Series 4 Issue # 11 - Mirror, Mirror Part 1

*Gauntlet writes*

During their stay in the alternate reality the Mechanical Maniacs have been hounded by police, renegade robot masters, Megaman, Mega girl, and legions upon legions of annoying pests.  Needless to say they wanna get home.  So now, Doctor Light aids the 'Maniacs in finding the base of the mysterious "Doctor" so they can storm it and get these annoying battles over with!

Shadowman:  Done yet?

Geminiman:  Master Light needs more time!

Needlegal:  "Master" Light he says ....... You've only been stuck here for a month!

Geminiman:  STILL!!!

Snakeman:  What the hell have they been doing in there?

(The 'maniacs go into the room to find.....)

Dr. Light:  Drat!  You've won again, Megaman!

Megaman:  I sure do play a mean game of crazy eights!

Sparkman:  Crazy eights?  CRAZY EIGHTS!?  You're supposed to get a fix on the bad guy's base!

Geminiman:  Master Light, how could you?

Dr. Light:  Mega Girl!  You were supposed to keep the riff raff out!

Mega Girl:  Eat me!

Dr. Light:  That language!  Who programmed that into you?  I sure didn't!

Mega Girl:  Well, YOU didn't have to clean up the mess you made in the toilet!  It's filthy disgusting work!  And you know what?  I won't do it!  I refuse to be your little robotic slave!  I refuse to be bossed around by a senile old man who can't even take a bath without -

Shadowman:  WOAH!  Hey, too much information.

Mega Girl:  You can go to Hell, bastard!  You can all go to Hell!  I -

Dr. Light:  MEGA GIRL!

Mega Girl:  WHAT!?

Dr. Light:  RESET!

(Mega Girl suddenly slumps down and goes quiet.)

Needlegal:  What?

(Just as suddenly, Mega Girl jerks upright and smiles pleasantly.)

Mega Girl:  (in a meek, quiet voice) Hello, doctor!  My, you look pleasant this morning!  I will get you your coffee!

(Mega Girl trots merrily off with Doctor Light smiling with glee.)

Needlegal:  What ....?

Dr. Light:  I built my robots with reset buttons.  Just in case they give me lip!

Megaman:  Wait ... I'm built with a reset button!

Dr. Light:  Of course!

Megaman:  But what if Wily ever reset me?

Dr. Light:  Oh, no!  It's attuned to my voice only!

Megaman:  But what if he made a copy of your voice?

Dr. Light: ............  Well, you better hope he doesn't learn of your reset feature!  

Shadowman:  But what about the locator!  You said you could use our unique energy signatures to track our doubles!  You PROMISED to build some sort of "alternate-reality-man" to get us home if we helped you!

Dr. Light:  Yes, yes, against all good taste I did promise.  The machine has actually been done for a few weeks now!

Hardman:  WEEKS!?  But .... why did you wait so long....?

Dr. Light:  Questions, questions, questions...... I wish all of YOU had reset commands!  

Geminiman:  But, master Light-!

Dr. Light:  Quiet, you!  I don't trust people who suck up to me!  

Geminiman:  But I admire you and -

Dr. Light:  I'm watching you.......

Megaman: So ..... I can be reset by you on a whim!?  What does that mean for me?  For ..... my......... soul?

Dr. Light:  Oh, I don't know!  Who cares!  Let's go use my machine now!

(And so they all go towards a new robot.)

Needlegal:  It's Rush!

Dr. Light:  Oh, so he's in your reality as well?  

Hardman:  So you put a tracking device inside a robotic dog?

Dr. Light:  Well, if a tracking device is good than a robotic dog tracking device is better!  Now go Rush!  Tell us where the bad guy's base is, boy!

Rush:  Raf right rockter right!

Topman:  Oh, God, it's Scooby Doo.

Rush:  He he he ho ho hoh!  Re rad ruy's rase ris......

*Lennon writes*

Rush: Rhat Ray! *points in a direction and walks off*

Magnetman: Off to Doctor Wily's we go!

