Series 4 Issue # 16 - More Damn Pokemon

Still freeloading off the Sinister Six, the Mechanical Maniacs have yet to find either a new base or steady jobs.

Cutman: So, exaplain to me again why you're still here? Aren't you RICH? Didn't you buy the TEHNODROME? What are you still doing here!?

Shadowman: Slumming?

Geminiman: Well, it's like this .... With the purchase of the Technodrome, paying off the IRS, Gauntlet's excessive gambling fees, reprogramming Gamma, power usage and the like ...... well, it turns out we're broke.

Cutman: BROKE!?

Topman: Heh. Yeah.

Gutsman: So .... you'll be staying here .... how long?

Shadowman: Indefinately.

Gutsman, Cutman: INDEFINATELY!?

Bombman: What? How long is that?

Elecman: A really, really long time.

Bombman: HELL!

Needlegal: Hey guys, take a look at THIS!!

(The 'Maniacs gather as Needle shows them the newspaper.)

Snakeman: "Mechanical Maniacs rob bank!?"

Magnetman: "Mechanical Maniacs hold up diner!?"

Sparkman: "Mechanical Maniacs ruin LUNCHIN!?"

Hardman: What kinda group did we join!?

Geminiman: That wasn't US you dope!

Topman: Yeah, new guys! We were here!

Gutsman: Yeah, about that -

Snakeman: I guess we should investiate this.

Gutsman: Or you could -

Shadowman: Then it's agreed. Let's go TEAM! I know JUST who's behind this!

(The 'Maniacs teleport out!)

(Later, far away...)

Shadowman: (while punching) I know you did it you little runt! Fess up!

SFX: Bam Bam Bam!

Bitman: I don't know anything .... ow.

Shadowman: LIAR!! Who else could fool people into thinking WE'RE criminals! That's been YOUR shtick for YEARS!

(Shadowman begins punching Bitman some more.)

Sparkman: Hey look! I'm hearing some news over the radio!

April: This just in! That renegade team, the Mechanical Maniacs are terrorising Angel Grove! They're running amok down main street with little apparent plan! Police are on the way!


Shadowman: Oh. So I guess you aren't the culprit. My mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bitman: *sob*

Geminiman: To Angel Grove!

(The 'Maniacs teleport out!)

Bitman: I think my arm's broken....

(And so, the 'Maniacs arrive in Angel Grove!)

Geminiman: Right. The battle should still be going on somewhere here.

Hardman: No kidding, Gem! Hm, but where.....?

(Suddennly, a police car crashes through a nearby building!)

Topman: Oh, I'd say we're fairly close.

(The 'Maniacs rush tot he commotion to find....)

???: Foolish mortals, you'll NEVER destroy us Mechanical Maniacs!

Topman: Hey! You jerks, WE'RE the Mechanical Maniacs!

???: What!? Impossible! WE are the Mechanical Maniacs!

Shadowman: Who are you jerks!? And what do you think you're doing?

Magnet Brain: MAGNET BRAIN!

Dark Warrior: DARK WARRIOR!

Mirror Maniac: MIRROR MANIAC!

Bones: BONES!

Eye Guy: EYE GUY!

Silver Hornes: SILVER HORNES!

Armaggon: ARMAGGON!

Top Spin: TOP SPIN!

Dark Warrior: And together we are - THE MECHANICAL MANIACS!!


Magnetman: Where do you get off stealing our name while we've been considered dead!?

Magnet Brain: Our leader thought it was appropriate considering we were made to destroy you!

Hardman: Destroy us?

Eye Guy: Rita Repulsa was pretty mad when you beat her those times you met**, so she wanted to create a team to destroy you! But you went and died before we could do it!

(*Series 3 #4, Series 4 #8)

Armaggon: But now you're here, so we can destroy you!

Shadowman: Armaggon! You're not one of Rita's!

Armaggon: No, but she decided to outsource again. I work for money too!

Needlegal: And what about you, Top Spin? You're an Autobot!

Top Spin: Not a very well known Autobot! After we destroy you, I'll be FAMOUS and FEARED!

