Series 4 Issue # 21 - War between Wilys

Somewhere hidden deep in the mountains of Megalopolis, True Chimeraman was pondering his final part in the plan to destroy his former creator Dr Wily.

Chimeraman: The attack on the Central Computer was a complete success. Now the whole city has been blacked out and Duo is out of the equation. That gullible fool, I knew tricking him into draining the Central Computer would stop him from taking over the world. Now, only Wily and those Decepticons stand in my way!

Meanwhile at Skull Fortress, Omniman prepares for the battle ahead of him.

Omniman: True Chimeraman is near. A battle will take place soon. We must protect Lord Wily!

Artilleryman: We should set up a barrier around the fortress to at least delay Chimeraman.

Cleaveman: But with the amount of power we have in the back-up generator it would only be able to hold for about an hour at the most.

Clawman: We must wait. The enemy is strong. We must hold our defences for as long as possible, therefore the barrier can only be set up when Chimeraman attacks us.

Spinman: In the meantime we'll have Golemman and Warman guarding the perimeter.

Omniman: What about Bass?

Artilleryman: Good old Forte is out to get the reinforcements.

Spinman: The Mechanical Maniacs? We don't need those losers!

Wily: Those losers have defeated us on several occasions! They are a better defence then you lot.

Omniman: Lord Wily!

Wily: Stand down Omniman! I sent Bass to get the ‘Maniacs not only to help us defeat True Chimeraman but it's also part of my brilliant scheme to exact my revenge.

Artilleryman: What scheme is this my lord?

Wily: You will find out soon enough.

At Sinister Six HQ, Bass meets up with the Mechanical Maniacs.

Bass: Where is Gauntlet?

Bombman: It's Bass! We're under attack!

Bass: What? I'm not here to…

An electric net falls on top of Bass and Iceman appears behind Bass and begins to bash him with a giant mallet.

Gutsman: Let him go. Gauntlet and the gang have an alliance with Wily. He's no threat.

Iceman: *continues to bash Bass with the mallet*

Gutsman: That means you stop Gary!

Iceman: Fine! Ruin all the fun! *Throws the mallet away and it hits Elecman in the head*

Elecman: Ow!

Gutsman: Scott, get that net of Bass.

Bombman: Ok. *Picks up the net, but gets electrocuted and thrown into Cutman*

Cutman: Ouchies!

The two collapse and Fireman trips over them.

Fireman: Whoa!

Gutsman: *shakes his head* Why me?

Shadowman: Bass? What are you doing here?

Bass: Wily has sent me to tell you to head to Skull Fortress.

Geminiman: True Chimeraman is about to attack Skull Fortress no doubt.

Needlegal: Makes sense. With the Central Computer down they'll be defenseless.

Topman: But Wily is a smart guy. He should have a back-up generator for this type of scenario.

Bass: He does. However it can only help create a barrier to delay Chimeraman for an hour at the most.

Geminiman: And after that I assume Golemman and Warman will attempt to hold him off for as long as possible.

Needlegal: That won't last long.

Shadowman: That's true. True Chimeraman defeated all 8 of us before in a single blow. Warman would not stand a chance against him.

Geminiman: Golem may for a short while. His armour and stone body should hold, but he'll fall eventually.

Topman: Well, we should get going, right?

Shadowman: Of course. Bass, lead the way to Skull Fortress.

Topman: Hey! New guys! We're leaving to Skull Fortress!

Snakeman: Do we have to? We just got defeated at the Central Computer.

Sparkman: I'm still recovering from Hardman crushing all of us.

Hardman: Hey, I said I was sorry. Can't we all just settle this with a drink?

The ‘Maniacs (except Hard): No!

Hardman: Fine, I'll just stop at the bar.

Magnetman: We're not going to any bars!

Hardman: Damn it!

Back at the mountains, True Chimeraman waits for the right moment to strike.......while talking to himself.

Chimeraman: The Mechanical Maniacs are on their way. Things will be difficult should they join the Evil Eight. If I am to strike I must strike now, But first. *Activates his Possessed Joe army* Let's see how they deal against an army of ten thousand Joes!

Over at Skull Fortress, the Evil Eight spot the Joe army.

Warman: A Joe army! Chimeraman has begun his attack!

Wily: He dares to use my own robots against me!?!? We will destroy them all!

Artilleryman: They are not far from the perimeter. Shall we use the barrier to keep them out?

Wily: No, we will eliminate the Joes. Once Chimeraman appears, the barrier will form.

Spinman: Clawman, Cleaveman and I will be the first line!

Clawman: We will assure you they won't pass.

Cleaveman: However we may need additional support.

Artilleryman: Indeed, they outnumber us substantially. Warman! Attack from afar!

Warman: Understood.

Omniman: The storm is rising. This will be a small taste of what is in store for us.

Spinman: Charge!

Spinman, Clawman and Cleaveman charge at the enemy while Warman shoots down soldiers from afar.

Sniper Joe: He has sent only four robots against ten thousand?

Hammer Joe: We will smash them in a single blow!