Geminiman: Now if only Rush could walk faster.

Sparkman: Why don't we just kick the damn thing.

Shadowman: But then how will we find Wily?

Sparkman: We got teleporters don't we?

Needlegal: Well we don't know where the castle is. We only know one general direction.

Geminiman: Actually if I just hack into Rush's CPU I can just get the location of the castle and we can teleport there. Come here Rush.

Rush: Rant Ris Rit?

Snakeman: But why would you want to ruin one of your master's creations?

Geminiman: Because the old man doesn't trust me. How can he not trust me? I'm his loyal student.

Hardman: Lighten up man. Have a drink.

Geminiman: No. I don't drink.

Hardman: Fine. More for me. *Drinks a bottle*

Topman: Would you stop with the drinking?

Hardman: Never! *drinks another bottle*

Geminiman: Well I can't download the information.

Needlegal: So we have to follow Rush the whole way?

Geminiman: I got another idea. Rush. Where is Doctor Wily's castle.

Rush: Rin Rah Rorest Ro Rhe Rest.

Snakeman: In the forests to the west eh?

Magnetman: Well now we know.

Shadowman: So there's no use for Rush anymore?

Needlegal: Of course not. So let's kick him into the horizon.

Sparkman: Yeah! Finally someone likes my plan!

Geminiman: *kicks Rush into the horizon* Take that! Ungrateful old man.

At Dr Light's lab.

Mega Girl: What's that sound?

Rush crashes through the roof of the lab.

Mega Girl: I just fixed that roof!

Dr. Light: Rush! Are you ok?

Rush: Ra.....Ra..... R'am Rokay.

Dr. Light: Lousy ungrateful robots.

*Nightmare writes*

Meanwhile, our heroes continue to travel westward...

Topman: We're off to see the doctor! The maniacal doctor of... Megalapalopo...........

Sparkman: *whispering to the others* Thank God! He's finally shut up!

Topman: *shrugs* Because because because because beCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUSE!!!!!

All: ARGH!

Topman: You know, if you guys don't want me to sing...

All: *ears perk up* Hmm?

Topman: Well then, TOO BAD!!! Lalalalalalalalalala!

One voice deactivation later...

Topman: *mouthing* Thanks a lot guys.

Geminiman: Ahh, beautiful silence...

Needlegal: *humming Wizard of Oz*

All (except Top): NEEDLE!

Needlegal: Sorry... I guess he kinda got it stuck in my head...

Sparkman: Well, at least he's not singing anymore...

Snakeman: Yes. The madness has ended.

Topman: *glares*

*Lennon writes*

A few steps later...

Magnetman: Well this is great. We've reached a cliff.

Sparkman: Well on the bright side, we've found Wily's Fortress. *Points to a dark castle on top of a mountain in the middle of the forest below*

Shadowman: Ok. We need a plan. And we need it now.

Geminiman: Well I suggest each of us teleport to somewhere inside the forest and make our way into the fortress from all sides kinda like when we broke into the prison to save Needle.

Needlegal: You mean shoot me.

Geminiman: Would you get over that?

Snakeman: Well why don't we teleport into the fortress itself?

Shadowman: Because there's a teleport barrier around the fortress walls. That's why we have to walk in on foot.

Hardman: So we split up and attack from each side.

Magnetman: Well it's better then staying in a big group.

Shadowman: Then it's settled. We split up and meet at certain points of the fortress. Hard and Magnet you meet at the West Side.

Hardman: Ok then

Magnetman: Got it.

Shadowman: Top and Spark. You meet up at the South Side.

Topman: *nods*

Sparkman: All right.

Shadowman: Gem and Snake: Meet up at the East Side.

Geminiman: Very well.

Snakeman: Let's go.

Shadowman: Needle and I will meet an the entrance at the North Side. Let's move out!

The 8 all teleport into random points inside the forest.

Meanwhile inside the fortress.

Doctor: So it looks like we have company. Shadowman!

Evil Shadow: Yes Doc.

Doctor: Send the group to attack the Alternates.

