Lennon with a hug.

Seung Mina: It’s so good to see you again.

Lennon: Ok. Wait a minute. How do all of you know me? I only know you 3 through a video game.

Han Myong: I’ll explain, Lennon. You lived in the real world but your spirit was in the video game world. You spirit created a form inside this world so when you played a game you become a part of it.

Lennon: I see.

Han Myong: How else could you have learned the skills you have as a swordsman today?

Hwang: You were quite the swordsman back then. When I found Mina and decided to return to Korea we were lost in the desert and lost our water supply. But you came along and offered us your help. We were able to return thanks to your help.

Seung Mina: Lennon. Tell this what you’ve been doing all this time since you left us.

Lennon: Well I’m not sure about my past but I can talk about my life in Megaman World.

And so Lennon started his story from the point he joined the Megaman Community. Elsewhere Gauntlet has finally reached the gas station.

Gauntlet: Damn them. I’m finally here. My vengeance shall be swift and severe. (grumbling some more)

Man at Station: Welcome. How can I help you?

Gauntlet: Yeah I’d like several cans of fuel. Could you hurry up as well?

Man at Station: Certainly. Will you be paying by cash or credit card?

Gauntlet: Look I just walked over several high mountains and through a wasteland. Just give me the damn fuel!

Man at Station: Fine. Then you’ll pay with your life!

The Man reveals himself to be Torch Man.

Gauntlet: Not you again! I’ve had a bad day as it is.

Torch: Too bad. Looks like you have no friends to help you now.

Gauntlet: If you’re talking about the Terminator it was attacking us!


Gauntlet: Fine. Well you might as well give up now.

Torch: Why.

Gauntlet: Because this whole gas station is going to blow in 10 seconds.

Torch: But how?! You can't have…

Gauntlet: 10.

Torch quickly runs out of sight.

Gauntlet: Damn that was too easy.

Suddenly Gauntlet is knocked down.

Torch: Nice try Gauntlet. But you forgot I’m fireproof.

Gauntlet: Damn.

Back at the temple Quint seems crashed in with the Mech Dragon from Megaman 2.

Quint: Ha! I’m back and this time you have no Terminator, electric fan, band or car to hit me with. And I stole Wily’s Dragon to make sure I beat you.

The Dragon goes out of control and throws Quint away.

Quint: No! I’ll get you next time!

Lennon: Damn he never quits.

Hwang: You think we could take on the dragon?

Lennon: Simple. I reckon I could defeat him with my hands tied behind my back.

The Dragon shoots a fireball burning Lennon to a crisp.

Seung Mina: Lennon!

Lennon: Ok then. I guess It’ll be much harder than I thought. Could someone pour some water on me?

Back at the Gas Station.

Torch: Looks like Quint has summoned the Mech Dragon.

Gauntlet: Aw, nuts. Not another dragon! I’m beginning to get sick of them.

The dragon breathes fire at Torch.

Torch: Hey! I’m on your side!

The dragon eats Torch. And spits a fireball at the Gas Station blowing it up along with the cans of fuel.

A large explosion hits the temple where Lennon, Hwang, Mina and Han Myong are and Gauntlet appears along with along with the remains of the gas station.

Lennon: Gauntlet?

Gauntlet: Gemini? What are you doing here? And who are those 3?

Lennon: I’ll explain later. First we better slay the dragon.

Gauntlet, Lennon, Hwang, Mina and Han Myong attack the dragon but they’re attacks are too slow.

Lennon: Wait I got an idea. Hwang I need your sword.

Hwang: Sure.

Lennon: Good. Now Mina, Gauntlet, when the dragon is stunned attack full force.

Seung Mina: Ok

Gauntlet: Got it.

Lennon leaps into the air.

Lennon: Come on. This better work.

Lennon stabs the sword into the dragon’s head and suddenly a spirit slices through the dragon’s body. Gauntlet and Seung Mina attack the dragon and it dies.

Lennon: Yeah.

Gauntlet: How’d you do that?

Lennon: Simple. I summoned the power of my spirit into Hwang’s Sword and used it against the dragon. Because if I’m here as my true self, my spirit self should also be here. I figured out my spirit was just my twin so I used him to attack.

Everyone stood there stunned. Suddenly Gauntlet disappeared along with the gas station.

Seung Mina: Hey where’d he go?

Lennon: Doesn’t matter. Anyway, I better get going. Thanks for helping me recover a bit of my past. *Looks at his watch* Hmm. New Years is coming. It’s a shame I don’t have any friends to celebrate with though.

Seung Mina: Don’t say that.

Hwang: Yeah. We’re your friends. Why don’t you stay here for New Years? Get a good rest.

Lennon: Really? Thanks.

And so Lennon stayed with Hwang and Seung Mina for New Years. Gauntlet on the other hand had a bit of trouble with the Mechanical Maniacs.

Nightmare: You lost the fuel?

Needlegal: How are we supposed to get going with no transport?

Gauntlet: Hey! It’s not my fault!

Jonathan: Yeah it was the dragon. You know you could have come up with a better excuse.

Jacob: Hmm… I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learned something to.

Gauntlet: That you can park kids in front of a TV. That’s how I was raised and I turned out TV.

Needlegal: No. We learnt that we should never trust Gauntlet to do anything right. Honestly, a dragon attacked you!

Gauntlet: Hey! I’m telling the truth!

Nightmare: Well until Gemini’s epilogues make more sense we are… The Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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