Series 4 Issue # 4 -Ring Man's Capture

With four members of Dr Cossack's forces defeated, it was only a matter of time until our heroes the Mechanical Maniacs' hideout would be discovered by Cossack and his last remaining robots.

A blast is heard inside the 'Maniacs hideout.

Megaman: I've finally mega-found you evil Wily Bots! Now I'll prepare to be mega-destroyed!

Gauntlet: Shut up Megaman! *Throws a Shadow Blade at Megaman*

Megaman: Ow! That mega-hurt! I'll get you mega-next time!

Gauntlet: It's just not fun anymore defeating this Megaman.

Gemini: Well it's better then fighting the Megaman from our world.

Needlegal: Although I reckon we could defeat him now.

Top: Have you gone mad woman? Megaman has defeated us before he can do it again. There's only half of us left. There is no way we can defeat him!

Hard: nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Top: My mistake. There are 5 of us left.

Gauntlet: We've been through this argument before. There is no way we can defeat the Megaman from our world he's just way too strong!

Needlegal: Even with our Transmetal armor?

Gauntlet: Even with our Transmetal armor.

Gemini: Well in theory we can. I mean we can defeat Bass and he's pretty much his equal. So in theory we can defeat Megaman.

Gauntlet: Do I need to repeat myself?

Gemini: I'M just saying.

Top: We've been through this argument many times. Face it, we can't defeat Megaman!

Needlegal: Yes we can! In fact we don't even need to be a team to defeat Cossack's forces! All this time we had to team up to destroy the robot masters! I'll prove to you that we can do this on our own. I'll single-handedly destroy the very next robot we fight. Then when we get back to our dimension I'll destroy Megaman myself.

Hard: nnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh!

Needlegal: You shut up!

Just now the side of the hideout is blown into bits revealing?...

Drill: Anyone called for demolition?

Gemini: Drillmaam?

Drill: Ma'am? I'M a man! Why do you think I'M a girl? I'M a macho man!

Gemini: No I believe you're a woman. And what's with the village people act?

Drill: Village people? I ain't no village person. I work on the high steel like a real man!

Gauntlet: Remember. This is an alternate dimension. The Drill from our dimension may be a woman but here she's a man.

Top: You mean he's a man.

Gemini: Well that's kind of a shame.

Top: What's wrong? You wanted to see a cat fight between Needle and Drill?

Gemini: It would have been interesting. *Gets several needles shot at him* Ow! Well it was worth it.

Hard: nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Gauntlet: So, sis. You're going to fight Drill Man by yourself?

Needlegal: Of course. I mean the others were easy so Drill Man can't be that tough.

Drill: Man. I have to fight a girl. What kinda man are you sending your woman to fight for you?

Gemini: Hey. It's not our fault she wants to prove herself.

Needlegal: So Drill Man. You think you can beat me cause I'M a helpless lady. Tell you what. You can have the first attack.

Drill: It'll be my pleasure Wily Bot scum! Drill Bomb!

Needlegal: Ha! Needle Cannon!

The 2 attacks collide and fly off in opposite directions.

Top: Geez Needle! Watch where you fire that thing!

Gemini: Yeah it could bounce right back at us.

Drill: *whistles* Looks like the little lady knows a few moves.

Needlegal: Why don't you just shut your mouth and just bring it.

Drill: I am not afraid of you! I just hope you don't break a nail!

Gauntlet: If I were you I wouldn't be saying all those jokes.

Drill: And why is that?

Gauntlet: You don't want to see my sister when she's mad.

Drill: Huh? What? *Gets nailed to the ground by a hail of needles* Ah! I can't move!

Needlegal: Maybe you should think twice about underestimating a woman. *Stakes Drill Man in the heart Buffy Style*

Gemini: I must say. I am impressed.

Needlegal: I told you I could handle any robot on my own.

Gauntlet: Maybe next time you should think about questioning the robot before you destroy him.

Top: He has a point. There's only three robot masters left, and we have no idea how to get back to our world, or why Cossack took over this world in the first place.

Gemini: The first thing we should think about is getting a new hideout.

Gauntlet: Why bother? We won't be here for that much longer. After we find Cossack we can force him to send us back.

Gemini: Well our hideout has been blown to bits and Cossack knows where we are now. No doubt he's sending Ring Man to stop us.

Police Bot: Freeze! By order of the great Dr Cossack I place you under arrest! Put your hands behind your heads!

Gemini: See I told you.

Gauntlet: It's just a few Police Bots, nothing to worry about.

Top: A few! You call that a few! *Points to a large army of Police Bots outside the hideout*

Gauntlet: Ok. A lot but they're no problem.

Gemini: He has a point. I can clone myself and Needle has rapid fire.

Needlegal: That's right.

Gauntlet: So what are we waiting for?

The 'Maniacs charge at the Police Bots.

Police Bot: All right men! Let's take down those Wily Bots! Fire!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

Needlegal: Needle Cannon!

Gemini: Gemini Laser!

Top: Top spin!

Police Bot: Sir! They're too strong!

In a matter of minutes the whole squad of Police Bot are destroyed

Gauntlet: Well that was easy enough.

A scream is heard.

Gemini: What was that?

Gauntlet: Sis!

Top: It's Ring Man!

Ring: HaHaHaHaHaHa! I've captured your sister, Wily Bot! If you want her, back come to the police station and turn yourselves in to Dr Cossack himself.

Needlegal: Let go of me!

Ring: Come before sundown! Or your sister dies! *Disappears*

Gauntlet: Damn it!

Top: What should we do.

Gauntlet: Isn't it obvious? We break into the Police Station.

Top: Of course but don't you think Ring would be ready for us.

Gemini: I wonder. How come he wants us alive?

Gauntlet: What makes you think he's wants us alive.

