Series 3 Issue # 21 - Revenge Through Proxy

On this day too humid for words, the Mechanical Maniacs (for once thankfully not accompanied by their shadow Xelloss) travel in a stolen El Camino along the dusty roads of South America. They follow their Chromoton tracker given to them by their friend Magma Dragoon of the X-Force and follow it's directions to the source of odd time distortions the team has been experiencing. Onward, Mechanical Maniacs! Never say die, Mechanical Maniacs! Fight ... FOR EVERLASTING PEACE!!!

Magnetman: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm* (sings)
Magnet the mighty!
He's very tidy!
Every man admires him!
He's so handsome it's a sin!
When your in jeopardy,
Don't call the cavalry!
There's a better remedy,
Although he doesn't work for free!
He's every man's trustee,
He's every woman's fantasy,
Plus he's good as company!
He's Magnet, Magnet the mighty!
He's Magnet .... I'M MAGNET THE MIGHTY!!!

The 'Maniacs: Uhhhhhhhh......

Magnetman: ONE MORE TIME!!!

(Needlegal shoves a Needle precariously close to Magnetman's throat.)

Needlegal: No ..... more! Okay?

Magnetman: O-okay!

Hardman: You know, I've -

Gauntlet: Don't start, jester!

Hardman: I'm just saying is all!

Sparkman: Now I know why Xelloss isn't here....

Geminiman: Common, guys...... We're all reunited! I know we're all hot, hungry and broke, but let's not fight.

Topman: Easy for you to say! You went on the "vacation"! Meanwhile we've been stuck investigating these time distortions!

Snakeman: Exactly how much farther have we got to go before we get to it, anyway?

Gauntlet: Actually it shouldn't be too long. In fact....

(Suddenly, the 'Maniacs disappear into an unseen portal and are turned inside out as they land in .... the alternate universe!!)

(The 'Maniacs come out of the other end of the portal in a busy intersection in Toronto and land in a car accident!!)

Sparkman: Our wheels!

Gauntlet: Let's move, guys! We don't want to have to fight the police .... especially when it's not even our fault, really!

(And so, the Mechanical Maniacs go into their human appearances and run as fast as they can from the accident scene! With their superior speed, the MM3 team manages to outpace the police that are after them and convene at Mc Donald's.)

Hardman: all right, this sucks. 2 minutes in this place and we're being chased by angry mobs.

Needlegal: Well, there ain't no justice like angry mob justice!

Gauntlet: Hey, guys, take a look at this! (shows everyone a newspaper he has been reading).

Snakeman: What?? Stories about the X-Force!? Since when do the X-Force go to the past so often!?

Gauntlet: It gets weirder. No mention of the Sinister Six either. In fact no mention of any other "super heroes" at all! It's just the X-Force!

Magnetman: I know .... Ben killed everyone else so that the X-Force could be top dog around here.

Sparkman: Yeah, that'd be SO like him.....

Gauntlet: No .... no. Then there'd be stories about the world mourning or avenging the hero's deaths!

Geminiman: That's true. So what's going on here?

Gauntlet: What else COULD go on here? We're in an alternate reality! One where the X-Force are the only heroes and we must only be characters in some stupid story.

Topman: That makes sense. They keep on talking about how the Statue of liberty was destroyed by the X-Force and I'm sure we woulda heard about something like THAT.

Gauntlet: Which means the X-Force don't know anything about us ..... perfect. NOW WE CAN HAVE OUR REVENGE!!

Needlegal: Revenge? But THESE versions of the X-Force didn't do anything to us!

Gauntlet: It's revenge though proxy!

Topman: "Revenge through proxy"??

Gauntlet: Sure! We seek our revenge vicariously through these versions of the X-Force!

Hardman: Uh, what did the X-Force ever do to us? I thought we were great friends.

Snakeman: We are!

Magnetman: It was before your time on the team.

Sparkman: I recall it as if it were yesterday!

