Series 4 Issue # 13 - Return of a Maniac

After the long battle against Dr Doppler, their alternates, Bizarro Shadowman and the death of their friend and Geminiman Lennon, the Mechanical Maniacs head home through a portal to finally find a home and bury their friend...

Or so they thought.

Back at the South Pole, where Extant's Base once stood a dark figure stands alone.

Dark Figure: I can sense their presence. They must be near.

Meanwhile inside the portal

Sparkman: So it's finally over.

Snakeman: Yeah, you've been saying that ever since we left the alternate reality.

Sparkman: Well I'm trying to look at the bright side of the situation.

Magnetman: Why it's not like there's a down side to what's happened.

Hardman: No down side? Geminiman is dead.

Snakeman: Yeah I can still remember like it was yesterday.

Hardman: Dude, it happened just about an hour a go.

Sparkman: Well look at the bright side. At least it's over now.

Magnetman: Would you shut up with that.

Needlegal: So it looks like we're the only ones remaining from the team before the incident.

Topman: Yeah it's a shame. We lost over half the team in just a month.

Shadowman: Well we may have lost over half but we still gained four members.

Jacob: Yeah but look at them.

Jonathan: They are a bunch of new guys. They don't even throw a single prank.

Topman: Where did you guys come from?

Jacob: We woke up and got out of our tubes when we entered the portal.

Jonathan: Yeah I don't think we'd stay back in that crazy dimension.

Shadowman: I take it none of you will replace Lennon?

Jacob: Nah. I've had enough action. I'll just go on with normal life.

Jonathan: I've got too many identities to handle.

Needlegal: And yet you were our Hardman master of the boring puns.

Jonathan: Hey what's wrong with puns?

Needlegal: Still can't believe he died saving me.

Topman: Heroic to the end.

Shadowman: Looks like home is just ahead.

With a flash of light the Maniacs have returned home.

Jacob: So I guess this is farewell.

Shadowman: Farewell.

Jonathan: Who knows. Maybe we'll run into each other again.

Jacob and Jonathan leave the group and go their separate ways.

Snakeman: Hardly got to know the guys.

Hardman: Times like this I really want a drink. *Drinks a bottle of beer*

Magnetman: You always want a drink.

Shadowman: Hold it! I sense something.

Sparkman: Sense what? We're in the South Pole what could happen at the South Pole?

A familiar beam sabre hits the ice in front of the Maniacs as a dark figure walks up to them.

Dark Figure: So we meet at last. Mechanical Maniacs!

Topman: It's you!

Needlegal: But I thought we destroyed you.

Dark Figure: Destroyed? You must be referring to my older brother. Unlike him I wasn't loyal to the doctor. I was much like the eldest brother and rebelled against him.

Magnetman: Who's he?

Hardman: He looks a lot like someone. But I can't put my finger on it.

Snakeman: Are you blind?

Hardman: I don't know. I could be.

Sparkman: Well he has been drinking a lot.

Magnetman: So who is this guy again?

Snakeman: It's Lennon!

Topman: Wrong New guy! It's Evil Lennon. A clone of the original Lennon, no doubt he was sent to destroy us like last time.

Evil Lennon: Close. Actually I've come to warn you of what's to come.

Shadowman: How'd you know where to find us?

Evil Lennon: I sensed a portal opening. I can open portals to other dimensions you know. Just one of the many abilities...

Shadowman: That Wily gave you. Yeah we know.

Evil Lennon: Anyway. I have come to warn you that Galvatron has built an army and has taken over the world or at least trying to.

Needlegal: Galvatron? But the Sinister Six must have been able to...

Evil Lennon: Defeat him. Yes but they had their own problems with Red.

Topman: And the X Force?

Evil Lennon: Dead. Red destroyed the timeline of 21XX killing all but Gary and Forte Chan. Other teams have emerged but all had their own problems so Galvatron was able to take charge.

Snakeman: So what exactly are we supposed to do?

Evil Lennon: Stop him of course. However you will need a full team. I see big brother has fallen. Heroic to the end no doubt. I can help.

Topman: And why should we trust you?

