Series 4 Issue # 15 - Battle in the Bar

After fighting off some of the Decepticons at the BeyBlade Tournament the Mechanical Maniacs decided to go back to the Sinister Six HQ to get some rest and relaxation. Or so they thought.

Iceman: Oh no! Gauntlet's coming back!

Gutsman: Quickly! Shut the gate! Don't let him or any of the Maniacs get inside!

Elecman: But Cutman is still outside getting the mail.

Fireman: It's too late for him. Shut the gate! Shut the gate!

Bombman: The button isn't working!

Iceman: That's the light switch!

Elecman: They're going to make it!

Gutsman: Not if I can help it *Blocks the doorway with rocks*

Outside Sinister Six HQ

Shadowman: Hmm. It would seem that our welcome has worn out.

Geminiman: A bit much to hold us outside. It's not like we're going to break down the door.

Hardman: *punching his way through the rocks* The door seems to be locked.

Needlegal: Is he still drunk?

Magnetman: Has he ever been sober?

Needlegal: I see your point.

Snakeman: So I guess we're going to have to find a place to stay.

Topman: Well obviously new guy.

Shadowman: So it's back to square one.

Needlegal, Topman and Geminiman: *groan*

Sparkman: Well look on the bright side. At least we get to explore the world.

Topman: We already did that new guy*

(*Series 3)

Geminiman: Let's just go back that warehouse. It's a complete dump but at least we still own it.

Shadowman: Back to that dump? Well I guess we have no choice.

And so the Maniacs walk back to the old warehouse to find…

Shadowman: What the…

Hardman: A bar! *Runs inside*

Snakeman: Great. There he goes.

Needlegal: I guess someone knocked down the warehouse and built this bar.

Geminiman: Thank you Princess Obvious.

Needlegal: Quiet you!

Topman: I guess we should walk in.

Sparkman: Maybe we can get a room for the night.

Magnetman: Well it's not like we're going to stand outside and look at the place.

The team walk in and sit down next to Hardman who's drinking all the beer.

Bartender: What do you want?

Shadowman: Have you got any accomodations?

Bartender: Well of course. Would you just wait one moment? *Goes out back*

Geminiman: Something's not right here.

Snakeman: How do you figure that?

Geminiman: Notice that no one is here but a bunch of Sniper Joes?

Snakeman: Yeah that is weird.

Sparkman: Well maybe they just scare everyone away. I don't mean they're harmless or anything but if they wanted to they could have attacked us when we walked in.

Magnetman: Who cares. I just need some rest. Walking around the city all day tired me out.

Needlegal: Yeah I need my beauty sleep.

Topman: Something's weird about this seat.

Shadowman: What's so weird about it?

Topman: Well it's making this beeping sound.

Geminiman: Mine seems to do the same thing.

Snakeman: Hmm. They all seem to be.

Shadowman: Wait a second. The seats have bombs on them!

The Maniacs jump out off the seats just before the bombs explode.

Geminiman: Hey! Look at the TV!

An image of Wily appears on the TV screen.

Wily: Well look who came back to town. It's the Mechanical Maniacs.

Shadowman: Great. First the Decepticons and now Wily.

Wily: I see you've found out about my little bar scheme so I guess it's time I destroy you once and for all.

The Sniper Joes get out of their seats and shoot at the Mechanical Maniacs.

Magnetman: A trap!

Topman: No kidding new guy!

Sparkman: What do we do?

Shadowman: What else is there to do? Fight back.

The Maniacs attack the Joes and destroy them with ease.

Bartender: Damn you! They were my best customers!

Snakeman: Well it looks like you're next.

Bartender: Not if the Bouncers have anything to say about it.

2 familiar figures appear behind the bartender.

Spinman: Well, well. Haven't seen you guys in a while.

Cleaveman: Looks like we can settle our differences after all.

Shadowman: Isn't this whole revenge thing getting a bit boring.

Geminiman: Yeah. I mean all that happens is that you act all powerful: we defeat you and you go crying to Wily.

Spinman: Hey! We don't cry!

Cleaveman: You'll be begging for mercy after we're done with you! Pressure Cleave! *Swings his pickaxe tail into the ground causing a shock wave*

Spinman: Spinning Disc! *Throws his Spinning Blade at the Team*

Magnetman: Who do these guys think they are? *Jumps out of the way of the shock wave and fires a Magnet Missile*

Sparkman: Yeah. They seem like a bunch of losers who don't know who they're messing with. *Fires a Spark Shot*

Snakeman: Well let's show them a thing or two about fighting the Mechanical Maniacs. *Jumps underground*

Topman: Should we join in?

Needlegal: Nah. Let the new guys fight them. It's no like they pose much of a threat.

