Series 4 Issue # 12 - Mirror, Mirror Part 2

Last issue saw our heroes storming Doctor Wily's base and finally having a showdown with their evil counterparts. However, after Shadowman struck his counterpart down following a grueling battle, he mysteriously came back to life.......

*Lennon writes*

At the east side of the fortress Snakeman continues to hold off Evil Snake.

Evil Snake: Sssssssnakeman! I know you're around here! Ssssssssomewhere.

Snakeman: *underground* Wait for it.

Evil Snake: I musssssst avenge Toadman!

Snakeman: *jumps out of the ground* Surprise! *Fires a few Search Snakes at the unsuspecting Evil Snake*

Evil Snake: Argh! How could that have happened! *collapses*

Snakeman: I guess that takes care of him.

At the hangar which is below the bridge.

Evil Gemini: Hey! Would you quit trying to punch me in the face! I'm trying to persuade Mega Girl to go on a date with me.

Geminiman: Is that so? Well in that case. *Kicks Evil Gemini in the face* Like she'd ever go for someone like you.

Evil Gemini: No! You've ruined my beautiful face!

Geminiman: See? There's your problem. You're too selfish.

Evil Gemini: Shut up! I don't need to hear this!

Evil Gemini throws a bunch of punches in which Geminiman barely blocks all except the last.

Geminiman: Got your arm. *Kicks Evil Gemini's shins then his head then punches the stunned robot into the wall of the hangar*

Evil Gemini: It's not over yet.

Geminiman: I think it is. *Kicks Evil Gemini's neck and snaps it then kicks a dent into his neck* That takes care of him.

Back at the East side.

Snakeman: But that's impossible!

Evil Snake: *gets up* It's no use running away.

Back at the hangar.

Geminiman: It can't be.

Evil Gemini: *gets back up completely healed holding another crystal* Hmmmm, this luster is amazing. *Throws the crystal at Geminiman*

Geminiman: *blocks with the crystal shield*

Evil Gemini: Looks like I've underestimated you!

*Gauntlet writes*

(In the mine shaft, Sparkman and Topman continue to battle.  Massive electrical output has turned on the lights and now the fight is evenly matched!)

Evil Spark:  Stand still, damn you!

(Evil spark sends lightning all around the room!)

Sparkman:  Not very maneuverable in that form, are you?  

(Sparkman sends out energy hands and swipes at Evil Spark, sending him flying!)

Evil Spark:  AGH!

Sparkman:  Just as I thought!  

(Sparkman sends a wave of electricity through the ground, but Evil Spark jumps to the side!)

Evil Spark:  Ah, no no, you need to correctly line up!

(Evil Spark sends wave after wave of Spark Shots after his double as Sparkman nimbly avoids them all and gets nearer to Evil Spark!)

(Sparkman manages to roll under several more sparks and grab ahold of Evil Spark's electrical needles with his hands!)

Evil Spark:  H-hands!?  You have hands!?

Sparkman:  Courtesy of the Transmetal armor.  They're retractable!

Evil Spark:  I'll fry you!!

(A bright light emits from the Sparkmen, but nothing happens.)

Evil Spark:  What happened?

Sparkman:  You're not the only one who can change his polarity.

Evil Spark:  I ... forgot about that!

Sparkman:  And since all this fighting is a real drain on the 'ol systems, I'll just borrow some of your energy!

(Evil Spark slumps onto the ground.)

Evil Spark:  I ..... I'll get you ........

(Evil Spark shuts down, totally out of power.)

Sparkman:  And THAT"S how you line things up!

(As the battle between Sparkmen rages on, the Topmen throw tops at each other, but each having little luck hitting the other....)

Evil Top:  A-ahahahahaahahaah!  Looks like we're evenly matched!  What FUN!  I've never had a battle last THIS long before!

Topman:  Heh.  Looks like you'r buddy Sparkman's all washed up!

Evil Top:  What...?  Oh, you think so?

Topman:  Hunh?

(Evil Spark suddenly springs to life again and blasts Sparkman with electricity!)

Evil Spark:  I'll .... I'LL GET YOU!!!

(The energy has little effect, as Sparkman is not ready for Evil Spark's tactics and merely absorbs his energy blasts!)

Evil Spark:  I'll .... get .... you.....

Topman:  Go, Spark!

Evil Top:  Don't let him goad you, Spark!  He's making you lose energy!

(Despite this advice, Evil Spark keeps on moving forward growing ever more weary...)

Evil Spark:  I'm TWICE as powerful as Elecman!  You're nothing ... NOTHING!!

Sparkman:  So, draining you of power didn't work, eh?  Let's see you absorb this!

(Clasping the exhausted Evil spark's head in both hands, Sparkman sends out a wave of electricity through Evil Spark's head, frying his robotic brain!)

Evil Top:  SPARKMAN!  NO!!

(Evil Spark collapses on the floor once more, his head smoking.  He does not get up again.)

Evil Top:  There's .... too much damage!  Even for ......

Topman:  And now it's you're turn!

Evil Top:  No way!  I'll .... I'll spin even more than usual!

