Series 4 Issue # 18 - Power Failure

Needlegal: Okay. Let's recap. We have an army of Decepticons trying to take over the world.

Shadowman: Which we've seemed to neglect for quite some time.

Needlegal: And a crazed robot master bent on destroying the world.

Gutsman: Aren't you forgetting something?

Needlegal: Hmm. I've covered Galvatron and True Chimeraman. I don't think I've missed anything.

Geminiman: Maybe Duo. He's still possessed with the Evil Energy. He's been missing ever since the Robotic Raiders split up.

Gutsman: I wasn't talking about Duo.

Topman: Wily, perhaps?

Shadowman: No we have an alliance with the Evil Eight so he poses no threat.


Geminiman: You don't have to yell.

Shadowman: We already said we're living here indefinitely. Plus, some of us seem to have settled in already. *Points to Hardman and Fireman whom are having some what of a conversation over a few drinks and Sparkman painting a picture while Magnetman and Cutman are playing video games*

Hardman: *drunk* I'm telling you I could lift this whole base off the ground.

Fireman: *also drunk* I'll bet you all of our beer that you can't!

Hardman: You're on!

Sparkman: Quiet! I must concentrate!

Magnetman: Ha! I win again.

Cutman: I swear you're cheating!

Gutsman: I give up! *Walks off*

Needlegal: Anyway. Back to our current situation.

Geminiman: Well True Chimeraman looks to be the biggest threat. If we don't stop him soon he might level the whole city.

Topman: But we can't take on Chimeraman. You saw how easily he defeated all of us.

Shadowman: Yes, at least we know we can defeat the Decepticons.

Needlegal: However True Chimeraman is easier to track down seeing as we have everyone looking out for him.

Snakeman: Hey! Sorry to interrupt, but this message just came in.

Topman: What's that?

Geminiman: A holographic projector. I asked Artilleryman to contact us if he finds anything on Chimeraman.

Geminiman switches on the projector and an image of Artilleryman appears.

Artilleryman: Hello, Mechanical Maniacs. I have managed to locate True Chimeraman.

Shadowman: Well that's good news.

Artilleryman: Also some information that might interest you.

The image of Artilleryman changes into footage of Chimeraman and someone else talking.

Geminiman: Duo.

Snakeman: So, they've joined.

Needlegal: Quiet! This is important.

Duo: So you want me to invade the central computer of Megalopolis?

Chimeraman: Yes. That central computer controls everything in the city. It'll cause a complete blackout and Wily will be defenseless!

Duo: Surely he'll have a backup generator.

Chimeraman: That won't be a problem.

Duo: Well what's in it in for me?

Chimeraman: You are welcome to drain all the energy from the computer. Think about it. You'll become so powerful no one could harm you, we could rule this world and accomplish something Wily could not!

The footage switches back into Artilleryman.

Topman: How did he get this information?

Snakeman: I'm assuming he used radar then tracked Chimeraman to that location and was able to record this conversation.

Artilleryman: Now. Here's the plan. We will meet at the Central Computer at nightfall and stay there until Duo arrives. We will protect the computer at all costs. End message.

The hologram fades and the projector deactivates.

Shadowman: Well, this isn't good. . . . not good.

Snakeman: So what do we do?

Topman: What do we do? We protect the place new guy!

Geminiman: Well we kinda have no choice. I mean if we don't, Duo would get all that energy and there would be a major blackout.

Needlegal: And it could only lead to disaster.

Gutsman: Well what are you waiting for? Go!

Needlegal: But it's nowhere near nightfall.

Gutsman: Just go! *Throws the team out the door*

Sparkman: Hey! I was still painting!

Magnetman: I didn't get a chance to save.

Hardman: I can't lift the building!

Snakeman: Shut up guys! We've got a job to do.

Magnetman: Oh yeah? What's that?

Shadowman: We've gotta protect the Central Computer.

Topman: If you were watching the message we got from Artilleryman you would know that new guy.

Magnetman: If this computer is so important, wouldn't it have it's own security systems?

Snakeman: Well we have to go anyway.

Geminiman: Better safe than sorry. Plus Duo is gonna be there and no doubt he's going to have his own army.

Meanwhile outside Skull Fortress, Duo builds up his army.

Sniper Joe: Freeze! Who goes there?

Duo: Your new master. *Uses some evil energy to possess the Sniper Joe*

Sniper Joe: *possessed* I live to serve you.

Duo: Very good. Now round up all the Joes you can find and spread the word. I want an army ready for attack by nightfall.

Sniper Joe: As you wish.

Duo: Soon all that energy will be mine!

Over at the Central Computer of Megalopolis

Omniman: So you have arrived.

Shadowman: Yeah, yeah let's just get this over with.

Clawman: Well, now that we're here we should go over the plan.

Artilleryman: Yes. Now listen carefully. As we all know the Central Computer of Megalopolis has the best surveillance systems in the whole city and is designed to withstand minor explosions on the surface.

Magnetman: So why are we here? With security like that Duo should be held off quite easily.

