Series 4 Issue # 6 - Warriors of the Future

With their evil counterparts revealed, the Mechanical Maniacs have been cleared of any wrongdoings in the eyes of this world's Megaman. To combat this threat, the Mechanical Maniacs have joined forces with him. Now, with their armor back and a full roster, the Mechanical Maniacs are prepared to face any challenge!

Megaman: Wow, things sure do look bad outside, Doctor Light.

Dr. Light: Yes. With Cossack and his robot masters dead, the world has plunged into anarchy.

Needlegal: Well, is that really so bad?

Dr. Light: Without any order, the police bots have become ineffective. The populace has begun to run wild in the streets

Snakeman: Yes. Perfect time for someone with a strong will to take the reigns of power and rule this world with an iron fist!!


Snakeman: Y'know .... if you're into that sorta thing.

Topman: Hey new guy, we don't conquer worlds anymore. There was ...... unpleasantness with that plan.*

(*Series 2 #10)

Mega Girl: Well, why don't WE take control Doctor Light? At least for a little while. It'd be better than this chaos.

Dr. Light: Certainly not, child! I don't have the bladder for it.


Needlegal: What?

(At that moment, Shadowman, Geminiman, and Hardman come back into Dr. Light's hidden lab.)

Shadowman: *whew* it's a mess outside.

Dr. Light: Thank you all for helping us to keep the peace!

Shadowman: Yes, keeping peace is great. But so are all this cool stuff we looted!

Magnetman: Um, weren't you supposed to STOP the looting?

Shadowman: And what better way to stop it than from the inside?

Dr. Light: *humph* Look away, Megaman, they'll teach you bad habits.

Megaman: Yes, doctor.

(Suddenly a strange portal opens and a lone figure steps out....)

Needlegal: What....?

Mega Girl: Who....?

The figure: I am....... Rocman X!!

The 'Maniacs: ROCKMAN X!?

Rocman X: No no. ROC not ROCK. With a "C" not a "CK".

Megaman: Coooooooooool.

Magnetman: (thought) I guess.....

Dr. Light: From that strange lightshow, I assume you are here from the future and require our help!

Rocman X: Ah, yes. Good deduction Dr. Light! But ... how did you know?

Dr. Light: I didn't! I just took a lucky guess! Ho ho ho!

Rocman X: Ah ..... okay. But I really do need your help.

Geminiman: What for? What could you, the "champion of the future" need from us "robots of the past"?

Rocman X: One of my enemies has come from the future to this point in time. He seeks to incubate a strange and deadly virus here so, when the time is right, it will grow powerful and take over Reploids everywhere!

Hardman: Oh? What's a "Reploid"?

Rocman X: Ah, now that I cannot tell you!

Hardman: And why not?

Rocman X: Because it would corrupt the time stream! Why, if you knew I may not even be born!

Dr. Light: FASCINATING! I'd like to see what'd happen were that to occur!

Shadowman: A Reploid is a highly advanced robotic design used in the future. The main difference is their ability to make actual decisions (which is supposed to be some sort of BIG advancement over our AI, apparently).


Shadowman: To see if you'd really disappear or something. You didn't, so I guess the time stream's secure!

Rocman X: But .... I could have died!

Shadowman: Oh, I don't care if you die. You look pretty stupid anyway, so it's no real loss.

Rocman X: !!!

Mega Girl: So, shall we all go off to fight these evil future warriors?

(And so, Megaman, Rocman X, and the Mechanical Maniacs all go to the destroyed Skull Castle of Megaman 1, where the future forces are apparently hiding......)

Needlegal: Explain to me again why Mega girl couldn't come along?

Megaman: She's busy vacuuming. SOMEBODY has to do it, and I'll be darned if it'll be me!

Sparkman: So, those are -

Topman: HUSH, new guy! Those bad guys will hear us!

Sparkman: Y'know .... I have a name.....

Topman: So, those are the guys we gotta beat, right?

Rocman X: Yes. An assortment of my greatest foes!


ALL: *SHH!!!*

Someone: What was that?

Someone else: Shaddap and get back to work!

Shadowman: That wasn't Sigma at all!

Rocman X: Sigma? Why would the leader of the Maverick Hunters lead THEM! They're the bad guys!

Shadowman: Uh, right.

Geminiman: That still doesn't explain why QUINT and his gang of losers are there!

Rocman X: Losers?! THEY are the greatest villains the future has to offer!


Geminiman: Come again?

Rocman X: Quint is my greatest foe.


Topman: Quint.

Rocman X: Yes.

Needlegal: You're joking.

Rocman X: Why would I be joking?

Hardman: Who's Quint?

Magnetman: Got me.

Geminiman: He's no one important.

Shadowman: I think I'll handle this. You guys sit tight.

(Shadowman rises from his hiding spot and slowly walks towards Quint.

Quint: Who DARES!?

Compassman: It looks like a local robot!

AirConman: One of the locals thinks he can beat our superior science!? HA! Lemme at him, Quint!