Gauntlet: Way back when we still lived in the warehouse, the X-Force were propelled through time and were framed as villains responsible for the disappearance of the Sinister Six. Naturally, they arrive right in the middle of me being stealthy. I place them under citizen's arrest and they go in and beat the lot of us up like we were some sort of amateurs!* Ever since that day I have yearned ... FOR REVENGE!!! REVENGE THROUGH ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!!!

(* Waaaaaaaaaay back in A Tale of Two Teams Part 2 starring the Sinister Six and the X-Force.)

Needlegal: Oh my brother. You and your revenge.

Gauntlet: Although they are my friends the scales of justice must be leveled once more!! And so I have been waiting until the time is right to exact my revenge upon them all!!!

(by now the whole restaurant is looking at the 'Maniacs funny.)

Hardman: Yeesh, I'm sorry I asked.

Needlegal: And I assume you've been working obsessively over just the right plan on how to get this "revenge" of yours.

Gauntlet: Naturally! Now listen up......

(The 'Maniacs lean in as Gauntlet explains his plan......)

(Meanwhile, Ben of the X-Force rises to greet a new day. Like always he checks his e-mail, only to find......)

Ben: What the Hell?? An e-mail sent from ... Gauntlet??

Greetings, Ben! Although this is not my usual e-mail rest assured this is Gauntlet. Or rather, A Gauntlet. You may have heard of the car accident in Toronto yesterday. That was my doing. You see I actually come from another dimension and have superpowers like you and the rest of the X-Force does. Yes, I know all about your X-Force and how your brother has the same Dragoon powers you do. We're in Toronto now. Go to outside entrance A of the Skydome. I think we should compare notes. Talking to each other may give valuable insight into our situations. After all, we don't really know how alike our realities are.


(And so, Ben chats online with the rest of the X-Force and they decide to meet Gauntlet. If it's for real, they think Gauntlet may know something, however if it is a trap, they are prepared to take out frustrations in extreme measures!)

Magma Dragoon: So where the Hell are you "Gauntlet"?! If that is your real name?

(From out of nowhere, Gauntlet and the MM 3 team appear. Strange flashing lights are being made by a small flashlight that the members are holding.)

Gauntlet: No, Gauntlet is not my real name. What kinda mother would name her kid that?

Split Mushroom: SHADOWMAN!!

Cyber Peacock: And the rest of the Megaman three people! They're real!?

Frost Walrus: I suppose it makes sense that if Sigma is real, then Wily may be too. But still -

Gauntlet: Oh, damn it! We're from another dimension, remember? In THAT dimension Wily is real and we rebelled from him to form a "Mega man team". In that dimension we and the X-Force are actually great friends!

Slash Beast: Well...... that does make some sense .....

Storm Owl: Feel weird....

Magma Dragoon: What's that strange ..... blinking light?......

Geminiman: He he heh....

Sparkman: Oh you mean these things? The rhythm of the flashes are set to produce a hypnotic state in people.

Jet Stingray: A .... hypnotic .... state??

Snakeman: Yes. You see a while back the X-Force of OUR dimension wronged us and we seek revenge through proxy! Ergo, you guys suffer!

(the X-Force are now rendered into a posthypnotic state.)

Topman: I cannot believe that worked!

Snakeman: Yeah, well, they weren't suspecting anything to happen. So their guard was down.

Magnetman: I gotta admit it, these light things are pretty clever. Where'd you get the idea to do this?

Gauntlet: A comic book. Now, is the camcorder ready?

Geminiman: All set!

Gauntlet: Great. And now it is time for .... MY REVENGE!!!!

(And so......)

The X-Force: (while doing the motions)
Oh, I'm a little tea pot, short and stout!
Here is my handle, here is my spout!
When I get all steamed up hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out!

(Gauntlet laughs maniacally.)

Needlegal: I gotta say this is some pretty funny revenge.

Topman: Seeing MD cluck like a chicken was good too.