Evil Lennon: You have no choice. Half your team is too inexperienced to deal with what has happened you are going to need some firepower and quite frankly you, Needlegal and Shadowman aren't enough to stop Galvatron.

Needlegal: I think we can handle Galvatron just fine.

Evil Lennon: You are wrong! A lot has happened while you were gone. Galvatron has an army that is far more powerful then your current team. If you are going to fight him you are going to need me to merge with my brother in order to revive Geminiman.

Shadowman: I see. Well it looks like we have no choice.

Hardman: You're going to let him merge with Lennon?

Magnetman: Are you insane?

Shadowman: Everyone deserves a second chance. Lennon of all people knows that.

Evil Lennon: Indeed I do. Thank you Gauntlet.

Needlegal: Now hurry up. I'm freezing down here.

Evil Lennon merges back into Lennon's corpse and enters his mind.

Inside Lennon's mind.

Evil Lennon: Wake up brother.

Lennon: What? I thought I was dead.

Evil Lennon: You are. But I have come to bring you back.

Lennon: You? But aren't you already...

Evil Lennon: Dead? No. I'm Evil Lennon Mk.2 I rebelled against Wily and then joined a team called the Robotic Raiders and took over your place in the Megaman World.

Lennon: Hmm. Trust Wily to make another clone of me.

Evil Lennon: Anyway. You are needed in this world brother. You cannot die just yet.

Lennon: Why is that?

Evil Lennon: The team can fill you in when you come back but you must merge with me to regain your life.

Lennon: Merge with you?

Evil Lennon: Yes. Sadly, it will destroy all my upgrades Wily gave me so you will be no different then you were when you were alive. Except you may have a slight change in personality.

Lennon: Let me guess. I'll be a little bit more like you.

Evil Lennon: So what? Nothing beats a balance of good and evil.

Lennon: Fine I'll merge with you.

Evil Lennon: Well then. Let's bring you back. *Disappears*

Back at the South Pole.

Needlegal: What's taking so long?

Topman: You think it might have not worked?

Shadowman: Of course it worked. Just be more patient.

Hardman: Maybe he needs a drink.

Snakeman: Maybe you need to go sober for a while.

Magnetman: Like that'll ever happen.

Sparkman: Hey! Lennon! Wake up! *Pokes Lennon with his conductors*

Lennon: Just give me five more minutes!

Needlegal: He's back.

Lennon: *gets up* Yeah. So what did I miss?

Shadowman: Nothing really other than the fact Galvatron has taken over the world.

Lennon: Really. So that's what brother was talking about. So what are we waiting for? Let's get outta here and find Galvatron. *Transforms into Geminiman using a new gem created by the merge*

Shadowman: Hold it! I'm the leader. I say when we go find Galvatron.


Geminiman: Let's go find Galvatron!


Shadowman: Quiet, you. We need to get in touch with our buddies and settle down first.

Geminiman: But, Galvatron -

Shadowman: Has waited this long, so he can wait some more until we're ready. Let's go to the main square and see what's been happening while we've been gone!

(The 'Maniacs teleport to their old hangout, the Ultimate Megaman Forums, only to find ......)

Needlegal: IT'S GONE!!!

Topman: W-where did it go?

Hardman: Gotta say, this ain't the active hot spot you made it out t'be.

Sparkman: Well look at the bright side, at least WE'RE still alive!

Shadowman: I ..... don't understand this. Let's go downtown and see what's up there....

(And so the 'Maniacs teleport downtown only to find ....)


Magnetman: I gotta agree. Lennon, you're double was still here, what does his memories tell you?

Geminiman: Well, he was kinda introverted.

Magnetman: Well, that don't help us much.

Topman: Quiet, new guy!

Sparkman: Yeah, quiet!

Magnetman: Hey!

Shadowman: Quiet, all of you! We must find information.

Snakeman: Then I suggest we go into the best looking building. Our prestige as the famous Megaman Three team will ensure quick cooperation and sharing of resources.

Needlegal: Good thinking, Snake.

(And so, the 'Maniacs go into the massive towers of Megaman Outpost.)

Topman: Look at the size of this place!

Shadowman: Yeah, it was just a tiny thing when we left.......

Geminiman: Common, let's get going, guys!