(Evil Top Begins a Top Spin attack, but it is so fast it blurrs and appears to be a solid top!)

Topman:  NO way! Two can play!

(Topman himself begins to spin and uses the same move as Evil Top!)

Topman, Evil Top:  LET 'ER RIP!!

(Both tops attack each other sending sparks all over the mine floor!)

Evil Top:  You'll never kill me!!!

(The tops run along the walls, attacking each other all the while!)

Sparkman:  It's ..... It's like that kid's game!

(Both Tops continue to beat on each other.  The battle seems evenly matched for both Topmen are so alike neither of them can outweigh the other!)

Sparkman:  No need to fight alone, Top!  

Topman:  Stay out of this!  I wanna see who's Top Spin is stronger!

Evil Top:  Then let's cut out this foreplay!  All out attack!

(Both Topmen spin towards each other at their top speeds and collide, creating an explosion that knocks Sparkman off his feet!)

Sparkman:  Topman!  Er.... the GOOD Topman!  You ... there?

(A few seconds later Topman himself emerges from the smoke, damaged, but functional.)

Topman:  Turns out my spin was faster.

Sparkman:  *phew* I was worried there!

(Evil Top leaps out from the smoke!)

Evil Top:  I'm not done yet!!

(Sparkman shoots out a massive surge of electricity, shocking Evil Top!)

Sparkman:  I'll bet that if I fry you'r brain, you won't be able to come back either!

Evil Spark:  AAHHH!!!

Sparkman:  Let's test that theory.

(Evil Top screams once more and them falls to the ground.)


Topman:  That was just too creepy for words.

*Lennon writes*

Suddenly Evil Top jumps back up.

Evil Top: I'm not like my associate Spark over there. I can take more damage than he can.

Topman: But can you handle this? *flips into the air and performs a Top Spin kick at Evil Top* Spark! Hit me with an electrical charge!

Sparkman: Coming right up. *Fires a charge of energy at Topman making him a lightning tornado*

Evil Top: This is a little unexpected!

Over at the hangar.

Evil Gemini: How could you have ruined my face! *hits Geminiman with a kick* You will pay dearly for this! *kicks Geminiman in the head*

Geminiman: *thought* Damn! That last battle drained my energy pretty badly I'm going to have to find an opening for me to counter if I'm going to hit him.

Evil Gemini: Now let's see how you like this! *splits into six and surrounds Geminiman and fires a plasma shot*

Geminiman: There's my opening! *Dives to the ground*

Evil Gemini: No! *all his holograms get knocked back causing him to merge back* Sneaky pest!

Geminiman: That's no way to use holograms. Let me show you how to really use them. *Powers up and tackles Evil Gemini with all 6 six of his holograms*

Evil Gemini: Argh! How can I be outsmarted by such an ugly fool!

Geminiman: You should speak for yourself.

Evil Gemini: I cannot let you insult my beauty like that! *becomes invisible and jumps over Geminiman and kicks him into the wall*

Geminiman: Urgh! Damn! *becomes invisible*

Evil Gemini: Trying to hide I see. Well it's no use. I can sense where you are by your footsteps

Geminiman: I expected that. *Reappears in the distance* So I sent a hologram over there *points to a fuel tank*

Evil Gemini: You little....

Geminiman: *sends the clone back into him and fires a laser at the tanks blowing them up along with Evil Gemini*

Evil Gemini: AHHHHHHH!!!

Over at the Snakeman battle the east side is collapsing due to the underground attacks Snakeman and Evil Snake use.

The two burst out of the ground.

Evil Snake: Gotcha Sssssnake! Sssssssearch Sssssssnake! *fires a search snake*

Snakeman: Argh! *flies back into the ground*

Evil Snake: Lookssssss like you've dug your own grave.

Snakeman: *bursts out from behind and breaks Evil Snake's neck with a tail whip* Looks like you're lying in it.

Evil Snake: *gets back up* Not just yet.

Snakeman: But how?

Over at the hangar.

Geminiman: *through communicator* Snake! How are you going against the other Snake? Come in Snake!

Evil Gemini: *gets back up and walks up behind Geminiman* You don't understand. I'm too pretty to die!

Geminiman: *sighs* Why won't you just stay DOWN! *turns around and hits Evil Gemini's nose sending the broken parts of it into his nervous system damaging it beyond repair*

Evil Gemini: This can't be happening! I'm too pretty to die! *short circuits and collapses this time not getting up*

Geminiman: *taps Evil Gemini to see if he's actually destroyed* And stay down. *Runs back to the east wing of the fortress while contacting Snakeman* Hey! Snake! Our alternates seem to have a regenerating ability.

Snakeman: *through communicator* Oh, y'think?

Geminiman: I've figured out how to work around this.

Snakeman: How?

Geminiman: Apparently the ability lies within the nervous system of the robot. Once you destroy that, it should die.

Snakeman: Really? Well that's good to hear. So I guess you've defeated Evil Gemini.

Geminiman: Of course.

Snakeman: Well I'll finish off Evil Snake and then *signal goes dead*

Geminiman: Damn it. Evil Snake must have got him. *Splits into 6 to gain distance and merges back together to speed up*

At the other battlefield.