Evil Shadow: Who should I send?

Doctor: Send them to their Alternate's location. Let's see who is the strongest of the lot. But you stay here if they do by some miracle defeat the Robot Masters the castle will be left unprotected.

Protoman: And what about me?

Doctor: You will aid Shadowman here.

Protoman: But what about Megaman and Tommy Light? Won't they be a threat.

Doctor: They are not my concern yet. Let's just focus on these Alternates.

*Gauntlet writes*

(Hardman and Magnetman have arrived at the west side of the concealed building.  Unfortunately for them.....)

Hardman: There ain't any doors.

Magnetman:  Yeah, no kidding.

Hardman:  What do we do?

Magnetman:  Hm.  Now .... let me see.......


Magnetman:  Hm.....  Well, I'm stumped!

Hardman:  Doh!

(laughter is heard echoing from the shadows)

Hardman:  Hey, who's there!?

(Suddenly a heavy object lands on top of Magnetman!)

Hardman:  Magnet!

Evil Hard:  I crush puny robot!

Hardman:  Oh, so it's me versus my duplicate?  A battle of strength?

(Suddenly Hardman is hit from behind by Magnet Missiles, his weakness, causing him to roll in pain!)

Evil Magnet:  Not quite.

Magnetman:  Evil Magnet!  

Evil Magnet: (from the shadows) good guess.

Magnetman:  Show yoursel - URK!

(Evil Hardman suddenly grips Magnetman and throws him to the ground!)

Magnetman:  Argh!

Evil Magnet:  Hardman!  Keep him busy!  I'll keep your duplicate out of your hair!

Evil Hard:  Right!

(And, at the South side, Sparkman and Topman arrive at a large mine shaft.)

(Topman fixes his voice with a few internal repair commands.)

Topman:  Looks like our way in.

Sparkman:  Looks like.

Topman:  Alright, new guy, let me go first to show you how things are done!  GERONIMO!!!

(Topman and Sparkman both jump down the shaft and arrive in a dark room after a long fall.)

Topman:  What?  No lights?  UGH!

(Topman crashes to the floor and snickering is heard in the background.)

Sparkman:  Who's there?  AGH!

(Sparkman is hit with a bolt of Electricity!)

Someone:  I've studied your electrical flow and the bolt I fired was at the exact opposite frequency of the energy you usually shoot around so I trust it hurt considerably!

Sparkman:  Who'

Someone:  You don't know?  Don't expect any hints from us!

(More electricity hits Sparkman and he screams in pain!)

Topman:  SPARKS!

(Topman is then pummeled to the ground again!)

Someone else:  You have your own problems, copy!

Topman:  Damn it, fight fair!

Someone:  Hahahahahaha!  So you didn't have the foresight to bring night-vision goggles?  TOO BAD!!

(Sparkman and Topman are again hit with attacks and in the darkness, there is nothing they can do about it!)

(At the east side, Geminiman and Snakeman find a break.)

Geminiman:  An air duct.  Even Wily has to breath.

Snakeman:  It's pretty well concealed.  Even my search snakes had a hard time finding it.

Geminiman:  Still, it seems a bit .....

Snakeman:  Convenient.  Yeah, I know.  Must be booby trapped.  Lesse now....

(Snakeman sends one of his snakes into the duct and fire erupts and destroys it within seconds!)

Snakeman:  Hm...... a perplexing problem.  I 'll jack into the mainframe. I might be able to....

(A loud explosion is heard as Geminiman uses his Geminilazer to go through the vent and destroys everything in it's path!)

Geminiman:  Way's clear.  Let's go!

Snakeman:  Subtlety is lost on you, Lennon.  Fine, let's go.

(The two robots go into the air vent and begin to travel along the ruined corridors.)

Geminiman:  Oh, they know we're coming by now anyway.  What harm could it -

(The vent is suddenly sealed at one end and a fan begins to suck air towards it!)

Geminiman:  Uh oh.

Snakeman:  We're being pulled towards the fan!

