Series 4 Issue # 26 - Possession Part 3

Rather than wait for the Decepticon forces to attack, the Mechanical Maniacs have taken the initiative against them along with their friends the Sinister Six. Raiding their undersea base underneath an artificial island, it looked as if the two teams were on the verge of winning the day as they drove back the Decepticons and their mind-controlled slaves. However, with the Decepticons' base falling apart, a familiar foe is there to confront the Megaman teams. And, for some reason he doesn't seem to worried about losing.....

Shadowman: Bizarro!?

Magnetman: So, the mastermind's finally shown himself!

Bizarro Shadow: "Mastermind" is rather long. You may address me as a simple "Master" if you like. Isn't that right, Galvatron?

Galvatron: Yes ..... master....

Hardman: "Master"!? Don't tell me the guy we've been fighting this whole time is been controlled!

Needlegal: Geez, Galvy, first Unicron and now Bizarro ...... you're always someone's bitch aren't you?

Galvatron: SILENCE!!

(Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and begins to fire wildly at Needlegal! Needlegal uses her super-effective robotic reflexes to dodge Galvatron's powerful plasma blasts.)

Cutman: Pretty spry for someone built like a cannon ball!

Needlegal: Damn it! It's not me, it's the armor!

Bizarro Shadow: Galvatron's not alone in this little undertaking, remember?!

(Bizarro Shadowman throws Shadowblades at the group, but Shadowman counters them with his own blades!)

Shadowman: So, Bizarro, I guess you're using your Borg implants to control Galvatron over there. Otherwise there's no way he'd work for you.

Bizarro Shadow: Heh, good guess, Sherlock. Now stay still and DIE!

(Bizarro Shadowman lets loose with a flurry of sparks, however Sparkman manages to to counter those too.)

Sparkman: Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Someone: But whose got YOU, eh?

(From out of nowhere, Sigma emerges and grabs Sparkman!)

Gutsman: Sigma!

Topman: What the Hell are you doing here Sigma!?

Sigma: Sowing the seeds for the future, naturally. MY future. I must admit it took me a LONG time to recover from my last defeat, Mechanical Maniacs ....... that "sniffy" anti-Virus nearly finished me where hordes of Maverick hunters could not!* But, I'm back now and I've joined forces with Bizarro Shadowman and Galvatron. With you meddlers out of the picture I'm ready to sow the seeds of a virus which I will use in the future to destroy mankind! With the Life Virus, Evil Energy and my own Maverick Virus working together no force on Earth or anywhere else can stop us!

(*Series 2 #10)

Bizarro Shadowman: While the same virus shall ravage Autobot forces thereby ensuring Decepticon victory!

Topman: Well, yer too late! We've foiled you're evil scheme! The first thing we did when we got here was destroy your lab so - (Topman sticks out his toung) *pftttthhhhhhh*

Sigma: "Foiled"? How can you say THAT .... when we finished our scheme only days ago?

Geminiman: WHAT!?

Galvatron: That's right. Sorry we didn't wait for you, but after we got the Evil Energy we immediately got to work. Unlike YOU we don't waste time! Even as we speak the virus is incubating below the Earth ..... and the Autobots are facing a most unpleasant battle with their own Primes (infected with our super-virus of course)! Sometimes it's almost too easy.

Sigma: Our victory here is incidental since we've already won. The destruction of the lab changes nothing. So why don't you all just back off now .... or the new guy gets it?

Sparkman: Urk!

Topman: Uh.... no way! Let's go, guys!!

Sigma: Shall I - ?

Bizarro Shadowman: No. Leave them all to me!

Hardman: So you wanna take on the Mechanical Maniacs AND the Sinister Six all at ONCE? You drunk?

Bizarro Shadowman: TRY ME!

Hardman: ..... kay.

(Hardman shoots out his fists, but they deflect off Bizarro's Borg shield!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Ooohh, not bad. Try MINE!

(Bizarro shoots out his own fists slamming Bizarro into the wall!)

Shadowman: Crap, he's still got Borg shields!

Bizarro Shadowman: And much MORE!

(Bizarro transforms into a ship and fires lasers at the two teams! They scatter, but there's not much dodging they can do in such an enclosed space!)

Geminiman: Damn it, this is not supposed to happen to the good guys!

