Series 4 Issue # 25 - Possession Part 2

As the Mechanical Maniacs and Sinister Six engage the Decepticons outside of their island base, Geminiman and Fireman planned to rescue Shadowman, Needlegal, and whoever else the Decepticons had captured in a covert strike. However, Not all has gone according to plan as they are faced with a Shadowman and Needlegal possessed with and enhanced Evil Energy!

Geminiman: How'd you do it, Galvatron? How did you turn our friends against us?

Galvatron: Feh. Figure it out in Hell! Battledroids, send them to their deaths!

(Shadowman and Needlegal continue their attack against their former friends!)

Fireman: This ain't good, Gemini! They're much more powerful and evil!

Geminiman: Yeah, but it's strange...... Why aren't they saying anything?

Someone: Because Galvatron hasn't fully calibrated his virus to beat the Transmetal armor yet!

Galvatron: Who!?

(A car slams into Galvatron, knocking him to the side! It then transforms into...)

Galvatron: Punch! How did you find me!?

Punch: Very easily, Decepticon! And now that the Autobots know where you are, you're finished!

Galvatron: Oh, am I now?

(Galvatron blasts at Punch, but he evades, transforms, and speeds off.)

Galvatron: Autotbot coward!

(Galvatron speeds after Punch leaving Geminiman and Fireman alone to fight Shadowman and Needlegal.....)

(Elsewhere, the rest of the team infiltrate the Decepticon's home base....)

Cutman: Geez, this place is HUGE!

Topman: Hmmmm..... what to do now?

Magnetman: Why ask us? YOU'RE the leader!

Topman: hmmmm ..... Damn, I wish Gauntlet was here. If he were here he'd tell Andon to use his electrical energies to detect any unusual energy readings to locate where experiments are being conducted (because, naturally, such experiments would take oodles of weird energies) so we can go in and wreck any scheme the Decepticons are up to ...... Hm.


Elecman: Hey, that is a good idea! Good thinking, Top!

Topman: What're you talking about? I said ...............OH! Yeah, uh, right. Go do that!

(Elecman puts his hand against the wall and "feels" for any variation in electrical output.)

Elecman: Hm. I sense odd reading in ..... the south easterly direction.

Magnetman: ...what? Ok, do you really think we know north, west, east, south - english please!

Elecman: *Points* that way.

Topman: Alrighty, then! Let's go!

(The Team heads off in the direction of the odd energy output. As they go, the lights dim as electrical energy is being conserved for Galvatron's odd experiments.....)

Sparkman: Woah!

Snakeman: Lookit all this!

Bombman: All these weird tubes and everything. I have no idea what I'm looking at over here.

Sparkman: The energy here feels ...... rotten!

Elecman: I feel it too.

Hardman: Guys, LOOK!

(The 'Maniacs and the Six stare in amazement at what confronts them.)

Topman: It's the Life Virus and the Scuttles! I remember them from my copy's time with Viral Infection! But .... LV's oddly colored.

Snakeman: They've been dismantled. Wires are coming out of their bodies ..... they look dead.

Magnetman: But, what could Galvatron WANT with Life Virus and the Scuttles? Why dismantle them..... Why ...?

(Suddenly, Magnet remembers their encounter with the ninjas...*)

Shadowman: Secret Society, what is your problem!?

Starscream: They are our slaves now, battledroid! With the ninjas in our thrall and US attacking, there's no hope for you now!

(*Series 4 #23)

(And their earlier battle with Viral Infection...*)

Shadowman.EXE: We've been waiting for you Mechanical Maniacs to come! Already, much of Megalopolis has fallen under our INFECTION!

(*Series 4 #13)

Magnetman: OF COURSE! They stole Life Virus to control the minds of robots! They must have got him after we returned and loosened his grip on Megalopolis!

Gutsman: And they stole Duo's evil energy to boost the power! With that, Galvatron must have overcome whatever weakness was in LV's virus.

Magnetman: Then .... they plan ...

(And Magnet remembers what Shadowman had told him.....)

Shadowman: And what "insurance" does he have, exactly?

Green Ranger: Prime. He's captured Optimus Prime and the Matrix.

(The others shudder as Magnet explains the plan to them.)