(The wind factor increases and the two are unable to resist the pull for long.  They hurtle to their doom!)

Geminiman:  Ahhh!  We're toast!

Snakeman:  One chance ....

(Snakeman shoots off several search snakes which get pulled towards the giant fan.)

Snakeman:  Hurry!  We may be able to destroy it before we're chopped to ribbons!

Geminiman:  Right!

(The two shoot with all their might and manage to destroy the fan just as they arrive!  With relief they slip out of the vent and into the main air controls.)

Geminiman:  That was close.  AGH!

(Geminiman is suddenly pelted with his weakness - search snakes!)

Snakeman:  What?  I - UFF!

(An invisible foe punches the robot and sends him flying across the room!)

Evil Gemini:  So, you got past our trap.  I'm pleased. I'd be embarrassed if even a crude copy of me could be destroyed by such a feeble trap!  

(Evil Snake decloaks)

Evil Snake:  HAH!  The trap may be eassssssy, but thisssss won't be!

(Finally, at the north side, Shadowman and Needlegal manage to sneak past several traps and make it within the fortress.)

Shadowman:  This is almost too easy, Needle.

Needlegal:  Hm.  Yes.  I wonder how the others are doing?

Shadowman:  Probably as good as us, I guess.  You know, I think our greatest advantage may be our other dimensional technology.  All I had to do to bypass the security was infect the computer with the "Shadowman virus".  

Needlegal:  Yes, well that's great.  I'm happy for you.

Shadowman:  But, still, for a base run by alternates of us, this isn't very .....
(The corridors fade to black as a hologram generators turn on!)

Shadowman:  Aw, shit.

Needlegal:  Um, where do we go?

Shadowman:  They'll have to do better than this.  I used these holograms before and can see through them clear as day!  Follow me.

(The pair walk for a while until they suddenly fall through the floor!)

Shadowman, Needlegal:  AHHH!!!

(The two land in a room filled with stars!)

Needlegal:  Where are we?

Shadowman:  More stupid holograms.

(The sound of metal scraping on metal is heard.)

Shadowman:  What?

(Suddenly, Evil Shadowman speaks to them on an intercom.)

Evil Shadow:  Greetings, guests.  Welcome to my home.  I've been expecting you.

Needlegal:  Evil Shadowman!

Shadowman:  Show yourself!

Evil Shadow:  Alas, I am far from the room you're in.  

Shadowman:  *tsk* Not here to greet your guests in person?  How rude!

Evil Shadow:  Yes, I know.  Forgive me.  But, don't feel as if I'm ignoring you.  Just look at this trap I've set up just for you!

Shadowman:  Yes, a false floor.  Technology Wily used in his second attack, right?  Wasn't expecting THAT.

Evil Needle: Heh, better expect the unexpected!  We studied your tactics since you got here!  We know you're trying to get home, so why not give up?  The Doc has the technology and can send you back!

Needlegal:  Why should be believe you?

Evil Needle:  Does the name "Sinister Six" ring a bell?  "X-Force"?  "Gary"?  Oh, we've been there!  And we promise to send you back.

Needlegal:  Not a chance!

Evil Shadow:  Common, now.  I know you have that righteous fury all pent up, but think.  This isn't your world.  YOU do not belong here.  What right do you have to stop us from doing anything?  You're fighting for a way home?  I'm offering you an easy out.  There's no need to risk your lives for complete strangers!

Shadowman:  And how can we trust you?

Evil Shadow:  I may be evil, but I am a man of my word.  I promise on my code as a ninja assassin that you will be returned home and never hear from us again.


Shadowman:  Huh.  That easy?

Evil Shadow:  It can be.

Shadowman:  Well, I'm sorry, but it's like this .... you're the type of person I'd rather die than be associated with!


Evil Shadow:  So, first you break into my home and then you insult me!  Very well then!  I'd rather see for myself who the superior battledroid is anyway!

Needlegal:  Then let's go at it!