After a short battle Sparkman and Magnetman defeat Cleaveman by breaking his pickaxe and tricking him into crashing into a wall and Snakeman traps Spinman down by pushing him into a hole he dug up.

Sparkman: Victory is ours!

Magnetman: That was rather easy.

Snakeman: So who were those guys?

Before anyone could answer, an unknown force cuts down Magnetman and Sparkman

Clawman: Quite a good team you've found Gauntlet. They managed to defeat Spinman and Cleaveman. However they weren't fast enough to detect me! A true ninja!

Shadowman: True ninja? Don't make me laugh.

Clawman: Is that a challenge?

Shadowman: I believe it is.

Clawman: Very well. Now you will know what true speed is. *Dashes past Shadowman and slashes right through him* All too easy.

Shadowman: *jumps down from the rafters and kicks Clawman in the head* 'Twas a hologram.

Clawman: Very sneaky. But not sneaky enough! *Jumps around the walls to confuse Shadowman and then slashes him*

Shadowman: *blocks with a Shadow Blade* Is that all?

Needlegal: Should we help him?

Geminiman: No we'll just get in the way.

Topman: In the meantime we should help the new guys.

Geminiman: Agreed. Let's go find some energy tanks.

Bartender: You're not going anywhere! *Throws off his costume to reveal himself as…*

Geminiman: Artilleryman.

Needlegal and Topman: Who?

Geminiman: When my double was in the Robotic Raiders we encountered Duo who became possessed with Evil Energy. He then created two robots to do battle with us. They were Artilleryman and Golemman. However they failed to defeat us and so Duo joined forces with Wily and their robots formed a team known as the Evil Eight. Duo also gave some of his evil energy to the robots Wily made to make them stronger. It did make some small improvements but the only ones that showed a great change in strength and speed were Clawman, Omniman and Chimeraman who can now control his own strength*

(*This happened in the Robotic Raiders epilogues however the team disbanded before I released the epilogues)

Artilleryman: That's correct. Now it's time for revenge traitor.

Needlegal: What?! Oh whatever...incoherent piece of....

Geminiman: I've defeated you twice before. What makes you think I can't defeat you now?

Artilleryman: I now hold your main weakness.

Geminiman: You held my weakness when I was Grenademan and I still defeated you.

Needlegal: Enough talk lets just defeat this guy and get the energy tanks.

Artilleryman: Fine. Pyro Cannon! *Fires a fireball at the three who easily dodge*

Topman: Let's see him block my topspin kick. *Spins around and kicks Artilleryman*

Artilleryman: ElectroShield! *Creates a shield of electricity which throws Topman through a window*

Geminiman: Great. This doesn't look good. How can we defeat him if his shield blocks our attacks and sends them back at us?

Needlegal: Well it doesn't seem to protect his back. So why don't we just distract and attack from behind.

Geminiman: Sounds good enough for me. You can distract him while I hit him from behind.

Needlegal: What? Why me?

Geminiman: You have the rapid-fire weapon.

Needlegal: Fine. *Fires a barrage of Needles at Artilleryman*

Geminiman: *becomes invisible* Now Artilleryman. Let's see how you handle this! Gemini Laser!

Artilleryman: Nice try traitor! ElectroNet! *Fires a net of Electricity at Needlegal trapping her and jumps over the laser*

Geminiman: No!

Needlegal: *screams in pain*

Artilleryman: ElectroNet! *Fires another net of Electricity at Geminiman* This time you won't get away! Pyro… *Gets knocked out by a punch*

Hardman: Shut up! I'm trying to drink here.

Geminiman: A little help here.

Hardman: Only if you buy me another drink.

Needlegal: Enough with the drinks just get us out!

Hardman: Yes ma'am. *Frees Needlegal from the net*

Geminiman: What about me?

Hardman: You can stay there.

Suddenly Clawman gets thrown into the storage room.

Shadowman: That took longer than I thought. *Gets thrown into the storage room*

Needlegal: Who was that?

Geminiman: That would be Golemman.

Golemman: Me crush puny robot!

Needlegal: Another one of those all brawn no brain guys.

Geminiman: Yeah well it doesn't make much of a difference. He was strong enough to take on over half the Robotic Raiders.

Hardman: Doesn't seem all that strong.

Golemman: I squash you like a bug! Golem Fist! *Punches Hardman in the chest knocking him into Geminiman and Needlegal*

Needlegal: Get off me you big piece of metal!

Hardman: Hey I've fallen and I can't get up.

Geminiman: Well if you don't get up soon we'll be crushed like grapes.

Golemman: Me strong! Me unstoppable!

Topman crashes through a wall.

Topman: Incoming!

Golemman: Huh? *Gets bowled over by Topman*

Topman: What was that?

Geminiman: Yo Topster! You saved us!

Topman: I did?

Needlegal: Now if you could just get Hardman off me we can get some energy tanks to help the others.