Artilleryman: As I said it can only withstand minor explosions. A charged particle beam could rip through its barrier with ease because it's old and deficient. The main computer that controls everything in this city is located at the bottom level of the facility located deep underground. We must protect that computer.

Needlegal: So basically we just defend the computer by destroying all invaders. Sounds simple enough.

Warman: However we cannot enter since this is a military facility and the staff does not trust us.

Shadowman: Well that's reasonable. So you want us to get you in and explain the plan to the commander there.

Omniman: Yes. It is as simple as that.

Geminiman: And of course we'll need to evacuate all staff members as well.

Spinman: Of course.

Topman: Never thought I'd see the day where we join forces.

Several minutes later the Maniacs meet up with the commander of the computer.

Commander: Hmm. Your plan sounds simple enough.

Snakeman: It would help if you lend us some robots to help our forces.

Commander: Robots? I don't have any robots here. Humans run this whole facility.

The Maniacs and Evil Eight: WHAT!

Omniman: Why is that?

Commander: What if they go berserk? They could easily destroy the whole place.

Needlegal: Well I guess we're on our own.

Geminiman: You'd better evacuate the staff. It's almost nightfall.

Commander: Agreed. I'll send the message.

Intercom: Would all personnel evacuate the facility immediately! Would all personnel evacuate the facility immediately!

An explosion is heard from above.

Shadowman: They're attacking already?

Commander: Quickly! Check the surveillance cameras!

Artilleryman: I'm on it! The outside cameras are not responding!

Hardman: They've destroyed the outer security systems!

Geminiman: I'll check the interior cameras!

Transmissions from the employees begin to reach the command centre.

Male Employee: They've broken through the west entrance! AAAAHHHH! *Signal goes dead*

Female Employee: They've attacked the east entrance too! We can't escape! They've blocked all exits as well! EEEEEKKK! *Signal goes dead*

Male Employee: Send back up! Send back up!

Female Employee: It's horrible! They're destroying everything!

Several of the transmissions go dead, some ending with a terrified scream.

Shadowman: Gem! What's going on out there!

Geminiman: They're… They're killing all the staff. *Puts the footage on the main screen*

Needlegal: It's horrible.

Hardman: I think I'm going to be sick!

Magnetman: You're a robot. You can't get sick.

Sparkman: Can't you see what's going on? We have to help them!

Magnetman: I know! But I'm trying to keep cool in the situation!

Snakeman: We have to hurry upstairs or they'll all die!

Clawman: Way ahead of you. *Teleports out*

The rest of the Evil Eight teleport to the scene

Shadowman: Let's follow suit.

Geminiman: Commander. Keep us informed on what areas to protect.

Commander: Of course. By the looks of it, most of the attacks are focused on the top floors and escape routes.

Upstairs the carnage continues.

Sniper Joe: Destroy everything! Take no prisoners!

Hammer Joe: Sure thing boss!

Skeleton Joe: No escape! Not one!

Crystal Joe: I'll dispose of them all.

Magnetman and Snakeman appear along with Cleaveman on the 3rd floor to the top.

Magnetman: There are thousands of them!

Snakeman: This is going to take a lot of work!

Cleaveman: Think we can take them?

Magnetman: No problem!

The 3 use their special attacks to keep the Joes at bay.

Warman, Needlegal, Sparkman and Golemman appear at the escape route.

Needlegal: Death from above!

Sparkman: Helicopters? Isn't that a bit much?

Golemman: Golem swat helicopters like flies!

Warman: Shooting them down will be no problem!

Warman shoots down a helicopter while Golemman shouts threats and insulting comments followed by lewd gestures.

Needlegal: Come on Sparks let's find some survivors.

Sparkman: Okay.

On the top floor Geminiman, Hardman, Artilleryman, Topman and Spinman are fighting off the invaders.

Topman: You aren't getting anywhere! *Bowls over a bunch of Joes with a topspin* Strike!

Spinman: You call that an attack? *Throws his spinning blade at several Joes* That's an attack!

Artilleryman: Don't let any of them through!

Geminiman: This is beginning to remind me of the End of Evangelion movie.

Hardman: Yeah. Only this time there are no giant 'mechs.

Suddenly 2 Sniper Joes crash through the roof in the MM2 mechs and start firing.

Geminiman: Speak of the Devil!

Hardman: Why did I have to open my big mouth?

Artilleryman: They shouldn't be a problem!

The 3 fire at the legs of the mechs and knock them over.

Elsewhere in the facility Shadowman, Omniman and Clawman find survivors.

Female Employee: Help us! He's been wounded!

Shadowman: Omniman! Clawman! Can I trust you to defend this area?

Omniman: Of course!

Clawman: We'll make sure no one gets through.

Shadowman: Good. *Teleports the wounded man and woman to a safe area*

Male Employee: There… are still… more survivors!

Shadowman: All right. I'll go and find them. *Teleports out*

Female Employee: I don't see why I had to be the girl. *Removes her pretender shell and reveals herself as Starscream*

Male Employee: Well you have the voice of a girl. *Removes his pretender shells and reveals himself as Counterpunch*

Starscream: Watch it! When I become leader of the Decepticons I'll be sure to destroy you.