Evil Needle:  Not so fast, sweet cheeks!  You may have noticed there's a slight grinding noise around you.  Well, the walls in that room are lined with spikes and unless you're reality is WAY different from ours, they'll kill you on impact!  We rigged that hologram there so you won't even be able to see how much space you have left!  Ha-hah!

Needlegal:  WHAT!?

Shadowman:  And here I thought you wanted a battle.

Evil Shadow:  If you can't escape from that trap, you're not WORTHY of fighting me!  Good luck!

(And ... at the main entrance....)

Megaman:  Hellooooooooo?  Hey, guys?  Where'd everybody go?  


Megaman:  Well, it looks like it's just me again.  It doesn't matter!  I've beaten Fireman, Bombman, Woodman, Shadowman and MORE!  And now I've got these Mega-cool upgrades Doctor Light gave me!  I'm going in!!

*Lennon writes*

At the West Side.

Evil Magnet: Eat this beer belly! Magnet Missile!

Hardman: Argh! Must drink more beer! Hide pain! Loosen body! *drinks a bottle of beer*

Magnetman: Yo! Hardman! You ok? Cause I can't hold on much longer against this guy!

Hardman: Oh I'm fine. *Burps* That's better.

Evil Magnet: What do you hope to accomplish by drinking beer. All it will do is harm your systems.

Hardman: *drunk* Not quite. In fact it makes me stronger! *does a Drunken Boxing stance* Want a drink?

Evil Magnet: Drunken Boxing? But how?

Evil Hard: Me slam drunk into ground!

Magnetman: *jumps out of Evil Hard's way* Yo Hard! Incoming Alternate from behind!

Hardman: What is you say? *picks up Evil Hard and throws him towards Evil Magnet* I didn't hear you.

Magnetman: Never mind.

At the South Side.

Evil Top: All right you think you can spin faster then me? Well let's dance.

Topman: Dance? But I didn't bring my dancing shoes.

Evil Top: Well too bad. *Spins around and knocks over Top*

Sparkman: TOP! *gets shocked*

Evil Spark: You should concentrate on your own battles!

Sparkman: All right then I will! *releases a charge of electricity at Evil Spark*

Evil Spark: Argh! *shakes it off* Not bad. How about this! *throws a Spark Shot*

Sparkman: Eat this! *throws a Spark Shot at the other shot causing a DBZ like collision also lighting up the area*

Evil Top: What's wrong? Am I too fast for you?

Topman: Not at all. *Spins around to create a tornado which knocks over Evil Top*

Evil Top: Whoa!

At the East Side.

Geminiman: Snake! Keep your alternate occupied I'll get rid of the other Gemini.

Snakeman: All right. Hey! Snake!

Evil Snake: What isssssss it?

Snakeman: I bet you can't even hit me. I can still remember our last battle. I didn't have my own weapon and I defeated you. How about that?

Evil Snake: You will pay dearly for my defeat! Feel the venom of my Ssssssssnakesssssss.

Geminiman: Hey! Evil Gemini. You want a fight? Then come face me at the bridge unless you don't want to ruin that face of yours.

Evil Gemini: You dare insult my beauty? Very well! I except your challenge! *cloaks himself and runs to the bridge*

Geminiman: See you there *cloaks himself and runs to the bridge*

In the control room.

Evil Shadow: It looks like victory is within our grasp.

Doctor: Those Alternates have no idea what they are up against.

A beeping sound is heard.

Evil Shadow: Doctor. It seems Megaman has found is way to the fortress.

Protoman: Shall I get rid of him?

Doctor: Indeed. He may prove to be a nuisance.

Protoman: Let's see what you've got brother. *Leaves to battle*

At the North Side.

Needlegal: Any ideas on what to do bro?

Shadowman: Just one.

At the entrance.

Megaman: Looks deserted. I wonder if everything is over.

Back at the bridge.

Evil Gemini: So. Here we are.

Geminiman: You ready to lose?

Evil Gemini: I never lose. *Looks at his reflection in a crystal ball* This crystal ball is beautiful. Yet deadly. *Throws the ball at Geminiman*

Geminiman: *forms the crystal shield and blocks the explosion and glass of the ball* So what has that got to do with this battle?