(Elsewhere in the base, Shadowman and Needlegal chase Geminiman and Fireman further into enemy lines!)

Fireman: This endless running is getting us nowhere! We need a plan!

Geminiman: I can't sit still long enough to think of a plan! Damn .... whatever has them powered up has raised their resistance to the Gemini Lazer! And they've managed to dodge most of them.

(One of Gemini's clones dies as Shadowman slices it in two with a 'blade.)

Geminiman: Ugh. Wit .... Punch said Galvatron used a virus against them ..... well, our Transmetal armor worked well against the Life Virus .....

Fireman: Ain't doing too well here!

Geminiman: No, but with a power boost to the right areas, we might be able to get rid of the damn thing!

Fireman: You wanna BOOST their power!? I'm already having a hard time staying alive without hurting them!

Geminiman: Well, then .... we're gonna have to hurt them, then.

(Fighting with ferocity, Gemini and Fire stop pulling their punches and hit Shadow and Needle with force. Although powered by evil energy, the two fight without strategy, their minds clouded and subdued. Finally, they are beaten to unconsciousness and Geminiman goes in to boost the virus combination program in their Transmetal Armor)

Geminiman: With any luck, whatever's infecting Gauntlet and Needle will clear up.


Geminiman: Yessir ..... anytime now.


Fireman: This is gonna take a while isn't it?

Geminiman: Seems that way.

(Suddenly, the pair is hit with lazer fire!

Fireman: Agh!

Soundwave: Time is not in abundance for you.

Fireman: Aw, shit!

Soundwave: Prepare for oblivion!

(Back in the robotics laboratory.....)

Topman: Smash it all! Smash it all and stop Galvatron's plan! Mwah-ha-hah! I'm brilliant!

(Glass shatters and equipment explodes as the Mechanical Maniacs and Sinister Six destroy the lab.)

Elecman: Y'know it might've been helpful to learn what this does before we went and destroyed it all.

Sparkman: Nonsense! Whatever it is, it's no doubt evil! So, who cares what it was used for if we can stop it?

Hardman: Besides, I like hitting things that don't hit back!

Thrust: Yeah, that figures.

Waspinator Hmmmmm ..... looks like Wily bots in for it now! Waspinator like challenge!

Snakeman: *Humph* Well, what makes you think you have any hope against all of us? We beat you easily just a little while ago!

Someone: You won't be fighting them!

(The Secret Society of Ninjas, Nightbird, and Dark Warrior all appear out of the shadows.)

Dark Warrior: You'll be fighting all of US!

Cutman: Crap!

Nightbird: *eyes gleam evilly*

(The ninjas leap into action against the robots!)

Gutsman: Hell!? Are those guys riding frogs!?

Ibuki: Shadowman isn't the only one who can do it you know!

Gutsman: But what do frogs have to do with ninjitsu!?

Ibuki, Robo Roider: Everything!

(Strider and That ninja from Ninja Gaiden are thrown back as Hardman blasts them with his Hard Knuckles!)

Strider: Ahhh!

Hardman: Hoo-Haa, lotsa fun!

Gutsman: AHHH!!!! Their stupid frogs breathe FIRE!

Robo Roider: Naturally!

Ibuki: And now we'll burn you all!

Sparkman: Not if team Electric Supreme stops you! With me, Elecman!

(Elecman and Sparkman fry Robo Rider and Ibuki with electricity!)

Elecman: Sparkman...

Sparkman: Yeah?

Elecman: Don't call us that again.

Waspinator Hmmmm .... ninjas going down! We are losing!

Thrust: HOW!? How is that possible!? Answer me!

Ninja from Tick: I am Ninja! I am invincible!

(The Ninjas from Tick is thrown aside by Topman!)

Dark Warrior: They're not ... holding back ....

(Nightbird's legs are chopped short by a rolling cutter and the giant robot crashes to the floor!)

Nightbird: *Glared angrily*

Cutman: Tiiiiiiiimberrrrrr!

Bombman: That's pretty ruthless ....

Cutman: Well, it's been a long day!

Thrust: Hmmm ...... I don't like where things're headed...

Someone from behind: Need a hand?