Shadowman: *appears from the rafters* Okay, who hit me?

Geminiman: He did. *Points to Golemman*

Shadowman: Whoa! Who knocked him down?

Topman: Me!

Needlegal: Well lets just get some energy tanks and revive the others and get out of here before the rest of the Evil Eight comes.

Wily: Too late Mechanical Maniacs.

Geminiman: Shut up Wily.

Wily: I'm surprised you were able to defeat my robot masters but I'm afraid you won't be able to save your new team. I've placed Warman outside and he's about to blow the place sky high! Fire when ready Warman.


Wily: Warman?

Topman: Oh yeah. About Warman I kinda knocked him out when I was spinning around the city block.

Wily: No! You've foiled my plans again! But it's not over yet! Omniman! Chimeraman! Get them!

Omniman: As you wish my lord.

Chimeraman: Whatever you say boss.

Geminiman: Great. The strongest two Robot Masters are coming to destroy us and we haven't got a full team.

Snakeman: You do now.

Magnetman: Shadowman found some energy tanks in the storage room and revived us.

Sparkman: So what did we miss?

Hardman: Well we just fought off a bunch of Robot Masters and now the two strongest are about to come here and attack.

Magnetman: Well it's eight against two. We shouldn't have a problem.

Geminiman: If I remember correctly Omniman has now lost his weakness to fire and is almost invincible. But his programming can't withstand falling from a high altitude.

Outside the bar Omniman and Chimeraman are preparing to attack from helicopter.

Omniman: Once we land we'll strike them from the back door and front door... they won't stand a chance.

Chimeraman: Wrong Omniman. I'm taking charge from here.

Omniman: What?

Chimeraman: I've had enough of you being the leader of the team. I'm taking back my leadership! *Pushes Omniman out of the helicopter*

Omniman: You'll pay for this! *Deactivates and hits the ground*

Shadowman: What was that?

The 'Maniacs run outside to see Omniman deactivated on the ground and Chimeraman landing on the road.

Chimeraman: Looks like I'm outnumbered. I didn't expect a full team to fight so I guess I have no choice but to do this! *Powers up and grows dragon wings, a lion head on his shoulder and a snake head on his other shoulder*

Topman: What's happening to Chimeraman?

Chimeraman: I am no longer Chimeraman. I am True Chimeraman! Thanks to the evil energy I was able to control my power and achieve this form. Now you will be the first to feel my power!

Destruction begins to rain from the sky and the 'Maniacs are knocked out by the attack.

Wily: (through communicator) Excellent Chimeraman. Now destroy them!

Chimeraman: I no longer take orders from you!

Wily: What?

Chimeraman: I'm not like Omniman. I know I have the power to go on without you. You've made a big mistake Wily. You've created a robot that is too powerful to control and know this: you will soon face the consequences! *Switches off communicator and flies away*

The next morning the Mechanical Maniacs wake up in Sinister Six HQ.

Shadowman: What happened.

Gutsman: We found you all unconscious on the road.

Iceman: I think this might interest you all.

The Mechanical Maniacs and Sinister six look at the TV.

TV: It's been several hours since there have been more attacks on the city. A strange robot master has been seen destroying many areas and causing destruction. It's believed that this robot master has already defeated the Mechanical Maniacs who were once thought dead.

Geminiman: Chimeraman hasn't been stopped yet?

Elecman: No. He's too fast. By the time we got to each area he had already destroyed it and moved on.

TV: In other news Galvatron has managed to use these attacks to his advantage and attack other areas of the city.

Needlegal: Well this is great. How are we supposed to take on both Galvatron and True Chimeraman?

Omniman: I believe we can help.

Snakeman: You guys would help us?

Warman: Chimeraman is threatening Wily. We must protect our leader.

Artilleryman: Which is why we want to form an alliance to stop him.

Shadowman: How can we trust you?

Omniman: We do not wish to help you lot either but Chimeraman has proven that he can defeat all of you and we cannot defeat him on our own.

Spinman: So we have no choice.

Cleaveman: But as soon as we defeat him you'll be next.

Magnetman: Well that's good to hear.

Sparkman: Well look on the bright side guys. At least we'll have one less enemy on our hands.

Topman: But we'll have even stronger enemies on our hands.

Shadowman: Well as Spinman said. We have no choice. We form an alliance. But once we defeat Chimeraman the alliance is over and we're enemies again.

Omniman: Agreed.

Snakeman: Hmm. I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: And we learnt something too.


Shadowman: What? I can't think of a smart remark.

Needlegal: Well we learned that you should never try and create something you can't control.

Shadowman: Wily should have learnt that a long time ago.

Topman: Well until the Evil Eight become good permenantly, we are .... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Musashiden Razz as .....
Hexlaser as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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