(The 'Maniacs go and speak to the secretary of Megaman Outpost.)

Secretary: Can I help you?

Shadowman: Indeed. We would like to speak to whoever's in charge!

Secretary: I see. And who are you people?

Shadowman: Who are we!? Why ... We're the famous Mechanical Maniacs!

Secretary: Hunh?

Shadowman: You know, the guys who always fight Galvatron?


Shadowman: We hang out at The Sinister Six's place it's almost like we live there!


Shadowman: We beat Unicron! Sigma, Megaman Juno, Torchman and that fake Megaman 3 team, Doc Robot, Bizarro me, Quint, Xelloss, Extant - TWICE and Wily REPEATEDLY!


Shadowman: We crashed the UN! We took care of weird time distortions! We faced the Planeteers for littering, attended the Superhero Convention in Metropolis! We were blown to Kingdom Come in an explosion in the Antarctic attended by SEVERAL Super heroes! I'm sure there was.... a big funeral......


Secretary: Sorry, never heard of you.

The 'Maniacs: ACK!

Secretary: Did you make an appointment?

Shadowman: An appointment!?

Secretary: Slash is a busy man. I can't let you through without an appointment.

Needlegal: Now, listen here! We've been blown up, shoved into another dimension and had to fight insane doppelgangers, were nearly KILLED getting back here!

Secretary: So, no appointment?

Hardman: He'll see us! After all, we are the third oldest Megaman Team and the second best at that!

Secretary: Megaman Teams? Everyone knows their pointless. Why focus on only one game when you can focus on them all. Besides, they've been done to death.

The 'Maniacs: AAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Shadowman: *gasp* *choke*

Secretary: If you don't leave, I'll be forced to call security.

(A few minutes later....)

Hardman: Geez, those people are tougher than they look.

Geminiman: Indeed. Not even my Swordmaster skills could have helped!

Needlegal: Uh, right. Well, let's try another building. That one looks promising!

Sparkman: "Megaman Network" .... Looks good!

Shadowman: Maybe THEY will recognize the genius team of the Mechanical Maniacs!


Needlegal: THEY were even WORSE!

Shadowman: I'm insulted! I'll have my revenge!

Needlegal: *sigh* not again with the revenge.

Shadowman: Grrrrrr

Needlegal: Let's just go home ....

(And so, the 'Maniacs teleport only to find.....)


Magnetman: Uh ..... where's this cool base you guys have?

Topman: I ...... don't .....

Hardman: With all those neat gadgets?


Needlegal: Oh, RIGHT! We had to turn it into a giant Transwarp BOMB to blow up Unicron! That's the whole reason we went out on that long road trip in the first place - to establish ourselves outside of the Megaman world and also to find ourselves a cool base!

Shadowman: RIGHT! I knew I forgot something!


Sparkman: Uh ...... so we're homeless?

(And, so the Mechanical Maniacs pay a visit to their good friends the Sinister Six.)

Shadowman: Iceman! Good friend! How happy we are to see you again!

Iceman: Holy shit - GAUNTLET!? And the Mechanical Maniacs!?

Gutsman: You're back!

Shadowman: YES! And we're gonna be staying with you guys for a while!

Fireman: Wait, what?

Shadowman: Uh, something about our base getting blown up. But, never mind that! We must have a party! We gotta invite all our friends! Come, let us PARTY!!!!

Iceman: Wait, a party? But I just finished cleaning the base -

Shadowman: We must celebrate our return!

Bombman: Yeah, let's do it!

Gutsman: I'll call everyone!

Iceman: But our base!

Needlegal: PARTY!!!

(A few hours later,some old friends were called and the 'Maniacs get to catch up on old times....)

Iceman: Geez, so you all faced evil duplicates of yourselves?

Topman: Yup!

Iceman: What's with these evil duplicates?!

Shadowman: So, where's the X-Force? Didn't think to show up or something? Don't we have some sort of time machine?

Iceman: Oh, uh .... the X-Force sorta died.

Shadowman: DIED!?

Iceman: Yeah, it sucks. But, some of us came out alive. Me, Classi and Ben did I know for sure.

Geminiman: Where is Ben?