Evil Gemini: I too, am like that crystal ball. You shall bow down to my beauty.

Geminiman: I think not.

Evil Gemini: Shall we make this interesting?

Geminiman: How so?

Evil Gemini: How about hand to hand combat?

Geminiman: Sounds good to me.

*Gauntlet writes*

(Within the northern part of the complex, the spiked walls creep ever closer to Needlegal and Shadowman....)

Needlegal:  Well!?

Shadowman:  First we gotta see what we're doing!  Needle, aim for the ceiling!  I'll aim for the ground!  We must destroy the hologram generator!

(A barrage of Shadowblades and Needles fly around the room until, at least the Hologram generator is destroyed from overhead!)

Needlegal:  Ah, we can see!

Shadowman:  I'd rather not at this point!  The walls are too close now!

Needlegal:  Only thing left to do is try and blast them to pieces!

Shadowman:  Luckily, my blades have a chemical substance which can screw up mechanics!

(The two fire at the walls and manage to short circuit the moving mechanisms!)

Needlegal:  *Whew* that was close.

Shadowman:  Indeed.  And we still haven't faced our alternates yet.  We can climb the spikes to the top of the wall and go over it.  Common, we gotta be a good ways into the fortress by now.

*Lennon writes*

(And, at the battle between Gemini.....)

Evil Gemini: So. Are you ready? *Assumes fighting position*

Geminiman: Are you? *Assumes fighting stance*

Geminiman runs up to Evil Gemini and throws a kick which is easily blocked by Evil Gemini's leg. The two copy each others attacks in order to block each attack.

Evil Gemini: Is that all you got? *Does a backflip knocking Geminiman off his feet*

Geminiman: Argh! *Gets back up and hits Evil Gemini with a power punch knocking him to the other side of the bridge*

Evil Gemini: How can you have so much power?!

Geminiman: I learn from Master Light. He may be an ungrateful old man but his martial art skills are excellent.

Evil Gemini: You've only been here for a short time how could you have learnt so much?

Geminiman: I learn pretty quickly plus I'm a robot so I uploaded some techniques into my CPU.

Evil Gemini: No matter. My coolness and grace will lead me to victory. *Runs up and jumps over Geminiman*

Geminiman: It is not how cool you are or how good you look that makes you good it battle. It's how powerful and skillful you are. *Turns around and blocks Evil Gemini's attack*

Evil Gemini: Would you like to test that theory?

Evil Gemini and Geminiman continue to block each others attacks until Geminiman grabs Evil Gemini's kick and pushes him back allowing him to perform a kick combo sending Evil Gemini into the air.

Evil Gemini: Urgh! Lucky Shot! Let's see how you deal with this! *grabs Geminiman's head and releases a laser charge through his body*

Geminiman: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Evil Gemini: Face it. Your so called skill is nothing compared to my good looks.

Geminiman: Shut......... Up! *kicks Evil Gemini in the chest sending him back a few steps*

Evil Gemini: No one has ever gotten out of that attack! You will pay for that embarrassment! *knees Geminiman in the stomach, spin kicks his face and then back flip kicks Geminiman into the air*

Geminiman lands on his feet however Evil Gemini does a break dance like kick around the floor of the bridge knocking Geminiman of the bridge and on to the lower level and destroying the handrails of the bridge.

Evil Gemini: This is the end of the line for you. *Jumps off the bridge and fires a shot at the bridge making it fall*

The debris from the bridge flies down on to Geminiman who barely dodges it.

Geminiman: *gets up* It's not over yet.

*Gauntlet writes*

(At the west side of the building, the fighting continues.....)

Hardman:  Has ennnuuuuuh yeeeet, suuuuckaaaaaa?  Coooome annnd get ittttt!

Evil Hard:  Ahhh, I don't feel like doing that.

(Evil Hard throws his one-two punch combination of Hard Knuckles, but the alcohol in Hardman's body allows him to loosely dodge with ease!)

