Series 3 Issue # 7 - The Metropolis Superhero Convention Part Two - STOP!! Xelloss is one powerful guy!

Last Issue, the Mechanical Maniacs made their way to the city of Metropolis to attend the superhero convention and make their mark as super heroes! However, all was not right as Barry claimed to be the true Gauntlet! After a brief battle Barry was subdued, but our heroes had little time to rest when Xelloss stepped forward and accused Gauntlet of stealing his catch phrase "that is a secret". Unwilling to give up the catch phrase, Gauntlet flees, only to be blasted into a wall! Could the mysterious Xelloss be even more powerful and sneaky than Shadowman? And what was Galvatron planning?? All questions shall be answered here and now!

Gauntlet: I'll never give up!

(Gauntlet then splits into 3 and goes off in different directions!)

Xelloss: Oh, dear.

Geminiman: Hey! That's my trick!

Needlegal (whispering): Don't worry, Gauntlet didn't really split up. Those are just illusions. New power thanks to the Transmetal armor.

(Xelloss blasts one, and it disappears!)

Xelloss: Oh, I see. Very clever, Gauntlet. But it won't stop me for long!

(Xelloss then disappears!)

Snakeman: He gone?

(explosions are heard!)

Needlegal: Nope.

Aquaman: What should we do!? Should we stop this??

Wonder Woman: I don't know! I don't even know who this Xelloss guy is!

Magnetman: I'd like to know that too.

Needlegal: Well, you see, Xelloss is actually one very powerful monster. So powerful in fact that, in the War of the Monster's Fall, he destroyed an entire army of Golden Dragons all by himself!

Snakeman: NO WAY!

Needlegal: Way. He served some old dark lord who're trapped inside a mountain. He's very, very powerful He was once blasted in half by Gav, the Demon Dragon King, and he still survived! He also doesn't disappear. He side steps into sub space. That allows for very quick travel.

Magnetman: I think our fearless leader's in trouble now.

Topman: Should we help him or something?

Needlegal: Maybe with all these heroes helping, we can stop Xelloss!

Xelloss (from across the room): Running will only make things worse!

(More explosions!)

Tick: Egads! He's destroying the club!

American Maid: We have to stop him!

Die Fladermaus: Yeah, you go do that. Meanwhile, I'll formulate a .... strategy!

American Maid: Your worthless!

Player 2: OH SHUT UP!

(A loud crash is heard as Gauntlet is knocked clear out of the building!)

Needlegal: We have to help him!

Hardman: I think we have bigger problems. I don't like the look of these heroes!

(Everyone in the room is arguing! Some fights have even broken out!)

Topman: This is nuts! We gotta get outta here!

Needlegal: NO! We need help to defeat Xelloss!

American Maid: You think we'll help you!? Your just some super hero wanna-bees!

(American maid throws a shoe at Needlegal and hits her in the head!)

Needlegal: OW! What the Hell!? I got hit with a friggin' shoe!

(Suddenly, American Maid is attacked by Wonder Woman!)

Wonder Woman: By Hera, I do not need another woman copying me!

Die Fladermaus: Yeah! Go get her!

(Suddenly Die Fladermaus is attacked by Batman!)

Batman: Coward! Impostor!

Needlegal: Stop it! This is stupid! Your supposed to be heroes!

(Needlegal is then hit with webbing!)

Spiderman: Shut yer trap! We'll act however we wanna act!

(Needlegal bursts free!)

Spiderman: Not gonna just lie low? Too bad!

(Spiderman leaps forward, but he's swatted aside by Topman's Top Spin!)

Thor: Dost thou seeest that?! Spiderman hast been attacked!

Cyclops: We can't let a Marvel hero just take that! ATTACK!!!!!

Hardman: Just great.

(The battle rages and the 'Maniacs are forced to split up! The room rages in chaos and everyone is at each other's throats!)


(Hardman shoots 2 Hard Knuckles at Hulk, yet it only makes Hulk mad! And the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!)


Hardman: Um. Would you mind terribly if I just sorta ...

Hulk: NO!!!

(Hulk punches Hardman clear across the room!)

(Hardman's landing is softened by Cable who is rendered unconscious by the impact!)

Hardman: Whoa! This place is crazier than me!

(The riot rages and Geminiman finds himself splitting into 6 versions of himself as he searches for the others, but even he cannot locate his teammates!)

Snakeman: Find anything??

Geminiman: No! There are too many of these stupid super heroes!!

Snakeman: I know! Every time I try a Search Snake, it gets destroyed before it does us any good!

(Elsewhere, Topman and Magnetman are in the air vents seeking escape from the lunacy.....)

Topman: Eventually, everyone'll end up outside! So, that's where we'll be!

Magnetman: Good thinking!


Magnetman: Have you noticed all this red mist?

Topman: Yeah. I chalked it up to poor caretaking!

(Suddenly, they hear voices....)

Mystery man 3: POOPIES!!!!

Galvatron: Uh, right.

Mystery man 2: This plan was ingenious! This hate plague will make all the heroes destroy each other and then WE can take power! We .... THE LEGION OF DOOM!!!!!

Mystery man: We know, Skeletor! We thought up the plan!

Mystery man 4: Yes, what an odd thing to say ... unless .....

(Mystery man 4 shoots a blast at the vent where Magnet and Top were listening and they fall to the ground!)

Topman: Uh-oh.

Magnetman: MY GOD!!!! Skeletor! Krang! Cobra Commander! Mumm-ra! Galvatron! What the Hell are you doing here!?

Cobra Commander: IDIOTS!! Didn't we just say that!?

Krang: I knew that someone must have been listening in on us when Skeletor reviewed the plot! Supervillany is like that!