(Iceman points to Heatman who's at the bar talking with IRA.)

(The 'Maniacs walk over to the pair.....)

Needlegal: Ben?

Ben: .....

(Geminiman picks up Heatman and looks really closely at him.)


Geminiman: IT IS YOU!!!

Ben: Yeah, yeah, it's me.

Topman: GAH!

Hardman: What? Who's Ben?

Topman: Ben was the overly powerful leader of the X-Force! He once destroyed a giant robot gorilla without breaking a sweat!

Ben: *sigh* Memories......

Needlegal: And now he's the shrimpy Heatman? What happened?

Ben: Uh .... well, The X-Force dies ....... and with the backwards reincarnation ..... something to do with Loki ...... So, even I don't fully understand what went on, but I'm Heatman now.

Topman: Ah, so Ben, with all the show off moves, with all the great power you rub in our faces finally turns into the puny Heatman!?


Shadowman: Well, I'm glad you're still alive, Ben....

Ben: Thanks.

Shadowman: For now I may have MY REVENGE!!!

Ben: Revenge!?

Shadowman: Heh heh heh heh heh ...... Remember The time you guys first came to the past? How you attacked us all out of the blue and without reason?*

(* Tale of Two Teams - X-Force and S6 crossover)

Ben: ...... no .....


(Shadowman runs off and grabbs a TV and VCR.)

Shadowman: Gather 'round folks, for I have a something to show you!

(Gauntlet pops in the tape and plays the movie....)

The X-Force: (while doing the motions)
Oh, I'm a little tea pot, short and stout!
Here is my handle, here is my spout!
When I get all steamed up hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out!

(Gauntlet laughs maniacally.)

Iceman: Heh ..... how'd you get them to do that?

Shadowman: Hypnosis. Watch, I can get them to cluck like a chicken!

Ben: But ... how'd you get that!?

Shadowman: Alternate reality.

Ben: What?

Needlegal: Revenge through proxy!

Ben: Revenge through what!?

Geminiman: Ah, don't even worry about it.

Bombman: Hey, what's going on now?

(The Television....)

Gauntlet: Aw crap. They're waking up!

Frost Walrus: What the Hell?


Gauntlet: Well, it's been a blast.

Cutman: What happened afterwards?

Shadowman: We had a good fight and in the end no one was anyone else. Hell, I wasn't even really there!

Cutman: Not really them? Makes for some pretty sucky revenge.

Shadowman: Just letting everyone see the "great and powerful" X-force cluck like a chicken and do the "I'm a little teapot" thing is good enough for me.

Ben: Heh..... yeah, good going. You're the king of revenge.

Shadowman: Aren't I though?

Eric: So, you guys left now too?

Jacob: Yeah, well ....... stuff happens.

Shival: There's a lot of former Mechanical Maniacs.

Titanium 91: That's fer sure.

CJ: I know! Maybe .... we can start our OWN Megaman Team!

Gizmo: What? "Mechanical Maniacs Two"? Be serious.

CJ: No, it's a good idea! I can be leader!

Sean: Oh, not this again....

Titanium 91: Hey, none of you are Mighty enough to be leader except me! After all, I am Magnet the Mighty!

(Magnetman gets a pie thrown in his face.)

Clownman: hehehehe.

Topman: So, what happened to Viral Infection? A copy of me became Gutsman.EXE there, right?

Iceman: Y'know, about that....

*Iceman transforms into Iceman.EXE*

Iceman.EXE: Life Virus sends his love!

(Iceman.EXE traps a stunned Shadowman in a block of ice!)

Magnetman: hunh?

Iceman.EXE: The trigger has been set! Viral Infection - ATTACK!

(The rest of the Viral Infection members crash the party!)

Needlegal: What's going on here!?

Shadowman.EXE: We've been waiting for you Mechanical Maniacs to come! Already, much of Megalopolis has fallen under our INFECTION!

Shadowman: Hey! You're a copy of ME I made to keep Viral Infection happy while also taking a much-needed road trip! You can't give me orders!

Coloredman.EXE: Just as I'm a copy of Jonathan and Gutsman.EXE is a copy of Nightmare's personality. But we've seen the light and joined the Life Virus! Mwa-ha-hah!