Watching from afar, True Chimeraman examines the battlefield.

Chimeraman: That's it Wily, once the Joes are defeated, Spinman, Clawman, Cleaveman and Warman will be nothing but a bunch of ants.

Down below, Bass and the Mechanical Maniacs arrive to see the battle.

Bass: Useless junk robots!

Magnetman: Let us move forward! We will crush Chimeraman in a single blow!

Topman: Don't get overconfident, new guy.

Skeleton Joe: Enemy Reinforcements are attacking from behind!

Crystal Joe: It cannot be!

Skeleton Joe: Quickly! Hold them off before they destroy the main forces!

Crystal Joe: Fire at will!

The Joes fire their projectiles at the ‘Maniacs and Bass.

Sparkman: This should be easy enough.

Snakeman: Yeah, just a bunch of Joes.

Hardman: Let's crush them!

Sparkman: Eat this! Spark Shot!

Snakeman: Prepare to be buried alive! Search Snake!

Hardman: Feel the wrath of my drunken fists! Hard Knuckles!

Sparkman: We can handle these guys!

Snakeman: Go on ahead!

Sparkman, Snakeman and Hardman clear out the back lines while the rest of the team advance.

Skeleton Joe: Fools! I can regenerate my body! You cannot defeat us!

Magnetman: Wanna bet? *Uses his magnetic force field to wipe out the Skeleton Joes*

Chimeraman: Hmm. The Mechanical Maniacs have arrived and already defeated most of my army. Looks like I'll have to speed things up! *Activates another army of Joes behind Skull Fortress* This should keep Wily busy.

Sniper Joe: Skull Fortress is defenceless from this side! We will destroy Wily!

Inside Skull Fortress an explosion occurs.

Wily: What, another army?

Omniman: Chimeraman is more cunning than I thought.

Artilleryman: I will handle the other army.

Golemman: Golem Destroy!

Artilleryman and Golemman go to the back of the fortress and defend against the attacking Joes.

On the front of the fortress, The Mechanical Maniacs and half the Evil Eight battle the main Joe army from both sides.

Spinman: We have them trapped! Now is the time to triumph!

Clawman: Let's cut through them!

Cleaveman: The advantage is ours!

Shadowman: Drive them all together!

Geminiman: Stay together!

Topman: There's still too many of them!

Needlegal: Don't give up hope!

The Old half of the MM clears out the back lines of the Joe army.

Hammer Joe: The Skeleton Joes and Crystal Joes have been defeated!

Sniper Joe: Continue to charge! We have strength in numbers!

The battle continues and soon half the main army has been destroyed.

Bass: Where is Chimeraman?

Chimeraman: I never thought they'd get this far! Looks like I'll have to step in.

Bass: *notices True Chimeraman standing in the mountains* He's over there! *Fires a charged shot*

Chimeraman: *deflects the shot with the Evil Energy** Stupid robot. Gemini Laser! *Fires two Gemini Lasers out of his eyes*

*Chimeraman, along with the rest of the Evil Eight were given small samples of the Evil Energy from Duo in the Robotic Raiders epilogues. By becoming True Chimeraman, Chimeraman has increased the power of his evil energy and is capable of using the powers Duo had when he was possessed by the energy.

Shadowman: Get out of the way!

The Maniacs dive to the ground while the laser attack vaporises several Joes.

Chimeraman: You… insects! *Flaps his wings and clears out his whole army along with the Evil Eight, Bass and the Mechanical Maniacs*

Omniman: Sir! Chimeraman has appeared!

Wily: Set up the barrier!

The power generator creates a force field around Skull Fortress blocking out all attackers.

Chimeraman: A force field? I guess that means I'll have to deal with you lot first!

Shadowman: Don't plan on running from this battle!

Magnetman: Don't worry, we've got each other's backs.

Sparkman: You may be strong, but we'll find a way to defeat you.

Hardman: Come on! Let's smash him!

Snakeman: We'll show you the strength of the new guys!

Chimeraman: You wish for destruction? Very well! Chimera Beam! *Stands in a cross formation and creates a kite shaped beam and fires it upon the new guys*

Sparkman: It's too strong!

The new guys are thrown back into the ground, alive but weakened.

Geminiman: We mustn't be outdone!

Needlegal: This may be our only chance! Hit him with all you've got!

Topman: I will show you why they call me Nightmare!

Shadowman: We cannot lose! Not now!

The Old guys hit True Chimeraman with all they've got but he just deflects it using his evil energy.

Geminiman: Impossible!

Needlegal: How can he still be standing?

Topman: What do we do now?

Shadowman: We must be strong! If weapons won't harm him we'll have to engage him in hand to hand combat.

Chimeraman: You don't stand a chance against me.

Topman: Top spin! *Tries to kick Chimeraman with the Top spin but is knocked away*

Chimeraman: You cannot win.