Hardman:  Woops!

(Evil Hard leaps high into the air and crashes into the ground causing Hardman to lose his balance!)

Hardman:  Oop!

Evil Hard:  Mwa-ha-hah!

Magnetman:  Hang on!  I'll - AGH!

(Magnetman is hit with Evil Magnet's Magnet Missiles!)

Evil Magnet:  By adjusting my polarity, I can make my milliles hit you wherever you go!

Magnetman:  Good idea!  I'll - UFF!

(Magnetman is pummeled by more of Evil Magnet's missiles!)

Evil Magnet:  Like I'd give you a chance!  Here's a demonstration of more power!

(In a blaze of magnetism, Evil Magnet appears on either side of Magnetman, pulling him closer to each direction!)

Magnetman:  Hey!!!

(Magnetman shoots his own missiles, but Evil Magnet shifts his polarity and they veer right into Hardman!)

Evil Magnet:  Lately, my shoulders have been very stiff.

(Evil Magnet adjusts his polarity once more and puts out full magnetic force!  Magnetman tried to adjust his own polarity, but it is too late.  Evil Magnet was able to draw him close enough to send a magnetic current throughout Magnetman's systems, plunging him into unconsciousness.)

Evil Magnet:  Be thankful the Doctor wants to study your internal systems.  Of course death may be preferable to the experiments he has planned for you....

(Hardman drinks even more alcohol to limber up, but the toll has become too much for him and Evil Hard is able to flatten him.)

Hardman:  Oooohhhhhh .... anyone get the number of that truck...?

Evil Hard:  HhhhuuhhHH!  Hard WIN!

(Elsewhere, Shadowman and Needle make it past several more traps on their way to find their evil duplicates!)

Needlegal:  Do you have any idea where you're going?


Shadowman:  None whatsoever.

Needlegal:  OOOOH!!  Then how will we ever find them!?

Shadowman:  Megaman universes are very linear.  I'm sure we'll stumble on them soon enough.

(They run for a bit longer until Needlegal stumbles upon something interesting.)

Needlegal:  Look!  The security room!

(The two go inside and discover a vast array of monitors and different controls in a very spacious room.)

Shadowman:  They must have been here!

Needlegal:  Look at this!  It's the rest of the team!

Shadowman:  Geminiman's really going at it.

Needlegal:  Oh no!  Hardman and Magnetman have just lost!  Where are they being taken!?

Shadowman:  Hm?  What's this .... a note?
"Behind you!"

(Shadowman whirls to see behind him just as Evil Shadow comes attacking from above!)

Shadowman:  Ahg!  You again!

Evil Shadow:  Gullible as ever I see.  Prepare yourself!  This time I won't be so easy to defeat!

Needlegal:  Yeah, well the odds are against you!  It's two on one!

(Suddenly, Needlegal is hit from behind!)

Evil Needle:  I'll make you into a needle mouse!

Needlegal:  OH!  It's you.

(Evil Shadow wastes no time and lunges into a ferocious array of martial arts attacks against Shadowman!)

Shadowman:  Yikes!

(Shadowman turns into wood and blocks the array of attacks, but Evil Shadow was prepared for his return to robot form and sliced Shadowman with a Shadow Blade!)

(Meanwhile, Needlegal has gone on the offense sending Needles flying every which way!  Her evil counterpart has done the same and they are both pelted with powerful needles!)

Evil Needle:  We don't have to fight, baby!  I can show you a real good time!

Needlegal:  Ew, YUCK!

Evil Needle:  Aw, don't be like that!

Evil Shadow:  Your Ninjitsu is powerful, but you can't last against me for long!

(Evil Shadow summons dozens of robot "frogs" which attack Shadowman!)

Shadowman:  Getting tired?  Hah!

(Shadowman splits into several holograms and the frogs scatter to find the real Shadow!)  

Shadowman:  Confused?

(Shadowman Throws Shadowblades and destroys the frogs!)

Evil Shadow:  TWO can play the hologram game!

(Evil Shadow splits into his own holograms and the all begin to throw Shadowblades!)