Counterpunch: Well as long as Galvatron is around I'm safe.

Starscream: Hiding behind Galvatron. How pitiful!

Counterpunch: We better report to Soundwave. With those 'Maniacs looking for survivors we'll be able to steal the energy of the central computer right under they're noses.

Back at the central computer facility Needlegal and Sparkman find survivors

Needlegal: We've found some survivors!

Sparkman: They don't seem to have been harmed.

Male Employee: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Female Employee: Are you the Decepticons?

Needlegal: Decepticons? What are you talking about?

Male Employee: Our commander is a Decepticon! Or rather replaced by one.

Sparkman: What?

Female Employee: We witnessed our commander getting killed by a Decepticon and then replaced. We tried telling the rest of the staff but were caught and thrown in here.

Needlegal: But why didn't they kill you?

Male Employee: Well they were about to however seven robots appeared outside so they threw us in here.

Female Employee: After that, all hell broke loose.

Male Employee: Tell us! What happened? What happened to our friends?

Sparkman: I'm afraid… I'm sorry. I can't say.

Female Employee: I see.

Male Employee: You must hurry! The commander! He must be stealing the energy as we speak!

Needlegal: This could be bad.

Golemman: We warn others.

Another explosion is heard upstairs.

Geminiman: *through communicator* Guys! Duo is here! We need help!

Shadowman: *through communicator* Already there!

Duo: Ha! When you want something done right, you have to rely on yourself!

Everyone teleports to where Duo is.

Duo: Foolish robot masters! Your destruction is at hand!

Geminiman: Eat this!

Geminiman fires a laser but when it hits Duo a shield appears and the laser is deflected.

Shadowman: What was that?

Hardman: The evil energy?

Duo: Ha! Ha! Ha! Indeed. Because of the Evil Energy I now possess a shield that will protect me, and destroy everyone else!

Shadowman: Not if we can stop you! *Knocks Duo into an elevator shaft*

Snakeman: Not there! He'll get to the central computer that way!

Magnetman: After him!

The 'Maniacs jump down the elevator shaft to follow Duo.

Duo: You don't stand a chance against me!

Shadowman: We'll see about that!


Shadowman tries to stab Duo with a Shadow Blade but the Evil Energy stops the blade from touching Duo.

Duo: It's useless!

Hardman: Incoming!

Duo: What? No!

The Maniacs crash through the shaft and crush Duo at the bottom floor.

Geminiman: Why did Hardman have to jump last?

Topman: Don't ask me!

Needlegal: Get off us Hardman!

Shadowman: *appears from the rafters* 'Tis a hologram.

Snakeman: You're on my tail! Get off my tail!

Sparkman: I can't feel my hands.

Magnetman: You have no hands!

Duo: Success! I've found the central computer! And soon I'll become the most powerful being in existence!

Duo begins to react to the energy he's absorbing.

Duo: What? No! This can't happen to me! NO!

Needlegal: What's happening?

Geminiman: The amount of energy is too great for Duo to withstand. It's rejecting him.

Duo: No! *Becomes unconscious*

Sparkman: We've saved the computer.

Commander: Not yet. *Blows up his pretender shell to reveal himself as Cyclonus*

Needlegal: Damn, I forgot to tell you guys that the Decepticons were also in on this.

Shadowman: It's too late now. Don't you think?

Starscream: This is a bit more than we expected.

Counterpunch: Galvatron will be pleased.

Cyclonus: We were just going to steal the power of the central computer however, once Duo arrived, we knew you pesky battledroids would interfere. So we had to wait until you put Duo out of the equation, and, thanks to you, we were able to steal the Evil Energy.

Starscream: Now this whole place will be blown sky high!

Counterpunch: Nice knowing you.

Cyclonus: Starscream! Counterpunch! Let's go!

The Decepticons transform and escape.

Needlegal: I guess they forgot we could teleport.

The Maniacs try to teleport but can't

Shadowman: They might have disabled teleportation from this facility.

Omniman suddenly breaks into the room.

Omniman: Need a hand?

Geminiman: Guys! There's a bomb in here!

Artilleryman: Oh, you mean this? Don't worry! I disabled it.

Warman: We found it when you jumped down the elevator shaft.

Spinman: The Decepticons got away through.

Snakeman: Hmm… I guess everything turned out all right.

Sparkman: What are you talking about? We lost hundreds of lives down here and the Decepticons got away with the Evil Energy.

Needlegal: And we learnt something too.

Sparkman: What? What did we learn? Nothing could have been learnt by this!

Shadowman: Shut up new guy! You're ruining our ending lines!

Topman: Well until the Evil Energy possesses Duo again we are… The Mechanical Maniacs!

Musashiden Razz as ..... Hexlaser as ..... Psycho Magnet as .....
Sparkman Snakeman Needlegal
Hadrian Howell as ..... Nightmare as .....
Hardman Topman
Lennon as ..... Jonathan S. as ..... Gauntlet as .....
Geminiman Magnetman Shadowman


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