Geminiman: We'll see about that! *Spin kicks Chimeraman*

Chimeraman: *grabs Geminiman's leg* A foolish tactic. *Strikes Geminiman down*

Needlegal: Let's see you handle this! *Stabs Chimeraman with a needle*

Chimeraman: Your slaying skills are useless against me! *Punches Needlegal in the gut*

Shadowman: It cannot end like this! *Splits into holograms and attacks Chimeraman*

Chimeraman: Ninja tricks will not work this time! *Swipes all the holograms away and hits Shadowman with a Shadow Blade*

Shadowman: No, it can't end here, not yet… *Collapses*

Chimeraman: That takes care of them. Now, that force field is all that stands in my way. Chimera Beam! *Destroys the force field with the Chimera Beam*

Wily: What? He destroyed the barrier!

Artilleryman: That's not possible!

Chimeraman: Now is the time!

Sniper Joe: Burn the Fortress!

The Sniper Joes fire shots at a gas tank and burn the fortress.

Golemman: Golem, mad!

Crystal Joe: The Fortress defences are down! We will storm the fortress!

Artilleryman: We can't hold them!

Golemman: Too many!

Crystal Joe: Attack!

The Crystal Joes riddle Artilleryman and Golemman with crystal arrows.

Wily: All my robots are gone!

Omniman: It is not over yet, my lord! I shall defend you with my life! Aqua Storm!

Omniman creates a Bubble Spread Shot with his lance and puts out the fire.

Omniman: The Joes will be no problem. *Stomps his foot and a line of spikes impale all the invading Joes*

Chimeraman: Good job, Omniman.

Omniman: True Chimeraman.

Chimeraman: You are all that stands in the way between Wily and I. Why don't you just give up and accept the fact that I'm the superior robot?

Omniman: Never! I shall give my life in the defence of Lord Wily!

Chimeraman: Suit yourself! Gemini Laser! *Fires is eye lasers at Omniman, but he absorbs the blast*

Omniman: Fool! I'm immune to every attack! Drill Lance! *Stabs Chimeraman with his Drill Lance but the evil energy blocks it*

Chimeraman: May be, but I can block all of your attacks!

Omniman and True Chimeraman clash in a show of power and strength.

Chimeraman: You can't win!

Omniman: You will not defeat me!

Chimeraman: Hard Knuckle!

Omniman: *Absorbs the impact of the attack* Lightning Spike! *Stabs Chimeraman with an electric drill lance*

Chimeraman blocks the lance with the evil energy and throws Omniman through the walls of Skull Fortress.

Chimeraman: Well that gets rid of him.

Wily: Chimeraman! You don't really want to destroy me do you?

Chimeraman: You have underestimated me Wily! You had designed me to be a perfect robot but instead made me an idiot! You cast me aside and created Omniman. When Duo gave me part of the evil energy I realised I was capable of much more than you designed me for! Now I will show you the extent of my power!

Omniman: No! You will not harm to by lord! *Tackles True Chimeraman through a hole in the wall and off a cliff*

Chimeraman: Stupid robot! You throw your life away so recklessly!

Omniman: Maybe so! But you're going down with me! Drill Lance!

Omniman and Chimeraman hit the ground and the force of the impact causes the lance to go through the evil energy and through Chimeraman.

Chimeraman: No! It can't be! How could I have been defeated my a worm like you? *Deactivates*

Omniman: Looks like your overconfidence got the best of you.

The Mechanical Maniacs began to regain consciousness.

Wily: Good job, Omniman! You defeated Chimeraman! Now! Destroy the Mechanical Maniacs!

Shadowman: What?

Needlegal: Chimeraman was defeated. That means…

Topman: We're no longer allies.

Wily: Come on! Destroy them!

Geminiman: He appears to have taken a large fall. However he's still intact, but very weak.

Magnetman: Still. We're not in the best shape either.

Snakeman: Looks like we're going to have a showdown.

Omniman: I'm sorry, But no.

Wily: What?

Omniman: I will not fight the Mechanical Maniacs. Not like this. Neither of us are strong enough to fight.

Wily: But this is the best opportunity to finally destroy our enemy!

Omniman: They saved your life, sir!

Wily: They never intended to!

Omniman: I will not harm them.

Wily: You stupid fool!

Shadowman: I suggest we leave.

Needlegal: Best idea I've heard all day.

And so the ‘Maniacs left the battlefield and went back to Sinister Six HQ.

Snakeman: Hmm… I guess everything turned all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learnt something to.

Shadowman: That we've lost to True Chimeraman and his minion three times and of all the people to defeat him it was Omniman!

Needlegal: We learnt that everyone has his or her limit. Chimeraman thought he could kill Wily and probably destroy the world but he couldn't. We thought we could destroy Chimeraman but we couldn't.

Topman: Well, until Chimeraman goes berserk again, We are… The Mechanical Maniacs!

Musashiden Razz as ..... Hexlaser as ..... Psycho Magnet as .....
Sparkman Snakeman Needlegal
Hadrian Howell as ..... Nightmare as .....
Hardman Topman
Lennon as ..... Jonathan S. as ..... Gauntlet as .....
Geminiman Magnetman Shadowman


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