Evil Snake: You're lucky the doc wantssssss you alive. Otherwisssse I would have killed you.

Snakeman: Couldn't I just give you some money and you let me go?

Evil Snake: Huh? What? *gets his neck snapped*

Geminiman: Hey! What'd I miss?

Snakeman: How'd you get here so fast?

Geminiman: Split into 6. It's like making a really long jump thus getting somewhere faster.

Evil Snake: *gets back up* Idiotsssssss! A sssssssnapped neck can't sssssstop me!

Snakeman: Yeah. Well this can. *Fires a Search Snake at point blank knocking off Evil Snake's head* Let's go find Gauntlet shall we?

*Gauntlet writes*

(At the security room.......)

Needlegal:  No way ......

Shadowman:  How did you do that!?

Evil Shadow:  Ninja Secret!

Shadowman: "Ninja Secret"...... Hey, Needle, that's perfect for me!  Why didn't I think of that?

Needlegal:  Now's not the time!

Evil Needle:  Don't forget about me!

Needlegal:  Uh, oh.

Evil Shadow:  Heh.  So, as you can see ......  I NEVER HAD A CHANCE OF LOSING THIS BATTLE!!!

(Evil Shadow splits into several holograms and attacks Shadowman!)

(Evil Needle begins throwing massive amounts of Needles once more!)

Evil Needle:  (crying) YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU!!!!

Needlegal:  Yikes!  There are many fish in the sea!

Evil Needle:  *cries*

(Shadowman used his Shadow blades to mow down the rows of holograms and manages to slice Evil Shadow in half along the waist!)

Evil Shadow:  UK!

Shadowman:  *huff puff*

(Evil Shadow reforms)

Evil Shadow:  Stupid.  Can't you see you're outclassed!?

(Evil Shadow calls to his frog and mounts it!  Shadowman calls to his frog as well, but Evil Shadow intercepts it and rams it into the wall!)

Evil Shadow:  None of THAT now!

(Evil Shadow uses his frog's fire breath against Shadowman, however he turns into a log and avoids being hurt.  Evil Shadow pummels Shadowman with a barrage of attacks and Shadowman is nearing critical damage.)

Evil Shadow:  Perhaps if you had a weapon that shot vertically you'd have a slim chance of defeating me!

(Just as Evil Shadow leapt from his frog, going in for the kill, Shadowman changed into his EXE incarnation and uses his Muramasa sword, which deals the amount of damage Shadowman has taken, to slice Evil Shadow's frog clean in half!  Evil Shadow falls to the ground with a leg cut clean off.)

Evil Shadow:  AAAHHG!!  What the Hell!?

(Without words, Shadowman.EXE uses his sword to slice his evil incarnation in half.)

Shadowman.EXE:  *huff  huff*

(Evil Shadow, in an instant re-forms and leaps to his feet, but Shadowman.EXE was ready for him.  With fluid ninja motion, Shadowman.EXE slices Evil Shadow in half horizontally, and then in half vertically, and in one sweep of motion, he uses his ninja bombs to blow up the four quarters into smaller pieces!)

Shadowman.EXE:  You're not the only one with a few surprises......

(And, just across the room, Needlegal deals the finishing blow to Evil Needle!)

Needlegal:  ...... And to top the reasons of why no girl would EVER go out with you is because you'r fat!  

Evil Needle:  But - *sob* - but, you look exactly the same as me!!

Needlegal:  HAH!  Unlike you, I have a human form!  I'm not stuck looking like some sort of fat headless horseman reject!

Evil Needle:  Stop!!  Stop!!!  I can't help looking the way I do!!!

Needlegal:  You don't even have a winning PERSONALITY!!!!

Evil Needle:  *wails* ooooohhhhhhhh!  I'm gonna hurt you!

(Evil Needle awkwardly runs forward, giving Needlegal a chance to get behind him and shoot him in the head with her Needle Cannon!)

(With his brain too damaged to repair, Evil Needle slumps onto the ground.)

Needlegal:  You may be more powerful than me, but you're certainly not smarter!

Shadowman:  Looks like we won!

Needlegal:  Yeah.  Feels really -

(Suddenly a hologram projector turns on and the pair are in a starfeild!  The only things visible are the computer monitors .... all showing the face of Evil Shadow!)

Evil Shadow: Well, it looks like you won.  Congratulations.

Evil Needle: (off camera) Wha?  We LOST!? But they still haven't got here yet!

Evil Shadow:  QUIET!  And hold the damn camera still!

Shadowman:  Heh ... even dead....

Evil Shadow:  Looks like we found out who the superior model was after all.  BUT I WOULDN'T CELEBRATE JUST YET!!

Needlegal:  Uh-oh...

Evil Shadow:  For even in death, I have prepared one final TRAP!  I led you all here for a REASON!  You see, cleverly concealed are bombs set to go off in the event that Needleman and I have been destroyed!  The keyboard doesn't work and ... in the event you actually FIND a bomb in this illusion ..... I've made it so that it will go off if tampered with!

(Needlegal immediately begins firing upon the door, but it doesn't fall.)