(Geminiman tries his Gemini Lazer and Arm Cannon on Bizarro, but they bounce off his shields)

Cutman: It's hopeless!

Needlegal: Wait! Sinister Six, gun him down!

Fireman: Well, all right...

(The Sinister Six all fire their weapons at Bizarro and miraculously he falls to the floor and is forced to transform back!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Argh.

Gutsman: Ah, we did it!

Bizarro Shadowman: Really? Care to try your luck again?

Cutman: Let's do it!

Needlegal: Wait -

Elecman: Normally I don't use violence, but just this once...

(The Sinister Six unleash their attacks, however Bizarro merely laughs!)

Bombman: Uh, it's not working...

Elecman: Why...?

Bizarro Shadowman: Looks like I've adapted to that form of attack. Now DIE!

(Bizarro unleashes powerful Spark Shots and Magnet Missiles hitting the two teams.)

Bizarro Shadowman: Oh, I'm sorry, is this not fair? Here, let's do things the old fashioned way!

(Bizarro, who is a Transformer now and a tower compared to our heroes, begins to step on them like ants!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Ah ha ha ha hah! This is almost too easy! Come on, fight back! You're disappointing me! You - URK!

(Bizarro Shadowman falls to the ground. Sigma and Galvatron watch on in stunned amazement as Hardman and Gutsman walk out of a hole in Bizarro's head.)

Gutsman: What a maroon.

Hardman: Adapt against THAT, ya big sissy.

Snakeman: I don't believe it!

Bombman: WE WON!

Bizarro Shadowman: Is that .... the best .... you got...?

(Bizarro Shadowman rises once more, his wounds fully healed!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Because if it is....

Hardman: Aw, no way! We destroyed your brain!

Bizarro Shadowman: I'm sorry, but my Limited armor is still in effect and you did NOT completely destroy anything important. But you DID succeed .... in arising my IRE!

(The 'Maniacs and the Six are surrounded by the evil robots. They look to each other for confidence, but there is precious little. Constant fighting has drained them all of strength and faced with such powerful enemies it seems almost certain that they should fail.)

Shadowman: ...... So, before we all die, why don't you tell me what happened to you, Bizarro? I noticed you aren't as stupid as when we last saw each other. No more backwards talking .... finally get hooked on phonics?

Bizarro Shadow: Humph ... You'll die wondering!

(Galvatron, Sigma, and Bizarro all fire their assorted weapons at the team, but Shadowman uses a smoke bomb to hide the heroes' presence. The ship is again rocked by a multitude of explosions as the former captives lay waste to vital equipment!)

Galvatron: The ship won't last much longer!

Bizarro Shadow: We must kill those robots! I want them DEAD!

Sigma: I still have their buddy here. They'll need to come back to rescue him.

Sparkman: Or .... not....

(Sparkman lets loose with a burst of electricity shattering Sigma's arm and freeing him!)

Sigma: ARRRGH!!

Bizarro Shadow: After him, Galvatron! Damn ..... I didn't even get to use ANY of my cool new powers yet.....

(Galvatron runs after Sparkman deep into his base!)

Galvatron: Come out, Battledroid! Do you have any courage or will you die running from me?

Sparkman: Who's running?

(Galvatron twirls to see....)

Galvatron: The Sinister Six.

Gutsman: Well, maybe the Fearsome Five until we get a new number six.

Sparkman: I wasn't so much "running" as I was "leading you here."

Galvatron: For all the good it'll do you!

(Elsewhere, Bizarro And Sigma split up to hunt down the other 'Maniacs).

Sigma: Come out come out wherever you are.....

(Sigma is then hit with a barrage of Magnet Missiles!)

Sigma: AGH!

(Which are followed by swarms of search snakes which detonate on impact!)

Sigma: Grrrr ..... cowards! You hide like rats using the darkness as cover! Fight like MEN!

Shadowman: Recently we were in an alternate reality you know .... and while the evil us-es were real jerks they did know a few things about surprise attacks!

(The Mechanical Maniacs continue their hidden attack using the darkness as cover for quick attacks. Soon Sigma's body was near collapse and that's when the 'Maniacs crept out of the shadows....)

Sigma: You've nearly destroyed me...