Magnetman: What is your problem!?

Galvatron: When I couldn't defeat you myself, I asked my friends at the Supervillains Retirement home for help. Now you will be finished!

Mumm-ra: 3: Blah, bleh boo ha hAH!

Topman: Our Transmetal armor. must make us immune to the effects of the plague!

Skeletor: WE DON'T CARE! You'll die all the same!

(And so, Topman and Magnetman do battle with the 80's supervillains! However, the villain's have superior numbers and the powerful Galvatron as an ally and the two 'Maniacs are overwhelmed!)

Magnetman: This cannot be the end .... of MAGNET THE MIGHTY!!!!

Cobra Commander: Pathetic fools! You cannot hope to win against our power! COOOOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAA!

Galvatron: Shut up, you irritating twit!

Cobra Commander: How dare you speak that way to me!

Krang: Stay focused! We can knock them out and then set them in a deathtrap!

Galvatron: Or we can just KILL THEM!

Mumm-ra: bubub-BLAH!

(Mumm-ra shoots out bolts of electricity at Magnet and Top! Topman uses his speed to dodge, but Magnet is knocked out by the blast!)


Well, killing them outright MIGHT work, but where's the drama?

(Elsewhere, Sparkman has caught up to Xelloss and Gauntlet!)

Sparkman: Hey! Stop!!! You guys!!!


Sparkman (to himself): They're ignoring me.....

(Sparkman shoots out several spark shots around the area and gets Xelloss' attention!)

Sparkman: I SAID TO STOP!!

Gauntlet: Yeowch! What'd you do that for!

Xelloss: How rude.

Sparkman: Listen, guy. Ain't there some way we can work this out?

Xelloss: Nope.

(Xelloss blasts Sparkman across the room!)

Xelloss: Now where were we, Gauntlet? Gauntlet?


Xelloss: Oh, my. He's really making this more difficult than it needs to be.

(Meanwhile, Topman facing the Legion of Doom alone.)

Topman (while dodging blasts): I can't keep this up forever! It took all of us to defeat Galvatron and now I gotta beat him AND his friends all by myself! Eventually their gonna get a shot in and then.....

(Suddenly the roof caves in and in comes....)

Top, Galvatron, Krang, Cobra Commander, Skeletor: SUPERMAN!!!!!

Mumm-ra: Hunh????

Superman: So, this is what's causing all the commotion. Aren't all of you retired??

Cobra Commander: Why, yes we are o mighty Superman! I was not involved in any of this. THEY brought me here!

Krang: YOU RAT!

Topman: He's lying! They were all in on it!

Superman: I know. I overheard them with my super-hearing. I can tell all this chaos is caused by a machine hidden inside that wall there, near the vents. They're filling the rooms with spores that cause people to become violent, for no reason at all. I imagine they immunized themselves, and my own immune systems seems able to counteract the spores.

Topman: So what are you gonna do??

Superman: Well a little blast of heat vision to disable the device (Superman destroyed the device) and a light dose of heat vision on everyone here will probably leave them a little sunburned, but otherwise all right.

Skeletor: No! This time we'll stop you!!! My magic will destroy you!!

(Superman dodges the blasts)

Superman: Yes, I'm vulnerable to magic, but only if I let it touch me.

(Superman then uses super breath to encase the villains in ice!)

Cobra Commander: So .... cold!

(Galvatron bursts free!)

Galvatron: It'll take more than that to stop me!!!

(Galvatron blasts Superman, but Superman is unaffected!)

Galvatron: Impossible!!!

Superman: Galvatron ... NOTHING is impossible!

(Superman then uppercuts Galvatron through the hole in the roof and out of sight!)

Topman: Whoa!

(Superman then blasts away and catches Galvatron and brings the unconscious robot back to the room.)

Superman: Now to finish this.

(Superman moves at super speed, and uses his heat vision to destroy all the spores in the building!)

(And later, the heroes reconvene in the main hall.....)

Wonder Woman: Thank Hera you arrived, Superman.

Green Arrow: Yeah, I was losing my mind!

Die Fladermaus: Yeah, congratulations and all that. Now I have a sexy tan to impress all the ladies!

American Maid: Oh, brother!

Player 2: Oh, will you all Shut up! I coulda done that if I wanted to!! Super-phony!!

Superman: Player 2? Is that ... you??

Player 2: Oh, so you finally deem yourself WORTHY to talk to me, do you!? Damn right it's me!!

Superman: What happened to you!? We used to look exactly the same....

Player 2: Don't judge me! Man, I hear everyone dying all around the world! I can see dozens of murders and rapes all the time!

Superman: Player 2, you can turn those powers off!

Player 2: ...... SHUT UP!!!

Xelloss: So Mister Gauntlet and I have come to an understanding!

Gauntlet: Yeah. I can occasionally use Xelloss' catch phrase and he won't turn me inside out! And all I have to do is a simple favor!

Needlegal: Which is?

Xelloss: Gauntlet's favor is ....

(The 'Maniacs listen intently.)

Xelloss: Something I have not thought of yet.

The 'Maniacs: UGH!

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gauntlet: If it's something about stealing catch phrases ....

Needlegal: No. We learned the power of experience. Those old villains' experience allowed them to nearly destroy the heroes here. If they had, then the world woulda been a goner for sure!

Gauntlet: But they didn't win. Their experience didn't help them at all!

(Gauntlet then catches a pie in midair!)

Gauntlet: Your lucky I caught that, jester!

Hardman: Meh. Next time.

Xelloss: Very amusing, Mister Hardman!

Topman: Well, until Gauntlet thinks of a better catch phrase, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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