Geminiman: What other humiliating things should we make them do next I -

Magma Dragoon: uhhhhhhhhhh

Topman: Um, what's happening?

Split Mushroom: What the?

Gauntlet: Aw crap. They're waking up!

Frost Walrus: What the Hell??


Gauntlet: Well, it's been a blast.

(Gauntlet drops a pellet and smoke covers the area allowing the 'Maniacs cover for escape.)

Magma Dragoon: Damn them!!! They won't get away that easily!!! Everyone after them!!!

(Cyber Peacock and Storm owl leap into the air while Split mushroom and the rest spread out in hopes of locating the team!)

(Suddenly 3 Sunfires pull out of Skydome Parking lot!)

Cyber Peacock: IT'S THEM!!

Storm Owl: Common! Swarm! Swarm!!

Snakeman: I think they spotted us.

Geminiman: What was your fist clue, the shouting or them swarming us?

Gauntlet: This ain't good. The chances of us outrunning all of them are - ACK!

(Storm owl shoots out blasts of energy and it damages the car! Cyber Peacock zooms down for a close range attack, but Gauntlet blasts him back with Shadowblades!)

Sparkman: We can't keep this up - LOOK OUT!!

(Suddenly a horde of Split Mushrooms block the 'Maniac's way!)

Split Mushroom: FREEZE!

(The 'Maniacs plow through the Mushrooms, but their speed has slowed.)

Split Mushroom: ..... yeow........

Magnetman: Aw, let them come. I'll -

(Just then Magma Dragoon lands on the lead car sending it flying into the other two! Topman and Sparkman (who were not wearing their safety belts) were thrown far into the darkness!)

Magma Dragoon: Heh heh.... thought you could make fools of the X-Force, eh? Well, THINK AGAIN! Now, gimme that tape and prepare to get extra-crispy!!

Gauntlet: (thought) Alright, Ben's weak spot has always been his temper. I don't know how powerful these X-Force guys are, but I'm betting their just as strong as in our reality. So, we gotta outthink them. Luckily I've prepared my team well for such a contingency!

Gauntlet: Well, it's not ENTIRELY our fault! You were the one weak-minded enough to fall into such an obvious trap!

Magma Dragoon: Whu-WHAT!?

Frost Walrus: Don't get mad, Ben! That's what they want!

Gauntlet: Oh, no we wouldn't want Ben here mad. He just may wet himself!

(Magma Dragoon fumes while the rest of the X-Force encircle the area.)

Gauntlet: Well, if the 'Force ever needs a good Dragoon leader I suppose Myron can do in a pinch.

(Suddenly, MD snaps releasing an intense wave of heat! Gauntlet uses his holographic power to sidestep the attack, but it lands on Frost Walrus, knocking him out!)

Split Mushroom: Damn it! Alright, we gotta attack head on!

(Gemini bursts into 6 versions and all gang up on Split Mushroom, but he counters with creating 6 more versions of himself as well!)

(Magnetman uses his power to lock onto Cyber Peacock and drag him to the ground! He plans on using his Magnetic forces to short circuit the reploid's body, however, Peacock is immune to such an attack and spears him with his feathers!)

(Needlegal and Topman both attack Slash Beast! However, they are having trouble dealing with his ferocious attacks!)

(The rest of the 'Maniacs and X-Force are engaged in a deadlock struggle, neither willing to give any ground. The MM3 team's Transmetal armor seems to match the X-Force of this reality, however the X-Force are more vicious in their choice of attacks. Soon, the area is a mess and police are evacuating civilians!)

(At this time, Gauntlet is running on the rooftops creating hologram after hologram, smoke screen after smokescreen and tossing Shadowblades in between.)

Gauntlet: (thought) Damn! Getting Ben mad took out Walrus, but it sure doesn't help much in a fight like this. I gotta keep him guessing, because if I go in close, I am toast!

Magma Dragoon: Common!! Fight like a man!!

