Series 3 Issue # 12 - Terminated

After basking in publicity after their encounter with the evil Cell and saving the world, The Mechanical Maniacs have been given a vehicle and several capsules by the grateful people. It is now night time and our heroes are driving along a dusty highway looking for a place to rest. The road is clear of traffic and it looks like smooth sailing ahead. But looks can be deceiving.......

Gauntlet: Dammit. Where's a hotel when you really need one!?

Needlegal: Don't worry, we'll find one soon.

Hard Chika: Yeah, in the meantime, everyone move over! There's not much room here!

Gemini Red: Well, you DO take up most of the -

Snakeman: Hey, wait. Something's not right here.

Topman: I'll say. Sarah's too big for her own -

Snakeman: No, I mean, things really shouldn't be happening like this.


Geminiman: Well, what makes YOU the expert?

Magnetman: No, wait....... I can tell something's up too.

Gemini Red: Everything seems fine to me.

Topman: Yeah, me too.

Magnetman: NO, man! Don't you remember?? Topman died!!

Topman: I DIED!!?? I think not!

Magnetman: No! He did! Remember?? He died trying to kill Wily!*

(*See Return of Galvatron Part 1)

Topman: I did so not die!

Geminiman: Really?? I seem to remember him being killed by King right after getting his Transmetal armor.....*

(*See Return of Galvatron Part 2)

Gauntlet: Funny ... I get the distinct impression I kicked him out for being too lazy.....*

(*Return of Galvatron Part 3 - see? It's all coming together!)

Topman: ME lazy?! Never!

(The Mechanical Maniacs glare at C.J.)

Topman: Well .... maybe a little bit......

Snakeman: And I distinctly remember doing well against those pro wrestlers.... but I also remember sucking .....*

(*See Series 2 #15 and Series 3 #10!)

Hard Chika: Actually, I think I remember it happening two different ways myself....

Topman: Hey, didn't I knock out the Rock!? I distinctly remember THAT!

Topman: Hm..... the day I was eaten by cannibals makes very little sense.....

(Gauntlet pulls over the car, and the Maniacs get out onto the deserted street.)

Snakeman: Whoa! This is kinda freaky!

Gemini Red: Tell me about it.

Topman: Tell YOU about it!? I'M the one everyone seems to think DIED!!

Xelloss: Oh, dear. Look what's happened to you.

Gauntlet, Snakeman, Magnetman, Needlegal, Geminiman, Sparkman: Xelloss!

Hard Chika: Who??

Gemini Red: I don't remember any Xelloss.

Gauntlet: Oh, Xelloss is all right. Don't worry about him.


Gauntlet: Actually, Xelloss is kind of a jerk. But he may have some insight into the situation.

Xelloss: I'm hurt.

Sparkman: So? What's going on, Xel?

Xelloss: Hm. Well, I think there must be some sort of temporal anomaly going on. I think I may be able to clear it all up.....

(Xelloss casts a spell and in a bright flash Hard Chika, Topman, and Gemini Red disappear and are replaced by the current version of them!)

Topman: Whoa! That was weird! It felt good to be Gemini Red again.

Hardman: What's up? I was back at the Eight Kingdom telling them how I used to run the Elite Eight, and then I'm back here!

Snakeman: Whoa! It's like I'm remembering things happening two different ways!!

Xelloss: Yes, it is a little disconcerting, isn't it Mister Snakeman? Well, I gotta scram.

(Xelloss disappears.)

Gauntlet: Hm. Temporal anomalies.....

Quint: HAH! I have caught up to you again! No army of ninjas to help you this time....


Quint: Yeah, whatever. I'll bet you recognize my three companions.

Torchman: We meet again, fools! You'll pay for destroying my team!!

Hardman: We didn't do that!! You guys were laughed outta existence!

Torchman: No we weren't!

Hardman: Dude, I was there! As Clownman!!

Doc Robot: Aw, shut up! I've been waiting to get even with you guys for AGES!

Topman: Dammit, what'd we do to YOU!?

Doc Robot: Only steal infinite amounts of money from me!! Plus all those humiliating defeats at your hands!! You will pay!!

Bizarro Shadowman: Me will NEVER get even with you, my best friends!!

Geminiman: Oh, well, I think we have time to fight you guys a little bit.....

