Series 3 Issue #5 - The Mechanical Maniacs Vs the Gorillaz

The Mechanical Maniacs decide to take a break from fighting villains and decide to… steal the Gorillaz geep

Sean: Hey! Are you done yet Gauntlet?

Gauntlet: It takes time to steal a car. I'd like to see you try.

Sean immediately hot-wires the car and the Maniacs get in.

Murdoc: Hey! Where are you going with our geep?

Lennon: Sorry Murdoc. We're going to have to take the bands geep. There seems to be something wrong with the… um… See Ya!

2-D: Think we should go after them?

Murdoc: Of course! No one messes with the Gorillaz and lives.

Needlegal: I can't believe we stole the Gorillaz geep!

Sean: All thanks to me.

Gauntlet: Shut up!

Sean: What's the big deal? You always get the spotlight! For once why don't you give someone else the spotlight?

Gauntlet: But stealing cars is my specialty. *Throws Shadow Blade at Sean*

Sean: Ow! That hurt!

An explosion rocks the geep and the Gorillaz appear behind the geep with Murdoc at the wheel.

Murdoc: Get back here with my geep!

Nightmare: Looks like we got company.

Jonathan: I'll go handle this. Gemini Force!

Gemini Force flies next to the door of the geep.

Jonathan: Mind if I take Gemini Force?

Lennon: Go ahead.

Jonathan flies beside the Gorillaz jeep and covers Murdoc's eyes.

Jonathan: Let's see if can drive now!

The jeep goes out of control until Russ grabs Jonathan.

Russ: Let go of him!

Noodle: *kicks Jonathan*

Jonathan: Looks like you two are hungry. How about some pies in the face!

Jonathan throws pies at Russ and Noodle and leaves.

Jacob: Why not fire a few blasts?

Titanium91: Magnet the Mighty will handle this! Magnet Missile!

The Gorillaz fire a homing missile, which collides with the Magnet Missiles stopping them.

Jonathan: Looks like there's no stopping them.

Gauntlet: Well let's reason with them.

Titanium91: Magnet the Mighty never gives up!

Sean: Well we are! So shut up! *Shocks Titanium91*

The Maniacs stop and get out of the geep.

Nightmare: Um… We give up.

Murdoc fires a missile at Nightmare.

Nightmare: Hey I said we give up!

Gauntlet: Ok we got of the wrong foot but we can explain.

Murdoc: You have 30 seconds before I blast you.

Jacob: I don't think so. *Aims Search Snake at the Gorillaz*

Titanium91: No one threatens Magnet the Mighty! *Points Magnet Missile at Gorillaz*

Needlegal: Just let us explain.

The Maniacs explain what has happened to them since the Unicron incident.

2-D: I see. Well what do you think?

Russel: I still say we blast them!

Gauntlet: Well then maybe this will convince you.

Gauntlet throws a mind wipe crystal at the Gorillaz and they fall asleep.

Needlegal: Where'd you get that bro?

Lennon: Oh. I was watching Butt Ugly Martians and got the idea of making a mind wipe crystal, so I downloaded a few components and created it.

Needlegal: I see.

Lennon: They also come in handy when you want to shut someone up.

Quint: I'll be taking that!

The Maniacs: Quint!

Quint: Yes! It is I, Quint! Master of Time! With this I can create the most feared weapon in the world!

Titanium91: Don't flatter yourself. *Throws a mind wipe at Quint*

Quint: Huh? *Falls asleep and mumbles a few words*

Nightmare: I've got an idea!

Jacob: This is new.

Nightmare: Shut up! We can get rid of both the Gorillaz and Quint by…

Jonathan throws a mind wipe at Nightmare.

Sean: Why did you do that?

Jonathan: I got sick of hearing him talk.

Lennon: I think what Top was trying to say is that since both the Gorillaz and Quint won't know what happened we blame Quint for stealing the geep, that is if they still remember that it was stolen.

Gauntlet: Well that's a good idea first thing first. Let's loot the geep.

The Maniacs take what they need and the Gorillaz wake up.

Murdoc: What happened?

Needlegal: Well we just arrived here but we think that guy there stole your geep and…

Murdoc: He stole the geep?

Gauntlet: Yes and everything inside it but don't worry I think this will take care of all the damages.

2-D: $100,000!

Lennon: And can I have your autograph?

Titanium91: Did you really give them $100,000?

Gauntlet: Of course not! Life's always good when you have a counterfeit money machine!

Quint: What happened?

Murdoc: You stole the geep!

Quint: I don't know what you're talking about!

The Gorillaz chase after Quint.

Quint: I'll get you some day! Don't think you've heard the last of me!

Jacob: Hmm… I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: And we learned something to.

Gauntlet: Hey sis! Could you hold this for me? *Hands Needlegal a mind wipe*

Needlegal: No way that's a mind wipe! We learned that you shouldn't mess with the Gorillaz because not only do they play good music they… *falls asleep*

Nightmare: Well until we stop throwing mind wipes everywhere we are… The Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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