Evil Shadow:  The room is lined with thick walls, none of your attacks will penetrate it!  You have ten seconds to make peace with whatever gods you worship.

( a countdown replaces the image of Evil Shadow starting at 10!)

Needlegal:  What do we do!?

Shadowman:  If .... I knew where to, I could jack in and disable the program ... but .....


Shadowman:  THERE'S NO TIME!!!

Needlegal:  Then what can we do!?



(The room explodes as all the bombs go off early!  A final ... and deadly contingency planned by the Evil Shadowman.)

*Lennon writes*

Inside the mine shaft Topman continues to drill around the place with the Top Spin kick.

Topman: Stand still damn it!

Sparkman: Eat Voltage! *throws a Spark Shot at Evil Top*

Evil Top: *spinning around* Shoot me down! If you can! *hits a dead end* Drat! A dead end.

Sparkman: One more shot coming up!

Topman: Ready! *flips over and Top spins*

Sparkman: Spark Shot!

The electricity hits Topman creating the electric tornado drilling right through Evil Top's upper body destroying his head in process disabling the brain.

Topman: About time.

Sparkman: Let's get out of this shaft.

Topman: I hear you.

Geminiman: *through communicator* Hey Top! You there?

Topman: *through communicator* Yeah what's up?

Geminiman: Gauntlet and Needlegal just suddenly dropped of my sensors. Any idea what happened?

Topman: No. Sparks and I were too busy fighting our alternates. Where was the last place you detected them? Wait a sec. We have sensors?

Geminiman: No. I just just attached tracking devices on all of us so I could find out where everyone is. Anyway, last place I saw them, they were in the security room near the central area of this fortress.

Topman: Gotcha. I'm on my way.

Geminiman: Right. *Closes communication* Gauntlet, Needle. Don't go dying on me now.

Snakeman: We better hurry.

Geminiman: Right.

*Gauntlet writes*

(After the battle with their alternates, everything else in the fortress seemed easy.  They breezed towards the security room with ease only to find it devastated.)

Geminiman:  Geez. This place is a mess!

Sparkman:  There are bits of Evil Shadow and Needle over here!  Gross!

Topman:  You don't think ..... they were destroyed do you!?

Snakeman:  I dunno.... everything here looks like a mess.  But the insulation is great, the room didn't cave in or anything!

Geminiman:  Yeah, fantastic.

Snakeman:  I'm sending my search snakes out to find anything.

Topman:  Y'know Magnet and Hard still haven't radioed in.  I think team "new guys" lost.

Sparkman:  Gemini said their trackers were still working, so they must still be in one piece.  somewhere.

Topman:  Aw, RATS!

(Topman kicks a nearby rock and it bounces off the wall and opens!  Out of it pours a stream of energy which resolves into .....)

Geminiman, Topman, Snakeman, Sparkman:  NEEDLEGAL!?

Needlegal:  *whew* it's not very spacious in there.

Sparkman:  But .... but....?

(Needlegal tosses him the "rock.")

Sparkman:  A .... Pokeball?

Needlegal:  A while back we modified a few Pokeballs to trap things other than those lame Pokemon.*  Shadowman figured it'd be a funny idea to take them on our trip in case he had to humiliate somebody.  After we fought our doubles, they set off a final trap.  With no options left, Shadowman tossed a Pokeball at me and himself to trap us inside!  Obviously the ball was small enough to be safe from the explosion.

(*Series 2 #5)

Snakeman:  Here's the other one.

(Snakeman tosses the ball and out comes Shadowman.)

Shadowman:  Ow.  Never gonna do THAT again.

Geminiman:  Geez, you look like hell.

Shadowman:  I feel like hell.  Damn alternate version of me was a liar 'till the end!  We only had FIVE seconds, damn him! What a sore loser! So like me and yet so unlike me......

Needlegal: Of yes , because you handle defeat SO well.....

Topman:  We passed by an energy storage room.  Here's their last few energy tanks.

(Needlegal and Shadowman both replenish their energy.)

Needlegal: Ahhhhh.... does a body good.

Shadowman:  Hard and Magnet aren't with you.  They must have been captured.

Geminiman:  I don't think they're dead.  This "doctor" seems more interested in dissecting us.  

Shadowman:  And they're more useful as bargaining chips if they're alive......

Sparkman:  Well, if we can still track them, let's go rescue them!

Topman:  First good idea you've had so far, new guy!

Sparkman:  Stop calling me that!

(Their search does not last long, as the door to the main chamber is close by.....)

Shadowman:  Hm...... pretty ominous.

Needlegal:  Well, what are we waiting for?  LET'S GO!!

(The six open the door and enter a dark chamber. Filled with computer screens and and test tubes, like a dark futuristic laboratory.....)

Geminiman:  This technology .... is far beyond anything in Master Light's lab!

Needlegal:  (mumbling) again with that "master" stuff.....

A voice:  Heh.  Finally made it did you?  

Another voice:  We get tired of waiting.

Topman:  Who are you?

(The figures step out of the shadows....)

Evil Magnet:  Your friends weren't much trouble.

Evil Hard:  Easy as pie.  Piiiiiiiiieeeeeee.