(Suddenly, electric beams arc across the field hitting everyone and stunning them!)

All: AAGH!

(Cables race out from the darkness and latch onto each of the robots and begin to drain their energy.)

Doc Robot: AAAGGHHH!!!

Geminiman: He's killing us!!


Torchman: I agree! Their always out to get me! They are full of hate!

Magnetman: OH SHUT UP!

Hardman: Wait .... I have an idea that might work....

(Hardman reaches for his Digivice.)

Hardman: Hardman Digivolve to ....... Colored man EXE!

(Hardman disappears. in a flash of light and enters their mysterious assailant!The power drainage stops, and the robots rip the cables from their bodies.)

Gauntlet: Good thinking! Hardman is also Colored man EXE on the Megaman EXE team Viral Infection. He turned into his virus forum and used that against our robotic assailant. Now all he has to do is -

(Suddenly, Colored men EXE is thrown back into the real world!)

Colored man EXE: I shut down his cables, but I couldn't defeat all his systems.

Needlegal: Quickly now! Who are we facing??

Someone: ME.

Gauntlet: A TERMINATOR!?

Terminator: I have been sent to destroy you - the Mechanical Maniacs.

Magnetman: Sent?? By who??

Terminator: DIE!!

(The Terminator begins to shoot at the 'Maniacs with guns!)

Torchman: That guy tried to kill us! He must be in league with the 'Mechs!

Colored man EXE: He's shooting at us!!

Torchman: Well, you won't fool me! ATTACK THEM ALL!!!

(Torchman, Quint, Doc Robot and Bizarro Shadowman attack everyone!)

Terminator: Additional assailants found. Terminate.

(Magnetman sends a missile and destroys the Terminator's gun while Shadowman rushes at him.)

Gauntlet: This is gonna be a piece of -

(The Terminator then does a Top Spin and knocks Gauntlet off his feet!)

Doc Robot: You won't "Terminate" me!

(Doc Robot them hurls a Thunder Beam at the Terminator, but the Terminator dodges shooting Torch Arm at Doc Robot!)

Torchman: HEY! That's MY move!

(Torchman lunges at the Terminator, but it intercepts him with a Hard Knuckle!)

Colored man exe: I know! I'll use a different form to confuse it! Colored man Digivolve to CLOWNMAN!!

(As Clownman, John lunges forward!)

Clownman: Yo, geeky!!

(The Terminator swirls and uses Needle Cannon, but Clownman is agile and avoids the Needles! Clownman jumps up and uses his Thunder Claw on the Terminator!)

Terminator: New target identified. Terminate.

(The Terminator ensnares Clownman in his cables and begins draining him!)

Clownman: Uh-oh. Little help??

(Gauntlet uses his Shadowblades to cut the wires and Needlegal showers the Terminator with her Needlecannon!)

Needlegal: This thing's powerful.

Clownman: No kidding.

(Clownman then changes back into his Hardman form!)

(The Terminator shoots out at the group with it's own Thunder Claw!)

(They dodge!)

Magnetman: Looks like we'll have to work together, right guys? Er ... guys??

(Torchman, Doc Robot, Quint and Bizarro Shadowman are seen running off in he distance!)

Bizarro Shadowman: He who not fight and then seek to stay always not fight another day!


(The Terminator crashes into the team with his own Sakugarne!)

Sparkman: This guy is getting on my nerves! Well, he has to run out of energy sometime, until then let's pour it on!

(The 'Maniacs use all their power, but the Terminator is agile and avoids the blasts and uses their weaknesses against them. Soon the 'Maniacs are being chased to their car!)

Geminiman: Let's get outta here!

(The car explodes in front of them thanks to a well aimed fireball sent by the Terminator's Torch Arm!)

Hardman: Aw, man!! All our capsules are in there!

Topman: What can we do?? If we get too close he can nail us with our own weaknesses! And his power supply seems never ending!

Gauntlet: Wait. I have an idea. Everyone scatter, to distract him -

Geminiman: Oh, I like this plan.

Gauntlet: Then I'll lure him in my direction -

Magnetman: Even better.

Gauntlet: Well, he's coming! GO!

(The 'Maniacs scatter and Gauntlet throws Shadowblades at the Terminator, getting it's attention!)

Gauntlet: Over here, moron!