Waspinator Counterpunch! Black Convoy! Hnnnnnnn thank Heavens you have arrived!

Black Convoy: You're bungling is barely worth the astroseconds it'll take to beat these idiots!

Topman: "Astroseconds", eh? So, tell me cuz I gotta know ....... what, exactly, makes them "astro"?

Black Convoy: So, you think you can mock me!? Counterpunch, let's show them a thing or two!

Counter Punch: I got a better idea.

(Counterpunch takes out a lazer rifle and shoots Black convoy through the back!)

Black Convoy: AHH! Counterpunch?

(Counterpunch shoots several more times at close range scattering Black Convoy's circuitry across the room. In moments Black Convoy collapses onto the floor.)

Thrust: What!?

(Counterpunch crushes the shocked Thrust with one foot!)

Waspinator: Counterpunch traitor! Counterpunch traitor! Counterpunch -

(Counterpunch swats Waspinstor aside like a fly!)

Waspinator: Ooooooo, STARS! Ready when you are, Raul! *Waspinator collapses*

Magnetman: COUNTERPUNCH saved the day!? What's going on here!?

Counter Punch: I think this will explain everything...

(Counterpunch transforms into the Autobot Punch!)

Punch: I'm a double agent working under cover for the Autobots.

(Gutsman buries Dark Warrior under lab equipment taking the last of the ninjas out of commission.)

Gutsman: Well, isn't that lovely. So, tell me this - WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH LETTING THE DECEPTICONS GROW SO FREAKIN' POWERFUL!?

Punch: I ..... I had no choice! Galvatron was more powerful than I thought .... The Autobots planned an ambush and I was to give the Decepticons false information to lead them into it. All was going well until Galvatron came to their rescue! I have no idea how he found out, but he was much more powerful than before .... and he had an ally who I didn't recognize. They captured Prime and took him to their base. Together they took charge of the Decepticons and came here. I joined them to see what their plan was. During battles his friend managed to capture the other Primes.

Snakeman: So, who exactly is this "friend of Galvatron's"?

Punch: He calls himself "Bizarro Shadowman".

Hardman: WHAT!?

(Suddenly Punch is blasted forward, his arm ripping right out of it's socket!)

Punch: AAAHHH!!!

Galvatron: Well, well, well. Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

Magnetman: Any suggestions, "leader"?

Topman: Ooooo .... ahhhh ..... RUN!!

(The team runs right under Galvatron's legs, avoiding his powerful fusion cannon!)

Galvatron: You robots are like insects! Running about like ants ..... well, if at first you don't succeed ...

(Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and blasts at the retreating heroes!)

Magnetman: Oh, first we're losing, then we're winning, and THEN we're LOSING AGAIN!! I hate this stupid adventure!

Sparkman: I'm too negative!

Hardman: So, what do we do, Nightmare' You're the leader!

Topman: I don't wanna be leader! I don't wanna be leader! I don't wanna be leader!

(The team scatters as a plasma blast comes particularly close.)

Galvatron: You can't avoid me forever, battledroids!

(Galvatron's shot is then deflected as a Shadowblade hits the barrel of his cannon.)

Galvatron: *Transforms into robot mode* YOU.

Shadowman: Me.

Galvatron: How did you counter my virus!? It is perfect!

Needlegal: Not perfect enough it seems!

Fireman: While I stalled Soundwave, Gemini managed to boost their Transmetal Amour's viral attack systems.

Geminiman: I just used the power from my Gemini Lazer to do it.

Galvatron: So that means ....

Geminiman: THAT means we have a cure for your "unstoppable virus".

(The base is rocked by multiple explosions.)

Geminiman: Did I forget to mention we took this time to free all your captives?

Needlegal: Looks like you lose AGAIN, Galvatron!

Someone: Not quite yet, I'd say.

(The Mechanical Maniacs twirl to see a much changed Bizarro Shadowman standing behind them!)

Bizarro Shadow: Hello, friends. Been quite a while, hasn't it?

Bizarro Returns!? And what's with the normal speech patterns? How can the Mechanical Maniacs hope to beat Bizarro when they could only send him away the last time they fought? Find out all this and more ..... in the next installment!

To Be Continued.....


Musashiden Razz as .....
Hexlaser as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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