Needlegal: Oh, Top Spin, how far you've fallen...

Top Spin: Hey, screw you! Being good is no fun!

Shadowman: Don't suppose we can skip this battle? I mean, come on. You're made by that whiney, screechy witch Rita as pale copies of US. Well, we're back, so can you just give us back our name nicely, stop trashing the town and that'll be that .... okay?

Mirror Maniac: Ah, but we've thought ahead!

(Bones takes a large gun from out of nowhere!)

Bones: AH-HAH!

(The Mechanical Maniacs are hit with the ray and begin to transform into .... POKEMON!!)

Needlegal: is transformed into a Beedrill!
Sparkman is transformed into an Electrabuzz!
Geminiman is transformed into a DoDuo!
Hardman is transformed into a Golem!
Magnetman: is transformed into a Magnemite!
Topman is transformed into a Hitmontop!
Snakeman is transformed into an Ekans!
Shadowman is transformed into a Scyther!

Shadow: Scytthhhhhhher! Scy! Cy!

Dark Warrior: Ha hah! We can't understand you're Pokemon gibberish!

Needle: Beeeeee! BeeeeeDRILL!!!

Magnet Brain: Ha hah! Now, let's leave them to their own devices and renew our destruction of the city!

Armaggon: Hey, uh, do you think that's wise? If we just leave them then they'll just come back and make more trouble!

Top Spin: I agree! We should finish them NOW while they're disoriented!

Dark Warrior: Hm, yes. Good idea! 'Maniacs, let's -

(The Poke-maniacs have already left.)

Eye Guy: Oh, well. Let's keep on going, guys!

(Around the corner, the Poke-Maniacs continue to run.)

Hard: (speaking in Pokemon language) What the Hell was that!?

Shadow: A Pokemon-transformation ray, obviously!

Needle: I guess getting hit a second time would change us back?

Top: But who'd be stupid enough to rig a ray gun that way? Wouldn't they want their effects to be permenant!?


Top: Oh, right, we're dealing with Rita's villains.

Gemini: Alright, now..... we gotta formulate a plan. It must be cunning and -

Hard: ATTTACK!!!

(Hard, Magnet, Snake, and Spark all attack the false "Mechanical Maniacs")

Magnet Brain: What?


(Magnet sends a waver of magnetism which makes Magnet Brain fly into a wall!)

(Spark uses his electrazuzz form's electricity to send currents through Bones!)

Bones: AIEE!

(Bones dropps the Poke-ray!)

Shadow: (in the Poke-language) *sigh* New guys.... Alright, Let's GO!

Spark: Electra! Buzz!

Dark Warrior: No! He's dropped the gun! Grab it!

Armaggon: Right, boss!

(Armaggon dives for the ray, but Snake takles him out of the way!)

Snake: Ekannnnnssssss

Armaggon: Out of my way, fool!

(Shadow uses his quick Scyther speed to grab the ray while everyone's occupied!)

Top Spin: The ray!

(Top begins to spin on his head and attacks Top Spin, but Top Spin is too durable for a Pokemon attack!)

Top Spin: I'll destroy that gun before you can use it!

(Top Spin gets out his gun and begins blasting at Shadow Scyther!)

Shadow: Scyther!

(Shadowman then uses the ray on himself and, in a burst of light, he is back to his normal self!)

Shadowman: MUCH better!

Dark Warrior: NO! I'll kill you myself, Pokemon or not!

(Dark Warrior charges at the ninja-robot!)

Shadowman: Needle, catch!

(Shadowman throws the ray high into the air and Needle flies and grabs it!)

Needle: Beee Beeee!

(Needlegal quickly flies with the gun to her friends with hordes of villains on her tail!)

Eye Guy: Don't let her escape!

Silver Hornes: Finish her!

Hard: Gol!

Gemini: Dou! DoDuo!

Needle: Beee!

Bones: What are they saying!?

(Needlegal then fires the ray at Hard and Gemini and they revert to their normal selves!)

Geminiman: Yeah!

Hardman: All right!