Terminator: Target acquired. Terminate.

(Gauntlet then runs off and sends two holograms to distract the Terminator. He then uses his JLA signal device....)

Terminator: Analysis: These targets are holograms. Ignore distractions. Terminate the target.

(The Terminator sends Spark Shocks in Gauntlet's direction!)

Gauntlet: Damn. He's found me!

Terminator: Target sighted.

(The Terminator gets on the Sakugarne again and leaps right on top of Gauntlet!)

Gauntlet: ACK!

(The Terminator uses Gemini Lazer a point blank range on Gauntlet, knocking him back!)

(Gauntlet then changes into a log and takes a pounding with Top Spin!)

Terminator: Error?

Someone: Excuse me.

(The Terminator whirls around and is blasted to slag by an intense blast of fire!)

Gauntlet: Glad you got here in time, Ben.

Magma Dragoon: Well, I saved your ass before, why break tradition?

Gauntlet: What!? "Saved MY ass"!? When!?

Magma Dragoon: When you were held captive in MY time and we faced Sigma!*

(* X-Force's Capcom Team-up: Time Lost)

Gauntlet: I did SO save YOUR ass then!

Magma Dragoon: 'fraid not.

Gauntlet: 'FRAID SO!!

Xelloss: My, my my. I an very impressed Mr. Ronning! Truly a remarkable demonstartion of the Dragon race's abilities!

Magma Dragoon: What!? Xelloss!? Since when have you started hanging aroung this .... this ....

Xelloss: "Monster"?

Snakeman: After the Metropolis Superhero Convention. Why?? What's up??

Magma Dragoon: "What's up!?' "What's up!?!?" I'll tell you "what's up!!!!" That guy there is a monster! Not just any monster, either! He's the detestable Xelloss! HE eleminated legions of Golden Dragons in the War of the Monster's fall thousands of years ago!!! Dragons!! Like me!!

Geminiman: Uh, aren't you a "Dragoon"?

Magma Dragoon: Same damn difference!

Xelloss: Oh, dear. It seems you dragons really know how to carry on pointless grudges. Your race tried to kill us too, or have you forgotten? But I suppose the dragon race can get like that. NOT LIKE THE MONSTER RACE!!

Magma Dragoon: OOOHHHH!!!! I can't beleive all of you are travalling with that guy!!

Xelloss: Oh, so your mad already? Not very well trained for a warrior of the dragon race, are you? Letting your temper get ahold of you like that.

Magma Dragoon: "Not very...?" OH-HO!! That's it! I'm gonna get ALL the dragon race to kick your sorry ass!*points to the group*

Gauntlet: Hey, wait...... why us?

Magma Dragoon: For hanging out with Monster scum like Xelloss! XELLOSS OF ALL PEOPLE!!

(Magma Dragoon Opens a time portal and returns to the future.)

Gauntlet: I just HATE asking that guy for favors. He'll never let me forget it.

Needlegal: I hope he's okay....

Gauntlet: Ben'll be alright once he lets off some steam.

(By this time, the rest of the 'Maniacs have returned drawn by the huge fireball made when terminator exploded.)

Geminiman: So, if he's so bad, why ask him for favors at all??

Gauntlet: Well, I knew none of US could get close enough to him to do any damage. Bizarro me maybe with his Borg adapting thing, but I don't think I want him fully immune to our powers. I needed someone powerful. - fast. When it comes to absurd power levels and unnecessarily destructive force, I immediately thought of Ben. With the Terminator melted to slag, there's no way anyone can get the information to use our powers again.

Sparkman: Still, why was that Terminator after us?

Magnetman: Revenge maybe? For what we did to SkyNET before?*

(*Series 2 #14)

Gauntlet: I dunno ..... but I'll bet it has something to do with that time distortion we experienced.

Needlegal: What makes you so sure of that?

Gauntlet: Common, now. A Terminator attacks us without warning JUST as these time distortions occur? Coincidence? I think not.

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gauntlet: If it's that the Terminator is connected to these time distortions, I just pointed that out.

Needlegal: We learned that no matter how powerful. you are, there's always someone more powerful. The Terminator almost had us beat, but Ben took care of him using the element of surprise and firepower.

Gauntlet: What about God? Who's more powerful. than him?

Topman: Well, until we find out the hard way, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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