Geminiman:  Where are they!?

(Four large tubes are illuminated.  In them are figures suspended in liquid.)

Shadowman:  Magnetman .... Hardman ..... Jacob and .... Jonathan!?*

(*Jacob and Jonathan were the previous Snakeman and Hardman)

Evil Magnet:  Yes ... we found then de-powered in a remote coastal area.  They were  very helpful filling us in on your story.

Shadowman:  Then Shadowman's promise to send us home if we cooperated was another lie!

Someone new:  Not a lie ...... I've actually perfected the device to transport me to your reality!

Sparkman:  What?

Topman:  That doesn't sound like Wily .....

Geminiman:  No, it doesn't.

Evil Magnet:  May I present to you "the Doc" ..... DOCTOR DOPPLER!!!

Doppler:  He heh heh heh heh .... I can see you're surprised.

Shadowman:  I've read about you in my own reality, Doppler!  The way our alternates came back to life ....... iX ...... I should've figured it out sooner!  They used Limited didn't they!?

Doppler:  Ah, so the alternate me made the Limited virus as well did he?  

Geminiman:  Does that mean Sigma's behind this as well?!

Doppler:  In you'r reality Sigma may be the scourge of the future ... but in this one he's the leader of the Maverick hunters.  No, I'm afraid I am the mastermind behind this little .... plot!  

Needlegal:  Why?  Why did you come back from the future!?

Doppler:  Why?  Heh.  To sow the seeds of destruction of course!  To make my superrobot!  It will take years to fully mature .... but that won't be a problem here in the past, will it?!  

Geminiman:  But why power up our alternates?  Why kill Cossack's daughter?  What's he point?

Doppler:  Historical records show that Cossack was to rule the world.  But, when I arrived he needed a little .... nudge.  As for the battledroids I wanted a more local task force .... people who knew the area.  Who better than Wily's latest robot masters?   They also made great test subjects for my newly perfected Limited virus.

Doppler:  But then YOU came .... At first I thought you were all anomalies.  Upon investigating your friends and the wreckage of .... "Extant" was it? ..... of Extant's base I discovered very interesting and exciting technologies!  That prompted me to build a gateway into your universe to see what else I could "find".  And in a way .... this whole situation is YOUR FAULT!

Topman:  OUR FAULT!?

Doppler:  Does the name "Quint" ring a bell?  He planned on unleashing a small virus in this era.  When it infected the hero Rocman X, it turned him into ix!*  You didn't stop him and because of that he ravaged the future!  It was months before Sigma finally destroyed the Reploid!  From ix's corpse, I extracted Limited and refined it into it's current form.  So, thanks to YOU all this was possible!

(*Series 4 # 6)

Shadowman:  You think we care!?  Think again!  We'll just take precautions thanks to your little warning.    And since you have no lackeys left, I'd say the odds are decisively in OUR favor!

Doppler:  Have you forgotten my "superrobot"?  I'm sure you'll all want to meet him.  He's a good friend of yours after all!  You'r best friend!

(A door opens beside Doppler and from it emerges ....)

The 'Maniacs:  *gasp*!

Bizarro Shadowman:  Goodbye, friends!  You thought me am always here, but me am gone now!  Me am worser than after!  And me show you me am friend ...... BEST FRIEND!  AM US LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

*Lennon writes*

Shadowman: Bizarro Shadowman?!

Geminiman: Thought you were dead.

Bizarro Shadowman: No me were alive. But Doctor Doppler not find me and kill me. He make me weaker then never!

Needlegal: And yet he didn't get rid of the speech impediment.

Sparkman: So who is this Bizarro guy?

Topman: Don't you know anything new guy? Bizarro Shadowman was one of our greatest enemies. Doc Robot used Lex Luthor's old Bizarro ray to come up with a perfect counterpart for Shadowman. But, the exact opposite of an intelligent ninja warrior didn't turn out so good.*

*(Series 2 #8)

Needlegal: Later on, he became one with the Borg thus giving him the ability to adapt to our attacks. But they later chucked him because he made them all turn into idiots.*

*(Series 2 #18)

Shadowman: He ended up joining a bunch of our most annoying enemies*, however he was killed by Xelloss after he was betrayed by Extant and Ultimecia. **

*(Series 3 #12)

**(Series 3 #24)

Sparkman: I see.

Doppler: Of course once all of you were thrown into this dimension, Bizarro Shadowman went for the ride. I found him and studied him. This ... "Borg" technology intrigued me and so I rebuilt him based on schematics stored in his memory and my own expertise with Shadowman-type robots. He turned out much better than I could have hoped! So I upgraded him to be stronger than any force imaginable. And now here's a little test of his power. Magnetman, Hardman. I'm sorry to say this but you are no longer any use to me. Bizarro Shadowman. Kill them.

Evil Magnet: What?

Evil Hard: Huh?

Bizarro Shadowman: With sadness, Doctor. *Fires Spark Shots and Magnet Missiles at Evil Magnet and Evil Hard destroying them*

Geminiman: He has all of our attacks?

Doppler: Of course. And because he can adapt he has no weakness. Now. Let's see how you fare against my greatest creation!