(Needle then fires the ray at herself!)

Needlegal: Definately an improvement .... even if I do look like a beach ball now.

Mirror Maniac: Don't think you've won!

(Mirror Maniacs splits into two and goes after Gemini!)

Geminiman: Ah, so you're mine to deal with, eh?

(Eye Guy tackles Hardman in a battle of strength.)

Hardman: Y'know .... yer really not much like me.

Eye Guy: Rita ran out of ideas and had to pull out the reserves!

Needlegal: I guess you're my duplicate!

Silver Horns: Me? Hardly.

(Silver Horns lets loose a blast of powerfull electricity which causes Needle to drop the gun!)

Needlegal: Ahh!

Bones: MINE!!!

(Bones grabs the gun and points it to Needle.)

Bones: With my pointy sword, I'M you're duplicate! Now be a POKEMON again!

(Bones fires his ray, but Needlegal jumps high into the air, so it hits Snakeman and Armaggon who are entwined in battle!)

Armaggon: What!?

Snake: Ekannnnssssss.

(Snakeman returns to his robot form, while Armaggon is transformed into a Magicarp!)

Armaggon: Majicarp Carp!

Snakeman: Looks like you lose, Sharky!

(Snakeman uses his search snakes to knock out Armaggon while he's flipping uselessly on the ground!)

Bones: Oopsie.

(Needlegal uses he Needle Cannon to drive Bones back as Sparkman-Electrabuzz battles Silver Hornes with electricity!)

Bones: Agh!

(Needlegal grabs the Poke-ray and uses it on Bones! Bones is transformed into a Cubone!)

Bones: Bone! Cubone!

Needlegal:: Don't like yer own medicine, eh?

(Needlegal knocks out Cubone-Bones with the Needle Cannon!)

(Elsewhere, Topman is still Hitmontop and is getting creamed by the robotic Top Spin!)

Top Spin: Not so high and mighty NOW are you, Pokemon?

Top: Hit! Hitmontop!!

(Top Spin uses his special spinning technology in his cybertronian vehicle mode to trample over the poor Topman who is stuck in a vunerable Pokemon body.)

Top: Hitmon toooooooooppppp!! (I gotta get this guy into the main battle! Maybe then my friends can help me!)

(Topman manages to lure the berzerk autotbot into the battle between Electrabuzz-Spark and Silver Hornes!)

Silver Hornes: This isn't fair!

Snakeman: Shut up, you idiot!

Spark: BUZZ!

(Top comes spinning into the battle and the huge Top Spin crashes into his comerade Silver Horns and gets blasted by electricity!)

Top Spin: AAGHH!!

Silver Horns: Get off me!

Needlegal: Ah, have things well in hand here, I see.

Top: Hitmon top!

Spark: Electrabuzzzzzzzzz.

Needlegal: Hold on, yer all still talkin' Pokemon.

(Needlegal uses the ray on Top and Spark and they revert to normal.)

Sparkman: Yay!

Topman: Now hit them!

Needlegal: Gladly!

Silver Horns, Top Spin: WAIT!!!

(Needlegal fires the ray at them and they turn into Pokemon!)

Top Spin is transformed into Hitmontop!
Silver Horns is transformed into Electrabuzz!

Sparkman: Hh. Their powers really are similar to ours!

Silver Horns: BUUUUUZZZZ!

Top Spin: TOP!!!!

Needlegal: Shut up!

(The 'Maniacs use their weapons and subdue the two Pokemon easily.)

Needlegal: Four Down.... four to go!

(Shadowman is still battling Rita's ninja Dark Warrior.)

Shadowman: On the ropes, Dark?

Dark Warrior: Ugh. You're better than I expected.....

(Shadowman summons his frog and blasts fire at the evil ninja!)

Shadowman: MUCH better!

Dark Warrior: AGH!

Shadowman: I've just finished facing one of those evil duplicate situations and, no offence, but you're comparitively easy.

Dark Warrior: W-what!?

Shadowman: Oh, yeah. Don't feel too offended though. You fight well .... for someone made by Rita Repulsa!