Snakeman: With that body of yours going there's not many places left for you to run.

Geminiman: Our Transmetal armor makes us resistant to viruses and that means both we and their Sinister Six are off your menu. And with this base nearing collapse it looks as if it's curtains for you. Without a host body I doubt you'll survive!

Sigma: You have .... underestimated me again! For the most powerful among us is still operational!

(Sigma leaps out of his host body and quickly flees down a corridor.)

Topman: After him!

Geminiman: Looks like Sigma is making a run for it.

Shadowman: Just as planned.

(Meanwhile, Galvatron is gaining the upper hand on the Sinister Six and Sparkman....)

Galvatron: Stupid, foolish, IDIOTS! I am Galvatron, born from the fires of Unicron! I can't be beaten by the likes of YOU!

Bombman: I hate to say it, but I think we gotta 'port to base. This guy's pummeling us.

Elecman: Wait. There's one last strategy. But we gotta make it to the prisoners' cells in time and hope that our "last strategy" doesn't backfire on us!

(The Sinister Six and Sparkman run for the cells as The Maniacs follow the Sigma Virus to....)

Bizarro Shadow: Sigma? What are you? - UFF!

(Bizarro Shadowman reels as Sigma suddenly infects him!)

Sigma: Now prepare yourselves, robots! This was always my plan anyway, however I am forced to step it .... uhhh...

Bizarro Shadow: Get out of my head!

Sigma: NO! This is my body now and you'll do as I command!

Hardman: Turning schizophrenic?

Geminiman: The two are battling each other for control of the same body.

Shadowman: Let's try this now!

(Shadowman chucks a shadowblade at Bizarro and it hits doing minimal damage.)

Topman: It hit him!

Shadowman: Like I hoped. Bizarro can't fight both Sigma and us. His Borg shields are down.

Topman: Oh goodie. An easy target.

Magnetman: My favorite kind of target. Let's get the sucker!

Hardman: Boo-yeah!

(The 'Maniacs pour on the power causing Bizarro to reel in pain! Bizarro/Sigma tries to fight back with his assortment of powers, but fighting each other makes them incapable of providing a sufficient defense against the heroes! Finally, Bizarro transforms into a ship and tries to escape, but Topman uses his top spin to stop them cold in the small corridors of the Decepticon base!)

Bizarro Shadow: No ..... it's impossible ..... I can't .... I'm superior in every way!

Shadowman: It looks as if you've reached the end, you poor Xerox of me.

Bizarro Shadow: I won't allow it! You're coming with ME!

(A light flashes and Bizarro is suddenly still.)


Hardman: What?

Geminiman: What happened?

Shadowman: Shit! Bizarro must have adapted to Sigma's attacks and become a virus! They've escaped into the wall mechanism!

Magnetman: We'll never catch them now!

Shadowman: NO! Topman and me have Navi forms! We'll follow them before it's too late!

Snakeman: But the base is falling apart!

Topman: .... We can use the comm system to escape! That's what Bizarro is probably planning too!

(Shadowman and Topman transforms into Shadowman.EXE and Gutsman.EXE respectively and follow Bizarro and Sigma into the wall.)

Hardman: Well, that's it then. Looks like we're done.

Geminiman: Yeah, but ... even if we do beat Bizarro it doesn't matter.

Needlegal: What do you mean?

Geminiman: The virus has already been sent..... it's already incubated somewhere on Earth as well..... whatever their outcome we've lost.....


Magnetman: Hey, I hate to bring this up, but shouldn't the others have met up with us by now?

(Elsewhere, deep within the undersea base....)

Galvatron: It looks as if your last hope has turned out to be your final undoing! Isn't that correct, Prime?

Optimus Prime: It is, Master Galvatron!

(Prime shoots the team of robots once more! It's all they can do to dodge. Already Gutsman and Cutman were down and out.)

Sparkman: No .... I can't believe there's no hope left!

Galvatron: Didn't suspect that I would leave the last Prime here for insurance did you? And now your mistake will cost you your lives! Finish them Prime!

Optimus Prime: ......

Galvatron: Why did you hesitate, Prime?

Optimus Prime: But would they not be better used as specimens? We could study their unique designs.

Galvatron: You are not here to THINK, Prime, you're here to do as I say!