(MD then aims for the roof itself and blasts his most powerful blast inward, sending the building into a collapsed ruin which explodes as gas lines are struck with fire!)

(Gauntlet and Ben both arise from the rubble and Ben promptly kicks Gauntlet towards the main fight areas!)

(Frost Walrus has risen again now and the battle wears thin on both sides. The Mechanical Maniacs have taken key hits and are slowing, but the X-Force have been hit harder. The 'Maniacs know much more about the abilities of the X4 team, however, the X4 team has never faced such adversaries as the MM3 robot Masters.)

Hardman: Alright, I think I've had about as much as I can take of this farce!

Magma Dragoon: FARCE!?

Hardman: That's right..... for I am really ...

(Hardman bulges and twists and rips apart revealing ....)

The 'Maniacs: GALVATRON!?

Galvatron: YES! I knocked out the real Hardman a month ago and have used my cybertronium technology to mimic his powers! I have been waiting inside the pretender shell until the moment was right to strike you all down!

Magma Dragoon: Heh. Well, I have a little confession to make as well!

(MD rips out of his costume revealing ....)


Snakeman: You look exactly the same.

Magma Dragoon: What? No I don't! I am Mister Dragoon!

Galvatron: What?

Mister Dragoon: Yes. You see, I captured Ben a month ago and took his place waiting for the right time to take charge of the X-Force and learn all their secrets and play with their neat toys.

Magnetman: Well, that's not all! I am in reality ....

(Rips off disguise!)


Quint: I trapped Magnetman using reverse polarity technique a week ago and left him in an alley!

Cyber Peacock: What? Well, I'm really .... (takes off disguise) Izzy Glow!

Izzy Glow: I captured the real Peacock a few days ago!

Needlegal: Oh, dear. I am in reality (takes off disguise) Xelloss!

Xelloss: I thought it would be amusing to play this little joke on everyone. Hm. Does this mean everyone else is....?

Frost Walrus: I am Sigma!

Geminiman: I'm Doc Robot.

Slash Beast: I'm Doctor Doppler!

Sparkman: I am..... Torchman!

Split Mushroom: Hm.. Well, I'm really Double! Who else has been in disguise??!!

Snakeman: I am in reality Skeletor! I used my magics to do this!

Web Spider: ....... (changes into Volt Krakken) I couldn't do this guy's voice. MUCH too high pitched.

Topman: Nuts. I'm really .... Spinman! So we've all been in disguise!?

Storm Owl: (changes into Burn Dinorex) Seems like! At least I don't gotta squeeze into that small outfit anymore!

Jet Stingray: (Changes into Duff McWhalen) Tell me about it!

Galvatron: So ... we were all villains then??

Torchman: Damn. This makes for some pretty sucky revenge!

Sigma: Wait ... Gauntlet hasn't shown us his true identity!

Mister Dragoon: Does this mean he's the real Gauntlet!?

Gauntlet: Hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not the real Gauntlet either! The real Gauntlet saw through everyone's plans 3 weeks ago and is sitting at a beach in California watching a portable TV set which is receiving television signals interdimensionally through me so he can see the look on your faces when I tell you that I am, in reality - A BOMB!

All: !!!!

(the Gauntlet - bomb explodes creating a huge fireball in the sky! Shockwaves can be felt for miles outward.)


Skeletor: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Galvatron: Quiet, fool.

Xelloss: Yes, and we learned something as well....

Galvatron: This all seems oddly familiar.

Xelloss:: We learned that appearances can be deceiving. All of us thought we were the Mechanical Maniacs when in reality, we all turned out to be somebody else! Maybe if we looked a little deeper we could have seen the truth!

Torchman: Wait! This is all like what those insipid heroes do at the end of every adventure!

Galvatron: Damn! I knew this was familiar!

Quint: Curse them!! Curse them all!!!

Spinman: Well, until we finally defeat those do-gooders, we are .... the Rogues Gallery!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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