Konroman: No! Let ME at him! He'll burn his hand on me!

Quint: Stranger, I dunno what you think you -

(Gauntlet decks Quint!)


Quint's Henchmen: !!!!!

Komusoman: He .... he beat our invincible master!

Clockman: What'll we do!? Oh god, what will we do!?

Danganman: What do you think!? WE ATTACK!!! GWAAAAHHHH!!!

(Danganman ducks inside the giant bullet he wears and flies towards Shadowman! With ninja speed, Shadowman leaps into the air and comes crashing down on Danganman with great force!)


Shadowman: Alright. Anyone else wanna give it a whirl? Hm?


Clockman: Maybe I .....


Komunuman: Who are you to give US orders?

Shadowman: What, you didn't hear me? I said GET LOST!




Compassman: We'll be back, jerk! Just you wait!

Clockman: Yeah!

(The henchmen grab Quint and leave through a portal.)

Needlegal: Wow, that was fast.

Geminiman: We didn't even have to fight.

Snakeman: Do all your enemies turn out to be a bunch of incompetents?

Topman: Like you would not believe, new guy.

Rocman X: Still ...... I wonder what this device actually does.....

(Rocman X activates the device!)

The 'Maniacs: !!!!!!

Geminiman: You idiot!

(Geminiman turns off the device.)

Geminiman: It coulda exploded or something! MORON! What were you thinking!?

Rocman X: H-hey!

Hardman: Wait..... I have an idea on how to fix "Rocman" here right up.

Rocman X: "Fix me up"?

(And so the Mechanical Maniacs return to Doctor Light's lab.)

Dr. Light: Amazing! Who knew that the future would be populated entirely by WIMPS! And that the weakness of their current protector is only outmatched by their greatest villains! I wonder what -

Rocman X: COM'ON! I'm really not THAT weak.....

Hardman: Well, we upgraded Megaman over there .... so why not Rocman?

Megaman: Mega-good idea! Erm, GOOD idea .... just good.

Rocman X: I dunno ...... couldn't that disrupt the time steam?

Needlegal: Aw, don't be such a baby! In you go!

(Needlegal forces Rocman into the machine.)

Rocman X: Wait ...... I'm still unsure about all this....

Geminiman: Quiet. Do it, Doc!

Dr. Light: Right.

(Doctor Light activates the machine causing a great lightshow!)

The 'Maniacs, Megaman, Mega girl, Dr. Light: Wow!

Megaman: So, when do you suppose he'll be done.

Dr. Light: Hm. I don't know. You were done in only a little while. Rocman here may be incompatible with our technology. In fact ....

(The machine explodes open!)


Megaman: Rocman X?

someone: Not anymore!!! You may call me ...... iX!!!

The 'Maniacs: !!!!!!!

Dr. Light: So, how do you feel, ix?

ix: MUCH better!

(ix blasts the group and opens a time portal!)

ix: Quint was right! Evil is SOOOOOOO much better than good! When I get to the future I'll sow mayhem! Madness! Destruction!!! Mwa-hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

(ix jumps through the portal!)


Needlegal: Oops.

Megaman: Well, that was rude. No "thank you" at all.

Geminiman: What!? The future's lone wimpy hero turns into a berserk killing machine and goes to the future to RUIN IT and you're concerned with a "thank you"!?

Dr. Light: Well, courtesy is an important thing! Albert Wily was always courteous, right to the end! Isn't that right, Megaman?

Megaman: I suppose .... in his own way.....

Snakeman: Hey, we gotta go and stop them!

Topman: New Guy is right!

Dr. Light: Oh, nonsense. Ix is just feeling a little "pumped" is all. He'll get back down to Earth in a moment, I am sure.

Topman: But -

Dr. Light: Besides, the time line is a fickle mistress....... Meddling in times you have no place in could result in dire consequences. People must learn to live in their own time ...... and create their own future every day of their lives....

Shadowman: But we RUINED the future! Shouldn't we go and -

Dr. Light: Yes......... one day at a time......

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Hardman: Still, I gotta wonder how Rocman got ahold of the limited virus......

Shadowman: I guess it's what Quint wanted to put into motion these years back. The idiot did turn the machine on himself after all.

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Shadowman: If it's what Doctor Light said, I'm not buying that.

Needlegal: We learned that defeat can indeed be snatched from the clutches of victory. Quint was just about beat, but because Hardman insisted on "upgrading" Rocman, we lost!

Hardman: Sorry.....

Topman: Yeah, New Guy! This is all your fault!

Hardman: *sigh* Com'on. I screwed up, but other people before me musta screwed up even worse right?

Shadowman: No ..... no, I'd say dooming the future tops the list.

Needlegal: Aw, don't worry about it! This isn't OUR reality anyway!

Topman: Well, until Quint gets a better posse, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!


Musashiden Razz as .....

Hexlaser as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Hadrian Howell as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Jonathan S. as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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