Series 3 Issue #2 - Celebrate good times, come on!

The day starts in the morning, with everyone getting up at late hours (I wish)

Gauntlet: Hey, Top, how come you don't have trouble coming down the stairs like the old Top Man did?

Top: Heh, one thing he never noticed about this armour.... pop-in wheels!

Snake: Oh.

Magnet: Well, anything on the schedule for today?

Spark: Nope, just traveling around, as usual.

Gemini: Nuts.

Top: What? No party?

All: ...?


Needle: No, your birthday is September the... oh, right!

Everyone except Top Man huddle together.

Snake: Lets have a party!

Gauntlet: We can't! We don't have a base and we don't have presents!

Needle: Yeah, and even if we got some now, Top would see us getting it.

Magnet: Wait, I have an ingenious plan!

One burlap sack later...

Top: LEMME OUTTA here! You guys are so dead! Just wait until I get out of this burlap sack!

Gemini: Ok, you all know what to do... meet me at S6 headquarters in 5 hours.

And so...

Top: And if I see ANYTHING in my corner missing, you people are gonna be pulverised!

Spark: Is he still at it?

Magnet: Doesn't he ever shut up?

Gemini: I've been listening to him for 3 hours. KILL ME!

Gauntlet: Ok, let him out of the bag now.

Needle Gal lets Top Man out of the bag.

Top: ACK! Need fresh air!

He runs out of the RV to find...

Top: S6 headquarters? What the hell?

Spark: Yeah, time to go in.

They enter and see...

Top: A PARTY!!! Wheeeeeee!

Snake: Yep, we decided to throw you a surprise birthday party!

Ebert: How cliché!


Ebert: Ow! I give my pain two thumbs down! OW OW OW!!!!!!

Gauntlet: Why did we even invite him?

*all shrugg*

Gary: Hey! Top Man!

Top: Hey Gary! Thanks for throwin' the party in your HQ!

Gary: No prob! And we invited everyone we know!

Tim: Except Pharoah Man...

Skull: Yeah, he locked himself in his room saying over and over again "There's no place like home"

Scott: But everyone else is here!

Shadowblade: HihowareyaTop?Happybirthdaysaylistenwhere'sthefood?

Jason: What? Calm down!

Shadowblade: Sorry... skipped lunch.

SanityIsOverRated: Why, back in my day we didn't HAVE birthday parties. We only had one visit from a celebrity, and normally, it was your neighbor. Now, we didn't have close neighbors back then, so you had to walk FIFTEEN miles in the snow...

Gauntlet: You didn't have a Your Day!

SanityIsOverRated: Shut up, fool!

Clown Man: Heyho!

Top: Hey Jon!

Clown Man: Put 'er there, pal!

Top: Oh no you don't, you have a buzzer!

Clown Man: No I don't, look!

Top Man bends down to look and gets a buzz on the forehead.

Top: OW! You bastard!

Ben: Hey!

Needle: How the hell did you get here from there? (i.e. the future)

Ben: Oh, Doctor Colossus said we could borrow his time machine if he could come too.

Dr. Colossus: Soon I will take over the WORLD!!! BWAHAHA! Oh, are those cocktail weenies?

Ben: And I brought the entire X-force!

Gary: What the hell? Why am I here and there at once? (points to Split Mushroom)

Everyone looks at them, stares for about a minute trying to figure it out.

Top: Who cares? It's PRESENT OPENING TIME!!!

Everyone takes out their presents.

Ben: Open ours first!

S6: No, ours!

Skull: OURSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Top: How to choose?

Gemini: I know! We all beat up on Top until he falls down, and whoever his head points to has their present opened first!

Top: Nah, lets not do that.

Suddenly everyone swarms over Top Man, hitting him maliciously. He eventually falls, with his head pointing to the S6.

Andon: Ooh! Us first!


Top: Wow! I got such cool presents! A Game boy advance, a GBA survival kit, Mindtrap, A book on magic!, a lava lamp and 100$!!!!

Gauntlet: Yep, it was certainly a memorable 3 minutes of opening presents!

Magnet: HELP!

Everyone rushes into the kitchen to see Magnet Man stuck to the fridge!

Spark: What happened?

Magnet: IRA and Snake got drunk and stuck me to the fridge!

IRA: huhuhuhuhh.... huhhuhuhuhuh...

Snake: Look at all the pretty colours!

Gary: Well, who wants to play a party game?

Quint: How about, KILL EVERYONE!!!

Gary: Ah, noone invited you, scram!

Quint: EXCUSE ME???

Tim: Beat it!

Gauntlet: Vamoose!

Skull: Make like a tree and leave!

Ben: Make like a banana and split!

Top: Need we go on?

Quint: That's it! I'll destroy you!!!

Clown Man turns on a fan in the room and Quint is blown away!

Andon: Man, what a weakling!

Gauntlet: Welp, I guess we should go back to finding a base now!

Jason: See ya round.... alright, EVERYBODY OUT!!!


Snake: Well, I guess everything turned out fine in the end!

Spark: They were fine to begin with!

Needle: And we learned a lesson too!

Gauntlet: That beans beans are the magical fruit? The more you eat the more you toot?

Needle: NO! That as long as parties are around, people will get drunk and pull practical jokes!

Gemini: That makes me feel like we're forgetting something!

Top: Oh well, until we remember what it is, we are... THE MECHANICAL MANIACS!


Scott: I'm soooo hungry. I think I'll have the leftover pizza...

He walks down to the kitchen.

Scott: What the?

Magnet: Wait'll I get those bastards! Just left me here! NO CONSIDERATION AT ALL!!!!

And elsewhere:

Pharaoh: There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.....


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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