Sparkman: Big mistake! With the combined might of the Sinister Six, we're unbeatable! Let's go guys!


Sparkman: Guys?

Iceman.EXE: I'm afraid they cannot be reached.

Gutsman.EXE: The first thing we did was infect them with a virus. They're effectively immobilized.

Magnetman: We can still take you on!

(The other members of Viral Infection arrive, bringing the count up to 15 Viral Infection members.)

Magnetman: Okay, this is less encouraging.

SkullmanEXE: ATTACK!!!

(The Mechanical Maniacs do battle, but they are hopelessly outnumbered!)

Hardman: This doesn't look good!

Shadowman: The only bright side is that Viral Infection doesn't seem to have had much combat experience!

Topman: Experience THIS, copy!

(Topman Spins into his double, Gutsman.EXE!)

Gutsman.EXE: AGH!!!

Topman: Time to go back where you belong.

(Topman reaches out and downloads Gutsman.EXE into himself, absorbing his own copy!)


(Topman's Transmetal armor manages to create an anti-virus to counter Life Virus' Infection!)

Topman: Ahhhhh..... does a body good.

Shadowman.EXE: He.... He ATE him! He ate him all!

Shadowman: Of course! Since Gutsman.EXE was only a copy of Topman, he could absorb him and create a counter-virus!

Shadowman.EXE: Uh-oh.

(Shadowman chases after his double battling many other navis while trying to catch up to it!)

Shadowman.EXE: Keep him away from me!

Sharkman.EXE: I'll help you! I -

(Shadowman uses Sharkman.EXE as a ramp and jumps high into the air! He lands right on top of Shadowman.EXE!)

Shadowman.EXE: Shit! Get off!

Shadowman: Time to go back where you belong!

(Shadowman then grabs onto his double and downloads him!)

Shadowman.EXE: AAAAGH!!!

(Shadowman.EXE disappears in a burst of static leaving Shadowman as the sole survivor. Shadowman's Transmetal Armor manages to create an Anti-virus for Life Virus' touch.)

Skullman.EXE: Shadowman just bought it!

Clownman: Me Next! Me next!

(Clownman tried to absorb his double, Colouredman.EXE, but unfortunately, Clownman does not have his Hardman Transmetal armor anymore and instead of absorbing Colordman .... Coloredman absorbs him!)

Coloredman.EXE: Ooohh ... twice as absorbent then before! No refunds!

Shadowman: Guys, Lemme give you the antivirus!

(Shadowman places the anti-virus on some Shadowblades and tosses them at the rest of the 'Maniacs.)

Needlegal: Good idea.

Bass.EXE: So what? You have an anti-virus. There's still 13 of us left! There's no way you can possibly win!

(It was a pitifully short battle...)

Sam: Well, looks like you've won. Thanks for freeing us of that virus.

Cutman: And us too. Geez, I HATE being friggin' mind-controled!

Raijin: Just wish it didn't cost us our powers.....

Clownman: Aw ..... I LIKED Being Coloredman!

Iceman: But, what about the rest of Megalopolis?

Shadowman: I downloaded the anti-virus into the city's systems. It SHOULD be able to cleanse everyone. Maybe it'll even hurt that Life Virus guy.

Stoneman: I hope so! Man, that jerk cost me my Stoneman.EXE powers!

Sparkman: So, does anyone know who ended up ruling the world in that alternate reality?

Snakeman: Some dude named "Castro".

Magnetman: Ah, trading one dictator for another. How lovely.

Snakeman: Hmm... I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learned something as well.

Shadowman: That this world is lost without us.

Needlegal: No. We learned that when given the chance even the oldest villains can take over the world.

Geminiman: Yeah so let's get Galvatron and Life Virus and turn them into little bits of scrap metal.

Topman: Well until another clone of Lennon appears we are... The Mechanical Maniacs!


Musashiden Razz as .....
Hexlaser as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....

Megaman Network - MM Outpost and Network merged shortly after I finished this epilogue. Well, all joking aside they are a great place for news.

Planet Megaman - MMN's biggest rival .... and I'm also staff there. Another great place for news!


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