Shadowman:  AGH!  Which is real'

Evil Shadow:  The hologram blades will not harm you, but how can you dodge what you do not know is real?

Shadowman:  When that happens ...... I CHEAT!

(Shadowman summons his own robot "frogs"  which take hits from Evil Shadow's blades!)

Evil Shadow:  I've got you!!

(Evil Shadow lunges with a Shadowblade at the hole in Shadowman's attack!)

Evil Shadow:  A HOLOGRAM!?

(Shadowman is on the ceiling and throws tacks all along the floor!  Evil Shadow fends them off with his arms.)

Evil Shadow:  An annoying trick!  Is that all you have?!

(Needlegal and Evil Needle have both resorted to physical combat now.  With each pelted by Needles and both at their physical limit, it's become a tie.)

Evil Needle:  Common!  Gimme a chance!  

Needlegal:  (thought) How repulsive!  How can he match my brute strength?

Evil Needle:  Don't worry, I like my girls tough!  

Needlegal: (thought) If I can't beat him with force, maybe......

Needlegal:  *whew* you're right!  

Evil Needle: *shocked* I AM!?

Needlegal:  You're brute strength has shown me just how MANLY you are!

Evil Needle:  I .... I AM!  I AM!

Needlegal:  You sure are!  Let's go somewhere more .... private .... to show you just how impressed I am!

Evil Needle:  Oh, boy!  Oh - wait..... Shadowman told me this could happen.  This isn't a trick is it!?

Needlegal:  Oh .... heavens no!

Evil Needle:  Oh, boy!  Oh, boy!  Here comes my rose colored villain life!

(And so, Evil Needle and Needlegal retire into a nearby closet.)

Shadowman:  *cough cough*  Damn smoke screens!

(Evil Shadow comes in from behind and gives Shadowman a kick!)

Evil Shadow:  Ha ha ha hah!

Shadowman:  So you like smoke!?  I can accommodate!  Let's smoke it up!!

(Shadowman adds his own smoke screen and the two fill the room!)

Evil Shadow:  This won't stop me!

(Evil Shadow begins his onslaught of blades!)

Shadowman:  Just see!

(Shadowman uses his holograms and they all throw their Shadowblades!)

Evil Shadow:  Using my own technique against me.  PITIFUL!

(Evil Shadow turns into a log and the 'blades have no effect!)

Evil Shadow:  Enough of this!

(Evil Shadowman summons a giant frog and rides it!)

Evil Shadow:  Don't be fooled, this frog has enough raw power to wipe any robot out!

Shadowman:  GO POKEBALL!

(Shadowman summons his own giant frog from the Pokeball and the two lunge at each other, fire spewing from the mouth of their frogs!)

Evil Shadow:  NOW I have you!

(Shadowman leaps from his frog, Shadowblades in each hand!  Shadowman jumps out just in time and lands a timely TOP SPIN, devastating the weary Evil Shadow!)

Evil Shadow:  AAAAAAAHHH!!!

(Both land on the floor.  Evil Shadow is in pieces from Shadowman's surprising attack.)

(At this point, Needlegal emerges from the closet and a broken Evil Needle slumps to the floor.)

Needlegal:  Looks like we both won.  Didn't expect you knew how to do the Top Spin!  How does THAT work!

Shadowman:  I've had to deal with too many idiots claiming to be the "one true Shadowman" in my time.  Imputing the Top Spin as an attack seemed like a good idea.

Needlegal:  Yeah, no kidding!  

Shadowman: You?

Needlegal: Couldn't beat him with strength, so I used my brains! Charmed him and when he made his move, I yanked his wires!

Shadowman: Ouch.

Needlegal: You think we're the first who won?

Evil Shadow:  He heh eheh heh....


Shadowman, Needlegal:  No way......

Evil Shadow:  Fu, I can see the amazed faces floating in front of my eyes.

To Be Continued .....

Musashiden Razz as .....

Hexlaser as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Hadrian Howell as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Jonathan S. as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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