Bizarro Shadowman: I will not destroy you! *Top Spins Shadowman*

Shadowman: Argh! *flies back into a wall*

Bizarro Shadowman: Me will hate helping you! *Hits Needlegal with a Gemini Laser*

Needlegal: AH! *is thrown into a wall*

Bizarro Shadowman: *fires Search Snakes and Hard Knuckles at Geminiman and Topman*

Geminiman: Ow! *flies into a wall*

Topman: No! *gets smacked into a wall*

Bizarro Shadowman: And now the old guys! *fires Needles and Shadow Blades at Snakeman and Sparkman*

Snakeman: Urgh *knocked into a wall*

Sparkman: Ah! *knocked into a wall*

Shadowman: Damn! He's fast!

Needlegal: And annoying as ever.

Geminiman: We need a plan.

Topman: Well we're going to need it quick.

Snakeman: Why don't we try to confuse him?

Sparkman: And how do we do that?

Snakeman: Simple. He can't attack all of us at the same time so why don't we try attack him from all directions at the same time using as much stealth as possible.

Geminiman: Sounds good. *Becomes invisible* Let's go.

Snakeman: *dives underground* Let's see how you deal with this!

Shadowman: *appears on the rafters* Here he comes.

Bizarro Shadowman: Away for less?

Needlegal: Get him!

The 'Maniacs attack but Bizarro Shadowman detects the movements and hits all of them back.

Sparkman: He's too strong!

Bizarro Shadowman: You can defeat me! *starts going berserk shooting down the whole room*

Needlegal: I'm sick of his laughter.

Shadowman: Sis! Get down!

Needlegal: No! I'm going to shut his mouth.

Bizarro Shadowman: So you leave to not fight me. Well then. *Fires a Gemini Laser at Needlegal*

Needlegal: *Dodges the laser* Needle Cannon! *fires a barrage of Needles but they all bounce off Bizarro Shadowman*

Bizarro Shadowman: I am not immune! *fires another Gemini Laser*

Geminiman: Damn it Needle! Get down!

Needlegal: *is paralyzed with fear and disbelief as the laser heads her way*

Shadowman: Get down Damnit! *gets up and tries to save Needlegal*

Geminiman: He's not going to make it! *gets up and shields Needlegal with his Crystal Shield*

Bizarro Shadowman: What?

Geminiman: Come on Bizarro Shadowman. You think you can break my shield? Hit me with your best shot.

Bizarro Shadowman: You want to not fight me? LIVE! *fires several Search Snakes at Geminiman*

Geminiman: *jumps over the snakes and hits Bizarro Shadowman with a kick*

Shadowman: Now's our chance!

Bizarro Shadowman: *jumps down from the rafters* Tis not a hologram! *hits Geminiman in the chest with a Search Snake and keeps firing them at him until he flies back into the wall*

Geminiman: Argh! *reforms back into human form covered in blood*

Shadowman: Gem!

Bizarro Shadowman: One up.

Shadowman: *knocks the unsuspecting Bizarro Shadowman down* Needle! Top! Check on Gemini! See if he's ok.

Topman: I don't think he's OK

Lennon: Don't worry......... It's not as bad as it looks.

Needlegal: How can you say that? You were knocked back into human form.

Lennon: Heh........ it's nothing I can't fix........Just go........... Go and defeat Bizarro Shadowman.

Topman: I'll get an E Can.

Lennon: Forget about it......... I'll be fine......... I just need to rest for a while. *closes his eyes and slumps down to the ground*

Needlegal: *checks his pulse* There's no pulse.

Topman: That would mean.

Needlegal: He's dead.

*Gauntlet writes*

Bizarro Shadowman:  Wopsie, looks like me make mistake!

Shadowman:  Sparkman!  We need Magnet and Hard - NOW!  Everyone else .... we gotta distract Bizarro!

(Sparkman races to the tubes with the prisoners and frees them as the others Fight Bizarro!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  Me am weakest there is!

Shadowman:  Yeah, sure...

(Shadowman splits into many forms to confuse Bizarro.  Needlegal sprays the area with Needles, but Bizarro's Borg shields have already adapted to that attack.)

Needlegal:  This sucks!

(Snakeman erupts from below and tackles Bizarro!)

Snakeman:  I've got him in a hold!  He can't ....

(Bizarro's cables rip into Snakeman's back!)  

Snakeman:  Aggghh!!!

Bizarro Shadowman:  Ha ha ha!  You remember me Borg attack?

(Topman comes in for a Top Spin attack!  Bizarro releases Snakeman and counters with his own Top Spin!  The combination of Borg and Limited technologies make him stronger and Topman is knocked backwards!)

Topman:  AGH!  Damn, I'm TOPMAN and he does my attack better than I do!

(Bizarro moved in for the kill, but was stopped when Shadowman threw his Shadowblades at him!)

Shadowman: This looks like a job for ... SCYTHER!!

Needlegal: YOU have a Scyther!?

Shadowman: Stole it off that Ash kid! Scyther, I CHOOSE YOU!!

(Shadowman throws his Pokeball , but the only thing that emerges is a pile of bones.)