Elecman: Prime, wait!

(Elecman and Bombman walk into the room struggling to hold the giant Autobot artifact - the Matrix!)

(The Matrix's blue glow has a mesmerizing effect on Prime. He stares at it longingly as if it was a key to lost memories and forgotten dreams.)

Galvatron: Prime ...... do as I say! Destroy them!

Optimus Prime: Yes ..... Destroy....

(Optimus Prime turns and fires on Galvatron who, in his weakened condition, cannot take the powerful blasts of Optimus' lazer rifle! Galvatron comes crashing down in defeat.)

Bombman: Looks like it's all over. Com'on, guys, let's go find the others.

(However, unknown to Bombman, the final battle was yet to be had....)

Bizarro Shadow: This is far from over!

Gutsman.EXE: Give it up already, Bizarro!

Shadowman.EXE: Amazing..... his Borg technology has adapted to Sigma's attack and mutated him into a virus that just keeps getting stronger. Sigma's barely surviving and now he's being dragged through cyberspace as Bizarro continues to eat away at him.

Bizarro Shadow: You'll regret attacking me here!

(Bizarro lashes out with tentacles, but Shadowman.EXE and Gutsman.EXE are too fast for him. They avoid his attack and attack Bizarro himself at close range!)

Bizarro Shadow: Is that the best you have? Because it's not enough!

(Bizarro Shadowman counters with Shadowblades and Magnet Missiles, but they are easily destroyed by Shadowman.EXE with his own Shadowblades! With Shadowman covering him, Gutsman.EXE delivers a final, crushing blow!)

Shadowman.EXE: We have the experience, and you've weakened from constant battling with Sigma. It's over!

Bizarro Shadow: Over!? HAH! I'll just escape and evolve again! I'll build myself a NEW body .... more powerful. Then I'll release a new version of the virus! You have to defeat me hundreds of times because your code of honor prevents you from killing all living things while I only have to win ONCE!

(Bizarro lashes out with a barrage of Shadowblades, but they only hit a hologram. Shadowman has already leapt far into the air and goes in to drive his Muramasa deep into the Virus' code.)

Bizarro Shadow: AAAAH! But .... your code....

Shadowman.EXE: I don't consider a bad mutant copy of me a "living thing". You're just code with delusions of grandeur.

(With that the Bizarro Virus explodes into meaningless bits, erased from existence.)

Sigma: (thought) Looks like it's time to flee....

(Sigma begins to creep away...)

Gutsman.EXE: Not so fast, Sigma.

(Gutsman grabs the virus and holds him tight. In his weakened condition Sigma presents little challenge.)

Gutsman.EXE: You're coming with us.

Sigma: Are you .... planning to kill me too then?

(The pair of Navis contemplate this for only a moment.)

Shadowman.EXE: No. From what I know about the future, you're place is there. If I kill you here that may change time in a bad way.

Sigma: Oh .... good.

Shadowman.EXE: HOWEVER, know this: we have virus battling capabilities here. We aren't afraid to use them. If I even so much as THINK you're here again, you're dead, consequences be damned.

Sigma: Ah ..... I think we understand each other - URK!

Gutsman.EXE: Quit yer blabbering, let's go.

(And so the Decepticon base collapses and the false Island miraculously survives. Galvatron is taken into custody by Optimus Prime and Sigma is trapped in a Pokeball until the Mechanical Maniacs gain access to a time machine.)

Optimus Prime: And so this mission is over.

Geminiman: Yeah, but ..... What about the Autobots in space? Won't they be in trouble because of the virus?

Optimus Prime: Not to worry, Gemini. The Matrix was able to develop a cure for the virus. I have already destroyed the virus here on Earth while you were battling the deranged Bizarro Shadowman. Since all Transformers share a bond with the Matrix I shall unleash it's power in space and wipe out the virus forever.

Sigma: Yeah, wonderful. You know I escaped this ball once before.

Shadowman: You know, if you cause trouble I'm perfectly willing to kill you. I don't consider you a life form, you know.

Magnetman: What about Galvatron and the Decepticons?

Optimus Prime: Galvatron will be dismantled and his circuts held in a Transformer prison. Then we Autobots will return here and gather the remains of any surviving Decepticons. They have a lot to answer for.