Gemini: If he wanted us dead he probably would have killed us here and now.

Gauntlet: Maybe he wants to get information from us.

Gemini: It doesn't exactly add up. If Cossack wants information he could have asked us at the police station last time we were there, or gotten one of the other Robots to.

Gauntlet: Well forget about that. We have to save Needlegal.

Top: First we need a plan.

Gemini: Well I can assume the front door would be rigged to destroy us like last time and we shouldn't attack head on. So I suggest we sneak in from 3 sides.

Gauntlet: Good I'll take the roof.

Top: Hard and myself can go through the sides.

Gemini: Which leaves me in the sewers. Unless Hard wants to wants to go through the sewers.

Hard: nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Gauntlet: Well it's settled let's save Needle.

At the Police Station

Cossack: Congratulations Ring Man. You deserve a promotion. I think I'll make you chief of police.

Ring: I already am the chief of police sir.

Cossack: So you are Ring Man. I'll think about it later. Anyway, now I get to see the Wily Bots die in front of me. I will avenge my daughter!

Needlegal: *chained up to the cell wall held on by Ring Man's rings* Kalinka? But what do we have to do with her?

Cossack: Don't play dumb with me! I know you killed her.

Ring: But sir! The reports came in that she died from illness.

Cossack: That's a lie! I know you killed her! I saw the marks from where you shot her! I'll see to it that each and every one of you burn into scrap metal! Ring Man! Keep on guard. I'll be waiting for the arrival of the Wily Bots.

Ring: Will you require a squad to accompany you, sir?

Cossack: I shall take them with me, thank you. When those wily bots arrive I'll make sure they meet their doom!

Ring: Yes sir!

Meanwhile the 'Maniacs are sneaking into the police station.

Gauntlet: *through communicator* Top! Where are you?

Top: *through communicator* Outside the police station. I'M really to bust in.

Gauntlet: Just wait until Gem is ready.

Gemini: *through communicator* I'M ready. Damn the sewers are disgusting. You should see the rats down here.

Top: Don't remind me! When we fought Toad Man down there those rats were mean.

Gauntlet: Yeah. They put up a bigger fight then Toad himself.

Gemini: Well what are we waiting for?

Gauntlet: Let's do this!

Gauntlet crashes through the roof of the station and both Top and Hard charge through the walls while Gemini rips up the floor.

Ring: Wily Bots! I've been expecting you.

Gauntlet: Hand over my sister!

Ring: Fat chance! You'll pay for killing Kalinka!

Gemini: Wait a second? You mean Cossack's daughter? Is this what all the trouble is been about?

Ring: Don't act dumb! We have evidence that a robot killed Kalinka. It must have been you!

Top: Look we didn't do anything!

Ring: Lies! *Pulls Needlegal in front of him as a shield with a ring to her life support* Move one step and she dies!

Gauntlet: What do we do now?

Ring: Checkmate Wily Bots! Surely you can't shoot your own sister.

Gemini: Well Gauntlet can't shoot his own sister. But I can! *Fires a shot at Needle*

Gauntlet: Gem! No!

Needlegal: *screams*

Needlegal gets knocked unconscious by Gem's shot and falls to the ground.

Gauntlet: Gem! What do you think you're doing!

Top: You can't be serious!

Ring: Fool! You killed her!

Gemini: Of course not! I would never kill my friend's sister. I only stunned her.

Ring: No! How could this happen!

Gemini: Now with her out of the equation you are free to die.

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

Ring: No! *Gets split in half*

Gemini: That takes care of Cossack's Robot Masters. *Gets stabbed by Gauntlet*

Gauntlet: What were you thinking! You could have killed her!

Gemini: I was only trying to help!

Gauntlet: You hold her weakness! That blast could have fried her circuits!

Needlegal: *regains consciousness* What happened.

Top: Gemini shot you.

Needlegal: What! What were you thinking?

Gemini: I was only trying to save you.

Needlegal: How? By trying to kill me?

Gemini: No, by trying to knock you out. It takes four of my lasers to kill you I only used one.

Needlegal: You see that's not the point. How could you know if my energy wasn't at full? You could have killed me!

Gemini: Well things turned out all right didn't they?

Needlegal: Yeah. And we learnt something to.

Gauntlet: That we should never trust Gemini when it comes to his plans because they can be fatal to others.

Needlegal: Exactly!

Gemini: I still saved you didn't I? Why are you all forgetting this?!

Top: What about Cossack? Shouldn't we find him?

Elsewhere in the Police Building

Cossack: I've been expecting you! Guards! Arrest that Wily Bot!

Police Bot: Yes sir!

Wily Bot: You can't win Cossack.

Cossack: How's that? We've managed to catch you and your sister.

Wily Bot: That's what you think. *Hits the handcuffs away form the Police Bot and kicks him into the air and knocks him into the ground killing him*

Police Bot: Fire! Destroy the robot!

Wily Bot: *kicks the dead Police Bot into the air to block the bullets* You can't stop me. *Creates a familiar blade between each of his fingers and proceeds to slash each Police Bot and dodge their bullets he then throws the last Police Bot into the air and throws all the blades into him*

Cossack: How did you?...

Wily Bot: Now that's... A SECRET!

Cossack: You'll pay for my daughter's death! *Fires several bullets at the Wily Bot but they just pass through him.

Wily Bot: *appears behind Cossack* It was an illusion! *Stabs Cossack in the back with a blade* They're coming. *Disappears*

The door opens and the Mechanical Maniacs find Cossack dead with a blade in his back

The 'Maniacs: *gasp* He's dead!

Top: Well until Gem's plans are less risky and we find out who killed the Cossacks, we are the Mechanical Maniacs!


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Nobody as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

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Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Nobody as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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