Shadowman: Oh, geez ..... Uh, I guess I forgot to feed it.......

Needlegal: Aw, man......

Bizarro Shadowman:  You think that -

(Bizarro is then hit with Hard Man's body crush!)

Hardman:  Sorry we're late, guys! Sparks just freed us.

Magnetman:  Geez!  Lennon's dead!  We gotta stop this loser!

Snakeman:  Be careful!  He'll try to .... assimilate you!

(Hardman continues to physically pummel Bizarro.)

Hardman:  There ain't no shield to stop me from punching you!

(Hardman then reels back as Bizarro uses Magnet Missiles to attack!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  How me not do, Doc'  Bad'

(Doppler smiles as he watches the battle.)

Magnetman: Give it up Bizarro!  Even you gotta see we outnumber you!

Bizarro Shadowman:  Oh?

(Bizarro then splits into six and goes after the 'Maniacs!)

Shadowman:  Geez!  He really does have all our attacks!

Magnetman:  This is no good!  (Dodges Bizarro's Shadowblades) We can't keep this up forever!

(Needlegal goes in close to one of the Bizarros.)

Needlegal:  Let's see if you'r shield protect you at THIS range!

(Needle fires a needle straight through Bizarro!)

(The other Bizarros vanish and Bizarro slumps down.)

Bizarro Shadowman:  Ow.  

(Bizarro falls down, deactivated.)

Hardman:  We won!  We won!

Doppler:  You think so?

(Bizarro suddenly leaps to his feet and Top Spins Needlegal far across the room!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  It am SLEEPING TIME!

*Lennon writes*

Shadowman: Damn that stupid Limited Virus! *splits into holograms and disappear and reappear around the area*

Bizarro Shadowman: Stop staying in the same place! *throws Shadow Blades everywhere*

Doppler: Calm down! You'll destroy the whole fortress!

The ceiling begins to crumble and Doppler is crushed under the debris.

Bizarro Shadowman: Doctor!

Doppler: Help me you stupid robot!

Bizarro Shadowman: No Me leaving!

Topman: *smacks Bizarro Shadowman with the Top Spin* Not if I can help it.

Bizarro Shadowman: Me getting very happy!

Hardman: *drinks a bottle of beer* BOMBS AWAY! *crushes Bizarro Shadowman* That took care of him.

Bizarro Shadowman: *jumps out of the ground* Me gone! *hits Hardman with a Magnet Missile*

Sparkman: This could go on forever!

*Gauntlet writes*

(And then an unexpected figures runs into the room!)

Doppler:  Who!?

The 'Maniacs:  !!!!

Megaman:  YOU!!!  You all forgot about me!

Needlegal:  My God .... in all the confusion we really did forget all about Megaman!

Doppler:  But Protoman ... he was supposed to....

Megaman:  It was the most grueling battle of my life, but I managed to beat him once and for all!

Doppler:  You mean ....!

Megaman:  YES!  He's been sent to Doctor Light for reprogramming!  Wily's twisted directive will no longer control my brother!

Doppler:  oh, so you didn't kill him.

Megaman:  No, but YOU'RE TOAST, WILY!

Sparkman:  But that's not ....

Snakeman:  Don't even bother.

Doppler: *laughs* please!  Eight robot masters couldn't defeat my Limited Bizarro Shadowman!  He'll tear you apart!

Bizarro Shadowman:  Me am hating this battle!

Shadowman:  Be careful!  He has all our powers and he adapts to a weapon after it's used on him a few times!  He can also regenerate so you gotta cut off his head!

Megaman:  Thanks!

(Bizarro Calls his fire-breathing frog and leaps into battle with Megaman!)

(Megaman slides underneath Bizarro and lets loose with a Mega Buster shot!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  AGH!

(Megaman continues pounding on Bizarro until his shields activate!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  Now you see why me am WEAKEST there is!

Megaman:  Really?  How about some ATOMIC FIRE!?

(Bizarro is hit full force with a powered up Atomic Fire!)

Megaman:  Light programed into me all the master weapons I've acquired!  I can take you!

Doppler:  Bizarro will adapt to you eventually, Megaman!  In the meantime..... *Doppler throws off his lab coat*  The Mechanical Maniacs are MINE!

(Doppler dashes forward and tosses Hardman aside!)

Magnetman:  You think you're tough?  We've faced much worse than you!

(Magnetman shoots his missiles at Doppler, but the scientist merely absorbs it's energy!)

Doppler:  Take THIS!

(Doppler fires several homing energy balls at Magnet, but Magnet dodges!)

(Doppler is then hit with Needles as Needlegal gets in from behind him!)

Needlegal:  Face it, you're outclassed!

(Meanwhile, Bizarro has adapted to the Atomic fire and Megaman is using Bubble lead against him!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  Hah!  The less weapons you use the weaker me become!

Megaman: (thought) if he does regenerate after dying, I'm sunk!

Shadowman:  Toss him here!  I have the portal working!

Doppler:  What!?

Megaman:  Good call!

Bizarro Shadowman:  Me am too SMART to fall for that trick!