Topman: Oh, that reminds me...

(Topman tosses a Pokeball revealing...)

Top Spin: Hitmontop! Top! Top!

Topman: Top Spin went bad so we had to turn him into a Pokemon. Think he belongs more with you than us.

Optimus Prime: Oh, Top Spin .... how far you have fallen.

Gutsman: Um, you know, Prime, there's something you can do for us .... if you don't mind.

Optimus Prime Anything, Gutsman. I am in your debt.

Gutsman: You wouldn't happen to have a base these freeloaders can use. I ..... I want them out of my base!

The 'Maniacs: HEY!

Optimus Prime: A base, eh? Actually no one has used the Ark in a long time....

Shadowman: ooohhhh, the ARK! That'd be great!

Needlegal: Yeah, definitely!

Optimus Prime: Good. Then it's settled.

(Just then a figure emerges from the sea....)

Topman: Who?

Bizarro Shadowman: Whoa, what a sane day!

Magnetman: Bizarro!? Shadow, you didn't kill him!?

Shadowman: No .... that'd be pretty creepy. After all, he's a copy of me! With all the alternate mes running around it fellt a little like killing myself when I off one of them. I just destroyed the program that held his mind together. Figured he'd still be linked to his body in some way and looks like I figured right. Anyway, with Torchman, Quint and everyone else dead we need a recurring villain!

Bizarro Shadowman: Geez, that was big fun! Let's go again!

Geminiman: I wonder just how deadly he is now. We had trouble beating him in the alternate reality before.

Topman: So, Bizarro, what made you into that giant Transformer? In the mood to tell us now?


Bizarro Shadowman: ..... Me ..... remember.....

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned-

(All of a sudden police helicopters surround the island!)

Elecman: They've come for me!

Hardman: What's going on here!?

Police Bot: Mechanical Maniacs .... we have discovered that you were involved in the robbery of the first Nation Megalopolis Bank*. You are to come with us for trial and sentencing!

(*Series 1, Solo Story #2)

Shadowman: But we just saved the world!

Police Bot: Tell it to the judge, criminals.

Fireman: Don't worry .... we'll send Sigma back to the future for you guys!

Magnetman: Yeah, and - hey! Don't worry about us! We'll be fine!

Cutman: Okay, we won't! Have fun in prison!

Magnetman: Hey! Wait, what do you mean by that!?

Optimus Prime: What strange people.....

Bizarro Shadowman: Hm, he who stay not run away never die to run another night! Or something.....

(And with that confusing almost-rhyme Bizarro causually sneaks away.)

(Too weakened to want to battle, the 'Maniacs are handcuffed and placed in an armored helicopter which flies off into the sunset.)

Snakeman: Robbery ..... when the Hell were we involved in a robbery!?

Magnetman: This is YOUR fault! It must be! (Magnetman points an accusing finger at Gauntlet.)

Shadowman: Wha? Me?? How could this be MY fault!? I didn't rob any banks!

Snakeman: Then how did the cops know to look for us!?

Police Officer: Actually, it was I who tipped them off.

(The Police officer takes off his hat to reveal....)

Needlegal: Xelloss!?

Xelloss: Hello!

Geminiman: But you're DEAD! We saw you caught in that temporal explosion!*

(*Series 3 #24)

Xelloss: Oh, that? That wasn't even able to kill YOU, so how could you possibly expect it to kill me?

Shadowman: Oh, great.

Xelloss: Anyway, this really is you're fault in the end. After all, where did you think all that money you got rich off came from?

Shadowman: You mean Eric ..... or first Hardman ..... he ...... then ..... BUT HE DIDN'T TELL ME!

Xelloss: Well, good luck in the trial. (Xelloss disappears.)

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too..

Shadowman: *Grumble mumble*

Needlegal: We learned that no good deed goes unpunished. Oh, I don't think we'll EVER catch a friggin' break!

Topman: Well, until we do, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!















(elsewhere, in space Cyclonus meets his master to deliver his report.)

Cyclonus: Master ..... Galvatron and Bizarro have failed. Optimus Prime is ready to destroy our virus ..... it's over.


Cyclonus: So, what do we do now?


The End


Musashiden Razz as .....
Hexlaser as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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