Dark Warrior: ARRRGH!

(Dark Warrior lunges at Shadowman, but he's stopped short by a Gemini Lazer!)

Dark Warrior: What!?

Geminiman: Sorry to spoil your plans, but you've already lost!

Magnetman: Oh, you're guys had us on the ropes for a while, but once we began to outnumber them, we were able to beat them.

Dark Warrior: What ... what about my comerades?

Sparkman: All Pokemon. All knocked out.

Needlegal: And you're next!

Sparkman: But look on the bright side! Scyther is a pretty cool pokemon! At least you're not a DoDuo!

Geminiman: Uh, yeah.

Dark Warrior: Not if I can help it!

(Dark Warrior throws down a pellet and dissappears in a puff of smoke!)

Needlegal: What!?

Shadowman: NO! That guy escaped!

Snakeman: Hm. What's this he dropped?

Geminiman: Looks like a headset.

Headset: *Hif-Hif* *Heke?*

Sparkman: What?

Geminiman: I can patch this in to our teleporters so we can see what's up!

Hardman: While you do that, I'll take these jokers back to our base and Pokeball them.

Snakeman: Okay then. Let's do it.

(The 'Maniacs then teleport to the source of the radio signals)

Shadowman: This is Rita's place! But .... it's in shambles!

Topman: What happened?

Baboo: Don't hurt me!

Needlegal: Baboo! What happened!?

Baboo: It was .... HIM!!! HE did this! He stole Rita's wand and co-opted her monsters!

Sparkman: Who?

Baboo: *points* HIM!!! HAMTARO!!

(Baboo points to a hamster cage where a headset is next to an angry looking Hamster.)

Hamtaro: *Heke* Oh, cats! My plan's been ruined! Oh, Lura! I'll take over the world for you one day! And then all the Ham Hams will have all the sunflower seeds they want! And we'll all rule under the leadership of Laura! My Laura! *Oopaa!!*

Needlegal: What, this thing? Awwwwww ... it's so CUTE!

Baboo: It's a m-m-m-m-ONSTER!!

(Needlegal uses Rita's wand to transport Hamtaro home. Then the 'Maniacs all teleport back to the S6 base.)

Snakeman: Still ... wonder where the Power Rangers were during all this. Angel Grove is THEIR city after all.....

(Meanwhile, at Zordon's lair....)

Yellow Ranger: Come now Rangers! We must perfect our dance movements! Angel Grove may be in deadly peril while we practise so we must do this quickly!

Green Ranger: But what if it's in danger now?

Red Ranger: Common, Tommy! Be a team player! Let's go now!

(Red ranger pounds on a drum)

Red Ranger: Annnnd a one-and two- and a twirly twirly twirly ... and Tommy doesn't lead , he dances like a what - ?

Black Ranger: A girl!

The Rangers: Ha hah hah!


Green Ranger: .....

(Green Ranger punches Red Ranger.)

Needlegal: I dunno what they're doing, but it'd better have been worth it.

(And so the 'Maniacs return to S6 headquarters....)

Iceman: Thank God you guys are here! Tim's been turned into a monster and he's wreaking havoc in the city! None of us seem able to stop him, but with you all here, we just might be able to turn the tide!

Guts Dozer: MWAAAAHHHH!!!!!


Snakeman: Hmm... I guess thing turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learned something as well.

Elecman: Hey! Common and help! Tim's gone nuts!

Needlegal: We learned that even if you have a cool name, you're still the same person you always were. Rita's guys had our name, but they weren't nearly as successfull as we are.

Guts Dozer: GWAAAAHHH!!! SMASH!!!!!

Fireman: You can't do the ending thing NOW! We still need help over here!

Shadowman: Hm. Wonder what can be done with all these Pokemon..... Must be some practical use for them.

Hardman: What do you think'll happen to them. Y'know ... mentally?

Shadowman: I imagine their Pokemon minds will eventually fully take over and then the process will be irreversable.

Snakeman: Hm.



Topman: Well until we win the Poke League, we are... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Musashiden Razz as .....
Hexlaser as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....