(Bizarro Shadowman splits into six and attacks Megaman!  However, Megaman sees the pattern in his movements and avoids them all, meanwhile knocking Bizarro with the Bubble Lead all the while!)

Bizarro Shadowman:  Not Stay Still!

(Megaman edges towards the portal drawing Bizarro closer by shooting him with now-useless Bubble Lead shots!  Although they don't work, they infuriate Bizarro and draw him closer!)

Doppler:  No!  Stay - URK!

(Doppler is crushed by Hardman's body slam attack!)

Hardman:  Heh.  Take that, ya overrated -

(Hardman is picked up by Doppler and thrown at Megaman!)

(Megaman dodges and Hardman crashes into the floor!)

Hardman:  Ouch.

Bizarro Shadowman:  Me lose you ALL!

(Bizarro uses magnetics to leap to the ceiling and fire a bunch of Magnet Missiles!  The missiles hit both Hardman and Megaman!)

Doppler:  That's it, Bizarro!

(Bizarro Slides forwards and pelts Megaman with Needles followed by a giant Spark Shot!)

Megaman:  Agh!

(Bizarro then begins to spin faster and faster until he does a mega-top Spin and dashes towards Megaman!)

Megaman:  YIKES!

Bizarro Shadowman:  MWa-ha-ha-ha!  Me blind to board faces falling after me eyes!

(Bizarro goes full speed ahead towards Megaman, but Megaman dodges and Bizarro heads heedlessly into the trans-dimensional portal!)

Doppler: NOOOOOOO!!!

Shadowman:  In the end.... it was his own stupidity that did him in!

(Doppler races towards Shadowman)

Doppler:  I'll kill you for that!

(Shadowman splits into several holograms and avoids Doppler!)

(Doppler begins to charge up an energy attack and that's when the 'Maniacs hit him!  Needlegal with her Needle Cannon, Hardman with his Hard knuckles, Magnetman with his Magnet Missiles, Shadowman with his Shadow Blades, Sparkman with his Spark Shots, Snakeman with his Search Snakes, Topman with his Tops, and Megaman with his Mega Buster!)

Doppler:  No!  NO!!!!

(An explosion occurs and Doppler falls to the floor, damaged and helpless.)

Doppler:  You ..... can't kill me!  I have Limited within MYSELF!

(At that moment, a portal opens in the room and out emerges SIGMA!  Leader of the Maverick hunters!)

Sigma:  We don't want you dead, Doppler!  We need to study how Limited has effected you ... so we can create a suitable Anti-virus!

Doppler:  Uh-oh.

(Sigma then presses a hidden switch on Doppler's neck and he falls to the ground, turned off.)

Sigma:  Thank you for your help, Mechanical Maniacs.

Megaman:  Wait, how did you know to come here?

Sigma:  While you were fighting, Shadowman sent a coded message into the future.  However, his message missed slightly.  It took months for us to decode it, but when we did, we came to the specified time coordinates.

Shadowman:  The coordinates were encoded in the portal machine.  Like a *69 sorta deal.

Sparkman:  I'm only glad we managed to save the future ... y'know after ... dooming it.

Sigma:  Ah, yes .... the iX debacle.  I wouldn't worry about that.  Although he did cause damage, Doppler was misleading you.  The future is hardly destroyed.  And, with Doppler himself as a live specimen, we may yet find a way to cure Rocman X from his infection!

Hardman:  Excellent!

Megaman:  But where did you send Bizarro, Shadowman?

Shadowman:  Back to our universe, where he belongs.  However, I altered the dimensional coordinates. so that he'd be sent to someplace that's as far, far away from us as possible!

Needlegal:  Yeah, that's great, but poor Lennon's ... dead!

Snakeman:  Hardly knew that guy....

Shadowman:  Ah, don't sweat it!  He'll bounce back. He's a robot.  Well, sorta.  In a complicated way.

Megaman:  You're not robots?

Topman:  Sure we are!  Um, well, most of the time.

Shadowman:  It's rather complicated.

Needlegal:  Yer being kinda cold here, Gauntlet. Lennon was our pal.

Shadowman: I'm not ready to give up on him. You weren't around then, but I "died" myself after being defeated by Megaman. So we might be able to save Lennon. If it doesn't work ..... then I'll mourn.

Sigma:  Well, I don't care.  I'm off to the future.  Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't wanna see you people again.  You're nothing but trouble.

(Sigma disappears with Doppler into the portal he came from and it closes behind him.)

Snakeman: With Doppler's machine, I guess harrassing Doctor Light was unnessasary.

Megaman: Actually ..... wasn't supposed to tell you, but Doctor Light never did figure out how to travel interdimensionally. He just told you all that so you'd fight for us....

Snakeman: Hunh!?

Sparkman: I hate Doctor Light!

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Shadowman: When did we learn something?

Needlegal: We learned that you can beat even the most powerful enemy if you can outsmart him!  Bizarro had all of our powers and yet he was still beat by our superior strategy!

Shadowman:  Uh, yeah right.....

Topman: Well, until we become Doppler's wacky soldiers of fortune, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!


Musashiden Razz as .....

Hexlaser as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Hadrian Howell as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Jonathan S. as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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