Series 4 Issue #2 - Jail Break

With no money that is of any use and being wanted by the law the Mechanical Maniacs have been in hiding ever since the incident at the restaurant

Needle: I don't see why we should be in hiding. I mean our only threat out there is Megaman and look how easy we beat him.

Top: The problem is that we don't want expose ourselves to the public.

Gauntlet: He's right. We stand out as Dr Wily's robots and if we even put one foot out in that world Police bots would swarm us.

At this moment Gemini in his human form appears at the door of the hideout.

Gemini: Hey! You!

All the Mechanical Maniacs quickly spin around with their weapons armed and pointing to Gemini.

Gemini: Relax it's only me.

Gauntlet: Where have you been?

Gemini: Outside. Why?

Needlegal: Are you a fool? The law wants us and Megaman is hunting us, and to think you're one of the smartest guys here! And you walk out there!? You're going to blow our cover!

Gemini: Ah but you see. I don't look like any of Wily's creations in my human form. Remember Wily built me after the 3rd rebellion. So I'm safe in my human form.

Gauntlet: Yeah well that's great. But there are two things that we need to do. Get our Transmetal armor and find some money.

Gemini: Funny you should say that. I found this while walking around the town. *Hands Gauntlet a piece of paper*

Gauntlet: Wanted. Wily Bots, 5 robots that claim to be a Megaman 3 Team known as the Mechanical Maniacs. Prize money: 10000000 zenny. Considered extremely dangerous approach with extreme caution. So what does that mean?

Gemini: Easy. Ever since we defeated Megaman these posters have appeared everywhere so everyone is against us.

Top: And how does this help us in getting money or transmetal armor?

Gemini: Simple. We turn ourselves in.

The Mechanical Maniacs: WHAT!?

Gemini: The police well expect anyone to try and capture us so why not do it ourselves.

Gauntlet: I see your point. We somehow turn ourselves in and get Lennon to collect the reward money in his human form and then we just bust out and steal the money off him.

Gemini: Not exactly. But you are on the right track. I'll simply clone myself and take us to the police station to receive the reward. I'll then bust you guys out and we make a run for it.

Needlegal: I don't know. Sounds a bit risky.

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Team glare at Hardman

Gemini: Forget him. So are we going through with the plan?

Needlegal: I still don't know.

Gemini: Well it doesn't matter. We're doing it anyway. *Quickly splits into 2 and ties up the Mechanical Maniacs along with the clone*

Top: Huh, How the?

Gauntlet: Let's just get this over with.

At the Police Station

Gemini: Hey you! I caught the Mechanical Maniacs! I'm here to receive my reward!

Police Bot: Who?

Gemini: The Mechanical Maniacs! You know. The Wily bots!

Police Bot: Oh them. May I see proof?

Gemini: Certainly. *Pulls the Mechanical Maniacs into the room*

Police Bot: I see. Well, you may wait here while I get your reward.

Gemini: Great.

The Police Bot walks out of the room and suddenly a giant cage falls on top of the Maniacs.

Gemini: What the...

Shadowy Figure: So you are the Wily Bots everyone was talking about.

Gauntlet: Wait that voice sounds familiar.

Shadowy Figure: It should. It is I! Dr Cossack!

Needlegal: How did you find out about our plan!

Dr Cossack: It was so easy. I knew you were looking for money so I made up that poster in hopes for you to try and take the reward by using some guy to get it, and steal it from him. Next time you should think twice about co operating with criminals punk.

Gemini: Punk? Punk!*Merges back with his clone and revert back into Gemini Man* I am no punk you senile old man! Gemini Laser!

The laser hits an invisible barrier and is reflected back into Gemini knocking him back into the wall.

Dr Cossack: Do not attempt to escape. I created a barrier to deflect your attacks so you cannot blast your way out of here.

Cossack leaves the station.

Dr Cossack: Oh and if you do somehow escape the cage I installed a security device that destroys any robot that leaves the perimeter.

Top: You fiend!

Hard: nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh

Needlegal: See I told you we shouldn't have gone through with this plan.

Gemini: Well we can't leave the perimeter of the station or we're gone, we can't even destroy the cage.

Gauntlet: Well first we have to get out of this cage.

Needlegal: And how can we do that?! None of our attacks can destroy this cage.

Gemini: Actually, we can assume Cossack programmed the barrier to reflect our RM attacks, but what about Matrix Blasts?

Gauntlet: How come you're the one who comes up with ideas?

Gemini: What can I say? I'm gifted.

Gauntlet: Well it's all we got. *fires a Matrix Blast*

The blast hits the cage and it destroys it.

Gemini: Success! My plan worked!

Gauntlet: Well that takes care of the cage, but how do we get out of the station without getting blown up?

Top: You could ask the guard.

Needlegal: What guard?

Top: That guard. *Points to the Police Bot that walked in*

Police Bot: Hey! How'd you escape?

Needlegal: Needle Cannon!

With great speed the attack hits the Police Bot.

Gauntlet: *holds up the Police Bot* Okay! How do we switch off the security device?

Police Bot: I'll never talk Wily Bot scum!

Gauntlet: Sis. Nail him again.

Needlegal: *nails the Police Bot*

Police Bot: Okay! Okay! You can switch off the device by inputting the deactivation code on the control panel.

Gauntlet: What's the code?

Police Bot: I don't know! I was never told!

Gauntlet: Sis, hit him again.

Needlegal hits the Police Bot with another needle.

Police Bot: I don't know! I don't know!

Gauntlet: Sis.

Gemini: Wait! If we destroy him then we won't know where the control panel is.

Gauntlet: Fine. Where's the control panel?

Police Bot: Outside. Right next to the door.

Gauntlet: Great. How are we going deactivate the device if we can't even get to it!

Police Bot: You'll never win. Wily Bot!

Gauntlet: *throws the Police Bot out the door destroying it* I've heard enough from him.

Top: You know Gemini is part human. He could deactivate it.

Needlegal: That's a good idea. I mean he got us here in the first place.

Gemini: But...

Top: Come on!

Gemini: Fine! *Walks slowly towards the door*

Needlegal: Pick up the pace! *Kicks Gemini out the door*

Gemini: Ow! Damn it Needle! You just had to do that! Wait a second, I'm alive! *Starts dancing around like Eminem in his Without Me video which obviously make Gem look like an idiot* I'm alive!

Needlegal: Shut up! And deactivate the security device!

Gemini: Right! *Walks over to the control panel and looks at it* Ha! Cossack hasn't even made a decent security system. Any fool can decode it. *Installs a decoder and the security device is shut off* Done.

Gauntlet: Great lets get outta here!

The Maniacs run out the door and leave.

Gemini: Hmm... I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learnt something to.

Gauntlet: That Police Bots break easily. Wait...we already knew that.

Needlegal: We learned that we should never go along with anymore of Gemini's stupid plans!

Gemini: Hey! Without me you wouldn't have gotten out of there.

Needlegal: Without you we wouldn't 've even been there. And now you can't sneak around in your human form!

Top: Well until Gemini comes up with better ideas. We are... The Mechanical Maniacs!


Nobody as .....

Nobody as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

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Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Nobody as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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